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Sharing a tent with Tanigaki in the middle of a snowstorm hadn’t exactly been Sugimoto’s plan for his evening. He’d thought he’d just get to sit by the fire as Aspira cooked their group some delicious Ainu cuisine, where he and Ogata would start arguing over something like the previous years’ rainfall or who could spit further, and at some point, Shiraishi would inexplicably do something stupid and cause all of them to deadpan simultaneously. Instead however, he was holed up with Tanigaki in his small tent, sharing a blanket with the larger man, somehow still managing to keep a shockingly large amount of distance between their bodies. Thankfully, the tent retained heat with surprising efficiency, turning it into a small haven in the chilly winteriness surrounding the pair—otherwise they never would’ve gotten away with not cuddling to keep each other warm.

They’d gone deep into the woods together earlier that day, gear strapped to their backs as they hunted down deer for the rest of the group. Sugimoto had taken the backseat on the hunt, his meager skills no match for the matagi’s expertise, and every move Tanigaki had made, Sugimoto had mirrored it, gripping his rifle as he trudged after the larger man through ankle-deep snow in silence. Sugimoto had felt more than a little awkward, the quiet weighing down heavily on his shoulders, and amber eyes gazed at Tanigaki’s back with more than a little longing. The two had been closing in on one deer they’d tracked all throughout the woods when the first couple flakes began to fall down through the trees, clinging to their hair and eyelashes. Neither of them had thought anything of it at first, too busy dreaming about the delicious venison they’d sink their teeth into, too determined to catch their prey to care about the weather just yet. That’d changed rapidly as the snow had begun to thicken around them, hiding the deer’s tracks and making it impossible to navigate anywhere in the dense forest.

No way to go forward or to go back, both had rushed to set up the one tent they had between them, fumbling with cold fingers. Sugimoto and Tanigaki had practically dove inside as soon as it’d been erected, quickly pulling the thick blanket over themselves and kicking their boots off to the entrance of the tent, socks still thankfully dry, bundling their jackets up into makeshift pillows. Outside, the wind had howled and roared, the soft, gentle sound of flakes hitting the outside of the tent feeling uncharacteristic in comparison.

It’d been hours since then, the only light in the tent from the small lamp Tanigaki had lit and placed near the entrance, flickering flames sending dancing shadows across tent walls. A whisper of a sigh passes through Sugimoto’s lips, hugging his arms closer to his body, unable to sleep. He can tell Tanigaki’s still awake too, breathing too irregular and body shifting too much, and the temptation to reach forward and brush a hand along his skin is almost too difficult to resist. Sugimoto’s done such a good job of keeping away, of suppressing his feelings for the other man thus far, but now all his hard work seems for naught. He’s the closest he’s been to Tanigaki in ages, the two men barely a breath apart, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re thrust into conversation or something much, much more intimate.

God, a small part of him hopes for the latter, mind quickly becoming occupied with images of the other man’s body. Because Tanigaki is… a work of art, honestly. After his time with Inkarmat with how well she’d been fed him, he’d filled out in all the right places, and along the way he’d managed to bulk up with even more muscle His chest and his ass had practically flourished, and more often than not, Sugimoto found his eyes falling to either of them unconsciously, staring way longer than what was probably appropriate. His fingers would just twitch at his sides, wanting to reach out and touch, to find out how firm or soft they may be—to hear what sounds might pass through Tanigaki’s lips when he squeezes them in his hands. Not only that but… Tanigaki was incredibly sweet, to the point where Sugimoto was worried he’d get cavities just being around him.

“Sugimoto… why do you always act so nervous around me?”

Tanigaki’s voice comes as a hushed whisper, startling Sugimoto out of his fantasies with a tiny jolt at the sudden question the man poses. Eyes flicker to lock with Tanigaki’s in the dim light, and Sugimoto’s heart flops wildly in his chest, the other’s mouth set into a firm, determined line. Nowhere to run or hide—no option to dodge the question.

“I—I don’t do it on purpose, for the most part,” he stammers, breaking eye contact with the larger man, a flush starting to creep up his cheeks, “I promise, really.”

“For the most part?” Tanigaki repeats, confusion thick in his voice, and it’s only now that Sugimoto realizes that he’s able to feel Tanigaki’s hot breath brush across his face. “How can you do something only for the most part?”

“It’s…” Sugimoto swallows, eyes shutting—should he lie? Should he tell the truth—that he has an astronomical crush on the other and has been having fantasies about him for weeks now? He does deserve to know. It’s not fair, keeping it from him, especially when he asks Sugimoto up front what exactly is going on. He doesn’t think he can get the words out though. Which means… there’s only one way this confession is going to happen.

With his confidence as high as it’s going to get, Sugimoto reaches forward with shaky fingers, grabbing Tanigaki by the front of his shirt and pulling him forward, closing the tiny gap of space left between them. Time seems to stand still all the way up to the point where their lips clash together, teeth clacking painfully, almost missing Tanigaki’s mouth. The kiss draws a surprised noise from the other soldier, at first going stiff without offering any reciprocation, and it’s enough to make the smaller man start sweating, fear rising in his throat faster than you could say ‘citatap’.

Fear that vanishes as Tanigaki melts into him with a soft sigh, hand coming up to cup Sugimoto’s cheek and brush a calloused thumb over the scars that mar the soldier’s face. Sugimoto easily nestles against his chest, following what only feels natural, the firm softness of the other’s torso enveloping him in something he can only think to call heaven. Everything radiates warmth, his lips, his head, his entire body—and sure enough, that heat begins traveling downwards, pooling in his groin.

Instinctually, without thinking, he thrusts his hips forwards, rutting his hardening crotch against Tanigaki. At first, another flash of fear hits him, brain screaming ‘you idiot! You just kissed him! Don’t start getting off on him!’ until he hears the groan it draws from the bigger man. Encouraged, Sugimoto greedily gobbles up Tanigaki’s noises, biting his bottom lip softly. Tanigaki whimpers, opening his mouth for him, and Sugimoto doesn’t have to ask twice to let his tongue dive in, finally feeling Tanigaki’s own dick start to rub up against him. Just based on the outline, it’s clear that the appendage is far from small, and Sugimoto’s a little ashamed at the little twitch it sends spiraling down to his trapped. The hand that had been gripping the front of Tanigaki’s shirt shifts, desperately yanking at the flimsy ties that kept it closed. It takes more than a couple tries, fingers fumbling, before it finally falls open to reveal Tanigaki’s chest. It’s what gets Sugimoto to break the kiss, panting heavily, eyes immediately going to stare at the expanse of skin that’s visible. His pecs are as perfect as ever, dusted with dark hair and practically radiating power outwards towards Sugimoto, head spinning in excitement.

Tanigaki tugs at Sugimoto’s own shirt now, fingers pulling it out from where it’d been tucked into the veteran’s waistband and up over his head, mouth traveling to press his mouth clumsily against the Sugimoto’s neck as chilly fingers travel upwards. Sugimoto head tilts to one side, allowing him to brush his lips over the bullet scar, unable to stop a little sigh that passes through his lips as the bigger man pays careful attention to the twisted tissue. The fingers that are dancing up his body slide along scars like they’re something to be revered, caressing them with as much care as you’d hold a newborn baby, before coming to rest on either side of his hips. Tanigaki seems determined to slather as much attention as he can to the expanse of Sugimoto’s neck, placing desperate kiss after desperate kiss, and Sugimoto wishes he could manage the words to tell the other that he can take his time, to relax—he’s certainly not going anywhere. As it happens, any words get stuck in his throat, only a blaringly loud moan slipping out instead.

God, a dream come true, that’s what this is—he’s half tempted to pinch himself to check if he’s actually conscious, but the heat coming off from the other, the sound of his pants and moans, the cock pressing up against Sugimoto—his brain never could think any of this up, not in a million years.

That’s when it finally clicks into place for Sugimoto that this… this is his chance. He can finally touch Tanigaki’s chest, kiss it, bask in its glory and offer his worship without fear. With no further thinking or hesitation, Sugimoto yanks Tanigaki’s shirt up and over his head, drawing a tiny yelp from the larger man’s lips as he’s forced away from Sugimoto’s neck. Not wasting any more time, he moves in with one of his hands to grab Tanigaki’s left pec, giving it a soft squeeze as his mouth descends to press kisses down the larger man’s neck, collarbone, until dipping down until the dark hair that dusts Tanigaki’s chest brushes his lips. He makes a line then to one side, not hesitating to let his tongue press against one of Tanigaki’s nipples, and the jolt sent to his dick when Tanigaki moans at the contact almost has him seeing stars.

Sugimoto continues to slather the larger man’s chest with attention, biting and licking at the nipple in his mouth while his fingers pinch and twist the other gently. Throughout, Tanigaki cants his hips back and forth, pushing his erection against the smaller man, whimpering and twitching wonderfully. He’s more sensitive than the soldier ever could’ve imagined, reacting beautifully to Sugimoto’s attentions, who already knows he could spend hours doing this, pulling the other veteran apart slowly. His dick disagrees however, throbbing in his pants as a harsh reminder that besides the kisses Tanigaki had laid across his neck, that Sugimoto really hasn’t had much stimulation.

“I was going to make excuses about needing to preserve body heat between us by fucking but—god, Tanigaki I just really want to fuck you. Please tell me you’re okay with that and have um… some form of lubrication?” If not, he’ll settle for jacking off while burying his face in Tanigaki’s pecs, but the thought of fucking him is… much more appealing. He’s had some fun with his chest—it was only fair that he gave the same attention to his ass. “And sorry I should’ve just said I had a massive crush on you instead of starting to make out with you and rut against your crotch but it uh… seems to have gotten the message across.”

“God, please—and trust me, it’s more than okay,” Tanigaki’s voice cracks, reaching down to start yanking at Sugimoto’s pants, working them down until his cock finally springs free, a bead of precome slipping from the tip and sliding down the shaft, “I—I have some bear fat in my bag that’ll work, little black container with a wooden lid.”

Scrambling off of his bed partner, managing to kick the rest of his pants off along the way, Sugimoto quickly grabs Tanigaki’s pack, riffling through the pockets until he finds the container. His fingers shake as he opens it, nerves and excitement vibrating through him, only growing as he hears Tanigaki begin to take off the rest of his clothes. After an age of fumbling, the lid finally pops off, and Sugimoto turns back to the other man, almost falling over himself in the process. Tanigaki’s stripped the rest of his clothes, light caressing the curves of his body in a way that makes Sugimoto’s head feel light. Something that only gets worse as his eyes drop to finally take in Tanigaki’s cock, the monster weeping against his abs and looking as excited as his own.

“I’m uh—not too experienced with this,” Sugimoto admits, coating his fingers generously in the fat, “so tell me if anything feels off or if you want to stop, alright?”

Tanigaki nods in reply, legs falling apart for Sugimoto, who slips between them easily. It’s hard not to swallow, the task ahead suddenly feeling daunting to the smaller man, but the trust in his partner’s eyes is reassuring. Carefully, he dips his hand down, sliding it between Tanigaki’s cheeks to start rubbing circles against his hole. Tanigaki shivers at the touch of Sugimoto’s cold fingers, and he lays a kiss quickly onto him as a distraction, slowly pushing a single digit in. There’s a little resistance at first, the other man tense, but after a couple more kisses along his neck, he relaxes, allowing it to sink deep. Sugimoto almost hisses at how tight he’s inside, eyes fluttering shut as he feels Tanigaki clench around him. He doesn’t move it quite yet though; the last thing he wants to do is hurt the other man.

“Is it alright?” he asks softly, breathing heavy, “you’re not hurting?”

Tanigaki shakes his head, chest rising and falling rapidly, and manages to give Sugimoto a weak smile. “I’m… I’m alright. Just… been a while since I’ve done anything like this,” the larger admits, reaching forward to brush a hand along Sugimoto’s cheek, “you can keep going, I promise. Just… slowly.”

Sugimoto turns his face, pressing a soft kiss to the hand on his face in acknowledgement, before slipping a hand down to wrap his free hand around Tanigaki’s cock and giving it a long stroke. Even if the other insisted he was fine, Sugimoto could at least distract him from any discomfort that might arise from the preparation. The touch rewards him with a deep moan, Tanigaki pressing his head back against their makeshift pillows as he pushes his hips up into Sugimoto’s hand. His cock feels even thicker in his hand than it looked, filling his palm with its girth, and it’s not the first time that night that Sugimoto feels that hot pang of arousal—next time, he’s going to take it into his mouth even if it kills him. Because certainly, there would have to be a next time. Just a simple taste like this isn’t enough for the smaller—already he can feel an addiction forming, a need to praise and worship Tanigaki’s body like it was something godly. It’s what the other man deserved, honestly.

With that in mind, Sugimoto continues to slide his hand up and down around his length, thumb brushing against the head and spreading the bead of cum that’s formed there around and around before sliding back down, as the rest of the soldier’s attentions turn to the finger he has inside him. The pace he slides it in and out at isn’t quite the same as the one he has on Tanigaki’s dick, just a little bit off, but at least now any discomfort Tanigaki had prior is gone. There’s little resistance now, the other more than relaxed and stretched, and after a few more moments of fingering, it seems more than ready for another.

“Another?” Sugimoto asks, tearing his eyes from Tanigaki’s cock and back to his face, “or do you need more time?”

Tanigaki’s lost his words in the pleasure, but he manages to nod his head frantically, bucking back against the finger inside him hard. It’s a good enough answer as any to continue, and with as much care as he can muster, Sugimoto begins pressing a second alongside the first. There’s definitely nowhere near as much resistance as before, not exactly gliding in effortlessly but close to it. He starts crooking his fingers as they go deep then, looking for that spot he’s found masturbating in the past. It’s a struggle, looking for it on someone else, but when Sugimoto’s fingers brush something and Tanigaki lets out the loudest moan yet, he knows he’s found it.

“That good?” Feels like an obvious question with the sound Tanigaki just made, but he can’t help but ask. Before Tanigaki can even think to reply though, he’s pressing against the same spot again, this time being rewarded with a low whimper and another jerk of Tanigaki’s hips. The other man’s face is a mess, face flushed a dark red, a bit of drool escaping the corner of his mouth and making its way down his cheek. His bottom lip is red, like he’s been biting it while Sugimoto wasn’t looking, and it just makes him want to kiss him all the more. The cock in his hand is ridiculously wet now, precome spread all around the shaft by Sugimoto’s motions, making it all the easier to jack him off.

Laying a kiss to his abs, he keeps hitting that spot inside the other, loving how every time he twists his hand and thrusts his fingers brings a cry from Tanigaki—who’s fingers suddenly are in his hair, gripping it for dear life. It stings, but endurable, the other man tugging at it lightly every time Sugimoto gives a particularly good push with his fingers, and god, the sound he makes when he spreads them, scissoring Tanigaki… it’s enough to make him weep. It certainly makes his cock jerk, the appendage screaming at Sugimoto to hurry, hurry, hurry with painful throbs that make him almost cross his eyes.

“Sugimoto—Sugimoto please,” Tanigaki gasps, “I—I can’t take much more. You… you need to fuck me now, I’m begging you. I—I don’t care if I’m not all the way stretched, I need you in me, please—”

Oh. Oh, he can’t deny Tanigaki, not when he sounds like that. He can’t torture himself or the other—so slowly, carefully, Sugimoto removes his fingers, once more reaching for the small container of bear fat. Taking a generous amount, even more than what he’d taken before, he starts spreading it over his cock, shivering at the first bit of direct stimulation he’s had. He doesn’t think he’d been this hard in ages—and it’s all because of the man he’s about to fuck.

Sugimoto wipes the rest of the fat off on his nearby shirt, not caring about the mess it might make, before lining himself up with Tanigaki’s hole. Nerves dance in Sugimoto’s chest, locking eyes with the larger for one last assurance, until finally he takes a deep breath and pushes forward. There’s resistance in the beginning, the head just pressing without passing through, but eventually it gives way, allowing him to pop inside. Immediately, it feels too much, Tanigaki so tight, so hot around him—but he keeps pressing forward slowly, leaning over the other and pressing their foreheads together, body trembling. Tanigaki’s arms move up, wrapping around his shoulders and pulling him close, laying his lips on anything he can reach while encouraging Sugimoto to keep going, pushing back against his cock as he whispers things that Sugimoto can’t even begin to process. His brain feels like it’s short circuiting, everything feeling too much, the entire world falling away around him except for himself and Tanigaki.

Finally, after an age, Sugimoto feels his pelvis make contact with Tanigaki’s body, buried all the way to the hilt. His chest is rising and falling hard, sweat slowly rolling down his face, and when he opens his eyes, they stay half lidded, not having the energy to open them all the way. Tanigaki’s mouth is agape, something lurking in his dark eyes that feels indescribable to Sugimoto. It’s… It’s like when you finally get a gift you’ve been craving for ages, something you’ve only dreamt about having but never thought you’d get, and seeing that kind of emotion on Tanigaki about Sugimoto is enough to make his heart swell with a flood of happiness. He can’t help but move his head, pressing their lips together once more, passion practically leaking out of every pore.

Slowly, he pulls out, shaking at the feeling of pulling out of the hot vice of the other man’s body, before thrusting back in, starting a messy rhythm. Sugimoto already knows he’s not going to last, but at least it seems to be the same for Tanigaki, who was already on the edge from Sugimoto’s earlier preparations. His nails are digging into the smaller man’s back, moans eaten up greedily by Sugimoto, and he can feel his cock brush against his abdomen with every push forward.

He rips his mouth away from Tanigaki’s, burying his face in his neck and panting hard, letting the other pull him even closer to his body, cock trapped beneath their bodies now. Tanigaki feels like a furnace, inside and out, consuming Sugimoto with his heat. He’s losing himself, mind, body and soul, melding into one being, one person—or is that just his orgasm approaching? God, Sugimoto doesn’t even know anymore. Everything is overwhelming, rising over him like high tide, and with a shaky gasp, he gives one last push forward with as much force as his body can muster, spilling deep within Tanigaki. It’s embarrassing, coming so early—but the larger man doesn’t seem to mind, just clenching around Sugimoto and milking him for all he was worth, allowing him to go limp on top of his larger body. Sugimoto knows he should take care of the other, get him off, but his entire body feels like it’s turned into jelly at once, limbs refusing to function—and relief floods him as he feels Tanigaki begin to rut his hips up, rubbing his cock along Sugimoto’s scarred stomach.

It doesn’t take long before he’s spilling himself as well, coating both of their abdomens, and vaguely Sugimoto thinks about the absolute mess they’re going to be in the morning, softening cock already slipping out of Tanigaki. Neither make a move to clean up, panting heavily, Tanigaki’s arms still wrapped around Sugimoto’s body. There has to be nail marks all along his back, cutting red lines through the scars, and idly he wonders if Tanigaki pressed them deep enough to draw blood.

“… you’re going to take me on a proper date, you know.” Tanigaki murmurs against Sugimoto’s hair, hugging him closer to his chest, a smile in his voice. Sugimoto manages to let out an exhausted laugh, just curling a little bit more atop the other man, nodding. The post-orgasm daze has him feeling hazy, exhaustion weighing in his limbs like bricks, and honestly, he barely registers one last brush of the bigger man’s lips against his forehead, the blanket being pulled a little bit further up around their entwined bodies.

There could be much more talk of dates tomorrow.