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Study Break

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Pokemon removed from their--


natural habitats will quickly grow depressed without intervention, and--

“Blanche. Blanche.

Blanche blinked once and looked up, tearing their focus away from the page. “Yes?” they asked, lips thinning. “Candela, I’ve told you not to interrupt me when I’m busy--”

“But Blanche ,” Candela said, “you’re always busy.” She pouted, and Blanche struggled to repress a traitorous emotion. “Don’t you have any time for your firey girl? Just a bit?”

“Candela, I--” Blanche stopped suddenly as Candela leaned in closer. Her smirk was straight up unfair .

“Just a night?” Candela breathed. Blanche was suddenly aware of how close their lips were.

“Oh,” they said. The clatter of the textbook falling to the floor didn’t even startle them. They were on their feet immediately with a fluid grace, hands on Candela’s shoulders, shoving her roughly against a wall, their lips on hers.

“Mmm,” said Candela as she pulled back for air, “that’s more like it.” She ran her hands over Blanche’s shoulders and up to their neck, stroking lightly under their hair, and Blanche whimpered into Candela’s mouth. They couldn’t help it, it wasn’t their fault their neck was so sensitive and damn Candela taking advantage--

And their train of thought broke off as Candela kissed down the line of their jaw and bit their neck gently. “ Candela ,” Blanche whispered, clutching at her back desperately.

“You like that?” Candela murmured directly into their ear, and Blanche could hear the smirk in her voice. “Not too busy for me now , huh?”

Blanche could only make an inarticulate sound and cling to Candela as she went back to lavishing attention on Blanche’s neck. Why did that have to feel so goddamn good

And Candela moved back and Blanche could think again. They breathed heavily, forehead against Candela’s, for a moment, collecting their thoughts.

“I’ll admit you’re good at that,” they said finally, gently moving their hands down Candela’s arms, “but it’s not fair if you do that to me and don’t let me return the favor, huh?” And they seized Candela’s wrists. “You’re mine , fire girl.”

“Oh, Blanche, yes ,” Candela said.