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A day in the life of Earth-chan - Out of her thoughts

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Pulling Earth-chan out of her thoughts, Sun-sensei crashed to the ground with a thunk and subsequently started to glow bright with rage.

“Who tripped me up?” she asked, her hands clenching into fists.

“Earth-chan did,” sang Moon-chan happily.

While, along with Moon-chan, Earth-chan sat in the right position to trip Sun-sensei up, she knew she wasn’t responsible. For one, her legs were tucked neatly under the table, she didn’t even have any reason to hurt her teacher.

Even it being accidental was unlikely, while Earth-chan was clumsy, she was much more prone to injuring herself then any of the other celestial bodies.

“Earth-chan!” Sun-sensei screamed, her hair darkening with sunspots, “Get out!”

Earth-chan left the classroom.

Standing in the corridor wasn’t something Earth-chan liked doing. She felt cold, alone, and the knowledge that the rest of the planets were all going to hate her didn’t help. They were all, including her, very attracted to their sun, and hurting their beloved teacher wouldn’t be something they’d easily forgive.

Earth-chan knew Moon-chan had set her up.

Despite, or perhaps due to, their closeness Moon-chan often enjoyed messing with Earth-chan. She blamed stationary she stole, graffiti she made, gossip she started, all on the watery planet.

Sun-sensei bought the lies every time, seemingly never seeing the moon’s dark side.

Pulling Earth-chan out of her thoughts, a voice asked, “Have you been kicked out too?”

Turning round, Earth-chan realised the voice belonged to Pluto-chan.

“For the time being,” Earth-chan replied.

“I don’t get why I’m not allowed inside. Moon-chan’s allowed in and she’s smaller then me.”

“She’s a moon; moons can join the class,” Earth-chan explained, before asking, “Why don’t you go and play with the other dwarf planets?”

Pluto-chan pouted. “I’m a planet.”

Earth-chan hadn’t realised that Pluto-chan was so stubborn. She guessed that suddenly having your status as a planet taken away wasn’t something that was easy to deal with.

“Hey,” she offered, “want to sit next to me at lunch?”

Pluto-chan beamed.


Lunch wasn’t as bad as Earth-chan had imagined.

Pluto-chan’s company was helping a lot and, rather then be mad at Earth-chan, the other planets attention was on Sun-sensei’s new boy friend.

“Black Hole-san!” Uranus-chan gasped, “I’ve heard he’s possessive.”

“He won’t take Sun-sensei away, will he?” Mercury mumbled.

The group shook slightly in their seats.

“It’ll be fine,” Earth-chan found herself saying, “Black-san’s pretty distant and Sun-sensei likes close relationships.”

“We’re much closer to Sun-sensei,” Mars-chan agreed.

Venus smiled. “I guess you’re right.”

The other planets murmured amongst themselves, eventually coming to agree that they didn’t have to worry about Black-san taking Sun-sensei away just yet.

Saturn-chan stretched out her hand. “Do you want to sit with us Earth-chan?” she asked, before adding, “You and Pluto-chan.”

Earth chan was surprised. She’d expected the support from Mars-chan and Venus-chan, she was closest to them, but all the other planets had all seemed to forgiven her for what they thought she did to Sun-sensei. They’d even included Pluto-chan.

Earth-chan and Pluto-chan carried their chairs to the table. Once they sat down it was like nothing had happened, Earth-chan was happily engaged in the normal conversations.

Earth-chan looked at Pluto-chan, she was beaming, her eyes sparkled in the light as tears collected in the corners.

It must had been a long time since Pluto-chan last sat on this table, since she was last treated like a planet. No wonder she was emotional.

Pulling Earth-chan out of her thoughts, Moon-chan whispered into her ear, “I’m sorry for getting you in trouble.”

“It’s fine,” Earth-chan whispered back.