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It Can't Wait

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Jimin always had very few inhibitions throughout life - he has even less when he’s Little. Which explains why the young boy had no problem at all when he tugged on Namjoon’s sleeve and openly stated that he was feeling really, really horny. In public.

At first, Namjoon hadn't realized that his boyfriend had slipped into his headspace. Sure, Jimin was acting a bit more bubbly than usual, but he had never noticed the way Jimin would pop his thumb in his mouth when he was sure his elder wasn't looking, or how he waddled a bit when moving across the stores in the mall, or even how clingy he was being, wanting to hold onto Namjoon's hand every step of the way. But when Jimin had gotten Namjoon's full attention, he announced his arousal, just a tad too loud.

“Daddy, my peepee is warm,” He had said, when he pulled Namjoon away from looking at a rack of blue jeans. There were a few people who heard just the tail end of the sentence, and quickly moved away, but others, who were closer, heard every word and shot them a disgusted glare. Namjoon could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks in embarrassment. Usually, Jimin didn't turn Little in public, but if he did, he gave Namjoon a warning in advance, so they could take care of the situation safely and comfortably. Today, however, was not one of those days.

Namjoon quickly ushered Jimin away from the populated area ( damn, why did the blue jeans have to have everyone attention today?) and pulled his little boy aside, in a dressing room. The elder took a seat on the tiny bench in the tiny fitting room, which left Jimin standing before him and looking down, popping his thumb in his mouth to suckle on it. Namjoon was starting to wish he had brought one of the boy's pacifiers, so he wouldn't have to stick all of those germs in his mouth. With an exasperated sigh, Namjoon took a hold of Jimin’s hips and patted them soothingly, then looked up to gaze at the younger one. “How long have you been feeling small, Chimmy?” He asked, trying to ignore the way Jimin’s free hand trailed down his tummy and pulled at the crotch of his overall shorts.

Considering how young Jimin was acting, he should have guessed that the boy wouldn't properly answer. Jimin proudly held up a thumb and grinned, chubby cheeks and all. Well, great, it was good to know that they were getting absolutely nowhere with this conversation.

“Baby, you said something about your private parts?” Namjoon spoke in a softer voice, so nobody beyond the dressing room doors would hear them. “Do you need to use the potty?”

And this time, Namjoon had elicited a reasonable response out of the boy. Jimin shook his head and pulled more at his shorts, fidgeting and shifting from foot to foot. “No-" Jimin started whispering, mimicking Namjoon and finding it to be one of the most amusing things in the world, right now. He blushed and giggled when he kept talking. “M-My peepee is getting big, Daddy.”

Oh, Namjoon thought, that makes sense. Another sigh slipped past the older man's lips and he stood up, placed his hands on Jimin’s waist, and sat him down on the bench, instead. He squatted down, so he would be more-or-less eye-level with Jimin. “Minnie, you know that this sort of problem should be fixed at home, right?” Jimin nodded. “Alright then, Sweetheart. Let's calm down in here for a while, then we can go back to shopping. How does that sound?” Namjoon asked, placing his hands on Jimin's thighs to hopefully ease his hard-on, but ultimately deciding that that probably wasn't the best move. He slid his hands down to rest on the boy's knees, instead.

Jimin ended up agreeing to the cool-down in the fitting room, watching his Daddy closely and beginning to bite his nails as a distraction. He knew his peepee shouldn't be acting this way, but every now and then, it did this all by itself. The Little boy kicked his feet back and forth, lightly hitting his boyfriend's legs each time, which got his attention. Namjoon noticed that Jimin kept pushing his grubby little fingers into his mouth, so he pulled something out of the backpack he brought with him, which kept all of their daily needs, plus a first-aid kit. Jimin whined when he saw a small bottle of icky hand sanitizer.

“Give me your hands, Jimin,” Namjoon said, already taking one of them into his gentle hold. Jimin pulled away with a fussy cry.

“No! I don’ want dat!” He whimpered and held his hands to his chest, making a very prominent pout on his lips. His little mind was racing for a while, furrowing his brows together and creating the best excuse he had. “I-It’s Dada’s fault because he din’t bring my paci…”

That much was true, and Namjoon couldn't really fight the younger boy’s logic, but he most certainly did not want Jimin's unwashed hands going into his mouth anymore. At this point, Namjoon had almost completely forgot about the problem-boner his boyfriend had, being far too focused on the unsanitary hands Jimin crammed into his mouth every thirty seconds. He looked down to his own hands and hummed. Well, he did just use the restroom not too long ago, and hadn't touched much of anything after he washed his hands. It couldn't hurt. Sucking on his pacifier usually calmed Jimin down, so this shouldn't be much different, right? Holding up his hand, Namjoon wiggled his fingers and struck a bargain as they waited in the small room.

“Let's make a deal, Minnie. You can suck on Daddy's thumb for a while, but we have to wash your hands right after. Okay?” He thought it was a pretty good deal.

So did Jimin, apparently. The Little sprung up and joined his caregiver on the floor, crawling in his lap and eagerly holding onto Namjoon's wrist. Instead of taking his thumb, like Namjoon thought he would, Jimin spread his lips and wrapped them around his first two fingers, which were long, and practically reached the back of his throat. Jimin obviously didn't care, because he was currently sucking to his heart’s content, with droopy eyes and happy giggles. Namjoon didn't refuse what his young lover wanted, and let him do as he pleased, letting his opposite hand rub smooth circles into Jimin's back, even as the Little rubbed his tongue against his digits.

It wasn't long before Namjoon lost track of time. His fingers started to get a little pruny and Jimin was intently lathing his tongue between his spread fingers. Checking his phone for the time, Namjoon had quickly come to realize that they had spent nearly fifteen minutes in here. Time flies when you're having fun , he supposed.

Namjoon slowly pulled his fingers out of Jimin’s luscious mouth and gave him a small kiss instead, wiping his fingers off on his pants. “It's time to go. Feeling better, Angel?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Jimin lied. He hadn't felt better, at all. If anything, mindlessly sucking on his Dom’s fingers for so long made his tummy even tighter and his thighs even warmer. Licking between the ‘v’ shape of Daddy’s fingers turned him on so much. He just wanted to be touched so bad. Jimin was glad that Namjoon put him in a diaper earlier, so his little problem wasn't easily seen. The fluffy cotton rubbed on him just right and it made him want to cum all over himself, but he knew that Daddy would be mad if he did. It just felt so good, though…

Namjoon quickly pulled Jimin out of his trance and picked him up, straightening out his clothes and giving him a tight hug and a soft kiss on the cheek, which got a happy giggle out of the younger one. “You're such a good boy, Minnie. You're acting like a big boy, and I'm so proud of you,” His boyfriend cooed, pinching Jimin’s cheeks and opening the door, so they could finally step outside of the dressing room. Jimin toddled alongside Namjoon and held onto his hand for support. Walking was very hard, especially with an erection and a comfy, puffy diaper between your legs. He whined here and there, but let his Daddy continue shopping for them. Namjoon seemed to be too distracted by a pretty satin coat to realize that Jimin was trying to masturbate without using his hands.


It wasn't long before Namjoon was squeezing Jimin’s hands - his freshly washed hands - and was asking him if he was hungry yet. Jimin nodded enthusiastically and jumped in agreement. Of course he was hungry! They had been shopping for clothes and buying so many new toys for him, that little Minnie hadn't realized his tummy was rumbling. He was also a little distracted by something else entirely..

After a very hard decision, Jimin decided that he wanted ice cream for lunch. His daddy compiled, but also got him a side of chicken nuggets and apple slices. They were eating happily and chattering about anything that came to mind, like how Jimin really wanted that nail polish kit they saw in the beauty store, or how yummy his strawberry ice cream was.  Namjoon watched his boy with fond eyes, adoring how innocent and beautiful he was.

Jimin still hadn't told Namjoon how much his throbbing erection was bothering him, and he didn't want to make anymore of a hassle for him, so after they finished eating, Jimin started to slowly grind down on the chair he was seated on. Daddy wanted to rest for a little while, so they were still situated at their table for two. The Little was smiling at Namjoon, resting his chin in his palms and blushing as he finally felt the rub on his dripping cock that he wanted all day. He didn't care if anyone else saw him playing with himself, because his daddy would yell at them if they got mad at Minnie, so he took care of his erection all by himself, like a big boy!

“Are you excited to try on all of your new clothes when we go back home, Chimmy?” Namjoon asked, still oblivious to Jimin's naughty antics. The small blonde boy nodded enthusiastically and giggled, tongue swiping across his lower lip as he mumbled out a response. His mind was wandering further and further away from the conversation. Jimin's toes pointed inwards, he slumped further against the small table, almost like he was trying to climb on it, but also trying to his upper half from slipping off. It grounded him, so he would have an easier time slowly fucking into the powdered fabric of his nappy.

Namjoon smiled quietly at Jimin and reached across the tabletop to hold one of his small, chubby hands and loosely play with his fingers. The elder’s voice eased into a more childish tone for his little lover, seeing as how Jimin slipped further and further into his headspace. He was practically drooling and babbling out incoherent sentences, at this point. “Is my Baby happy with what we bought today? Are you looking forward to playing with your new Hot Wheels cars with Daddy?” Namjoon urged him on, laughing happily at the cute face Jimin made.

The younger boy squeezed Namjoon's fingers and squealed happily. In his mind, those innocent questions that his Daddy asked him just now reminded Jimin of the way Namjoon spoke to him in bed. “Do you like Daddy's cock fucking your pussy, Baby? Hm? Does my pretty boy want to taste my yummy cum?”

Oh, Jimin was so excited! He nodded eagerly in response to Namjoon's questions and began bouncing on his seat. Little Minnie was so close to cumming, he just needed his Daddy to keep talking and smiling at him. Everything felt so good, and soon Jimin was letting his cover slip. He wasn't being modest with the way he tried stimulating himself.

At first, Namjoon assumed his boyfriend was just kicking around in his seat like he usually did. He furrowed his brows when he saw Jimin’s dark, lovely eyes glaze over and a goofy smile appear on his lips, and Namjoon finally came to the realization that Jimin wasn't as innocent as he thought when the little boy let out a high-pitched moan in his seat.

It was now quite obvious to Namjoon what his boyfriend was doing when he started squirming in his seat and rocking back and forth. He reached across the table and took one of Jimin’s hands, lowering his voice and staring at him with stern eyes. “Park Jimin! What do you think you're doing?” He asked heatedly, glancing around at the dozens of people who were in the food court with them. God, how did he not pick up on this sooner?

Jimin was shameless . He just bit down on his lip and giggled, while he rubbed his chubby thighs together and rocked against his diaper. The bubbly laughs that escaped his lips made it seem like this was a big secret game. Almost like hide-and-seek, Jimin thought.

“Dada, my peepee is wet!”

And now Jimin was making a scene. Some people turned their heads, which made Namjoon seriously consider the legality of the situation. This was considered public indecency, wasn't it? Jimin surely didn't care. He wasnt even in the right state of mind to consider that fact. Instead, he grabbed onto both of his lover's hands and brought one of them up to his lips, so he could suck on his thumb. It felt so good! “Play wit’ me, please, Daddy-" Jimin drawled, sticking out his tongue and swiveling it around the tip of his Namjoon’s fingers, just like he would do if his Daddy had his big cock out, right in front of his face. Jimin let out a little, open-mouthed moan and bounced on his small cock. They were definitely drawing the attention from he crowds, now.

Namjoon shot out of his seat and pulled Jimin up, grabbing all of their bags and rushing to the nearest bathroom. All Jimin could do was giggle when they were locked in a stall together. The Little made grabby hands at his daddy, but when Namjoon gave him a disappointed look, he took matters into his own hands. Literally. “Daddy, it’s making my diaper all dirty!” Jimin tugged on his overalls. When he couldn't get them unlatched (since Namjoon always helped him get dressed), Jimin just stuffed his hands down the sides of his overalls and stuck his soft hands right into his diaper. Namjoon had dumped all of their bags on the floor and brought a hand up to cover Jimin’s unknowing mouth, silencing him as best as he could, even though the boy just squealed and chirped in his throat.

It was funny when Daddy turned quiet and whispered in his ear, even if he did sound a little scary… “Park Jimin, you are being outrageous right now. You stop that this instant,” Namjoon said in a biting tone, placing his opposite hand on Jimin’s arm, to pull away the grip he had on his sopping wet cock.

The thought of having Jimin masturbate right here, in a busy public bathroom, did turn Namjoon on ( extremely), but he couldn't have Little Jimin getting away with this without a punishment, later. Fuck, fine, he would give into the pouty look his boyfriend was giving him. He was a weak man. The elder sighed and sat down on the toilet, turning Jimin, so his back was pressed to his daddy's chest. The boy let out an amused moan and bounced happily on the lap he was placed in. Namjoon pressed his lips to Jimin’s ear and began speaking in a husky tone, while his hands skillfully undid the button straps on the little pair of overall shorts.

“You stay quiet during this, do you hear me?” And it sounded more like a demand than a question, but Jimin nodded anyways, digging his nails into his Daddy's forearms when he wiggled out of his shorts. Namjoon stripped the tape off of the diaper Jimin had on, and opened it up quickly, revealing the boy’s small, dripping, pink prick. Jimin's feet were dangling above the floor already, from his position on Daddy's lap, but he took it a step further, lifting and spreading his legs wide apart for easy access.

Minnie kept to his promise of staying quiet and tilted his head back against Namjoon’s shoulder, whimpering desperately and grabbing onto big, rough hands to guide him to his cock. “Daddy- Touch me, please! Chim-Chim has been good all day, Dada, my peepee hurts!” It wasn't long before Jimin was loud again.

Namjoon pressed long, soft kisses against Jimin’s temple, shushing him as he wrapped a hand around his baby's needy length. It instantly trickled out a bit of precum and trailed down the man's loose fist. Jimin squealed out loud and had to be hushed by none other than his lover's fingers, shoving their way past his lips and practically reaching the back of his throat. The Little one gagged, but dutifully sucked on his digits, while thrusting up into Namjoon’s hand.

It didn't take long for Jimin to be writhing around, practically yelling out pleasured moans against Namjoon’s fingers, and cumming onto his Daddy's skilled fingers. His little cock twitched and his tummy tightened, and then there were long squirts of milky cum traveling down his length. Namjoon’s eyes were half-focused on his baby’s lovely body and half-focused on the shuffling feet he saw at the bottom of their bathroom stall, wondering if any of the men walking in to piss knew what they were doing. Surely, they had.

Jimin was roared up for a second round, still biting and licking at the fingers in his mouth, but Namjoon quickly pulled them out and adjusted the blonde in his lap. “Baby, don't you start again… We can fix this when we get home,” He reprimanded, almost as breathless as Jimin. His own cock had plumped up and were currently pressing against the delicious weight of his boyfriend's ass, but he had to wait. He was the responsible partner, right now. Or maybe he just said that to make himself feel better about jacking off his horny lover in the mall.

Jimin didn't want to get cleaned up to go home, but he knew he didn't have another choice. Daddy was already wiping him up and wrapping up the diaper to throw away. Before Jimin knew it, his overalls were buttoned and Daddy was standing up and picking up their bags.

“Let’s go, Chimmy. We will finish at home, okay?” Namjoon asked, opening the stall for Jimin and leading him out. Jimin was eager to get home and play again.

Little did he know, Daddy's cock would be down his throat in the car, and he would get lots of spanks later for being a naughty boy. But Daddy would always kiss him better, afterwards. Even if Minnie was bad, Daddy always loved him, no matter what.