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doki doki scrabble time!

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i don't really know how i got myself into this situation, i momentarily thought.
watching the girls squabble over something silly was fun and all, but i even forgot what they were arguing over.

".. and that is just an UNFAIR USE OF YOUR LETTERS!" the pink-haired, short girl argued toward a much taller, intimidating one. "Just because you don't understand my use of language doesn't mean it's unfair. It just means you are too shallow-minded to understand it."

"OH SURE, of course that means I'm too shallow-minded! Maybe I just like playing fair! MAYBE I JUST LIKE MAKING SENSE!" her voice was shrill with irritation, the club leader sitting in the middle of their circle with her face in her palms in mourning of the clubs momentarily peace.

glancing down at their board covered in messy layerings of scrabble letters, i realized what they were fighting over. "Guys, isn't this kind of silly--" i attempted to intervene, but only got interrupted. "This isn't silly, this is serious! I don't take cheating kindly, you know!"

yuri ran her finger along the rim of her snowy white teacup, that soft purple stare of hers drenched with thin layers of irritation. "Natsuki, I know that you don't understand what 'petrichor' is, but I do."
standing in her chair, the short girl pointed a finger toward her quiet friend with an accusatory tone. "I don't care about what a petri..whatever.. is! That's probably not even a real word!"

".. It's oil the earth secretes before it rains. It's the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies rain." yuri corrected, raising her chin with slight confidence due to being correct.
"You took that off of google, didn't you?" the rough, less than elegant, childish girl responded. She got an awkward stare in response from her friend, who paled, peering down.
".. It's the direct definition.. I didn't take it, I'm just .. being right."

sayori sent me a glance of pity, her smile crooked with worry. "Uumm.." her voice had a slight hum as she spoke, peering up toward her friends. "Can.. we just play the game without arguing? I mean really, I thought all your words were nice.. Both of you! You have really nice word choices."
"She took hers off of GOOGLE, Sayori." natsuki spat out the words with vehement, arms crossing in show of her distaste. "Isn't that how most people find words though?.." she attempted to reason with her friend, who scoffed.

"What, do we learn words from the internet? Is that how our parents teach us langua--"
"Natsuki, stop. This is just too much." the terribly annoyed leader announced, resting her hands from her struggling expression, now laced together onto the table; one finger slowly tapping in beat with her irritance. "Let's play the game and forget about it. Alright?"

"Right.. I don't have good letters."
the leader mumbled, peering over her assortment.
"I know what to spell."

K N O O S E was soon laid out on the board, the emerald-eyed girl smiling with reluctant enthusiasm.
"I like that one!" sayori smiled in response.

"You guys are fucking weird." natsuki murmured, spelling out 'B U N N Y' on her end.
"Seems particularly normal to me." yuri disagreed, her hair laid out behind her shifting as she rested her head back with a pause from spelling
'S U I C I D E'.

"Uh." you peered down at your letters in hesitation.
the word you spelled really resonated with you, for some reason..
H E L P.