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Miranda is never late....

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"Gird your loins everybody." Nigel was shouting as almost every morning before the devil came in. It was 15 minutes before 8am in the morning. Mirandas always started her day at 8 but Miranda being Miranda she always came in 15 minutes early. So she was supposed to be here any second now. Andy was ready to storm to the elevator and write down every possible and impossible demand by her boss.

She prepared the water, the magazines, the newspaper and printed out the schedule for the day. She was the only assistant now for Miranda, ever since Emily got promoted to the art department and Andy got first assistant. Since Andy was managing everything so well, she got a raise and the second assistant position just vanished ever since.

Nigel was on good terms with Miranda ever since Paris and was thankful for his assistant and friend Emily. They all just knew how to keep Miranda happy. Everything was going smooth. But today something was off.

7:50am Andy got nervous she called the downstairs desk if they have seen Miranda arrive yet. But nothing. Andy quickly messaged Nigel. "Did I miss anything, why isn’t she here yet?" Nigel came around to her office.

"She isn’t here yet? Did you check everything? Does she have a facial? A doctors appointment? Maybe she has to attend school?" Nigel asked trying to help his friend.

"No she isn’t and no she has been yesterday to facial and spa after work, no appointment with any doctors and the girls are off school and with their dad over thanksgiving. I don’t know what i missed? I am so dead if I did Nigel....ok imma call Roy." Andy said already dialing his number.

"So you didn’t pick her up yet? What do you mean she didn’t call you yet. Ok, ok thank you Roy." Andy hung up and stared at Nigel.

"Now what?" Nigel asked her.

"Ok here’s what I will do. I will rearrange Mirandas schedule for the next two hours and then I will have to drive to the townhouse and see if she’s there and if I missed something. If I don’t come back she either fired me or better yet.... killed me. So it was nice knowing you Nigel."

"Ever so dramatic,Six. In 23 years Miranda has never been late so this must be clearly something we missed. Have you tried calling her maybe? Ok honey, before you change anything let me try and call her. I will come up with some stupid question and see where she’s at and if she can keep our meeting at 10am." Nigel pulled out his cell and called Mirandas cell phone. No answer. Her house phone. No answer.

"Ok Six you are allowed to be dramatic now. I can’t reach her and I saw she has been online the last time last night at 1:20am." Nigel said starting to get really concerned.

"Fuck...what if something happened to her." Andy said slightly panicking.

"Ok you call Roy and go look after her right now since you have a key. I will tell Emily to reschedule the morning since she knows how to."

"Roy’s circling the block at her house since he expects her call any minute. It would take him to long to get here. I’ll grab a cab." Andy said taking her purse, Mirandas key since she always delivered the book and her jacket.

She ran out of the building and hailed a cab. Once inside she tried to call Miranda herself again. Still no answer. She arrived at the townhouse anxious to what has happened to the editor. She had felt that they became a little closer lately, so she had to fine. Miranda showed her some editing on the book, they even had small talk every once in a while. Small talk!!! With Miranda! For Andy that was huge and she knew Miranda doesn’t do that with everyone.

She opened the door to the townhouse and went inside. Everything was quiet. The lights were out. Andy looked through the foyer and the kitchen but no sign of Miranda. She went upstairs the first floor were the study, the living room and the entertainment room. But nothing. No Miranda. She went up another flight of stairs. The second floor were the twins bedrooms, a guest bedroom and Mirandas master bedroom. She didn’t check the twins bedroom since they weren’t here.

"Miranda?" Andy called out. Nothing. She went in the master suite. Something was off. Miranda wasn’t in bed but it wasn’t made up and the curtains were still closed. It looked like she had just gotten up. Then she heard some noise from the bathroom.

"Miranda? It’s Andy are you there? Are you ok?" She heard like some kind of moan and groan so she decided to just go and look if she was ok. She peaked inside the bathroom and was shocked at what she saw.

"Oh my god, Miranda." She yelped and kneeled down beside her. Miranda was laying on the floor almost unconscious. She took her hand and saw her pajamas were soaking wet. She touched her head and felt that she was burning up.

"Ok miranda, i will call your doctor now. Don’t worry I’m here I’ll take care of you. Shhhh..." She was trying to comfort herself more than Miranda because she didn’t even notice someone was there. She was delusional and far gone.

"This is Dr. Smith speaking?"

"Dr. Smith this is Andrea Sachs calling for Miranda Priestly, you need to come to the townhouse right away I found her almost unresponsive and with a high fever."

"Ok Andrea, don’t be scared but I want you to call 911 and let them take her to the Presbyterian hospital. I will meet you there. This is too risky to wait until I am at her house in this state."

"Oh my god...ok...thank you I will see you there." She hung up and called 911 right away as she looked at Miranda she was now completely unconscious and her breathing was very shallow.

"Oh my fuck.....Miranda will not die on me here I swear to god Miranda. If you do this to me I will kick your ass. Miranda....honey....come on please talk to me." She was patting her cheek and she squeezed her hand. She checked her pulse and her breathing like instructed.

"Hey sweety? Miranda please..." no response came from her. Andy started crying and panicking.