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Beacon Hills High vs Beacon Hills Low

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“Dad, I’m home”, Stiles yelled as he closed the front door behind himself.

His dad had a three-day vacation, that’s why he was home now, otherwise he would still be at the Sheriff’s station.

“Hey, kiddo, how was your day?”, his dad asked him.

“It was fine, but the teachers were nagging about tomorrow all day long so that was kind of boring”, Stiles answered while he opened a kitchen closet, searching for something to eat.

“Tomorrow is a very important day, Stiles you shouldn’t think of it as boring”, Noah said with a stern look on his face as he entered the kitchen.

“I don’t think tomorrow is boring, dad, I’m very excited about it. It’s just that I already know wat’s going to happen tomorrow for a couple of years now so I found the repetition today boring. And what I don't already know, they are only telling me tomorrow anyway”, Stiles said as he leaned over the counter towards his dad.

Then he stuffed a cookie in his mouth as he made his way out of the kitchen. His dad rolled his eyes. He walked around the counter towards the same closet Stiles got his cookie from.

“Don’t even think about it”, Stiles yelled from the hallway.

Noah sighed and closed his eyes in annoyance.

“You’re not my boss”, he yelled back.

“No, but I am your son who’s looking after your health.”

Then Stiles made his way up the stairs. When Noah heard the door to his son’s room close he grabbed a cookie anyway. Who did his son think he was? Then he made his way back to the living room where he dropped down in the couch. He was so glad he was able to get his vacation this three days, so he was home for Stiles’ important day tomorrow.

Meanwhile Stiles was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He didn’t have any homework because of the next day being a special day. Tomorrow was Claimday. For some reason he wasn’t really nervous, even though he should be. Everyone else was. Most students from his year were worried because they didn’t know how the could claim tomorrow. Stiles just decided that if he didn’t know, he shouldn’t worry if he would be able and successful to. He just waited for tomorrow. Suddenly, his phone rang.

“Hey, Scott”, Stiles answered.

“Hey, Stiles. You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You? Why are you calling?”

“Bit nervous, I guess. Aren’t you?”, Scott answered over the phone.

“Not really. Why would I worry if I don’t even know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow? I know the main part and that part is exciting, so that’s what I’m focusing on”, Stiles explained.

“Guess you’re right. Tomorrow is kind of exciting.”

“It sure is, tomorrow is the day all the doms of our year have been waiting for.”

Everyone, at the age of 5, got tested whether they were a dom or a sub. If you were a dom, nothing special happened at that time, but if you were classified as a sub you would be sent to a special sub-school. From the age of 5 doms and subs were kept separated. Separated until they were 17, or would become 17 that year. Each year the class of the 17-year olds (and the soon would be) had Claimday. That day the doms from Beacon Hills High, the dom-school, went to Beacon Hills Low, the sub-school with a very ‘original’ name. There they would be able to claim a sub. But how exactly they would be able to, they would only be told on the day itself.

“Yeah, I’m just nervous with what we will have to do”, Scott said.

“I understand, but really, if you can’t prepare or something anyway, why would you even try to?”

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, we’ll see tomorrow what happens.”

“Yes, we will.”

“See you then, we’ll get through tomorrow together right?”

“Of course, we will. See you tomorrow!”


Scott hung up. Stiles sighed, typical for his best friend to worry about everything. He went downstairs again, wanting to spend the last few hours before he went to sleep, with his dad.

The aula was filling up. Seats were being taken and an excited, but also nervous, chatter was heard throughout the room. Scott and Stiles found two seats somewhere on the middle row, next to Lydia.

“Hey, Lyds”, Stiles said excited as he greeted his friend.

“What took you so long?”, she asked instead of responding, but there was a smile on her face.

“Scott had to go to the bathroom first, guess he’s just really anxious.”

“Hey”, Scott complained as he swatted Stiles’ head.

Stiles wanted to say something in return, but was silenced as the principals from both schools took the stage and the lights dimmed a little. After the formal introductions and the explanation about the dynamics between doms and subs, something they all knew by heart by now. They went over to how Claimday would go, the part they had all been waiting for.

“Now, the next hour or so you will all be tested. Don’t worry, it’s a simple test. You just need to fill in a questionnaire and a blood sample will be taken. The test will determine how many subs you may claim today. At least one, three at most. If you get more than one, you aren’t obligated to claim that many. We don’t know if there even will be enough subs in this year for that anyway. After you all get your results, we will explain how the claiming itself will work”, their principal explained.

While the questionnaire where being distributed an excited chatter was heard. Many students were talking to their friends while speculating what the claiming could contain. From the moment someone received a copy of the questionnaire they immediately started focusing on answering the questions. It was very important for them after all. Stiles looked over his sheet. The first couple of questions were about his personality and his hobbies. Then, the biggest part of the quiz, were certain situations to which they had to answer how they would react. One by one they were also called into an office where they would take a quick blood sample before they had to return to their seats. When all the quizzes where handed in, they had to wait for the results. They would get those in a seal envelope during lunch.

“Now they still haven’t told us what we will have to do this afternoon”, Scott complained while the three friends made their way towards the cafeteria.

“Relax, Scott, they will tell us in time”, Stiles said while patting his friends shoulder.

“Don’t you have any idea what it could be?”, Scott asked Lydia.

“Why would I know?”, she asked.

“Because you know everything”, Scott mumbled.

Lydia laughed.

“Well, I don’t know this, but I know I will know in a couple of hours maximum, so please stop worrying about this so much”, she said.

Stiles gave her a high-five before he chose a table for them to sit. Both him and Lydia were trying their best to distract Scott from the rest of the afternoon. They were doing a very good job until someone walked in with a box full of envelopes. Beacon Hills High wasn’t a big school, so there weren’t that many envelopes. The guy was from the government. He wasn’t the only one that was present today. Their tests were also conducted by scientists from the government and there were some people who would register them and their subs afterwards. Soon everyone was in a line before the guy. He placed the box on a table and sat behind it. A woman came to sit down next to him, she had a list with all their names on it.

“Name?”, she asked the guy first in line.

“Danny Mahealani”, he said.

The woman crossed him off her list and made him sign another paper, while the guy with the box searched for his envelope. This went on for a while, every time the same procedure.


“Lydia Martin.”

“Sign here, please.”

Lydia signed the paper and received her envelope from the guy. She didn’t open it yet and waited for Scott and Stiles a couple of steps away.


“Scott McCall.”

“Sign here, please.”

Scott’s hand shook a little as he signed the paper. After he got his envelope he went to stand next to Lydia, he didn’t open his envelope either, but his hands kept on fumbling with the corners.


“St- Mieczyslaw Stilinski.”

The woman looked at him as if he was making a joke.

“What?”, she asked.

“It’s right there”, Stiles said while pointed to his name on her list, looking down as he did so.

“Oh, sign here, please”, the woman asked her while she crossed off his name.

“Thank you”, he told the guy who gave him his envelope.

The three friends walked back to their table before they opened their letters. Throughout the cafeteria there were sighed of disappointed and shouts of surprise audible when students opened their envelopes.

“I got one”, Lydia said, but she didn’t sound disappointed at all.

Actually, she was kind of relieved, she never wanted more than one anyway.

“Two”, Scott said as he read over his letter.

“You got two? I thought you’d get only one because of how nervous you are all the time”, Lydia joked.

Scott rolled his eyes. He wasn’t nervous all the time, just for today, but he knew Lydia knew that and that she was only joking.

“What did you get, Stiles?”, Scott asked.

Both him and Lydia looked at Stiles expectantly.

“Me? Oh, uhm, three”, Stiles said.

“Three? Wow, congratulations”, Lydia said.

Stiles rolled his eyes.

“I don’t even know if I want that many.”

He was silenced for a few seconds.

“Guess I’ll see if there are even three subs I want and what I’ll have to do to get them.”

The others nodded. Ten minutes later they were called back into the aula.

“Guess you’ll know soon enough”, Lydia said as they entered.

“Yeah, guess we will”, Scott sighed.

“Welcome back, everyone. We now arrived at the part of today where you were probably mostly looked forward to”, the principal of the sub-school said.

There were some sheers until the students were quieted down again.

“Now, I assume you are all dying to know what the claiming will contain. Soon you will all be brought to the main part of the school. Our subs of this year are there already. They will be scattered throughout the building. You will enter at the same time, from that moment the ‘hunt’ starts. If you find a sub of your interest, you can try to claim them. How do you claim them? Well, for the guys, you will have to penetrate the sub, you penetrate him or her and stay inside for five seconds. Then you pull out and collar them. They might be subs, but they have every right to fight against you and defend themselves and I promise you: they will. For the girls, you will also have to penetrate them, but only with your fingers. Also for five seconds…”

Once he said that there was some complaining.

“But it’s easier to penetrate someone with only their fingers than with a penis”, a student yelled.

“Yes, that is true, but since a woman is usually weaker than a man and you will all be fighting for the same subs at the same time it’s only fair.”

It was silent for a few moments before the principle continued again.

“Every sub is bisexual, it’s in their nature, so every LGBTQ of you, don’t worry about claiming a straight sub or the other way around. Once you’ve claimed a sub, you get back to the entrance. There the registration process will start. If you are allowed and want to claim more than one sub you just continue ‘hunting’ after you claimed your first sub. They will follow you, but won’t help you finding or restraining other subs. Is all of that clear?”

Consenting murmurs were heard among the students. Some were already whispering about what they would have to do.

“Now, there are a few rules of course. You are prohibited to harm someone in any way. Not each other while fighting for a certain sub and certainly
not the sub itself. Of course, accidents can happen, a bruise here and there can occur, but you are not allowed to forcefully hurt one another. There will be security inside the building and there will be cameras to secure everyone’s safety. If you do break a rule, you will be taken out. Depending on the gravity of your fault you will be allowed to enter again once everyone who hasn’t broken a rule is finished or if you will have to come back next year or not at all. Of course, going after more subs than you are allowed to is the worst rule to break. Furthermore, we want you to know that everyone is a human being, sub or not, and we expect you to act like it. Is all of that clear?”

There was some nodding here and there, some students mumbled their agree. Suddenly, the doors opened. Behind them a team of security guards was visible, along with a couple of teachers from both schools.

“If everything is clear, they will escort you to your starting position. In about twenty minutes the whistle will blow. It will alarm the subs that you are coming and tell you that you can start. Good luck everyone, pick wisely.”

Everyone hastily stood up from their seats and tried to be in front of the line, so they would stand first at the doors as well. The excitement was almost palpable in the air and some people were even discussing tactics with each other.

There was a basket with plain white collars. Everyone had to take as much collars as they were allowed to claim subs and had to write their name on them. These collars were only temporary, later once the registration was fully complete, they would be able to buy their real collars.
The whistle rang through the air and the doors opened. Everyone ran inside. It was chaos for a moment. Stiles ran in together with Scott and Lydia. They weren’t going to ‘hunt’ together, but would keep an eye on each other. There was an excited scream. Someone had found a giant board with the picture of every sub in the building at the moment. There weren’t any names or ages, just the picture. Subs who didn’t get claimed were in the building again this year. If they weren’t claimed this year either, they would become state ‘property’. Some people studied the pictures, figuring out who they wanted. Others just glanced over it and took off already, wanting to be first.

Stiles looked at the list. He wanted to have seen every face, but didn’t want to overthink who he wanted either. There were a few that stood out to him, more than three so he should be okay. Armed with three collars in his pocket, he took off. He saw Lydia leaving not much after him. Scott followed her not a minute later.

The school building was awfully quiet at the beginning. The subs were hiding and the doms were searching in silence. Soon, however, the first sounds of wrestling were heard. Cursing when subs got away and fighting over ‘that one was mine!’. Stiles walked down a still empty hallway. Next to him was the science classroom. It looked like no one had been inside yet. A sub suddenly ran behind him. Quickly he looked around, but wasn’t interested when he saw it was a girl. Not much later a guy from his school ran after her. Slowly Stiles entered the classroom, immediately closing the door behind him so it would be at least a little harder for any possible sub to escape.

The first sub he found was a girl again. She was hidden underneath one of the benches. He walked right past her. He opened the supply closet. A boy jumped out and ran away. Stiles caught his arm. He turned the boy around and looked at his face. The subs weren’t allowed to hurt them either, but they could defend themselves. The boy started pulling at Stiles arm that had grabbed his wrist. The boy had brown hair and eyes. He was rather small, but broad and muscular. Stiles recognized him from one of the pictures. One of the pictures that stood out for him. Another dom entered and classroom and saw the wrestling pair. The girl decided that she wanted the boy as well.

“I want that one”, she yelled and ran at them.

Stiles cursed as he was trying to bend the boy over one of the desks. The boy was struggling heavily. Both the subs and the male doms were only wearing underwear, so they weren’t walking around naked, but it wouldn’t be overly difficult to undress them for the penetration. Stiles pushed the girl away with one hand, while the other kept on pressing the boy down on the bench. The girl stumbled and fell backwards. Stiles quickly pulled down the boy’s briefs to his ankles. He leaned his body over the boy to trap him. After he pulled down his own briefs, he noticed the boy’s hole was lubed. He let out a small sigh of relief, he had been worried about prep and lube. Before he could slip inside the boy, the girl got up again. But instead of attacking again, she seemed to realize Stiles had the upper hand and was stronger than her. She huffed and walked out of the room. Stiles was in the meantime stroking his dick to get himself hard. The boy was still struggling, but not as violently anymore. When Stiles was fully hard, he lined himself up with the boy’s hole. He firmly grabbed the boy’s hip to stop him from shaking. Then he pushed in. They both moaned at the intrusion.

“One, two, three”, Stiles started counting.

The boy just laid himself down on the desk, he had given up every fighting. He had resigned himself to who had claimed him.

“Four, five. Yes, you’re mine”, Stiles exclaimed as he pulled out.

He took out a collar from his pocket and locked it around the boy’s neck. He just laid there panting on the desk. Stiles pulled his briefs and the boy’s briefs back up. Then he did something the sub didn’t expect, he pulled him in a hug.

“What’s your name?”, Stiles asked the boy once he let him go.

“Theo. Theo Raeken”, the boy said quietly, looking down at the ground.

“Well, Theo, I’m Stiles. I’d like to get to know you better, but since I’m allowed to claim more than one sub, we better get going, okay?”, Stiles said.

Theo nodded, he still looked down at the ground.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Stiles walked out of the classroom, Theo followed him a few steps behind. Stiles walked past the girl who had tried to steal Theo from him. She was on her way out, behind her was another boy with a collar around his neck. He nodded at her. She gave him a dirty look, but still nodded back at him. Stiles walked round a corner and suddenly a boy ran past him. His boxers were down on his knees and he struggled to get them back up as he tried to run away. He was chased by two girls and a boy. Stiles grabbed the boys wrist and pushed him against a wall. Not to hard to make it count as forcefully hurting, but strong enough. The sub cursed loudly as his face was pressed against the wall. Theo stood a couple of steps away from them and watched how Stiles checked over the boy.

“Let him go, I saw him first!”, one of the girls yelled at him.

“But now I got him”, Stiles replied as he decided he wanted the boy.

He pulled down his briefs. The boys boxers, still didn’t cover his ass yet.

“Oh no, don’t you dare!”, the other girl shouted.

The three of them ran towards him.

“Theo, would you mind keeping them away from me?”, Stiles asked his sub, while stroking himself to harness again.

Theo looked up startled and shook his head.

“I can’t help you, those are the rules”, he said quickly, looking at a security camera.

“You can’t help me with finding and restraining another sub, the rules don’t say anything about this”, Stiles said, pushing the blonde boy harder against the wall again, since he was breaking free.

Theo hesitated. Stiles had a point. The rules didn’t say anything about defending his dom. After all Stiles was his master now. The male dom had reached Stiles by now and started pulling at his shoulder. Stiles tried to push him away with one hand, while still holding the sub with his other. He pressed his whole body against the sub, but it looked like he would either have to let go of the boy or would be pulled away by the other dom. And the two girls mixed themselves into the fight. Suddenly Theo pulled the male dom away and positioned himself between Stiles, he had decided that Stiles was right. Also, he liked Stiles already, so he wanted him to win.

“Thanks”, Stiles said.

He quickly pressed the tip of his dick between the boy’s cheeks. He felt how his hole was also lubed, just like Theo’s had been. Before the other doms could reach him again he pushed inside moaning as he did. The sub also groaned at the penetration.

“One, two, three”, Stiles once again started counting.

The other three doms looked at him in disappointment, but didn’t make a move anymore. They turned around and walked away, searching for another sub.

“Four, five. Ah, finally”, Stiles said and pulled out.

He took his second collar out of his pocket and locked it around the boy’s neck. Then he leaned against the wall next to him after he also pulled this boy into a hug.

“What’s your name?”

“Jackson… Whittemore”, the sub answered.

“Well, Jackson, I’m Stiles. Like I told Theo, I’d love to get to know you better, but first I got to go search for a final sub, okay?”

Jackson nodded then looked at Stiles weirdly.

“You are allowed to claim three subs?”, he asked.

“Yeah”, Stiles said as he started to walk away again.

“That’s rare”, Jackson mumbled as he followed after Theo.

“It happens like twice a year”, Stiles said.

There were still surprisingly many doms and subs in the building, since most were only allowed to claim one sub and the ‘hunt’ had started about twenty minutes ago. Stiles wondered if Scott and Lydia had already found a sub or not. They were going to keep an eye on each other, but he hadn’t seen them since they had left the board with the pictures. Guess he’d find out when they all had finished their hunt. Stiles walked past the locker room, as expected it was quite chaotic in there. Stiles took a look inside. There were about six or seven subs in the room and ten doms. He saw how a girl managed to get two of her fingers inside a male sub’s behind, but when she counted two another girl pulled her off. Because of the chaos nobody noticed the sub that had locked himself inside a locker not far from the door. But since Stiles wasn’t involved in said chaos, he did notice him. He saw his eyes peeking from between the grooves in the door. Silently, Stiles walked closer to the locker, not wanting the sub inside to notice him. The lockers were big and could probably fit two people inside of them. He didn’t know if he was interested in the sub anyway, but if he was, he was in the perfect position now. Stiles stood next to the locker now, the boy inside couldn’t see him through the grooves. Theo and Jackson were leaning against the wall, watching him. Another dom suddenly ran at them, until he realize they already had a collar around their necks. She huffed and ran back to the fight she came from.

Stiles rolled his eyes at the dom’s attack, but focused on the locker again. The girl hadn’t seen him, for which he was thankful. He counted to three inside his head. Then he quickly pulled open the door, jumped inside and closed the door behind him again. He clasped his hand over the boy’s mouth before he could make a sound and pushed him against the back of the locker. Not too hard that it would make a noise. The boy looked at him with anxious eyes, but didn’t make a move. Stiles looked him over. The boy had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was about as big as Theo, but more slim. Stiles was grateful no one had found this boy, cause he sure wanted to claim him. The boy didn’t move when he turned him around, maybe he didn’t want to fight or maybe he had just hoped his hiding spot would’ve been enough. Stiles didn’t know why he wasn’t fighting, but he was glad he didn’t. He pushed down the boy’s briefs to his ankles. Even though the boy didn’t fight, he still kept a hand firmly between his shoulder blades to keep him pressed against the locker wall. Then he lowered his own briefs, stroking himself for the last time. The boy’s hole was once again lubricated as he slipped inside. He bit his lip to suppress his moan and his hand around the boy’s mouth muffled his.

“One, two, three, four, five”, Stiles counted under his breath so only the sub could hear him.

Then he pulled out and locked his last collar around the boy’s neck. He hugged the boy first, before he opened the door again. Pulling out the boy and leading him to the hallway. Theo and Jackson followed them quickly.

“What’s your name?”, Stiles asked as he let go of the boy and started walking towards the main entrance.

“Liam Dunbar”, the boy said.

“I’m Stiles.”

“Remember, you are prohibited to tell any dom under seventeen what Claimday includes. It is a secret to everyone and will be kept at all costs. If we do find out you told anyone, your subs will be taken away from you and you’ll be in jail for a couple of years”, the woman from the government told him.

“Yes, ma’am”, Stiles said while nodding.

The woman nodded and took out some papers. Stiles had to sign five papers. Three for each sub and two for the government. Each paper was copied so the both him and the government had one. Then the woman explained him the rules for sub-keeping and gave him a copy with those as well. Lastly he got to pick a collar and choose an inscription. Those collars would be ordered and delivered to his house as soon as possible. Until they arrived, his three boys had to wear the white ones he had used today.

“Stiles!”, Stiles heard as he walked out of the school building.

He was told to wait outside until everyone was finished and then the class would return to their own school with the bus. He looked around and saw Lydia walking towards him. Behind her was a male sub with a collar with her name on it around his neck.

“Hey, Lyds”, he greeted her with a hug.

“I’ve been waiting for more than ten minutes already. Where is Scott?”, she asked.

“He isn’t ready yet?”

Lydia shook her head.

“I bet he’ll be here soon. Who is the lucky guy behind you?”, Stiles asked motioning with his head towards Lydia’s sub.

“Oh, this is Aiden. I found him rather quickly, actually. He was hiding in the toilet, but didn’t put up much of a fight. Not that he could’ve won, anyway”, Lydia explained.

She patted Aiden on his chest after she said that. Then she looked behind Stiles at his three subs.

“So you went for all three?”, she asked.

“Yeah, I mean, look at them, I couldn’t have left any of them behind.”

“What are their names?”, Lydia asked interestedly.

“Oh, uhm, this is Theo. I found him first inside the science classroom. Then I found Jackson, or actually, I stole Jackson, since he was being followed by three others and I was just lucky enough he ran right past me. Lastly, I found Liam hidden inside a locker, no one had noticed him”, Stiles introduced his subs.

They talked about the ‘hunt’ for a while until they saw Scott coming over. Behind him were two subs, a boy and a girl. After both Lydia and Stiles told him about their subs, they asked after his.

“Well, this is Allison and the boy is Isaac”, Scott told them.

“Nice, well, I think we all did very well today, don’t you?”, Stiles said with a big grin on his face.

His friends agreed. Soon, they were all called to this bus to leave for their school again. Stiles couldn’t wait until he got home.