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Don't Rewrite My History

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Time was all we had
But it was never ours to keep
Time can help you find the ground and knock you off your feet
All those minutes get lost in time


Now nearly one year had passed when Gary had to resign himself to the worst tragedy of his present life and this with the best will in the world tried ones anyhow to take. Even today he still had to resign himself his difficulties with his destiny. How could he find his way back into life when this was no longer existent? There was pure nothing at all more for which it was still worthwhile to life. From a purely external point of view, the Take That singer seemed so today, at least, when he went into the public, as if nothing had happened. But as well as anyone who had carefully tracked the news about Gary's person and thus knew about his dilemma, it was already clear that this was not the case and that this façade threatened to crumble.

No matter whether a normal citizen of this earth or a fame person something like that had to experience with, for everybody a stillbirth was simply very difficult to process. The loss of a child was quite tragic enough, however what is even if still in this birth the mother and beloved wife lost her life? For Gary, in any case, who had to take therefore the loss of two beloved people at the same time this was like an end of the world. How should he find there one day again the way back in the life if under his feet the ground had opened and tore him in a deep hole where he could not put out sometimes the smallest spark of light? Besides, this awful darkness provided for him the feeling that he had lost to any meaning and he existed therefore in this eternal nothing only as a lie, almost already like a lost memory. It was almost like in the “Never Ending Story” that Gary had read in his youth.

Although Gary withdrew more and more of the world and vegetated away in this nothing, he still had, besides, the heavy job and he had to look after his three children and be there. In the beginning he had tried still to be a good father, however, with the time the forces necessary in addition dwindled to him visibly and thus he slowly lost the relation to the reality. Because Gary's mother could not see how her youngest son withdrew from everything and he neglected his children more and more, she briefly contacted the other guys around TAKE THAT and wanted them to be more than just a watchful eye at Gary, while children found accommodation for the time being with her. Although she was aware that this would not be easier for the children if they were separated from their father, but the three also needed a trusted reference person to rely on were taken sometimes now and then in the arms.