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13 Days of Limes

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Hoseok rushed past students, checking the time on his watch one more time. Skirting into the classroom, a few minutes before the professor would stride in with with last weeks test. Glancing around the room, it was nearly full, probably due to the upcoming final in a month. He took a seat towards the front, another student to the left. The student (possibly younger?) stood out. Bleached hair caused heads to turn and never ending chocolate eyes that he could fall into. The moment the red arm hit the twelve marking on the clock, the unknown student beside Hoseok dropped his head onto the desk and drifted off. In pairing, the professor strode in and rambled off a few greetings then proceeded to dive in.

Somehow, the dance major found himself sitting beside the bleached blob in his calculus classes more often than not. The student he originally assumed as a third or second year was actually in his fifth, and named Yoongi. He was one of the most popular fifth years on campus, (with exception to Seokjin, he’s another story) who became known for a grumpy attitude, the girls swooning for his perfect skin, and pestering him for his hair routine. The single exception to the elder’s grumpy state, would be if any interesting topic came into play. Yoongi bubbled to life, ranting to the point of exceeding appropriate talking levels in public.

For example, in his first year when he discussed with an older student about whether cats or dogs were better, Yoongi outweighed the other’s opinion with loudness and downright threats. How Hoseok acquired that information on the other hand, was irrelevant (Numerous nights of Facebook stalking accompanied by Jimin). Still, even though Yoongi threatened another student, he continued to sit on the throne of popularity with his fanclub fanning off beads of sweat.

Yet, on January fourth he finally took action. The start of the term brought on a wave of confidence, or maybe the orange hair helped a bit more than he thought. Either way, Hoseok found himself staring at the elder. How his bleached hair fanned out on his arms, his head turned away from the corner of his notes that passed into Hoseok’s space. The younger took a quick breathe, and reached over to that corner of a page. Using a light blue pen, he doodled a petite flower, adding in little grass around the bottom before pulling away. Glancing at Yoongi, the blonde continued to sleep soundly, completely uninterrupted by the scratchy pen by his ear.

Hoseok dared to draw another. This time, he used an orange pen, one he knew was much smoother than the light blue. He took his time, adding details to the petals. Looking up for a split second, chocolate half lidded eyes grabbed him, snapping his pen away from the other’s paper.

After the exchange, Hoseok focused on listening to the professor, jotting down notes for the upcoming project here and there. The clock stuck noon, thirty minutes left in the class. He took a risk, glancing over the Yoongi’s paper. Around the orange and blue flowers, more blossomed and electrified the page. Numerous styles and colors weaved in and out of lines, sometimes even decorating the vital words from the lecture. Not only were there flowers, but freehanded weeds and ferns. Yoongi caught the younger’s wandering eyes, shoving an arm over the drawings, but little bits and pieces stuck out. Hoseok smiled, knowing the elder’s grumpy act was just that-- an act.

I know your secret, popular grumpy boy, you dork. Hoseok thought to himself, unable to hide the joy emanating off his body.

“What are you smiling about?” Yoongi rasped, a slight glare setting into his brows.

“Why are you even taking level four calculus if you’re a dancer?” Yoongi asked, nudging the younger as they left the class together.

“There are core classes, Yoongi-sshi,” Hoseok replied, taking in that the elder was about an inch shorter than him.

“Just call me hyung,” Yoongi muttered, “it’s not like I’m a dancer, I wouldn’t know.” Hoseok laughed, overlooking the blonde’s slight blush.

“Alright, hyung.”