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Not Just Skin Deep

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Steve stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the tie of his dress uniform before picking up his jacket and pulling it on. He didn’t normally wear his uniform as he didn’t feel it was right given how long it had been since he had been in the army, but today was important. The most important day in his life. Today he was getting married to the love of his life.

Of course, it wasn’t the fact he was getting married that was making him so nervous, it was who he was getting married to. After all, it not every day that the Star Spangled Man married a super villain, but today was that day.


Two years ago

Steve took his seat in the lecture room, waiting for the tutor to arrive. The class had only a few people registered, which was part of the reason Steve have chosen it. The less people he saw, the less people that were likely to recognise him. Still, there was always a chance of someone spotting him and so he wore a pair of glasses to throw people off a little.

He wasn’t sure what drew him to take an eight-week class on Norse mythology. When Natasha suggested that he expanded his interests, he was sure that attending a local community college wasn’t what she had had in mind. But he wasn’t keen on dating, which he was positive was what she did have in mind. He had considered an art class, but techniques and styles had moved on and he preferred a more traditional approach. He had been talking to Thor whilst he had been running his eye over the prospectus and had just spotted the ‘Introduction to Thor in Norse Culture’ class that was starting that year, when the said god had mentioned something that of course made little sense to Steve. Unlike Tony, who would crack a joke, or Bruce who would apologise before trying to explain to him what they were talking about, Thor would simply continue on with his story, oblivious to the fact that hardly anyone knew what he was talking about.

Fed up with not knowing what dark elves, fire daemons and Sif actually were, Steve decided that best way to figure things out was to take the course. At least then he would have an inkling, even if some of the stories were slightly inaccurate.


Steve had just pulled his note book when the tutor entered the classroom. He was tall, (only an inch or two shorter then Steve) blond and slim, but with a slightly rounded face and looked between twenty-five and thirty. He was dressed in dark pants and a dark blue sweater. He also wore a pair of wire rimmed reading glass, which sat perched on his nose, giving him the air of authority.

The tutor put his bag on to the desk and pulled out a folder which he set down before taking his seat. Then he slowly scanned the room.

“Good evening, my name is Adam Johnson and for this semester we will be looking at the legends that surround Thor and Norse mythology. Now before we begin, this will not be a chance for those here to hero worship Thor, no matter what he has done to defend this planet with the Avengers. We will focus on the stories as they were told of old, not the feats of a single god.” The tutor began. His voice was deep like Thor’s, but much smoother and calmer, a voice that could read audio books and make people fall in love with the story.

His eyes had reached Steve and he froze. Steve could see the brown in his eyes as he stared at him and it felt like forever, but only a moment passed before his eyes were moving again around the room.

“Very well, then today we will be looking at the history behind the religion and those that worshipped it. But first, a roll call, to see that our number is complete.”

Adam then began to read out the list of names of those who had signed up for the class. There were three missing and he raised an eyebrow when Steve answered under the name of Carter. Fury had provided him with a false identity when he had first woken up, just in case he wanted to retire from the fight, although Steve couldn’t help wondering if he would have been allowed to. So, he had enrolled under the name of Stephen Carter, in memory of his friend he'd left behind.

Adam cast his eye once more at Steve before opening the laptop on the desk and switched on the projector. The first slide popped up on white board behind him.

“The Origins of the Norse religion are subject to conjecture, but there are strong links to Bronze-age Scandinavia and was primary found in the modern-day counties of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, where it is now referred to as the Old religion...”


Steve found himself listening intently to the lecture, making notes. Adam was a good lecturer, providing information in a clear and concise manner, while not boring him to tears with long lists of names and dates. He answered questions and asked a few in return, testing to see how much the group already knew. It also didn’t hurt that Adam’s ass looked good in his pants, even if he prefered brunettes to blonds.

Steve had always preferred men to women, but as with the many dames Bucky had set him up with before the serum, Steve had no little luck getting anyone he was interested in getting interested in him. When he was just Steve Rogers, they tended to ignore him or beat him up and when he became Captain America, there had been an expectation for him to fulfil the all-American dream of the wife, kids and a white picket fence. He hadn’t tried dating since he woke up, despite Natasha and Tony's encouragement. He was still finding his feet in this new world and didn’t want to complicate matters. It also had something to do with a certain someone he had inadvertently developed a crush on, but that was a dead end, he knew that.

The hour slipped by and all to soon the lecture came to an end.

“Very well, next week we will look at the Norse Genesis. Before then, I would like everyone to research Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. And please, do not simply rely on the internet. Books have been used for a millennium for a reason.” With that Adam, who had been packing his notes away, grabbed his bag and, in Steve’s opinion, left the room rather quickly.

Steve couldn’t really think about it too much as one of the other students, Nickie, came over to him to ask if the wanted to join her group for a study date on the homework, to which he agreed. After all, he was more than happy to check out the books while they did the internet searches. It was a win-win for him.