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i'd take care of you (if you'd ask me to)

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So. It’s a thing.

It’s a thing they do - he and Hoseok. They - they’re a thing. And it’s still a concept that’s hard to grasp for Yoongi, but. It’s real.


Somewhere between all this, this mess of things that is their life, it happened. In a slow process, the kind that makes everyone go ‘well, was about time’ once it finally happens. The kind that made them go ‘well, that’s exactly what we’ve been needing’.

This whole time, though, Yoongi had been waiting, knowing what he needed already. Knowing what he craved - who he craved. Not like it was a simple thing to accept, either, but it didn’t get much better than laughing with Hoseok, cuddling with Hoseok, talking all night to Hoseok - breathing the same fucking air as Hoseok. Overall, it just didn’t get much better than him, so. He’d had to accept it. Had to accept being in love with Jung fucking Hoseok, because that was how fair life was to him, having him fall for one of his best friends, one of his bandmates; a dirty, nasty secret to be kept from everyone and from himself.

There really had been no way to predict - or very close to no way - to predict his feelings would be requited. Yoongi - he wasn’t someone who, like, believed very much in that stuff. Love, or, or just being loved, mostly - it could be a hard thing to even imagine, at times. So really he had been telling himself that it was all in his head for so long, and then there were the increasing cuddling moments and strange bouts of possessiveness, and the staring and the kiss and the - everything.

The everything, the way Hoseok holds him now that it’s an actual thing, the soft unexpected kisses during the day, the fondness in his gaze when he stares at Yoongi in the morning, the afternoon, the night - anywhen, really.

And that’s still new to him. He’s getting better at handling it, and it’s not that he doesn’t like it, because he really, seriously does, even at first he did. He loved it more than anything - he just was. Um. A bit awkward. A bit too blushy and squirming around too often, but he’s been loving it and getting used to it, even though it still makes his heart race.

It still makes his heart race, when the door to their shared room closes and they both know this is one of the very few nights they have to themselves, so rare - too rare, and even more so precious.

Hoseok’s faking nonchalance, Yoongi can tell, and it amazes him that he’s able to tell, or just that Hoseok’s actually slightly on edge, or both, it’s just. A lot. Hoseok usually knows what to do, how to act, any moment given. He just knows. Knows how to get Yoongi through it all, somehow, how to make him feel comfortable - how to make him feel loved, maybe.

But in this exact moment he’s a bit nervous, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes as he deposes his bag close to the bed and sits, gets a few things out of his bag, doesn’t say anything and hums under his breath like - like they’re not going to fuck in a moment. So Yoongi tries, takes it upon himself to just stop doubting everything all the time, and he sits next to him, quietly. Very delicately, he puts his fingers on Hoseok’s waist, with no force in his grip at all, and watches as Hoseok looks back at him, smiles at him softly.

“You ok?” Yoongi asks, caressing Hoseok’s side, and Hoseok takes his hand into his own, nods at him - truthful.

“It’s just always - something, to be left alone with you.” he says, going in for a quick peck, that Yoongi happily accepts.

“Um. A nice something, I hope.” Yoongi teases, all coy as he looks up at Hoseok through his lashes - even unaware of what he’s doing, what he’s trying to.

Hoseok chuckles, his gaze lingering on his mouth, and Yoongi’s heart beats so hard - he licks his lips like he can’t do otherwise, and Hoseok mutters, “Of course. Always, with you.”

Ah, shit. Yoongi bites his lip, trying to hide his smile though it’s not something he consciously wants to do, hiding, it’s just - it’s habit, still. He looks away, squeezes Hoseok’s hand, and a second later there is a very delicate touch of lips against his collarbone, his breath hitching ever so slightly, as Hoseok lets the tiniest of kiss there, looking back up at him in what looks like a question. So, all naturally, Yoongi’s quick to answer, because that particular question - he knows. He answers with a kiss, one with more intent, their lips pressed against each other and moving slowly as Hoseok leans more into Yoongi.

“Tonight- you want-” Hoseok starts to ask against his lips, and Yoongi immediately nods, grips tight at Hoseok’s shirt, tugging it a bit out of his pants.

“Yes, we can’t - that’s like, the only moment we’ll have to ourselves in, in too long-”

“No, of course, yeah, but-” he bites at Yoongi’s lip, drags it with his teeth a bit, “I meant. Do you wanna top or bottom?”

“Oh, I. I wanna bottom again, if-” he’s blushing a bit, can feel it, though it’s completely useless and doesn’t make much sense, but, well, “If that’s okay, cause, like - what do you want?”

“I want whatever you want, hyung.” Hoseok says, goes to sit on Yoongi’s lap, making him lie down, “Just - want you to get anything you ask for. Um?”

“Oh,” Yoongi whispers, almost inaudible, and he shivers when Hoseok takes his shirt of off him, the cool air contrasting with his too-hot body, too-hot feelings - too-hot Hoseok.

“Yeah,” Hoseok chuckles, looks down at Yoongi's chest with something that looks like amazement, weirdly enough. As if there is something to really appreciate about it, really, when overall he’s just - it’s a flat chest and a small tummy and nipples, maybe, nothing quite deserving of such a look. But he takes it as he’s given, already breathing heavily, Hoseok’s hands on his heaving chest, his ass resting on Yoongi’s crotch. His fingers tease at Yoongi’s nipples, the feeling making his chest tighter and his cock harder, and he moans quietly.

“So pretty,” Hoseok says, a smile on his lips as he looks, stares, at Yoongi’s whole form underneath him. Then he traces Yoongi’s lower lip, over to his jaw and neck and collarbone, “So very pretty, hyung.”

“Don’t-” Yoongi shivers violently as Hoseok’s fingertips tickle over his tummy, “Drop the, the honorifics.”


“Um.” Yoongi nods, avoiding his eyes. Hoseok keeps caressing him, drags his nails over his hips so that Yoongi squirms just a little.

“What should I call you, then?” he asks, leaning down to peck him once, twice, a third time before Yoongi answers,

“I - uh. You could-” he tries to collect his thoughts, Hoseok’s mouth beginning to suck on his neck, making him breathless, “Maybe- I want, want to be-”

Hoseok chuckles, stroking his thumb over the line of his jaw, “What is it? What do you want, Yoongi?”

“If you felt like it, you could- could call me baby? A- your baby?” and he hates how weak his voice is as he asks it, too low and too discreet - so vulnerable, and the only thing that reassures him now is that this is Hoseok, and that with Hoseok he can be vulnerable, because it doesn’t matter - Hoseok won’t mind, and he’ll make it all okay.

“Oh, Yoongi.” Hoseok says, or breathes out, leaning back to watch his face, and Yoongi can feel himself blushing, “Of course. Of course - my baby.”

Yoongi nods eagerly, can’t help it even as he feels stupid for loving it that much, for wanting it in the first place, but it’s so - Hoseok sounds so adoring, and, and it makes Yoongi feel so sweet, so good, his cock keeps growing in his pants and he’s overly-sensitive, Hoseok’s hands trailing all over his torso, his mouth back to sucking hickeys on his neck-

“Hobi-” he pants, and starts tugging at Hoseok’s shirt, “You too- take it off.”

Hoseok gives his neck one last suck, and he licks his lips as he eyes the marks there, a weird satisfaction in his eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Ok.”

So he takes his shirt off, beautiful and lean body and just enough muscles to make Yoongi feel helpless by how much he wants, needs, loves- oh, Hoseok really is his everything, he thinks as he eyes him, looking mind-blowing above him, intense and strong and perfect.

“I love you,” he whispers, sounding pained, because it always feels like a blow in a dark when he says it- but he’s taken by surprise when Hoseok smiles at him and suddenly kisses him so hard that he can’t do anything but let out a ‘mmph’ and lie completely still, answering Hoseok’s desperate, languid kisses. In just a few seconds, it all accelerates, Hoseok’s mouth insistent, his hands gripping a bit tighter at his sides, Yoongi’s hands coming up to squeeze his shoulders, too, and they begin rutting against each other, their cocks definitely hard now, grinding together.

“Love you too,” Hoseok says against his mouth, breathless but oh so serious, and he hooks his fingers in Yoongi’s belt loops, asking, “Can I take these off you?”

Yoongi nods, already unbuttoning them to help, though he adds, “But you too.”

Hoseok laughs then, even though Yoongi isn’t sure why, and he gets off Yoongi’s lap to take his jeans off, and then his underwear, so that he’s in all his naked glory in front of Yoongi. And Yoongi just- stares and swallows heavily, overcome with desire as he clumsily tries to take his own pants off. Hoseok helps him out, taking Yoongi's legs so carefully to make him lift them, as he tugs the pants down, followed by his underwear. When they’re done they’re both completely naked, and Yoongi’s heart is going so fast, his cock is so hard - he yelps as Hoseok makes him lie back down to keep him still. Then he’s staring, again, at Yoongi’s red cheeks and his tummy and his thighs, and his cock-

“Why are you- looking so much, tonight?” Yoongi asks, unexpectedly loving it but also - he closes his legs, bites his lip when it gives him friction against his cock, whines lightly when Hoseok pulls them open again, his touch gentle.

“‘Cause I- tonight I want - um.” Hoseok clears his throat, massages Yoongi’s calf and doesn’t meet his eyes then, “I want to show you. I need to take my time with you, and- and to make love to you.”

“We do make love to each other.” Yoongi frowns, confused though he lets Hoseok touch him and look at him now.

“Yeah, but, y’know-” he gives Yoongi’s knee just a brush of his lips from where he’s sitting next to him, and then does it to Yoongi's thigh, a bit more purposeful, “Not like that. Not like I’ve been wanting to.”

He keeps giving his thigh kisses, going higher and- being so gentle, so loving that Yoongi already feels a lump in his throat, while he croaks out, “Hobi- you don’t have to.”

Hoseok bites lightly at the meat on the side of his hips, stops to lean over Yoongi and kiss his cheek, soft. He runs his fingers through Yoongi's hair and pets him, insists, “But I want to. Want you to feel how much I can love you.”

“I can already feel it daily, Hoseok, really-”

“No, not enough. Never enough, cause even then- you’ll always deserve more.”

“Stop that,” Yoongi mutters, fully embarrassed though the knots in his belly aren’t entirely from that, he’s pretty sure, “You’re being so extra.”

“I’m not,” Hoseok says, and he almost sounds disappointed, so Yoongi looks up immediately, doesn’t want to make him disappointed, never wants to make him feel bad, ever, “Sometimes- sometimes it’s like you really don’t know. How much I love you, or how much others love you. And I don’t like that. I don’t like that you don’t know, that you don’t feel it.”

Yoongi shakes his head, feeling like this is going onto issues he didn’t think he’d have to face, especially not like that, “I told you, I can feel it. I’m just not used to it.”

Hoseok smiles sadly at him, though he tries to distract them from the seriousness of it all by running a finger down Yoongi’s tummy, “Not used to being loved?”

That’s. Uh. Yoongi swallows, feels strangely on edge, still hard even through those mixed feelings, “Yeah. I guess.”

“Well,” Hoseok begins, moving to get between Yoongi’s legs, “I want you to get used to it- or, or at least to always know.”

And really, there is apparently no way he’s making Hoseok think that he doesn’t need that. He can’t even pretend he doesn’t want to feel so loved, because. He really does. Of course he does. It’s so nice already, Hoseok’s gentle kisses, his praising eyes on him- and so he relents, whispers, “Ok.”

And then he’s shivering, when Hoseok traces his fingers over his inner thighs, bites at them, at his tummy, and his nipples. He’s too sensitive. Physically, but emotionally too - he knows that, and everyone around him knows that, he’s just good at hiding it from the world, how often he's touched by things, how teary he can get. Hoseok knows, though.

Hoseok always knows.

“That’s right, baby.” he mutters into his chest, looking so satisfied that Yoongi feels like he’s accomplished something, in making Hoseok happy, too, in being - being good for him. “Let me do that for you. A babyboy needs to be cherished, hm?”

He can’t help it. Yoongi just can’t help the whine he lets out, then. It’s sudden, surprising himself even, but it’s so much, he’s- he’s Hoseok’s baby. He’s Hoseok’s baby, no matter what they’re supposed to be usually, he just is. And he’s getting cherished tonight, Hoseok cherishes him and it’s. Something.

Hoseok’s looking up at him, brows high on his face, “Yeah? Want me to take care of you, baby?”

Oh, gosh. This is a lot. This is nothing but - but everything, Yoongi never thought- oh, god. They’ve never done this before. Not like that. It’s been so difficult to actually take time for it, actually, that it just. Didn’t happen that much, and never went into, into that kind of territory, if one could say.

But Yoongi’s so hard, and his heart is beating so wild.

He ends up nodding at Hoseok, who smiles at him before taking his cock in hand, and Yoongi moans, hips lifting though he didn’t mean for them to. Hoseok doesn’t stop him, just keeps tugging on his cock and kisses his tummy at the same time, actually ends up - ends up sucking and leaving tiny marks, tiny hickeys, while Yoongi just squirms and gasps every time Hoseok’s hand pays attention to the skin below the head of his cock, making him throb and drip precome.

Hoseok ends up licking it away, mouth closing around the head, and Yoongi absolutely does whine without shame then, because Hoseok - he looks so good, when he sucks him off, Yoongi’s always loved it so much. His thin lips wrapped around him, the way he looks up at him, and he’s always such a teasing little shit. But this time he doesn’t tease, it’s only meant to. Like. To be sweet. To make things gentle, and suddenly even cock-sucking looks, and feels so loving, and Yoongi’s breathless when Hoseok takes him all in. hHs hips kick up a bit and immediately back down because he doesn’t want to hurt him, but Hoseok doesn’t even react, just looks up and sucks harder, presses on his perineum with a finger.

“Seokie,” he whines, tangles his hands in Hoseok’s hair, “Seokie please- I wanna. It, it’s so good-”

Hoseok pops off when he moans louder, going lower to suck on his balls a bit, carefully with swift tongue movements, making his cock twitch harshly. And then he’s hoisting Yoongi’s legs up, spreading his ass and leaning back to look at him, a part of him so intimate that it feels all naughty, being exposed like that.

“No, Hoseok-” he talks-pouts, trying to close his legs again, “Don’t.”

Hoseok pouts right back, gives him stupid puppy eyes that make Yoongi all weak, “But it’s so pretty. Let me look, baby. You’re all pretty and pink.”

Yoongi whimpers, trying all he might to make it look like he’s even more annoyed, but he stops struggling against his hold and just hides his face in his hands, curling up on himself a bit when he hears Hoseok coo at him, “Aw, don’t be embarrassed. You’re a stunning little baby.”

“Yours,” Yoongi can’t help but grumble behind his hands, and he hears Hoseok chuckle.

“Yeah. My stunning little baby. Letting me look everywhere.”

Yoongi moans, unconsciously letting his legs fall open even more, and then- then there’s a mouth on him, on his hole, and he twitches, all his body twitches and he stops hiding to twists the sheets in his hands and look down at Hoseok, down between his legs, feeling lips moving against him, and he moans so loud, so helplessly.

“Oh my god. Oh god, Hoseok-ah, that’s-” he trails off, and Hoseok doesn’t stop, just uses his tongue to lap at him and get him wet, and it really does feel so wet, so nice. Hoseok doesn’t stop for a second, moving his tongue and lips languidly, intently, and it should be nasty but- but it feels so good. It’s so good and then it’s better, as Hoseok trails his hands up Yoongi’s hips, to his stomach and his nipples, that he tugs at, making them perk up to thumb at them.

He goes on like that for a while. Yoongi's getting more desperate by the second, with each swap of Hoseok’s tongue and each one of his hums against him. Because Hoseok really does hum, and even moans, like he’s loving this somehow, like he couldn’t ask for more than burying his face in Yoongi’s ass and eating him out, closing his mouth around his hole and sucking, trying to get his tongue inside him - Yoongi’s shaking from it all.

His cock is leaking against his stomach, and when Hoseok takes him in hand while still eating him out with loud, wet noises, he immediately cries out and stops him, the pressure in his groin getting too strong too fast, he knows he’d come - so Hoseok does stop.

Yoongi’s having trouble breathing, his cock is twitching against his belly, he’s so sweaty it’s disgusting, and overall he must look a total mess, but when Hoseok stops he’s also a mess, ruffled hair and saliva all over his lips and chin, that he swipes off with his hand before gripping his own hard cock. His eyes trail up and down Yoongi’s form and- his eyes are all black and he looks so intense , shaking his head a bit and slowly jerking himself off,

“Fuck. Look at you. A beautiful mess, baby.” he breathes out, tone disbelieving.

“You too- you too. Seok, please-” Yoongi sits up to tug at Hoseok’s hand, taking his cock into his own hand and relieving in the feeling of it, in the way Hoseok hisses, swears under his breath when Yoongi makes sure that the foreskin is sliding up and down with his movements, the sight almost captivating to him.

Hoseok stops him with a gentle hand on his wrist, making sure to kiss his cheek in the process, “Let me get the lube, uh? This is about you.”

“No- not just me. Want you to feel good, too,” Yoongi protests, pecking Hoseok on the lips, because there’s no way Yoongi could just have his pleasure while Hoseok can only focus on him, he can’t- this isn’t right.

“Don’t worry,” he says, giving him another kiss in return, “I’m feeling good. More than good. Trust me.”

So Yoongi shuts up and sits back down, though he pouts naturally as he watches Hoseok retrieve the lube and condoms from his bag. Then he watches, still, when Hoseok puts them on the bed and fumbles a bit with the condoms to just keep one. He puts a hand on Hoseok’s hip, gets him to lean down and kisses him, languidly, tastes himself on his tongue as he makes him sit down.

Hoseok pulls him over his lap, breaks the kiss to tug on Yoongi’s earring with his teeth, and Yoongi makes a complaining noise at the weird sensation, turning his head sideways and hearing Hoseok laugh close to his ear. His heart warms so instantly it surprises him. Hoseok pushes him closer, until they’re flush against each other, chest against chest and cocks brushing. Still, they look at each other in the eye, panting a bit, so many emotions going through them.

“I’m gonna-” Yoongi clears his throat, takes the lube, “Gonna prep myself. Quickly.”

“No, I should do it-” Hoseok starts to protest, but Yoongi just kisses him to shut him up.

“I’ll do it,” he mutters against his mouth, “Need you in me. You won’t make it quick enough, so.”

Hoseok makes a grumbling noise, but Yoongi just smiles sweetly at him as he opens the bottle and pours some on his fingers, hesitating for a second before he also covers their cocks in it. Then he’s reaching behind himself and he doesn’t hesitate, knows he can take it as he immediately puts his whole finger in, face scrunching up slightly at the feeling.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Hoseok whispers, and Yoongi realizes he’s been watching him intently since he’s reached behind himself, “Be gentle, ok?”

Yoongi nods, not bothering to tell him it doesn’t hurt, just is uncomfortable, because Hoseok knows it, experienced it even, but. He’s set on treating him like a doll, apparently, something fragile that needs- that needs to be handled carefully, and he’s. He’s Hoseok’s baby, too, so. So he agrees, would probably agree with anything now, anyway.

“Good,” Hoseok says, taking their wet cocks in hand and jerking them off together, making Yoongi yelp, “That’s good, baby. Treat yourself nicely, um?”

And, god. The praise is- it’s getting to his head just a bit, he thinks, and he can’t even begin to think if maybe Hoseok means more by that, if maybe it doesn’t just apply to this right here, but to, to other life things, and. He buries his face in Hoseok’s shoulder, puts another finger in, and he’s so tight around them but he also can’t wait. It’s a bit harder to get used to than with one finger, of course, but he’s done it too many times to even hesitate, so he keeps pushing them in and out, slowly but intently, cause he wants- wants Hoseok to fuck him, so bad, even though his hand around their cocks already feels amazing.

Hoseok kisses the side of his head, his second hand on Yoongi’s hip, and he whispers, “Want you so bad. Want you all the time, it’s been too long since I got to fuck you.”

Yoongi nods quickly from where he’s hiding, because yes, god damn it, yes it’s been too long, weeks probably, they’re so busy. Too busy. But at least then they get this - they get passion and neediness and, and desperation, maybe, a bit. Yoongi sure is feeling desperate, at least, as he fucks his fingers into himself a bit faster, moaning when he manages to find his prostate and hits it a few times.

After just a moment of that it gets to be too much, and he whines, suddenly rushing to beg loudly against Hoseok’s mouth, in-between kisses “Please, c’mon- I’m ready, fuck me. Fuck me .”

“Oh, god,” Hoseok whispers, pecks him on the lips and makes him lean back a bit, trailing both hands down his body, “Yeah, yeah, okay. There’s no rush, baby, I’ve got you.”

“Yes, Seokie,” he blurts out, and is surprised when it sounds close to a sob, because he - he doesn’t mean to sound so ridiculously needy, really, but, fuck. Hoseok’s too good to him, and Yoongi’s so lucky .

And so Hoseok gets him to take his fingers out, slowly, before putting a condom on, making sure to add lube in the process. Yoongi eyes his cock, panting but trying so hard to stay still and just be a bit more patient. He's rewarded when Hoseok grips his hips and makes him lign up with his cock, looking up at him when his cock catches Yoongi’s hole.

“Alright?” he asks, eyes searching for his. Yoongi nods, meets his gaze, and then he’s lowering down onto him, biting his lip at the pressure, the slow, full feeling it gives him. So intense, so, so - Hoseok, it’s all Hoseok, all around him and inside him and making him feel so much.

“Hoseok-ah, oh- ” he mutters, voice getting higher as Hoseok bottoms out, Yoongi’s ass resting against Hoseok’s thighs. “Oh, fuck. You’re. So deep.”

“Yeah,” Hoseok breathes out, hands gripping so hard at Yoongi’s hips, “All deep inside of you, fuck.”

Before Yoongi gets the chance to move, there suddenly are hands cupping his face, making him look up as Hoseok studies him for a second, before giving him a slow, loving kiss. Only then does he let Yoongi go, urging him on, “C’mon. Ride me, like a good boy would, go on-”

And of course Yoongi feels that everywhere all at once, keening as he immediately lifts himself up and down, with his arms around Hoseok’s neck. Hoseok makes him go slow with just his hands on his ass, guiding him, and Yoongi goes along with it, bites his lip and gives muffled moans with the slow drag of Hoseok’s cock against his walls, the pressure and stretch so good that he always wants more-

“Please,” he whines after a moment of that slow pace, “Please can I go faster? Seok-ah, please let me.”

“No, baby,” Hoseok says, and sounds just a little apologetic, “Let’s go slow tonight. Let’s take the time, let me enjoy how you feel for a bit longer, uh?”

“But, but I-” he starts saying and gosh, he sounds so petulant, ridiculous, he could just go harder no matter what Hoseok says, but somehow he doesn’t want- doesn’t want to go against what he says, so he just lets out a sobbing sound and hugs Hoseok close to him, “I wanted more, wanted faster.”

“Not tonight,” Hoseok mutters against his ear, kissing it, and then he’s keeping Yoongi from moving, “Now let me do the work.”

And Yoongi lets him. He just lets him take hold of- of all of him, hands on his waist and a cock slowly fucking upwards into him, intense and deep but gentle. So gentle, with soft caresses of Hoseok’s hands all over him and his lips on his, and on his cheeks and neck and shoulders, and gosh- Hoseok really is all over him, in such an overwhelmingly beautiful way.

“You feel so good, babyboy,” Hoseok whispers after a while, and they’re sticky with sweat but they couldn’t care less, pressed against each other and moaning softly all along, “So, so good, you’re amazing.”

“Um,” Yoongi moans, high pitched and eyes closed, lost in such a soft haze that he doesn’t even think about getting out of it, “‘M good for you.”

Hoseok nods urgently, pecks his cheek, “Yes. The best. The best little boy I could ever ask for.”

With that- with that Yoongi really does feel the need to hide in Hoseok’s neck, sudden pressure in his chest but - but different, with how the lump in his throat is back, and his heart resonating intensely in his ears.

“Hobi-” he shakily whispers, “Hobi- love you. Love you, love you-”

Hoseok shushes him gently, making him lay back so that he can look at him, and when their eyes meet Yoongi’s tears suddenly slip, trailing down his cheeks, and Hoseok immediately wipes them away, his own voice sounding close to tears “Oh, no, baby. Don’t cry- I love you too. Love you so, so much, you don’t even know, why are you crying-”

He goes on for a while, mumbling sweet nothings to him as Yoongi keeps crying quietly, not sobbing but quietly overwhelmed, so much love inside him, and Hoseok’s words that seem to echo in his head, his chest, his heart. It’s a bit weird that he’s still completely hard, but he can’t help how good he feels, with Hoseok still fucking him slowly, his cock pressed against Hoseok's stomach, the way Hoseok treats him so - so softly.

He’s watching with his cheek against Hoseok’s shoulder when he takes Yoongi’s hand, and gets his upper arm close to his lips, and then he’s kissing him there. He starts from the inside of his elbow; insistent presses of his lips, up and all along until he gets to Yoongi’s wrist and stops and keeps kissing it for a few seconds.

And the skin is so thin there, it’s so sensitive and Yoongi- his heart might as well burst, because, fuck. Fuck if he isn’t loved. Hoseok loves him, he does, he- he loves his best boy, he’s said it himself and he’s holding Yoongi’s hand so gently now, intertwining their fingers, and Yoongi rushes to bite lightly at his neck because he’s so, so close, shaking and still crying a bit but his cock drooling onto their stomachs.

“You wanna come, honey?” Hoseok asks then, like he’s been reading his thoughts - and he might as well have been all along.

Yoongi just nods, still hiding in Hoseok’s chest, and when a hand closes around his cock he jerks up and yelps a bit, the touch unexpected. He looks down and moans at the sight of it, and at how Hoseok’s cock keeps pressing against his prostate, still gentle but so intense, building like a fire in him.

And it burns harder with each of Hoseok’s caresses against his side and ass and thigh, each of Hoseok's tugs on his cock, until he comes, with stupidly loud whines and sobs, trashing a bit onto Hoseok’s cock - it’s a consuming orgasm, so slow, the kind he’s not used to, and fuck, fuck, fuck it’s so good, Hoseok is so great, and Yoongi’s getting come all over their stomachs, it’s so dirty-

“Holy shit, Yoongi, oh my god-” Hoseok sounds overwhelmed suddenly, and he fucks into Yoongi just a little bit faster, grips his torso to hold him still, and of course Yoongi lets him chase his own orgasm. This is the least he can do, though he also tries to help with his mouth on Hoseok’s neck and fingers on his nipples. It only takes Hoseok a few more seconds, or else he wouldn’t have kept fucking Yoongi, because he knows how sensitive Yoongi gets after he’s come - but now he comes quickly, easily, moaning as his whole body twitches and his cock fills the condom, and Yoongi stares in amazement.

Afterwards Yoongi stays pressed against his chest, their arms around each other. They’re panting harshly, sweaty and a mess, but satisfied and still so overwhelmed with - with how different this has been.

Quietly, Hoseok lifts him off his cock ever so softly, pulling the condom off and tying it closed. He seems to hesitate a second and then he’s throwing it somewhere further down the bed, and Yoongi can’t help but chuckle breathily, tiredly, “Ew.”

Hoseok laughs out loud, silly boy he is, still holding Yoongi close. They stay like that for a while, slowly getting back to normal, though Yoongi feels drained, sleepy but content - happy.

“I suggest we don’t bother with a shower right now and just sleep,” Hoseok mutters after a while, voice all tired, and Yoongi can feel the vibrations of him talking through their chests.

Yoongi hums, squeezes his arms around Hoseok a bit tighter, “I agree. Too sleepy.”

“Yeah,” Hoseok sighs out happily, “But we should at least wipe your come off our stomachs.”

“Right,” Yoongi tries to sound nonchalant, but he admittedly gets a bit a rosy, “We should.”

So Hoseok gets a tissue and carefully wipes them clean, even more careful when it’s Yoongi’s tummy and cock he’s working on, though his voice is teasing as he says, “Dirty boy.”

Yoongi’s mouth lifts at the corner, and he pinches Hoseok’s arm, “Your fault.”

“Um,” Hoseok hums, smirks, “I’m not sorry.”

Afterwards they just stare at each other for a second, both sat in front of each other, and they can’t help the smile that grows on their faces - helpless, genuine, and Yoongi loves him.

They get in bed and lie down facing each other, and Hoseok takes that opportunity to run his fingertips over Yoongi’s shoulder, arm, waist and hips under the covers, going back up from his tummy to his cheek, and it brings goosebumps to Yoongi’s skin. Yoongi watches over his face, and loves him.

“So pretty,” Hoseok whispers, still staring at him fondly, like he’s done all night, “So pretty and the sweetest, bestest boyfriend anyone could have. ‘M so lucky-”

Oh, and that’s a thing Yoongi won’t let him get away with, “No, no- I’m lucky. Hoseok, I’m the lucky one, I really am-”

“No, I am,” Hoseok cuts him off, with his eternal little smile.

Yoongi chuckles, pokes him in the cheek, “No, I’m so lucky. Look what you did just now, I- I’m so. I can’t believe I get to have you.”

“Ah, don’t get all sappy,” he teases, grinning from ear to ear.

“That’s ironic for you to say, after all this,” Yoongi scoffs, shaking his head and smiling in disbelief. “Besides, I’m not sappy. That’s just - just the truth.”

“Well, that goes for everything I’ve told you tonight.” Hoseok states, a serious glare in his eyes now, and then he pinches the bit of meat on Yoongi’s tummy, smirking, “Even how I’ve said you’re my little baby.”

Oh, god. Yoongi can feel his face growing so hot, then, maybe he’ll even explode - but he hides in his hands with a complaining noise, before Hoseok takes his hands off with a laugh and proceeds to kiss him all over his face, until Yoongi actually laughs as he struggles to get free.

When they calm down again and get really close to falling asleep, everything quiet around them and a peaceful, happy feeling in the air, Yoongi studies Hoseok’s face, his closed eyes and perfect eyebrows, his small noise, heart-shaped mouth, the hair that falls over his forehead, and he loves him,

“I love you,” he whispers, not sure if Hoseok will even be awake to hear him.

He doesn’t say anything in return, so Yoongi closes his eyes, too, settles down more comfortably to sleep, and then he hears a very small, very sleepy, “Love you too.”

And Yoongi smiles helplessly, actual gummy smile that he tries to stop with a bite of his lip, but in the end all he can think is how perfect Hoseok is to him, how sweet he always is, and how Yoongi gets to be his baby. He can only think that he loves him, loves Hoseok -

- and that he’s loved in return.