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It's a Birth Defect, Honest

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The Pandora Gem, a jewel hidden inside a larger jewel that will glow red under the moonlight. Encased in myths and pipe-dreams of granting immortality, it is nothing but a fairy tale spun by the mortal man afraid of their inevitable demise. It was theorized that the fabled Philosopher's Stone and the Pandora Gem were one in the same as both are stones that grant the user immortality. In the papers written by Nicolas Flamel, the great alchemist who was said to have discovered and used the Philosopher's Stone to achieve immortality, there are subtle hints to the Pandora Gem, saying that he had found a stone that bled blood like tears from a broken heart.


Along with these uncovered papers, there have been tablets discovered in the ruins of a Ancient Egyptian city that date as far back as 3300 B.C. that transcribe of a stone that leaks red liquid  -


Uhg. Kaito slumped over the books, the black ink blurring together as Kaito’s dry eyes burned. He groaned, rubbing at his blood shot eyes. His gaze slid over to the teetering tower of books stacked on the edge of his desk, mocking him with their useless information.


This was getting him nowhere. It was the same repeated, summarized junk. Nothing recent. Nothing current as to the 20th or 21st century. He didn’t care for things that happened more than 1000 years ago because that’s 1000 years too late to be of any help to his search.


Kaito sighed, pushing away from his desk. He closed the current book, title already forgotten due to the lack of interesting, new information. Kaito stood, shoulders popping as he stretched. His eyes narrowed, taking in the moving shadows from his neighbor’s window. Aoko had guests over at this time? On a school night? How scandalous!


Then again, Kaito thought as he caught sight of the big red circle on his calendar marked for the next day, I can’t say anything.  Kaito peered down at his calendar, a wide smile curling his lips up without his permission as he stared at the bold, scrawled HEIST taking up nearly two blocks of the papers.


Good thing no one ever came into his room, besides Aoko. But her loud entrances gave Kaito plenty of time to hide anything...incriminating. Huffing, the teen plopped down on his floor and dragged out the large duffle back from under his bed.


The duffle bag, rigged to where the first thing you saw were a few... tasteful choices of magazines, had two layers. The first layer was the magazines, a box of kleenex, and a bottle of hand lotion. Kaito had made sure to make the ‘teenage hormone’ compartment (as he liked to call it) as embarrassingly normal as can be in case anyone broke in and tried to snoop. It had to look natural, had to look “shameful” that he was hiding “dirty” things, so that way they wouldn’t be suspicious of the hidden compartment of the duffle bag. The duffle bag that held his newest trinkets of listening devices, a stun gun, and some easy-to-release handcuffs, along with a few other gadgets that Kaito Kid would absolutely carry.


Kaito took stock, mentally going over his list of what he had, and what Jii-chan had. Smirking deviously to his duffle bag, he picked up a flimsy magazine and nonchalantly flipped the opening cover, eyes sparkling at the sharpie-scribbles that he’d doodled over the models during a afternoon of boredom.


Whoops. He was gonna have to throw this one out. Groping blindly on his floor as he flipped through the ruined magazine, he found a abandoned marker and uncapped it, drawing fireworks over a model’s nude breasts or a dragon coiling from their spread legs.


Yeah, totally gonna have to pitch this.


Kaito snickered to himself, his stomach twisting in excitement as he thought of how awesome his heist tomorrow was going to be. It would be his official debut as Kaito 1412 in Beika City.


This was going to fucking rock.




Kaito was awoken to Aoko busting her way into his house. Forgoing the normal approach of ringing a doorbell or, say, knocking, the girl had instead just nearly taken the door down like she owned the place. Kaito, already a light sleeper, had shot up and scrambled to make sure nothing was left out that’d ruin his life and had been able to throw his uniform on before Aoko had even had the chance to twist his bedroom doorknob.


“AHOKO!” Kaito screeched, pretending to cover his clothed chest with his hands. “How indecent! I’ll never be able to marry again!” Aoko stood in the doorway, cheeks heating as she glared at Kaito.


“Bakaito! You weren’t responding to Aoko’s texts so Aoko decided to make sure you were properly awake!” Aoko complained in a whiney tone, crossing her arms over her chest with a huff. Kaito’s mouth opened to snap something equally whiney, only for his face to fall into a scowl.


“What is he doing in my house?” Kaito snapped, any traces of teasing gone as Aoko blinked and turned to the new intruder.


“Who? Hakuba-kun?”


“Good morning to you too. And to think that Kuroba-kun would live in such...disarray,” the brown-blond haired teen commented from behind Aoko, eyebrow raised in bemused judgement. Brown eyes glistened as they bounced along the mess that was Kaito’s floor, taking in the toppled books cluttered together until no title was recognizable, the strewn papers and markers, stilling on the porn magazine laying innocently out in the middle. “Oh.”


“KAITO!” Aoko’s voice cracked as her pitch when to a almost soundless shriek, her eyes catching sight of the magazine as well. “You-YOU PERVERT!” Kaito’s glare at Hakuba faltered into a look of confusion.


“Huh?” Kaito asked, following the pointed finger Aoko was trying to use to burn the magazine right then and there. Oh. Oh shit. “It’s not what it looks like!”


“I can’t believe I was worried about you being late!” Aoko shrieked, hands twitching for her trusty mop. “I-I’M WAITING OUTSIDE!” She shoved past her friend and her stomping feet could be heard going down the stairs.


“I’m honestly surprised. Who’d have thought that the Phantom Thief was...interested in such things,” Hakuba commented. Kaito swooped down, snatched up the magazine, and chunked it at the detective.


“I’m not Kid! Out!” Kaito snapped. “Out, out, out!” His eyes narrowed at the final once-over Hakuba gave his room and the thief shoved the detective out.


Kaito marched Hakuba out of the house, locking the door behind him. Aoko was waiting by the fence across from the entrance gate, her cheeks red and her lips pulled into a pout.


The three started walking, Aoko in the middle of the two teens as she swung her school bag in wide arches.


“Dad’s gonna be out tonight,” Aoko started sulkily. “Gonna be off in Beika for that stupid Heist.”


“Oh yeah, Kid’s finally making an appearance in Beika, right? Sounds so much fun! I wish I could go,” Kaito whined, keeping an eye on Hakuba, who snorted.


“I find it curious how Kid is only now reaching out to Beika. It’s been several months since he’s begun his activities, correct? So why now?” Hakuba mused loudly, gaze boring into Kaito.


“Dunno,” Kaito shrugged his shoulders. “Why don’t you ask him the next time you see him?” Kaito’s lips twitched upwards into a sharp, teeth-baring smile and Hakuba’s expression hardened.


“Kaito, let Aoko hang with you tonight,” Aoko spoke, smacking Kaito on the arm.


“No can do, Aoko,” Kaito spoke and, seeing the curious expressions on the two’s faces, smirked. “I got a date with the lovely lady you saw-”


“BAKAITO!” Aoko screamed and threw a punch. Hakuba sighed as the two rushed off, Kaito laughing while Aoko chased after him.




This was turning out to be...not what Kaito was expecting.


First of all, who was this tiny little...gremlin?...And where were his parents? Seriously, did they just let him wander around at night up onto dangerous rooftops?


Second off all, why was this tiny child’s voice so rough and deep and uncomfort for Kaito? He didn’t sound like a child, not with how he was annunciating his words, or how the child’s expressions were carefully flat.


Third of all, the child’s eyes glowed. They glowed . When Kaito said they glowed, he meant that the moment the clouds parted and gave the teen a clear view of the child, the moonlight had decided to create a goddamn spotlight on the child and his glowing red eyes .


What even.