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A Long Road

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“No one respects you Ivar we all pity you” Sigurd spat out.

“Everyone knows that you're a weak, useless omega.”

“We why no alpha wants to mate with you, you can't give them what every alpha wants!”

Sigurd shouted he threw his hand up apparently done with over with the conversation.

He got his cup and drank the wine, eyes on Ivar.


Ivar consumed by rage, picked up his ax and threw it Sigurd.The aim wasn't deadly just to leave a scratch there for a few days.


“Ivar, no!” Ubbe shouted.


He expects to hear Sigurd gasp in surprise by the ax swing pass his body. Instead, he hears a horrifying and resounding thud. Ivar looked up.


Sigurd pulled out the ax and started towards him. He made it halfway to Ivar before he dropped down.




Ubbe and Hvisterk rushed towards the body-cradling the fallen boy’s head in their hands.


They checked his pulse the fading heartbeat quickly faded away into nothing. The brothers look at each other. Ivar’s eyes wide with guilt. But the emotion soon cleared out of them as he looked down at the dead brother that at forsaken him and humiliated him all his life.

He didn't show it but a small curl of satisfaction rolled deep in his belly. And a small smirk crawled up on his face. It disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Ivar looked at the dead body of his brother and considered his next plan of action.




In the war room, the brothers sat in tense silence.


They were in shock and in disbelief of what had transpired earlier this morning.

“I know what you all are thinking,” Ivar starts voice full of emotion. “But it is not true.” “I didn't mean to kill him.” They look at Ivar disbelief on clearly painted on their faces.

“He made me kill him.” He looks up as Bjorn comes storming in. Bjorn snorts and stays silent.

“He taunted me, made fun of me. What was I supposed to do?” Ivar looks at Ubbe. He had always been protective of Ivar. Ivar knew it was because he was both an omega and a cripple. Both dangerous to be in these lands.

A male omega at that, many had attempted to get him, steal him away. But they were either stopped by Ubbe or the rest of the family.

Or they met a rather painful death with Ivar. But now he is silent. Watching Ivar cautiously like he might attack him.

Ivar turns away the sting of rejection is sharp in the air. “What kind of a man turn and tells lies about his own,” Ivar pauses and speaks again disgust clearly in his voice “ brother?”

“And what lies did he tell?” Hvisterk asks. “You know as well as I do Hvisterk.” Ivar sneers as if they didn’t know. He was a useless thing.

His heats irregular and he didn’t look like and normal omega. His body muscled and strong and his will stronger than any other alpha. As far as anybody knew Ivar was also infertile and even his own body didn’t respond to anything he conjured or did. He was a disgrace as an omega.

Ivar looked down contemplating.

“ And what would have you done, Ubbe?” he pauses.

“If you were a real alpha?” Ubbe drank his wine. He seemed intent on getting drunk tonight. “I swear to the gods and everything that is scared that I never meant to kill him. Anger overcame me and I wasn't thinking.”


Ivar paused and took a deep breath. “I am truly sorry.” Ivar waited but the silence was strong.

They truly thought that he had meant to kill him. Ivar stifled the hurt sound curling up his throat and grabbed his helmet. Let them stew over what he has said. He gets off his chair and starts toward the exit. He only gets so far from the room when he hears. Ubbe utter “You cannot leave him in charge of the great army.”



Ivar ignores the jab and continues on. Maybe Floki will have better news for him. He smiles as he thinks of his longtime friend and companion. He has never brought Ivar down. As Ivar prowled towards Floki he gazes curiously. He calls

“Floki why are you building a toy boat?” He tells his mind to stay away from the thoughts that Floki was finally tired of him and would go away. Because he would never do such a thing. Not to him. Floki chuckles and looks up at Ivar. The omega everybody fears and will fear one day. He answers Ivar’s question

“ It’s not a toy boat, it’s a one-man boat.” “It only takes one man to sail it,” Floki says, says, preparing for the onslaught of questions from Ivar. “And where will you sail it to?” Ivar asks mockingly because he is surely joking one of Floki’s clever tricks.

Floki straights up at the question and answers pride in his voice. “To wherever the gods will it.” Ivar loses his smile his face taking on a more serious tone. He knows Floki isn't playing a trick on him now. He is planning on leaving him. “I don’t want you to go,” Ivar states fiercely.

“I still need you in the fight against the Christians.” Ivar takes a breath and carries on “My brothers are too weak and you know that Floki.” Floki says nothing concentrated on fixing his one-man boat. Ivar looked at him beseechingly, pleading with his eyes.


It's something he doesn't say much nor lightly. Floki had better appreciate it.

Floki looks at him then sadness in his gaze. “My brothers,” Ivar starts voice heavy with emotion “They don't believe that I didn't mean to kill Sigurd.” Ivar’s eyes flicker up to Floki and down repeatedly. “But I did not want to.” The statement is said through gritted teeth and he forces himself to continue. “He was my brother.” He looks up at Floki. “That is why you cannot leave.” Floki stands up and begins to walk toward Ivar. “I will be too lonely.” He mumbled looking down as Floki reached him.

“I have to leave Ivar,” Floki begins, “With Helga gone there is nothing left for me here.” Ivar looks up sharply at the statement. I am here you fool! He wants to scream at him. The man who looks so composed while talking to him. He hates it. Floki continues “This world no longer interests me. That is why I must submit myself to the tides, winds, and the will of the gods.”

“Come with me,” Floki asks.

Ivar looks up a swirl of emotion in his gaze. Rage, anguish, betrayal all swirling in those expressive eyes. Eyes that remind Floki of Ragnar. So much alike. He would have been proud. “My heart is broken.” He cries out. He rests his head on Floki’s chest. He inhaled the scent of the alpha as he was probably the last time he would ever smell it. Floki’s smell of wood chips and seawater always had comforted him. He fisted his hands and cried his eyes out until dinner.


Dinner..was good as expected. His brothers agree to go to York. His argument making it hard for them to refuse. Ivar sat on his bed. He looked up at the night sky and released a breath. He slowly got on his knees and started his prayer.

Freyja, I come to you asking as I am a respecting and humble servant who lives for your name. I ask for a….ally. Someone who will fight for me and only me. I ask you to let me see my mate. The warrior that they have to be in order to be my mate. I ask for this person to love me like no person has. I ask and I pray only for you my Goddess of Death. That one day I and my one will ravage the world together.