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Broken Breath

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Led Zeppelin- that was the only agreed band in the Treader family. It was the only band that didn't lead to arguments on how another band was better or how Metallica was obviously better than fucking ACDC(but Crystal secretly likes them both). That band was the only band that had everyone singing along and laughing after all this bullshit. After being chased out of their home by past demons and hidden secrets.

Stairway to heaven plays quietly through the car as Misty plays with the wheels on her skateboard. Crystal looks around the endless wasteland considered a state, the last actual town with a good mall was two hours away from where Crystal was now. Misty carefully glanced at Crystal before looking back out the window and sighing for the fifth time in ten minutes. Sighing Crystal pops her pink gum bubble before looking over to Misty.

"What's up kiddo?" Crystal hummed as she followed the moving truck in front of them. Kelly was in front of the moving truck directing Wendy to their new home. Carefully Misty pointed to her skateboard before rolling the wheel.

"What if I'm the only one who skateboards here? I don't like skating alone." Misty whispered lowly before spinning the other wheel next to the already spinning wheel.

"Hey now! I'm pretty sure I skate too!" snorting Misty leaned her head on the window.

"Not very much, now you just drive your stupid 1968 Dodge Charger ." Misty quotes unhappily before running her hand over the bottom of her skateboard. Rubbing the back of her neck Crystal glanced out the window before returning her gaze to the road.

"Well, I'll be having more time for sure now," grumbled Crystal making Misty groan. Glancing down at the gas marker Crystal bumped Misty's arm.

"We will all be having more time on our hands Crystal," Misty reached into the back of the packed car to pull out the walkie-talkie.

"Eagal one this is Chomper, we gotta fill up on gas and refill on snacks over." releasing the button Crystal saw the Welcome to Hawkins Sign come into view.

"Copy that Chomper, you know the way home, may the force be with you. Over." snorting Crystal shook her head as Misty covered her face in shame.

"I knew I shouldn't have shown you Star Wars! Over." Misty released the button shaking her head as Crystal giggled slightly.

"Ah yes, but then who would understand all you C3PO jokes? Over." Crystal laughed and turned off the road to the gas station.

"Crystal would see ya'll later. Over and out." turning off the walkie-talkie Misty popped her door open.

"I'm gonna go take a piss and grab some snacks." Crystal nodded handing Misty ten bucks.

"You only have a dollar, the rest goes to gas." pushing her shades up her nose Crystal hopped out and watched Misty run over to the gas station. Shivering slightly at the cold Crystal pulls her patch covered coat tighter around her.

"I am already hating this weather." shaking her head, Crystal pops her gum again waiting for Misty to come back out and tell her she could fill her car up. Soft music can be heard coming from down the road, slowly it grows louder and louder. Rubbing her hands together Crystal perks up at the familiar Metallic song, the car slows down enough to turn into the gas station too.

"Gas is ready Crystal!" Misty rushes over beside Crystal holding out a small bag of cheese puffs. Nodding Crystal grabs a few of the puffs before grabbing the pump handle.

"Don't buy any junk Max!" the car blaring Metallica has now turned down its music and a fiery redheaded girl is rushing over to the gas stations store. Glancing at the driver she could tell he was not happy at all.

"See why aren't you ever like that with me? All mean and snarly, like some level three goblin?" Crystal scoffed pushing Misty's head and grabbing a few more cheese puffs as she holds the pump and fills up the car.

"Cause I'm a level ten jackass." Misty nodded in agreement grabbing a huge handful of cheese puffs.

"Now that I can agree with." gasping dramatically Crystal placed a hand on her chest feigning hurt.

"I let you sit in my car, I give you money for food," wiping away a 'tear' and 'sniffling' Crystal takes another handful of cheese puffs, "I even call you my sister."

"Hey, you're EATING MY FOOD! And it's STEP-SISTER to YOU!" smiling playfully Misty wiggles her finger while using a ridiculous southern accent. Crystal loved it when Misty wasn't in her shell, she got amazing moments like these.

"Well, I never!" hooking the pump back into its place Misty put the gas tank cover on after sealing poping the closer in and giving it a few turns. "I guess I will just have to do the unimaginable." Misty paled a bit before stepping back.

"No..." grinning maliciously Crystal put her hands out and wiggled the digits.

"Oh yes ." dropping the cheese puffs Misty rushed back to the convenience store screaming.

"DON'T FORGET TO GRAB THE CHANGE!" smiling Misty hopped inside the store while Crystal grabbed the dropped bag of halfway empty cheese puffs. Running her hand through her hair she saw the unhappy redhead was now talking to Misty. Misty was rubbing her neck, her shell was firmly shut again, until the girl said something cause Misty to perk up. The two walked out of view making Crystal raise an eyebrow in suspicion before the two came back into view with something in hand.

"Oh, that little punk." honking the car horn Misty flipped her off before the two walked out chattering away.

"See you at school Max!" the redhaired girl waved sipping on a cup of soda while Misty walked over to me and handed me her cup of soda.

"Already making friends?" Misty shrugged, already reverting back to her shy little self.

"I gave her mine," raising an eyebrow Misty handed back a couple cents and a dollar, "She was unhappy." Misty folded her arms defensively before Crystal handed her the dollar back.

"Go get yourself a cup Misty, we still have a ten-minute drive," Misty smiled rushing off happily to the convenience store while the camero tore out of the gas station.

"Ready," Misty whispered hopping into the car as Crystal turned on her car.

"Buckle up," groaning Misty buckled up and the two headed off to their new home. Hopefully, Crystal will make friends as easily as Misty did....

Yeah no.

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Misty never liked mirrors-they reminded her of what would look back at her. She couldn't care less about her hair or what clothes hung off her body- but the color on her? God, she hated it. So when she ran into the store not thinking about her horrible flesh it surprised her when the clerk gave her a funny look. Until she remembered what her outer shell looked like.

Silently she hands the money to the man after she takes her piss and grabs cheese puffs, he grabs it like it's was covered in some kind of contagious disease. Angrily she takes the change for the cheese puffs as the man leers at her in curious fascination and utter disgust. He must have never seen someone with such a mix of race and color. Unhappily Misty looks at the clerk, why did everyone have to be so cruel?

"I'm not sick you know." the clerk faces breaks for a few seconds before Misty rushes out the door and over to Crystal. It had been three days since her sandy beaches and fellow friends surrounded her. Three days since someone hasn't looked at her funny that wasn't Crystal or Kelly. Wendy adores it, says You look so colorful, so unique! . But that's also because Wendy is a damn artist and hates how one-dimensional some people are. It's probably why Wendy fell in love with Kelly so quickly.

"Gas is ready Crystal!" Misty rushes over beside Crystal holding out a small bag of cheese puffs. Nodding Crystal grabs a few of the puffs before grabbing the pump handle. Looking over to the loud car she can see two very unhappy teens sitting next to each other, the other is saying something that makes the girl shrink a bit. Within seconds money is shoved into her hand and the door bursts open.

"Don't buy any junk Max!" the car blaring Metallica has now turned down its music and the fiery redheaded girl rushes over to the gas stations store. Glancing at the driver she carefully stared at him, trying to get an idea of whats up. Always so nosy! Wendy's voice echoes through Misty's mind making her smirk softly.

"See why aren't you ever like that with me? All mean and snarly, like some level three goblin?" Crystal scoffed pushing Misty's head and grabbing a few more cheese puffs as she holds the pump and fills up the car.

"Cause I'm a level ten jackass." Misty nodded in agreement grabbing a huge handful of cheese puffs.

"Now that I can agree with." gasping dramatically Crystal placed a hand on her chest feigning hurt.

"I let you sit in my car, I give you money for food," wiping away a 'tear' and 'sniffling' Crystal takes another handful of cheese puffs, "I even call you my sister."

"Hey, you're EATING MY FOOD! And it's STEP-SISTER to YOU!" smiling playfully Misty wiggles her finger while using a ridiculous southern accent. Misty misses this, every day they stayed in Gauchos Crystal tensed more and more. But these past few days of driving and listening to shared music interests, the old Crystal returned. She really hopes she stays this time, she doesn't want to lose the only person who knows how it feels- to understand her.

"Well, I never!" hooking the pump back into its place Misty put the gas tank cover on after sealing poping the closer in and giving it a few turns. "I guess I will just have to do the unimaginable." Misty paled a bit before stepping back.

"No..." grinning maliciously Crystal put her hands out and wiggled the digits.

"Oh yes ." dropping the cheese puffs Misty rushed back to the convenience store screaming.

"DON'T FORGET TO GRAB THE CHANGE!" smiling Misty hopped inside the store. The clerk this time keeps his head down, he must feel bad. He should Misty quietly lined up behind the red-haired girl, rubbing her throat she looks at the soda machine in the back. Crystal won't mind, she never did before.

"Pump two Chuck." the clerk nodded as the fiery red-haired girl spun around right into Misty. The two fell down yelling out, a low groan leaves Misty's lungs.

"Oh my gosh! Sorry!" quickly the girl helped her up. Rubbing her neck, Misty shrugged glancing at the floor in embarrassment.

"Whoa," the girl pointed at Misty making her shrivel a bit-she must have seen her properly now, "Is that a Mad Max T-shirt?" freezing Misty looked down at her shirt before looking back up at the girl.

"Y-yeah. I got it as a goodbye present actually," walking up to the clerk she held up four fingers, "I need pump fours change." the girl nodded before smiling.

"I'm Max I actually just moved here from California, you?" perking up Misty took the money before walking down to the soda machine, Max followed her.

"Misty and um, Gauchos- you?" Max smiled pointing to herself.

"City of Angels." Misty shook her head grabbing two soda cups and handing Max one.

"Bullshit!" Max nodded taking the cup and pushing some of her hair out of her face. Misty filled up her cup with Dr. Pepper while Max waited for her patiently to move.

"Yeah! We lived a bit of it really, out near the ocean," Max explained as she filled her own cup with Dr. Pepper.

"Dr. Pepper fan too? What's next!?" Max smiled handing Misty her a lid and straw.

"Thanks- do you skateboard?" nodding vigorously Misty headed to the front of the store with Max. Misty handed her a couple quarters while Max took back some change of her own.

"You're going to go to Hawking Middle School right?" nodding the two pushed the doors opened and headed over to their respective cars.

"See you at school Max!" Max waved sipping on a cup of soda while Misty walked over to Crystal and handed me her cup of soda. Crystal would be bummed out if she didn't get a drink too and Misty paid for Max, therefore forfeiting her drink.

"Already making friends?" Misty shrugged, she just wanted to get back home now.

"I gave her mine," Crystal rose am eyebrow at Misty as she handed back a couple cents and a dollar, "She was unhappy." Misty folded her arms defensively before Crystal handed her the dollar back.

"Go get yourself a cup Misty, we still have a ten-minute drive," Misty smiled rushing off happily to the convenience store while the camero tore out of the gas station. Returning shortly Misty opened her car sides door, she just wants to go to her new home.

"Ready," Misty whispered hopping into the car as Crystal turned on her car.

"Buckle up," groaning Misty buckled up and the two headed off to their new home.

The drive home wasn't long as Crystal pressed on the gas and the two blared out Led Zepplin. Crystal sang loudly with all her might, her body burning as she held out notes and sucked in little oxygen to replenish what she was expelling. Misty happily sang along, her chest breathing easy, but her heart pounding with the music. She hopes Max will be in her classes already.

"WE'RE HERE!" quickly Misty lowers the music and the two park in front of a house at the end of a long dirt road surrounded by trees and not another house in the surrounding area. The house is two stories high, it's painted in a nice brown that blends with the trees surrounding it.

"Whoa..." smiling Misty climbs out of the car before looking around carefully.

"Betchya it has a pool in the back," Crystal hums popping out of her now sleeping car.

"Yeah..." the two look at each other before Crystal lunges down the road to the entrance.

"DIBS ON FIRST PICK!" Crystal screams making Misty groan loudly.

"NO FAIR!" rushing inside Misty follows Crystal upstairs, she was not getting the small room again.

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Crystal loves to take pictures, more than she loves her car, more than sitting around their small dinner table and slaying a dragon with Misty. There was just something in them that she just loved, there was just so many. It could be how the image captures the very moment, how the joy or sorrow never fades in those seconds of the clips being taken. It could be how the image holds a piece of life, a second in time, that never again will be held. It could be the memories it secretly holds, that over the years you may have forgotten but that one picture -that one image -it hits you so harshly or whispers so gently that the memory comes pouring back.

Wendy, however, loves to paint the image, give a bit of her soul to it. Wendy says that pictures just can't capture that, the person in that picture didn't give a piece of its soul- It was taken

You can't just steal that Crystal, thats-thats evil

And that was how Crystal and Wendy really ever were towards each other. One was just trying and the other would call it evil. Take a guess at who was who.

"DIBS!" Crystal stood at the top of the stairs to the large attic, a large window took one end of the room. It held perfect shade to her left, a good place for her photo albums and art pieces she could be working on. Plus there was a bathroom on the other side of the room, she could process her film in there.

"OH COME O...." Misty looked up the steps behind the door, her heart pounding, "Crystal?" turning to Misty, Crystal happily rushed down to her.

"I call dibs, so my room," putting her hand out Crystal looked at Misty as the younger girl uneasily put her hand out, "agreed?"

"Yeah," shaking her sister's hand she stepped away from the steps, "Sorry just gives me the willies, reminded me of that horror movie you made me watch a few weeks ago." snorting Crystal rubbed her sisters head before leading her back downstairs.

"Well it wasn't real, now pick out a room so we can help each other get everything inside!" hopping outside Crystal grabbed a few boxes out from the back of her car before heading back inside. Climbing up the stairs to the attic Crystal placed her boxes down to see Wendy and Kelly walk out of the bathroom.

"This would be amazing for my paintings Kel-" Wendy halted watching Crystal already opening a box.

"Oh-um..." Kelly laughed sheepishly as the two held a not so low-key glaring contest.

"Crystal... did you ask us if you could have this room?" tension filled the air as Crystal pulled out one of her posters and tape, breaking eye contact Crystal began looking for the best place to put the Led Zepplin poster.

"No, but I clearly remember you two agreeing I could pick out my room back in California," holding up the poster carefully Crystal placed it where she would most likely have her records and cassettes. Irritatedly Wendy clenched her fist before sighing softly.

"Crystal could I please have this room? I think it would be a good place for me to paint. Besides you take pictures, your mobile!" Wendy attempted weakly to convince Crystal making her sink prickle in anger.

"It would be bad for the paints Wendy, the heat and AC doesn't work as well as up here. It would end up either melting your work or spending far more hours to dry when it's cold. Plus theirs a chance at leaks and bugs, things that won't affect my work, and I know how to deal with." Crystal retorted folding her arms while leaning on the creaking banister that leads up to what Crystal thought would be her room, but she now had to fight for.

"She has a point, Wendy, come on their has to be a better room in the house." unhappily Wendy folded her arms before starting to head down the stairs.

If I don't let her she'll make my life a living hell for months groaning Crystal turned around swiftly.

"We could..." looking around unhappily Crystal closed her eyes tightly, "Share?" Wendy's eyebrows rose as Kelly glanced happily at Wendy.

"That could work-Wendy?" shaking her head at Kelly, Wendy turned back to the exit.

"Thank you for the offer Crystal, but I think I'll find another place to work," muttered Wendy before slipping out of the room. Covering her face, Crystal let out a frustrated moan, tight painful heat fills her chest.

"Cryst-" waving Kelly off Crystal grabbed a roll of blue tape from the top box and begin to lay out her room.

"Please leave me alone Kelly." Crystal whispered roughly.

"Honey come on this is hard on her as much as this is on you." heat burned through her body, trembling Crystal glared harshly into the wooden floorboards.

"Whatever," laying tape down Crystal listened to the descending footsteps of Kelly. Crushing her eyelids tightly closed, hot searing pain burns in her chest.

Why can't you ever work with me?

"Crystal?" jolting at the soft voice Crystal looked at her little sister.

"Sorry," rubbing her eyes harshly and sniffing Crystal looked at Misty, "What's up?" Crystal forcefully smiled at Misty as her sister took her hand.

"Come help me get your shit." laughing softly Crystal nodded following her sister downstairs as the sun set completely, the lights from inside the house and open garage door guide them in the dark night to grab their possessions from Crystal's car and moving truck.

Because I don't work with people made of pure evil

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One day, Misty and Crystal were one day away from returning back to the hellish nightmare of school. Already the two had set up their room and the kitchen (per Kelly's request and Wendy's glares). Now as the two women set up the rest of the house, the two girls were released to go shopping for food and explore the town. But the two already knew where they were headed.

The arcade

The horsemen are drawing nearer

Misty bounces excitedly, her skateboard lays in the backseat of Crystal's car as they drive down the street to a hopefully open arcade. Smiling Crystal taps the wheel as Metallic blares through the car, the wind blows into the open windows of the car. Wildly Crystal's hair flies around while Misty's threads bounced around as she moved to the music. Laughing loudly Crystal saw the arcade was a bit packed, but it had opened a few hours ago and it was Sunday.

Heads turned as Crystal parked her car and rolled up her windows. Pushing her shades up to shield her eyes from the sun, Crystal let out a moan. Misty easily turned down the music while pulling out a bag of four dollars worth of quarters out of her jacket's pocket. Crystal silently turned off the car at the end of the song before looking at Misty, her simple jacket covered her frame. The jacket would not last through a single winter here, fuck Crystal was just cold when she stepped out of the house.

"We need to get you a jacket, this flimsy thing will give you a cold." Crystal sighed quietly pulling on her black denim jacket, patches adorning its outer shell. Sticking her tongue out Misty hopped out of her car and raced into the arcade. Smiling Crystal pulled her hair out from under her jacket before hopping out herself and following Misty inside. Many children were playing what Misty called beginner games like Pac-man.

"Theirs no fun in it, beat the thing in like a day." jeered Misty while proceeding to annihilate top scores in their Arcade back in California.

Walking through the Arcade Crystal stopped beside Misty as she slipped a coin into Gallatica. Easily Misty began to play, her eyebrows knitting together focus swiftly exiting her surroundings to the game. Quietly Crystal watched people filter in, a small group of boys entered, a curly-haired boy almost immediately landing on Crystal and Misty. Glaring Crystal cracking her knuckles and the boy looked away fast enough to make the Flash jealous, before following his group off somewhere. Pushing up her shades Crystal returned to keep a lookout for Misty. These arcades killed her eyes.

A good thirty minutes passed before Misty pulled away and watched her ship explode and revive thrice only to die again"Alrighty, my warm-up is done and the top score is gonna be hard as shit to beat." Proudly Misty typed her name in before taking a quarter out of her bag in her pocket and looking around. Rolling the quarter over her finger, Misty slowly observed the games before halting on dig dug.

"Sweet." slipping the quarter inside Misty once more zoned into her own little world. Silently Crystal walked over to the snack bar once she was sure Misty was too far in to even notice if a boy was trying to chat her up or if people were staring at her flesh. Pushing some of her white hair out of her face that was close to hooking on her shades, Crystal looked over the snack options.

"I'm telling you she looked ready to break my face." low muttering came from a table not too far off catching Crystals attention. Glancing over at the table in curiosity she found the boy and his little gang all muttering amongst each other. Pulling out a few dollars Crystal bought a three musketeer bar and two Cokes. Walking over to the boys Crystal placed the three musketeer bar down on the table, the table quickly going quietly.

"Sorry about scaring you earlier kid, I just get real protective of my sis. Can I get you something from the snack bar to make up for it?" the curly haired boy looked up at Crystal in shock before the boys around him nodded.

"Yes!" the boys all circled around the curly boy whispering ideas or schemes. Pushing them away, the boy sheepishly pointed to the candy bar.

"Can I have the candy bar? I like those." smirking Crystal slid the candy bar over to him. Angry groans and unhappily faces filled the table while the curly haired boy opened the candy bar.

"Bold choice bud, going against your party just for a candy bar." the curly haired boy blushed making Crystal smile softly, "Names Crystal." putting her hand out the curly haired boy took her hand quickly.

"Dustin!" nodding Crystal looked at the boys around him before pulling her hand away.

"Well Dustin, I will see you around." walking off the group yelled softly at Dustin who was too dazed in shock to even care about the lose the group suffered. Quietly Crystal returned to Misty's side, popping open her soda Crytal watched Misty furiously play.

A smirk grows across Misty's face as the numbers in the corner grew, her fingers racing around as she slowly passed the first twenty levels easily. Crystal silently watched her while sipping her soda, her eyes carefully watching the people around her.

"You're about to surpass that Mad Max person." snorting Misty continued to move around, her fingers eyes watching the screen carefully.

"Mad Max," the screen chimed as she finished the level, "eat my dust." Snorting at Misty's words she watched the girl continue to play, the levels got harder and harder, Misty's face matching her concentration. Finally, the level came, level 173, Misty's fingers began to ache, her head was starting to ache, everything was aching. Sighing Misty watched her lose three times in a row. Stepping away Misty stretched before taking the open drink held out to her by Crystal.

"Want to go grab a pizza and overtake some scores?" nodding Misty walked in front of Crystal heading over to the snack bar. The boys seemed to have not left their spot but instead, are counting their money, out in the open, like total dweebs. Two boys walked over to the group of boys, almost immediately their faces drop as the two much larger boys began to scoop up the coins.

"Grab a big pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of Coke." nodding Misty took the five dollars and rushed over to the snack bar. Sneakily Crystal slipped behind the two large teens who were completely unaware of her.

"Thanks for paying for our meal and a couple games losers." the poorly attempted emo punk thing whispered lowly while his fat friend took the last of Dustin's bar and began to eat it. A few of the boys glared at Crystal, but Dustin seemed to hold some hope in his eyes, along with brash anger.

"But that's our cash dude! I worked to get that!" the thin boy with long black hair was trying to fight back, but the fat boy easily shot him down.

"Well it's our now." sneered out the pig as the thin little emo punk thing(like seriously what is he wearing!?) grinned viciously. "Yeah!" rolling her eyes Crystal grabbed the two by the back of their shirts.

"Sorry to interrupt this stunning performance of pack of nerds getting fucked over by fat bully and-" scrunching her face she looked over the thin bully, "Whatever the fuck you are, but i am pretty sure you just took those boys money and ate his candy bar which I PAID FOR." the two boys wilted as Crystal rose her voice and grabbed adults attention.

"I-I-I-" rolling her eyes at the two sputtering fools her grip tightened.

"What? Are you sorry? Are you going to buy him a new candy bar? Are you going to give their money back?" the boys gaped like fish as the arcade went quiet waiting for a response from the two.

"Y-y-y-" raising an eyebrow, Crystal's shades fell and the two boys nodded hurriedly, "YES!" nodding she released the two folding her arms.

"Go on." the two hurriedly spilled their pockets before adding a dollar on the top.

"We're s-sorry!" nodding she watched the two look back at her in terror. The fat boy and weasel waited for a response or get out of here only to have Crystal place her hands on her hips.

"Misty!" quickly Misty walked over with the large pizza setting down at the table with the boys who were moving their money out of the way.

"I'll be here, just gotta grab some napkins and the soda." nodding Crystal grabbed the two boys by the back of their shirts and lead them outside. Flipping them around once she was a bit away from the exit she looked at the two ashamed boys. The sun blared into her low hung shades, groaning she pushed them up before looking at the boys again.

"Look you two are young and I don't know jack shit about either of you. But I do know stealing cash from a group of nerds ain't cool anywhere." the two looked at Crystal in slight shame before nodding.

"We're sorry." scoffing Crystal folded her arms and watch the two look back up at her.

"No you're sorry you got caught, which is way WAY worse," shaking her head Crystal ran a hand through her head. "I'm not your parent but believe me when I say you could be doing something way better than stealing kids money. If you're that strapped for cash mow someone's lawn, paint a fence, punch a tree-trust me the tree won't mind." the two boys giggled at the last idea.

"Just don't harass others, they could have some serious hard shit going at home or in their life, that picking on them just makes it harder for them, and it does literally nothing for you. Life gets better when you just let people be, and if you get that need to cause shit again," Crystals face hardened making the boys freeze again, "Don't." nodding the two watched Crystal walk away.

"Ugh, kids!" walking back inside Crystal saw Misty chatting away with the boys happily. Misty hurriedly motioned for Crystal over, obliging easily Crystal sat next to a small skinny boy, pale of almost all life.

"Jesus kid, you a zombie or something?" the group went quiet as Crystal looked over the shy boy.

"N-no." thinning her eyes Crystal leaned in before grabbing a cup of poured soda.

" aren't a vampire are you?" the boy laughed shaking his head making Crystal smile and rub the boys head.

"Phew, didn't want have to stake another one in just one week eh Misty." rolling her eyes Misty sipped her drink.

"Look just cause it happened doesn't mean it happened." snorting Crystal grabbed a slice of pizza and the group returned to a cheery chatter. As a few hours passed and the sun began to set Crystal looked at her watch.

"Misty it's time to go, grab their numbers and lets head over to the store. Kelly is probably wondering where we are and I don't like having the dungeon master mad at us. Remember last time?" Misty nodded quickly grabbing a napkin and taking Crystals pen from her outstretched hand.

"Here's my number if my mom answers just tell her you to want to talk to me." handing the pen back Misty hopped up and zipped up her jacket.

"See you guys around!" the boys waved as Crystal held the door open for her sister. Dropping her arm down onto Misty's shoulder Crystal glanced at her softly.

"So what did they say that got you so chatty?" smiling Misty held up an unopened three musketeers bar.

"Dustin gave me this, didn't even blink at my skin and recited an amazing Lord of The Rings passage while having a whole damn pizza in his mouth." smirking Crystal slipped into the driver's seat while Misty opened up the candy bar.

"Sounds like someones got a crush." scoffing Misty chewed on the candy bar.

"He recited Lord of The Ring," chewing on the bar Misty looked out the rearview mirror.

"So big crush?" Misty rolled her eyes snorting before swallowing her bite.

"You can't get a crush in one day Crystal...." raising an eyebrow at Misty while turning on the car.

"But?" Misty sighed, her head bowing in defeat.

"I might have a tiny TINY crush okay?" laughing Crystal turned up the music before tearing out of the Arcade to the grocery store.

"Don't tell Wendy!"

Crystal laughed so hard she swerved twice.

Chapter Text

How long till you lungs will burn?

The hollow threatening voice echoes like this sometimes, when Crystal's eyes won't sleep and the home is too quiet from the screams she so used to blare in her ears. Her hands wring the indents on her wrist from the all those years of being strapped down, burned into her flesh for all eternity; the eternal reminder of the hell she once came from. And the voices of her captors-her monsters- whispering in her sleepless nights is not what she needs at-fucking-all.

She can feel the needles stab into her sucking and inserting unknown liquids, the screams, and cries of other numbers- other people. Then their nights when she sleeps only to wake up in the dark abyss of black water, all around her are people, but none of them are ever alive. She hates waking up in their and sometimes finding others creatures shes never seen who even fear her- so much they'll run screaming so loud that the water ripples and the bodies explode.

That normally causes her to wake up screaming and Misty holding her tightly down.

So yeah she'll opt for this-

Help me! Please!


You bleed so pretty, not like the others.

Six am comes ringing out loudly through the large attic. Softly Crystal sits up pushing herself up from the soft mattress and pressing the alarm off. Sighing Crystal sits at the side of her bed, her sickeningly pale limbs touch the dark oak wood. Pushing her face into her open palms and vigorously rubbing her face, she looks up at the barely rising sun.

"Fuck..." forcing herself up to her feet, her limbs shakily lead her over to her desk, her outfit already set out. How many more days until she'll need to sleep again? How many more hours till she will have to face the monsters again and become drenched in dead children's blood?

Silence returns her as she pulls on her favorite black ripped jeans and Led Zepplin shirt. Groaning Crystal stretched out her tense back before wrapping both sides of her arm and slipping on the simple patch filled denim jacket. Rubbing her aching forehead Crystal looks into the mirror at the red irises that looked back. Rubbing her forehead once more, Crystal looked around the dresser for her shades before pulling them on, the rings under eyes make her eyes pop even more.

Her body creaked as she leaned over to pull on her socks and simple blue vans. Pulling her white hair back into a simple messy bun Crystal began to brush on the simple blue shadows and deep blue lipstick. A loud yawn rips out through Crystal making her shake her head. Glancing back at her clock, the numbers changed to six thirty. Smiling softly Crystal grabbed her waiting messenger bag and car keys before walking down to Misty's room.

"Hey Misty?" pushing the door open Misty was tightly curled up into her bedsheets. Softly Crystal pushes the door open and flicks the room's light on. Soft groans echo the burrito blanket before Misty pocked her head out.

"School time?" nodding Crystal watched Misty crawl out her cocoon and tiredly pull off her shirt.

"I'll be down soon." Misty grumbles her eyes sealed shut as she pulls on her clothes. Closing the door Crystal walks downstairs to find Kelly quietly drinking coffee at the dinner table, two breakfasts waiting on the table.

"Morning Kelly." Kelly smiled looking up as Crystal collapses into her chair and slowly begins to eat the food in front of her.

"I'll be home at three since I'm just touring the hospital today, would you like me to be there while you sleep?" Crystal tiredly shook her head motioning to the empty seat beside her.

"Misty will be, she's the only one who can control me when I wake up." Crystal grunts out before downing the lukewarm coffee in one go. Swallowing Kelly looked back down at her paper as Misty stumbled into her seat her bag dropping to the floor in a similar slumped defeat Misty herself displayed. Her shirt was a Def Leppard two sizes too big with a baggy black jacket covering her up.

"How long is the school day again?" Crystal smirked chewing on her buttered toast as she stabs the eggs under her forks wrath. Misty's torn blue jeans squeezed her bouncing leg as she began to eat her meal.

"Too long, I'll need you to watch me after school. I need to get some rest." Misty nodded drinking down her cup of milk while scarfing down her own food.

"I really think Wendy and I should sit in one of these days to know what to do in case-"

"No." the girls firmly cut off their eyes burning into Kelly before returning back to their food in complete sync.

"You two I swear." shaking her head Kelly shook the paper and returned to reading as the girls cleaned off their plates and grabbed their lunch and backpacks.

"Can I turn on the car?" Misty plead out making Crystal groan in annoyance.

"Sure, you've got your arms covered?" nodding Misty caught the car keys flung out at her before rushing out.

"IS your arm wrapped-Grab her bea-" Crystal held up the two beanies before closing the house door behind her and heading over to the warming up car. Jazz played out of the radio making Crystal's whole face scrunch up in annoyance as she opened the car door.

"Hell no." easily Crystal popped in one of her random mixtapes filled with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zepplin, and a few AC/DC songs. Loud chords blared out in seconds making Misty slowly perk up.

"Sweet..." nodding Crystal looked over at Misty watching her buckled before sticking it in reverse and heading off to her fated hell. As they neared the school Crystal handed over the black and grey beanie to Misty.

"Kelly." Misty stated more than asked as she pulled it onto her head. Shrugging Crystal pulled on her own beanie before looking over at Misty.

"Now what happens when someone says shit about your skin?" Misty held out her middle finger before flashing a smile. Snorting Crystal shook her head before Misty dropped her hand and sighed.

"I can politely tell them that it rude to harr-" shaking her head Crystal looked over at Misty.

"You pop the first motherfucker who says it and watch them crash to the ground. Once you do that they know not to say fucking shit about you. If it's a girl you grab the kindly turn to her and bitch her slap her." Misty smiled as Crystal firmly explained what to do dramatically.

"Aren't you the sweetest sister in the world?" Misty snorted before looking out the window as Crystal takes a right into a filling up school parking lot. Some heads turned to the loud music coming out of the newcomers, however not many were even there to begin with.

"Small town," Crystal looked over to Misty as she grabbed her backpack and lunch before popping the door open. "Small school." Misty finishes smirking as Crystal turns down the music before turning her car off and popping the door open. Grabbing her own bags Crystal pulled her hair out its messy bun and climbing out of the car. Setting her lunch on top of the car Crystal ran her hand through her hair before locking the car and grabbing her lunch.

"Meet back here at three understood?" her younger sibling nodded before walking off to the middle school while she headed into the High School's warm halls. Slipping past people Crystal easily entered the school office her eyes before walking over to the open front desk.

"Excuse me miss?" the elderly lady looked up smiling before her face dropped in utter shock. "Hi, I'm Crystal- I'm new?" the woman quickly slapped down a paper causing Crystal to look down.

"Dyed hair is against the rules and you can't wear shades inside the school." the lady growled making Crystal sigh in annoyance.

"Please don't assume I didn't read the rules before I came here-which is why I came prepared." the lady stared in shock before Crystal pulled out her folders from her doctor, Kelly knew she was gonna fucking need it. Crystal wished she didn't. Slamming the folder down in front of the woman making her glare once more.

"Young lady nothing will allow this to be al-" opening the doctor's folder Crystal pointed to the highlighted list making the woman look down.

"I have albinism ma'am. It means my hair is naturally white because I cannot hold pigmentation. Not only that, I wear the shades because my eyes cannot handle bright lights because of my eyes retinas not being covered with a color such as brown or blue or really anything." the woman's face burnt red as Crystal crossed her arms.

"I'm so sorry- I had no-" shaking her head Crystal forced a skin shuddering smile onto her face. The woman shrank in her seat a bit as Crystal leaned over to counter and watched the elderly woman put the doctor's folder into a small pile of folders.

"It's fine ma'am, just make sure that get's to my file, please. I also need my schedule for my classes?" quickly the woman looked through another small set of files before handing a paper to her.

"Crystal Treader right?" nodding Crystal took the paper and saw her locker and locker combination on the bottom of the paper. Waving to the lady Crystal looked around hall before looking down at her paper sighing.

"Hey gorgeous need help with anything?" looking up she found herself staring at some brown haired jock. Raising an eyebrow Crystal folded her arms before giving the boy a once over and snorting.

"Sorry honey my legs don't open for little things like you. Not even my hand goes for that grade F meat swinging between your legs." his face dropped as laughter echoed through the halls while he blushed in shame. Pushing the boy out of her way with surpassing ease Crystal carefully looked at the numbers before stopping at a crowded locker area.

"Come on Billy, the party is tomorrow and your parents won't even know!" some chubby cheeked brunette was begging a dirty blonde mullet head boy who was suffering from an obvious hangover, his shades doing nothing under the fluorescent lights.

"Well mine will Tommy-" the boy halted looking at Crystal as she attempted to figure out if her number was sadly the one the boy was leaning on. Turning around 'Tommy' glared at Crystal puffing up in attempt to seem larger than he was making Crystal roll her eyes.

"Can we help you new girl?" a girl growled at Crystal making her jaw clench up. A vicious smile burst from Crystal's lips before she grabbed the Tommy boy by the back of his shirt and flinging him back making him yelp. The girl's face paled and quickly submit under her shaded glare by stepping out of her way.

"No I don't think so," looking up at the boy who was watching her in alarm but also deep fascination, "But you can." Smirking the boy quickly moved out of the way as she motioned to the locker he was leaning out of the way. Tommy was picking himself off the floor while Crystal opened up her locker with a few turns.

"Thanks handsome," pulling out some of her things Crystal hung up her California postcard and a few pictures of her favorite places in her old home. Billy and his little group chittered for a bit more before they left and Billy opened the locker beside her. Taping up the final picture of just her family, Crystal put her lunch and some extra school supplies into the locker. Closing her bag she saw Billy had his head in the locker room a low groan leaving him.

"Hey handsome?" Billy looked at Crystal who was holding out two Tylenol pills and her bottled water to him. A smile burst out across his face while he quickly took the kindness in front of him.

"You are my new favorite person Miss...?" smiling Crystal held out her hand which he took as he drank down the water for his two pills.

"Crystal, Crystal Treader." nodding Billy looked at the locker decor behind Crystal.

"You're from Cali too?" nodding Crystal pulled her hand away before pointing to the postcard.

"Last thing I bought before we went over the border into Nevada, a day filled with regret and sorrow." Crystal placed a hand over her heart making Billy nod sighing.

"Preach. What's your first class?" looking down Crystal shrugged sighing.

"Honors Chem, then Honors English, followed by Calculus, then lunch." Billy groaned shaking his head sighing.

"I have honors English so I'll see you in that class, but Honors Chem? Did ya hit your head or something?" snorting Crystal shook her head before the bell rang out.

"Not hard enough to miss the first day." laughing Billy watched Crystal slam and lock her locker. "See you in second period." nodding Crystal walked down the halls slowly before finding the room just as the bell rang.

"Ah, Miss Crystal?" nodding Crystal shook the balding teacher's hand. "Pleasure to meet you, please take a seat next to Mister Jonathan please." looking around a boy raised his hand sheepishly making Crystal smile and went to walk over to him only for the teacher to halt her.

"I'm going to need to take your shades off though, they break school dress code. Oh and please introduce yourself!" sighing Crystal looked at the teacher before walking over to the school chalkboard.

"May I?" the teacher nodded before pointing to his eyes.

"Yes but please take off your shades." forcing a smile making the teacher tense up a bit Crystal quickly wrote out her name in flawless cursive before in block letters writing Albinism and underlining it.

"Hi! I'm Crystal Treader, I suffer from a genetic defect known as Albinism, does anybody know what that is?" the room was quiet, even the teacher himself a bit confused. Nodding Crystal turned around before quickly drawing a colored in body shape and an empty shape along with two long eyes roughly drawn next to each body.

"I could go on for hours what this is, but to save us time and to make the teacher not ask me to take off my shades again I will give you the short version." the teacher squirmed a bit rubbing his chin as students looked at him. Smiling Crystal point to the colored in body.

"I am from California, which if you don't know tans people to hell and back depending on where you are from. Now I am from Santa Barabra, you get VERY tan their. However, I can't tan because my genetic disease makes me unable to hold any form of pigmentation." Crystal pointed to the uncolored human shape before pointing to the eyes.

"Now some people are born already fully Albino, while others it will slowly happen over time. This was the cause for me, so some parts of me-" lifting her shirt to show a giant tan patch of skin on her stomach surrounded by white the classmates leaning in to look at her stomach. "Are still tanned out making me kinda looked like a Dalmatian or cow- moo." the class chuckled as Crystal pointed to the eyes.

"Now if you don't know this, biology has failed you." laughter echoed out as Crystal colored in the filled in human shapes eye. "A normal eyes have colored pigmentation over their iris, but albinos normally lose this pigmentation and get something called the red eye." Crystal smiled pointing to the opposite eye.

"This is when the retina behind your iris which is normally covered by brown, blue, green, or whatever color. A protective layer which helps you stand bright lights, now not the sun's brightness, but simple fluorescent lights to the sun outside doesn't hurt as much because of this protective layer." Crystal waved her arms around to express some parts of it before pointing to her shades.

"But albinos can't handle that, our eyes did not develop this protective layer so we wear shades and sunhats outside WITH shades in order to simply enjoy a good day outside. This is why I wear glasses sir, if I don't it will be like I am staring into the brightest heavenly light you can think off. This leads to migraines, headaches, nausea, sickness even!" scribbling out her the untouched eye Crystal set the chalk down before beginning to erase the board of her work.

"So let's not cause trouble for anyone or their personal items and let me keep my shades. But if you still want to fight this, you can go to the nurse and they can explain to you how much I CAN'T take my shades off." the teachers face burst red before Crystal grabbed her bag and sat beside Jonathan and pulled out her notebook.

"Thank you for that informational five minutes Miss Crystal, welcome to the school, please open to page two hundred and twelve..." the teacher turned around while Jonathan placed his book between the two of them.

"Thanks!" Crystal whispered leaning over while Jonathan smiled sheepishly.

"No problem, welcome to Hawkins." smiling Crystal looked up at Jonathan before leaning over to him to whisper a bit lower.

"Thanks handsome." Jonathan face burst red before the two quickly set to work at what the teacher was writing.

Maybe this won't be so bad

Chapter Text

Misty should have known that today was not going to be her day. First days always fucked her over- first day of skateboarding? Broken arm. First day of gymnastics? Broken leg. First day in the real world? Almost murdered.

First days are her kryptonite.

Misty was quietly setting up her locker when the first blow came with some dumbass boy trying to steal her board, which landed him a kick in the leg. The second blow came when Misty was forced to explain to the teacher that no she can't take off her god given patches of skin. Everything was going to hell in a handbasket, she honestly couldn't wait till the day was over.

"Misty!" closing her eyes tightly, Misty pulled out her honors history book. Please let it be Max or anyone who isn't going to drive me up a wall, cause I swear to you God I'm about to kill a bitch Red hair rushed into view with the short bowl hair cut boy.

"Oh hey Will, Max." Max smirked folding her arms as Will looked up at Misty meekly.

"Hi," Will rubbed his arm as Max looked into her locker, "You're taking honors history too?" nodding to Will, Misty waved the book in her hand around.

"Yeah, I find history to be my favorite class," Will nodded as Max pointed to her skateboard.

"How'd you fit that in?" Misty sighed shaking her head, "No clue." smiling Max waved a small group over while Misty slammed her locker shut.

"Hey Misty!" Dustin cheerily greeted as Lucas greeted Max. Running her hand through braids, Misty pointed to the clock.

"I sadly have to go in order to make it to class on time since it's in the other building, but I will see you guys at lunch!" waving to the chattering group. Will hurriedly followed beside Misty, the two entering into a silent walk.

"So... California?" shrugging Misty entered the High School halls.

"It's a cool place, you should go sometime," Will nodded following behind Misty as she slipped around and pushed people out of her way. People on occasion turned to look at the small girl before turning back to their friends.

"Yeah, maybe," entering the classroom quietly, Will hurried over to his seat while Misty looked around the filling room. Slipping into a chair near the back, a mullet-haired boy with two other girls walked towards her direction. Flipping open the book Misty set to writing notes on what looks like tonight's homework on the board.

"Hey, little lady," looking up at some girl who seemed to force a smile on her face, the mullet boy was sitting on her right, "I think you're in the wrong class-"

"No I'm not, this is Honors US History, room 104 with Mr. Jamestone," looking back down at her book Misty continued to work.

"Okay, then can you move someplace else? I normally sit back he-"

"Well today's your lucky day," pointing to a seat near the front next to Will, Misty released a gut turning smile, "You can go sit in the front, because last I checked there isn't assigned seating and you can't move me." the girl wilted at the smile attempting a rebuttal only for the teacher to come in.

"Good morning everyone! Please take your seats! that means you too Carol," huffing the girl stomped up towards the front making Misty smirk. The teacher quietly set to work on the chalkboard before writing Misty's name on the board.

"Everyone we have a new student, Misty Treader?" raising her hand the teacher pointed to her before wiping the name away, "Alright you have all seen the new girl who seems to have her life more put together then you do." the room giggled before the teacher turned back and quickly set to work.

"Hey do you have a pencil?" glancing at the mullet head next to her, she continued to write while handing him her pencil bag. Nodding in thanks, he quickly handed her bag back before setting to work. Once the bell rang Misty was packing up her things and rushing to leave.

"Kiddo!" turning around to the mullet-haired boy, she looked down to see him holding out the pencil, "Thanks for letting me borrow this." shrugging Misty watching Will halt a few feet behind the boy, his face somehow paler.

"Keep it, I'm sure this isn't your last class." smiling the boy patted her shoulder.

"That is true, I'll see ya tomorrow kid!" waving the boy turned around making Will shrink. Scoffing the boy pushed past Will before heading off to the same two waiting girls. Scurrying beside Misty, Will glanced at Misty in awe mixed terror.

"What?" shaking his head Will looked onwards rushing back to their middle school to their next class. "Nerd," pushing some of her long threads out of her face Misty opened her locker to switch books.

"She is such a freak, I mean look at her skin!" sighing Misty closed her locker after pulling out her biology book. "Like pick a skin tone, black or white? God!" walking past the group of girls talking shit about her. Lunch snuck up on Misty, yet Misty felt more worn out than the first time she had to run for her life.

Walking into the lunch room Misty carefully looked around the room for the familiar group of nerds. Deflating at the realization that they weren't here Misty walked over to an open seat. Sitting at the empty table Misty quietly opened the brown bag to a note chilling on the top of her sandwich. Setting it to the side Misty dropped all her food out of her bag before beginning to eat.

Finishing her food Misty glanced at the letter, cleaning her face with her scrunched up paper towel. Sighing Misty grabbed the letter, her hands quickly opening it to find a sticker drop out and two different handwritings covering the paper.

You've got this!

Don't let them get to yay

May the force be with you

Smiling softly Misty lifted up the sticker to find it to be the California bear on a skateboard wearing shades and a hat on backward. The sticker was totally from Crystal and Misty was so putting it in her locker. Throwing away her trash Misty walked out of the lunchroom to her locker.

Popping open her locker, Misty moved the sticker around before peeling off the back and popping it right above her photo of the whole family, the open ocean covering the background. "I just wish that that freak would go back from where ever they dug him up. I mean seriously he's pale enough to be dead!" a blonde haired girl wearing a pastel pink shirt tucked into her purple and blue striped skirt turned the corner with a small pack of girls.

"Sorry, but I think the new freak on the block is that new girl, she fucking patched like a cow!" the girls laughed as Misty rolled her eyes so hard that she was afraid they would get stuck in the back of her head. She's not even creative! My sister says that like every day about herself!

"Oh totally!" Misty looked at her water bottle in her locker quickly grabbing it and closing her locker. Popping the cap Misty began to sip it before walking up to the pack of girls not too far away. "Speak of the devil!" the girl smirked as Misty stopped in front of the group.

"I never did introduce myself before you became a total judgemental bitch, but my names Misty," Misty hummed pushing some of her hair over her shoulder. The girl scoffed folding her arms while looking down at Misty in offended disgust.

"Whatever freak," smirking Misty stepped closer to the girl causing her to back up into a girl in surprise, "Jes-"

"You know I met girls like you in Cali, whenever something confident or more powerful than you comes along you puff up and act all stick up your mama's bitch ass," the girl gasped readying to speak before Misty took another step forward and she was unable to back up any farther, "But you are all the same lots and lots of bark but I have to wonder-" easily Misty poured the remianing seventy five percent of her waterbottle over the girl front making the girls yelp and rush away in order to avoid getting wet.

"You bitch!" smirking Misty dropped the water bottle pushing the girl back to the floor. Stepping above the girl, Misty crouched over the soaked girl, a gut-wrenching smile spread across her face making the girl below her shake.

"And you have no bite little Chiwawa." the girl shuddered before Misty stood back up and grabbed her plastic water bottle. "See you around little Chiwawa!" dropping the bottle into her trash Misty slipped into her next classroom smiling at the teacher.

"Sorry to bother you, sir! But I'm your new student Misty!"

The rest of the day passed easily, Misty dominated the basketball court making the boys look like dumb fucks as Misty made shot after shot. It was ironically the day that the supposed basketball team had time off due to some issue with a student, decided to sit in and watch the public display of embarrassment. Most of the other kids were sitting out, Will and his friend Mike were in the class, but their team was sitting out for now. The two seemed to be happily chattering with one of the high schoolers, some brunette.

"Jesus Christ guys, she's a fucking GIRL!" one of the boys yelled as Misty bounced the ball on the ground, the opposite team surrounding her. Smirking Misty rammed forward, the boys falling like dominos as Misty scored again.

"Yeah, I am a girl! But you can't plant your fucking feet!" a highschooler let out a roar of laughter as the middle schoolers met in the center of the court and Misty stole the ball in seconds. The boy angrily charged Misty ramming her to the floor, his fist rose to slam into her face. "TROY!" the teacher yelped rushing over as Troy slammed his fist down.

Catching the fist within seconds Misty swung her elbow, a deafening crack echoing through the room. A loud scream leaves the boy, stumbling back the boy clutches his bloody nose in agony. The teacher rushed over to Troy as Misty hops to her feet brushing herself off. Some of the highschoolers grimace as the teacher moves Troy hand to find his nose absolutely broken.

"Jesus kid," shaking his head the teacher turned to one of the boys pointing to the exit, "Take him to the nurse, Misty!" nodding to the teacher she walked over to the sit out bench with a huff. Troy was lead out to the nurse, Misty looked up at Will and Mike before turning back to the now continued game.

"Misty!" looking up to Will, Misty walked up and sat down next to him. "Dude you broke his nose, that was super cool," shrugging Misty looked over at the highschooler.

"Yeah," tugging at her wrapped left arm, Misty looked back at the game..

"I'm Steve," the brunette put out his hand towards Misty, "It's nice to meet you." shrugging Misty looked back out on the game.

"Seems like you're the only one." quickly Misty returned to the bench, away from everyone else.

"Alright everyone head in!" rushing into the changing room before the boys could talk to her Misty pulled off her shirt. Misty was the first out, her legs rushing to her locker, grabbed her skateboard, and next to the car door as fast as she could. Crystal walked up, a smile on her face and hop in her step.

"How was school girly?" Misty sat in the passenger seat a frown on her face. Sighing Crystal slipped into the driver seat before turning on the car and turning to the music to blare out everyone around them. Handing Misty her shades the two slipped them on before Misty took Crystals open hand while she tore out of the school heading towards home. The car drove past a group of bikers, to fast to even see who it really even was- Misty didn't care anyway.

"Led Zepplin and popsicles?" Misty nodded slouching in the seat her head looking up at the car ceiling..