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Is this Fate?

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Coffee and papers flew everywhere the two strangers collide on their hurried paths.

“Aww geez sorry ‘bout that, here let me help you!” the younger man groaned as he started picking up papers.

“It’s fine!” the older one replied, hurring to help him.

Finishing cleaning up Yuuri looked at the older man to hand him his papers, his eyes glancing up, and down the man before him. Long side swept silver bangs hung in front of his left eye covering it, he was wearing a white dress shirt buttoned up except for one or two at the top, his shirt was tucked neatly into his apparently black pants which looked to tight for their working conditions. But hey he wasn’t the manager, and the tightness just made his heart beat faster. He wondered what scent this man gave off but his scent blockers denied him the privilege of knowing.

“H-here,” he stuttered shoving the neatly stacked papers at the silver haired stranger.

“Oh thanks,” he respond handing Yuuri his, and getting up. “By the way my names Viktor!” he chirped to Yuuri.

Viktor where had he heard that name before?

“Wa-wait you mean Viktor Nikiforov!?! The CEO of the company??!!” Yuuri yelped getting up and brushing himself off, then bowing repeatedly to Viktor. “I am so sorry sir for
wasting your time!”

“Hey now, there’s no need for that! It was my fault I should have been looking where I was going! Might I ask your name?” Victor asked.

Shit have I not told him my name yet?! That’s going on my record.

“Oh I’m very sorry for not saying sooner, it’s Yuuri.”

“Yuuri huh? Well Yuuri I seem to have wasted quite a bit of your time already, but I do believe your lunch break starts soon. What would you say to me treating you to lunch, as an apologie for earlier?” Victor asked, smiling at Yuuri.

“You don’t have to do that I’m sure you’re very busy.”

“Actually quite the opposite at the moment, you see today is a slow day and I’m sure that Ya- I mean the boss can take care of it, so what do you say?”

“Y-yes! I would love to go get lunch with you!”

Geez he’s hot.

Yuuri and Victor were currently standing in line at a local coffee joint, Yuuri was scanning the menu rapidly looking for something good.

“I have a friend who runs this place,” Victor explained stepping up to the counter, and realizing who was standing at it. “CHRIS! It’s good to see you! I was just telling my friend here about you!” Victor announced, excitedly greeting his friend who was across the counter from him.”So Yuuri have you decided yet?”

“Ah, yes I think I’ll get a Toasted Dark Chocolate Mocha, and a chocolate scone?” he asked the blonde man standing behind the counter.

“Sure,” Chris replied inputting the order into the computer.

“And I’ll get my usual,” Victor told Chris.

“Okay please wait over there,” Chris instructed them pointing over to the left. As Yuuri started to walk off Chris leaned over to Victor, “How’d you land that Omega?” he asked innocently.

“I ran into him at work, literally.”
After getting their coffee and Victors favorite table. They settled down to eat. After talking for a while Victor finally got the courage to ask this Omega another question.

“This is really good!” Yuuri exclaimed through a mouthful.

“Glad you like it, say Yuuri,”

“Ya what?”

“How would you like to go to a movie after this?”

Yuuri couldn’t believe it, here he was with the CEO of Skate corp. At a goddamn movie! What was even more mystifying was how they met. Bumping into each other at work. Jeez he was clumsy.

“So what movie do you want to see?” Victor asked eagerly, not knowing he just broke Yuuri’s train of thought.

“Oh um I don’t know, why don’t you choose?” he responds slightly startled.

“Okay well I wanted to see Wolf Children, is that okay?”

“Sure! I that sounds fun, I’ll grab the popcorn you get the tickets. K’,” Yuuri said excitedly.

“Meet you back here,”

After meeting up and going into the theater well into the movie Yuuri’s head lay on Viktors shoulder, with Viktors arm around him,

This is the life, I wish it was like this all the time. Yuuri thought but quickly shoved it into the back of his mind. Viktor was out of his league right? He could never be with such a handsome Alpha.

Aww, he’s so cute like that, I wish he was mine forever. Viktor thought smiling while watching the movie. Snuggling closer to Yuuri.

Once the movie finished Viktor had other plans, since they were already playing hookie.

“Hey you want to go back to my place?” he ask.

“Sure,” Yuuri replied without thinking.

They walked back to where Viktor’s car was parked, since Yuuri took the bus to work there was no real reason to go back.

When they arrive at Viktor’s house a large light brown poodle jumps at Yuuri licking his face.

“Makkachin! Get off of him!” Viktor laughs trying to pull the dog of the dark haired Japanese man.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. When I was younger I used to have a dog like him but unfortunately he passed away a couple years ago.”

“That’s, actually pretty sad. I’m sorry Yuuri.”

“Hey let’s not mope. Why don’t you show me around?”

Standing up Viktor lead Yuuri through his house showing off different rooms, the bathroom which had a lovely walk in shower, bedroom with a huge king sized bed, and the kitchen large with an island in the middle, eight burner induction stove, and a large two doored fridge, to name a few. Finally flopping down on Viktor’s large couch, his house was so huge Yuuri was exhausted. As he sat there talking to Viktor about simple things, he felt his body temperature rise, and his pants become incredibly wet.

Shit. Yuuri was going into heat and he was going now.