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The Red Blooded Prince

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"I'm not doing it." Dean huffed, he sat - perched- on an edge of a chair and crossed his arms whilst turning his head and facing away from his father's confused expression. Dean hardly ever said no and John had expected this to have been a short meeting before he could go to bed. The Novak Kingdom were known for their discriminative ways towards the Winchester Kingdom with just the difference in blood. Winchester had red while the Novak had white, this gave the Novak family special abilities and made them seem to think they were more superior. But they weren't. They were still just people who could die. "Dean-"

"No." John raised his eyebrows, Dean was now interrupting him and not meeting his gaze and he couldn't accept this rebellious behaviour. Before John could speak, Dean slumped his shoulders and fell back into the chair - making his long skirt ride up and Dean's bodyguard look away. Dean quickly sorted his attire out before his father got really mad and sat up, he continued to glare, however. His dress skirt was now only slightly ridden around his ankles but Dean remained covered and his bodyguard turned her head around again. "Dad, please. I always do what you want and-"

"And that will not stop now!" John shouted, he will admit there was no reason to but if it was what it took to make Dean see reason then it is what he would do. "You will stop behaving like this at once and-"

"No!" Dean shouted, "I'm tired of being your little slave and I'm not going through with this. Have you even ever met the white Alpha? What if he's abusive and....and a drunk?!" John clenched his fists at the description knowing fully well that Dean was comparing John to this Alpha to show him in a bad light. "Where's mother? I want to speak to her-"

"Your mother is ill and will not be brought into this, not that she would agree with you, considering this was her idea." John growled, though Dean was now standing, John could still hold his authority whilst sitting. He crossed his leg over and linked his fingers over his lap. "I will let you get away with this manner of speaking as it is the first you have done so, but I will not tolerate it for long, am I understood?" Dean opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, looking almost like a fish out of water before he nodded. 

"You will marry this Alpha and bring peace to this Kingdom because it was what you were born to do. It is what an Omega must do." Dean sat silently, with his head bowed, now, and John was pleased, however when Dean raised his head to show his defiant eyes, John sighed audibly. He beckoned Dean toward him, Dean hesitantly listened but before long, his long limbs were sat on the edge of one of John's knees. This was a typical position for the both of them but Dean still found it hard to sit like this now, he only did it when he wanted something or when he didn't want to get hit for Sam or his stupid behaviour. 

"I will go through with this." Dean spoke after a while. "Not because you told me to, not because it benefits you or mother but because it helps Sam. If the Kingdom is stronger he will have a better future." 

"How self-sacrificing." John sneered. Dean ignored the venom behind the comment and smiled slightly. If he was going to fully stand up against his father, now was the time. He was getting married off anyway. 

"I suppose. Maybe you could learn something from me, father." The comment, made Dean's bodyguard tremor and Dean couldn't tell if it was from laughter or from fear but before long, Dean was pushed onto the floor - receiving hard kicks to the ribs and a grab to the hair to pull him up again. Dean winced at the pain and he looked over at his father who was sneering by his face. 

"Learn your place, whore." John spat before he shoved Dean down one more time only to walk out of the room and leave Dean crying softly onto the wooden floor covered with his splattered blood. 

"You shouldn't have spoken like that, young prince." Jo - his bodyguard- knelt down, she gripped one of his arms and hauled him up to sit on a chair before she jogged to the the other side of the meeting room to grab a cloth and water. She used this to dab at his sore, bruised, skin and clean away the blood. Thankfully his face wasn't too marred so Dean could hide the injures well. The image of a Royal Family no matter how big or small was always important to having a loyal Kingdom. 

"He's marrying me off, if there was one chance to fight back it was this. And I still messed it up." He rubbed his face and looked at Joe with red rimmed eyes, she was filled with sympathy for him. "I was never allowed to leave the castle without an escort, I had extra security that made running away so much more harder than Sam and...I'm a virgin Jo." Dean let a single tear roll down his face and he looked down at the ground again. He didn't like showing his emotions much but he trusted Jo. 

"He might be nice." Jo suggested, in hopes to cheer him up but when she received no reply she sighed and knelt down beside the chair he was sitting in. "Beating yourself up about it isn't going to change a thing. Neither is hating your father and your mother. Get yourself ready to make a good impression. If you make a bad one, it could affect the Kingdom."

Dean nodded at this, he looked up at Jo and offered one of his small smiles but she shook her head. "Don't pretend to be happy. Go, bathe, change, spend tonight with Sam. They'll be here within two days and even though you won't be leaving straight away, who knows how long you two have to spend with each other."

"Thanks Jo, I appreciate your help. I hope you can come with me."

"Don't worry, I will fight to." She kissed Dean's forehead and brought him into a hug which he enjoyed, when they separated, Dean wiped away his tears and stood up -grunting. 

"I'm going to...sort myself out. I'll see you Jo." He smiled and kissed her cheek before running towards the door and scampering through the corridor. Jo sat, stunned, and shook her head before standing up and cleaning her knees off. 


Later on in the night when Jo went to bid Dean goodnight, she opened the door and sniffed the scent of Omega pheromones. Dean wasn't in heat but his scent was very strong, however this didn't mean it would fill an entire room, unless... Jo closed her eyes as she saw the Omega lying on his bed, naked. 

"What are you doing Dean?" She asked with gritted teeth. She could hear him smirk and she opened her eyes to glare at him. "Get dressed." She turned to make sure the door was shut, god knows what would happen if someone was to walk in. Dean chuckled at her reaction but kept lying down on the bed, making no move to cover himself up. 

"But I have an idea." Dean whined, he rolled around so that his ass was facing her and gave it a little wiggle. "We should have sex."

"What?" Jo yelped, surprised at the demand. Yes, Dean flirted a lot but it had never gotten this far. "Dean, no."

"But why not, I don't want to have an inferior quality about me before entering a loveless marriage and virginity is one of them. Also I'm sure they wouldn't mind-"

"Actually, this wedding was arranged before you were born and virginity was one of the virtues you needed to, uh, have." Dean huffed, he remained in the position for longer but when Jo didn't elaborate, he sighed and sat up a little. Jo noticed his change in attitude and decided to continue the conversation, so that Dean wouldn't kick her out straight away. "Why me, anyway?"

"Who else?" Dean got up from the bed and reached for a nightdress to pull over his body. He glanced over at Jo and smiled, noticing her small sag of shoulders after hearing the off-hand comment. "Also, I trust you."

"Fair enough. Look, Dean, if the situation was different-"

"Don't need to hear it, it was a stupid idea anyway. I need to get some sleep. Goodnight." Jo rolled her eyes but decided to leave the conversation at that anyway, she smiled and waved at Dean which was mirrored but as soon as she left, Dean slouched on the edge of his bed and sighed. He kicked his legs up and curled in on himself, before blowing out the night candle and glaring at the door Jo had shut behind her. 


Well, that was embarrassing. 


The next morning was busy, servants scampering around, cleaning everything and making everything look as presentable as possible. Dean's maidservant dressed him and got him ready for breakfast whilst also preparing his evening gown. The dress was a dark green with gold patterns weaved into it and Dean had to admit it was a nice touch. He felt the soft material and lifted it to his nose, enjoying the fresh new scent of it. Dean's maidservant looked as appreciative as him, usually Dean would wear only moderately priced clothing and to be dressed in such extravagant attire was an..honour, some would say. "Guess Father wants to impress them, huh?" He asked, she turned her head to smile at him. Dean never really liked his maidservant, but her soft smile and non-judgemental eyes are what kept Dean from losing all of his temper around her. She was extremely pretty and sometimes her conversation would help Dean with his day. However, he would rather spend time with either Jo or Sam, or both. 

"They are a powerful Kingdom." She agreed, she placed him down and powdered him quickly before ushering him out of his room and into the dining room three floors down, so he could make it to eat on time. After he was near the large brown doors, she turned and walked away without a word, leaving him with Jo, who opened the doors for him. He was glad she hadn't mentioned yesterday and even though he understood her reasons, he was still annoyed that he would have to give up his virginity to some stupid dull-headed Alpha. An Alpha who thought his kind was inferior and probably Omegas too. Dean thought about how things would change for his kingdom though, the children from the villages would no longer have to live in fear and though the thoughts will still be there, the Novak Kingdom would not be able to act on their prejudice. Apart from with Dean. Who would be their little play-thing. Dean shuddered at the thought, he knew that once he was in the Novak Kingdom, he would be alone. A young sixteen year old, surrounded by racists who hated his blood colour and who had just ended a war with his kind. He knew they wouldn't like an Omega being married into their family from his bloodline and on top of that to produce children would not be good for hem, or Dean's husband. Or even Dean's children. But baby steps are what mattered, he guessed. 

Dean sat still on the table and ignored Sam, who seemed upset from the visit he didn't receive from his older brother. Mary reached over to grab his hand, comfortingly, but Dean pulled his arm away. Instead, Mary sighed and crossed her arms over to give him a pointed look. "This is why we didn't tell you till now, the marriage had been planned - yes, we didn't know if it would go through because of the war but we didn't tell you because you would act like this. Like a small spoilt child."

Dean didn't say anything. He reached for a piece of meat to engulf and drank a little water to soothe his throat as well. He could feel the tears well up inside his eyes and he tried to blink them away but instead they fell slowly onto his cheeks. How could she not understand why he was angry?

"Your fiancé will be here for lunch, along with two older brothers and his mother. His father will meet you just before the wedding." 

"He's not even the next in line? My status will drop significantly." Dean looked at his mother, to the right of him and then to his father, on the left. Both sat on opposite ends of the table with Sam opposite Dean. Their typical seating arrangement. 

"They didn't think you...important enough to be the next Queen." John put his hand up to halt the conversation. "And we can do nothing but accept. Now, eat." Dean grit his teeth but nodded because he was hungry and shoved another piece of bread down his throat, ignoring how tough it was and chewing loudly. He caught Sam's small smile at his eating habits and kicked him gently under the table. At least Sam wasn't too angry with him, he couldn't be bothered to fix that as well as prepare for his fiancé's arrival. 

After Breakfast, Dean followed Sam to the gardens, where they both sat by their favourite hiding spot. It was a smooth wall surrounded by huge green hedges, cut so that the boys would be hidden from the outside world. Dean had build a small swing to sit by the large tree that covered the earth below them with thick roots. Sam typically wanted Dean to push him on the wing, whenever the boys sat here. Jo let them have some privacy but stood close enough to be able to get there if anything happened. Dean let Sam lay on his lap and he played with his hair fondly. They were both perched on the wall, Dean with his legs out and Sam's legs under him as he lay on his brother. Dean sniffed the air and was happy to find that his brothers content scent filled the space around them. 

"I'm going to miss you." Sam huffed, he looked up to see his brother. Dean nodded slowly before looking down at Sam and smiling, Sam frowned slightly at the response but waited to see what his brother had to say. 

"I'm not leaving yet, Sammy." Dean rubbed at Sam's cheek. "And I will visit when I can, nearly all the time!" Dean knew he wouldn't be able to, but he didn't want his brother to be feeling as down as he was about having to leave. 


"Really." They interlocked fingers and both laughed slightly and the innocence of the action. Sam lifted his head off of Dean's lap to feel the breeze but leant his head on Dean's shoulder instead, still watching the contact. He kicked his leg out from under the wall they were sitting on and kept swinging both of them whilst Dean hummed a small tune. "Do you know how old the Alpha is?" Dean asked, he had hoped his parents would have told Sam more details as he was an Alpha. Even though Sam was younger, his secondary gender meant that he was told more information and trusted with more duties. Dean hated it but didn't argue too much about it, Sam enjoyed the little power he had now and Dean had always guessed he was going to be married off anyway. He's had hoped it would be with someone who had the same blood colour but sometimes wishing got people no where, Dean had learnt the hard way. 

"Nope. But I don't think he's too old." Sam said confidently. "He's the youngest Alpha brother, and the other two aren't that old, I saw them once at a meeting..." Sam trailed off, even though Dean didn't argue about the difference in power despite age, Sam didn't like to shove it in his face. "They have three younger Omega siblings. So you won't be the only Omega." Dean smiled at Sam. 

"That's not always a good thing. Sometimes they get jealous that their brother is spending time with other people, especially if its another omega."

"That's stupid." Sam pouted. 

"That's in-laws for you, their the frickin' devil incarnate." Dean flicked his forehead. Sam chuckled at this, it was a thing their dad said a lot when Mary's mother came to visit. Dean thought about how he would feel if Sam got married, he'd probably feel a little jealous about Sam spending more time with someone else but would like to think he'd get over it. 

"You're going to be a mum soon." Dean wrinkled his nose at the comment but Sam laughed. "That's weird."

"It is. You're way too immature to be an uncle." Dean flicked Sam's head again and Sam pushed his finger away with a small scowl, clearly not happy with the comment. "Aha, calm down Sammy, I'm joking."

Jo peaked her head into the hedge-hidden area and smiled at them softly. She always like the playful banter the boys had and she used Sam as a way to talk to Dean sometimes. When Jo had a small crush on Dean, around three years ago when they were both thirteen, Sam had helped her with small tips, despite being young himself. Sam had always been exceptionally smart. Dean as well, not that he'd admit it.  "Your father is looking for you Dean." Dean rolled his eyes but pushed himself off of the wall they were sitting on, helping Sam get down after him. He kissed Sam on the forehead and then ruffled his hair to make it less obvious that he was nervous about meeting his future husband. 

"See you at dinner, Sammy."

"No, your father wants to see you because your fiancé is nearly here. You need to get dressed and then meet them near the castle grounds. Sam will be there also. Sam, your servant, Marcus, will be in your room." Sam nodded before running off, Jo took Dean's hand and kissed it. Dean allowed her to do so, this was a common thing they did. As friends, but still affectionate. "You'll be able to see him when you or he visits. Now, lets get you dressed. This way." Dean smirked at Jo's comforting, she'd never been too good at it but he always appreciated when she tried. 

Dean let Jo lead the way, even though he had memorised the route by now, having never left the castle apart from wife his whole life, and once was because he had to. She led him to his room where his maidservant was sitting and shut the door, leaving herself outside. Dean's maidservant ran up to him and almost suddenly started to undress him. She hauled his dress top over his body and watched how he shivered at the slight change in temperature. She quickly bathed him, oiled him and then applied powder on him with a slight dewy gloss to put on his plump lips. She applied a dark leaf on his eye and rubbed it into his crease to allow his green eyes to be emphasised. The powder, Dean realised, made him look whiter. Almost as though they wanted him to seem like he could have white blood, disgusting. The green dress was pulled on him and Dean was left with a beautiful image to look at in the mirror. His face was made up to look natural and his dress fit him perfectly, tight around his ass but loose around his waist. His slender body moved within the green dress to show off the smooth gold designs and the product was excellent. Dean admired himself in the mirror for a while before patting at his cheeks slightly to show a little colour, the redness he was proud of, he didn't think red blood was any kind of weakness. 

"You look beautiful." She smiled at him. Though Dean hated it, he had to admit she was right. 

"Thank you."

"We must be going, we shouldn't be late." She hurried him out of the door and once more they were headed downstairs where, John, Mary and Sam were now waiting for a carriage to be stopped. John smiled devilishly at Dean knowingly whilst Mary and Sam's eyes widened. Sam smirked at Dean's glare towards his reaction whilst Mary gasped lightly. 

"Oh, Dean you look wonderful." She smiled, she walked over to him but Dean ignored her to walk over to Sam who hugged him tightly. Sam always knew when to save him from Mary's affections and John's comments. Mary glanced over at John who shrugged his shoulders, appearing to seem nonchalant but Dean knew he was seething at Dean's plain disrespect towards his mother. John nodded over to where the carriage had finally been stopped and the family all turned to look at what was going to leave the smooth golden doors and descend down the white steps. An elderly woman stepped out, a red dress probably as expensive as Mary and Dean's gown's put together was surrounding her body and a dark red strawberry had been smashed upon her thin lips to make them look red and raw. Dean didn't see the appeal but it was clearly a fashion in the White Kingdom and so he'd have to get used to it. Two tall Alphas walked out from behind her, they eyed Dean appreciatively before looking back at a third Alpha who stepped out. He was smaller but more handsome, with dark hair and stunning blue eyes. He glared over at his brothers when they said something, clearly about the Omega, but once he looked at Dean, he nodded at them. Dean shifted uncomfortably at the attention and he could see his mother look at him from the corner of his eye but he refused to look back at her. Not giving her the satisfaction. The man must have been around twenty years old. Not a big age gap, considering other couples. 

The old woman walked towards John Winchester. She didn't take his offered hand and instead pointed back to her children. "Michael, 28, Lucifer, 27 and Castiel, 25. I am, Naomi Novak from the White Novak Kingdom. We have finally met, John Winchester." 

John gave her a tight-lipped smile and then turned to look at Mary. As an Omega introduced the Novak family it was clear the Winchesters had to do the same, Mary was used to doing so and so she took the lead easily. She stepped forwards slowly and introduced her husband, Sam and Dean and then herself. She noticed Lucifer's lingering gaze on Sam and so she smiled at him. "He's an Alpha." Lucifer merely nodded and stepped back, ignoring Naomi's glare towards him. Lucifer could still appreciate attractiveness no matter the gender or race. "What is it you'd like to do with the...couple Naomi? Of course, it is your choice." Mary stayed respectful and waited for Naomi reply but before she could, Castiel stepped forward, surprising both Lucifer and Michael. Even Naomi took a step back and narrowed her eyes at her son but was pleased at his abruptness. 

"There is no need to do anything, we will talk over dinner. May we be shown our rooms? The journey was tiring and we'd need to rest up before discussions." Mary blinked in surprise and side eyed Dean who was glaring at the ground. The Alpha was rude and was treating them like they had no reason to be spoken to with respect. Not only that, but he had openly refused to spend time with Dean, proving that he did not have the luxury of caring about this marriage. 

"If you are sure. Jo, will show you your rooms. Dean, with me." Dean followed his mother begrudgingly but not before he squeezed Sam's hand tightly and watched him follow their father to his room. Mary and Dean walked in silence up the stairs to Dean's room, the walk was long but Dean was thankful that the castle was small and therefore not as long as it could have been. Dean opened the door and ran in, sitting down quickly and muttering to himself. "He was rude, Dean. There is no doubt about that. But you were perf-"

"Get out." Dean said, he glared at her. He didn't even want to look at her right now, rage was pouring out of him and his face was slowly turning more and more red. "Please, just get out."

"No." Mary walked towards Dean and ignored his vicious snarl, she sat beside him and growled at him until he lowered his gaze. Though Dean acted out like his father he was submissive at heart, always wanting to please other people. "I need to talk to you. I'd hoped he'd have been at least...civil. But it is clear he doesn't like our kind. He will probably be, rough, your first time." Dean gagged slightly at the idea of having this talk. "Hopefully he won't be a sadist and want to see any red blood and luckily, he doesn't seem like that. But he does seem like a business man and that means that he will go through with the idea of you being pregnant within the first year. He will not care about your pleasure and he will only care about his enough to consummate. You need to be aware of this. This is your life now, Dean. For the sake of the Kingdom."

"You think I hadn't guessed this already?"

"I'm-I'm sorry Dean. I wish there was another way." Mary clasped her hands together, not knowing what to do with herself. Usually Dean would seek comfort from her but it is obvious that he found out this was her idea all along and she could do nothing but receive hate from her eldest. 

"I don't care what you wish. I don't want to talk, I just want to sleep."

"Well you can't, you're ready now and it would be a waste of time to get ready all over again in time for dinner. I will keep you company until then." 

"Fine." Dean pushed his body back until his back was plush against some pillows. Mary joined him and smiled at him when he huffed to himself. He was still young and had time to learn about his responsibilities. "Was this what it was like when you married Father?" The question was innocent enough but Mary had to hesitate before answering. She married John out of love and her son is now entering a loveless marriage because of her, she'd have to tread carefully.

"Honestly, no. I married him because I wanted to. I would want you to have that luxury as well, but...well, we can't all have what we want." Dean didn't seem it fair that he'd have to be stuck with the horrible life but he decided against mentioning that. Instead he asked a question he'd been thinking about for years. 

"Why would you want to marry him?" Dean whispered, he knew Mary didn't know about the abuse John reigned down on Dean but he would have hoped that she would notice that their relationship wasn't a good or healthy one. 

"He's a good father Dean, you have no idea." Dean left it at that. He was too tired and upset to have another argument with his mother about John. "It's strange to think that I could be a grandma soon." Dean shuddered. Why was everyone bringing up the fact that Dean could be a mother in a couple months time, he was trying to avoid the topic himself and he'd rather other people didn't keep mentioning it. 

"Hopefully not too soon."

Mary chuckled. "You might not be hoping for that. A child keeps you company." 

"Not a husband?"

"Well, a child is part of you." Mary leant against Dean's shoulder but let him push her off and cross his arms. She sighed but leant away from him on one of the pillows against her back. She smiled at his small pout. She knew they'd end up cuddled by the end of the wait anyway and she could wait to comfort him with her soothing scent and to smell exactly what emotions he was feeling.

They sat in silence for the rest of the time, Dean thinking about what his new life would be and Mary thinking about how her eldest child would no longer be with her but in a foreign Kingdom, full of people that would hate him. She had failed as a mother. She began to inch towards Dean and he let her, wanting just the scent of his mother. They revelled in each other's sadness and Dean willed himself not to cry.

A knock on the door shook them both slightly and Jo walked in to see Mary and Dean sitting closely, Mary with one arm around her son and Dean's head bowed. They must've talked things through. "Dinner is expected soon and the King would like to see you both there early." Mary nodded at Jo, and lifted Dean up with her so that they would both leave the room. 

"Thank you, Jo." Mary walked ahead of Dean, knowing that the two would want to talk before dinner happens. Mary shook her head slightly. If Dean wasn't promised to another, she would have wanted him to marry Jo. Probably would have pushed for it. Jo would have made a wonderful King and consort to Dean, with beautiful children made and out of love. 

"Dean, I know I shouldn't tell you this now but I don't know when else is a good time to say but-"

"You can't come with me?" Dean had already guessed what she was going to say, her stuttering and upset face had given it away and Dean couldn't feel as though this day could have gotten worse.

"No. The Queen from the Novak family will not allow it. I-I am so sorry Dean."

Dean leant against the doorframe and smiled softly at Jo. "It's not your fault. I'll visit this Kingdom anyway. It's fine. Trust me, it could be worse."


"We should go, I can't be late." Jo shut her mouth and nodded, she let Dean link arms with her and the two of them made it down to the dining room where Dean sat in his usual space. Next to him would be Castiel, and next to him would be Naomi. Opposite would be Michael, Sam and Lucifer. John and Mary in their typical seats. The doors opened and the Novak family poured in and sat where they would be sitting. At least this was done respectfully. Castiel refused to look at Dean and instead talked with Michael. Lucifer sat down eagerly and Sat hesitantly next to him. Michael walked with Castiel to his seat, patted his back and then walked around to sit on his seat. Dean already hated that brother, knowing he was spilling all sorts of prejudice ideas into his younger brothers head but he hated Castiel more for believing in them. John arrived with Naomi after, and they both sat down. John beckoned for the cook to come with the starters and he smiled over at Dean who looked away, towards Sam.  John sighed half-heartedly and decided to drink a large glass of wine, gulping down the contents quickly.

Bread and cheese were brought in on huge silver platters and Dean licked his lips hungrily as one was placed in front of him. He grabbed two pieces of bread and scoffed them in his mouth.

"An Omega shouldn't eat that much unless he or she is pregnant." Castiel spoke, his deep voice sounding like he was reading from a rulebook and Dean resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Instead he ate what was in his mouth and ignored the Alpha. Finding the confused expression from the corner of his eye amusing. The Alpha obviously wasn't expecting someone to ignore him and was used to getting responses quick. Dean didn't care. "Is the Omega fertile?"

Dean coughed slightly at the question and looked at Castiel, who was now looking intently at John. John sighed and rubbed his eyes before nodding. "He is, otherwise the marriage would not go through, I know." Dean processed this but decided to do nothing with the information. He had to do this for his Kingdom anyway. "His name is Dean." He added. 

"I don't care what his name is. I just care what he can birth." Castiel remarked, John narrowed his eyes slightly and Dean opened his mouth, but a kick from Mary signalled for him to shut up. Dean didn't care. 

"Would you like some more food? Alpha's are meant to eat more food than Omegas with all the training they do. And, I know that you are the less important brother but your training must still be hard." Castiel scoffed while Sam laughed slightly into his hand. Lucifer seemed to join in and Castiel seemed to get more angry with his brother mocking him, he turned his head around but jumped at the same time as Dean when Naomi slammed her hand down on the table. Dean turned to look at her but from that position he could see John's disproving glance so he gazed back down again.

"You will learn your place, insolent slut. If not, war will ruin your Kingdom and it will be on your head." The threat was extreme but Dean knew she meant well on her word, he nodded and kept his gaze down, losing his appetite immediately.

Dinner after that was done in silence. Castiel asking some abrupt and crude questions, and Mary and John answering with clipped answers was how well the dinner conversation went. Lucifer and Michael seemed intent with asking Sam some small questions about how he is finding his King training and seemed genuinely interested with his answers. Naomi sat in silence as well as Mary for the most of it. At the end of it, Castiel announced that he would escort Dean to his room. Dean stood up quietly and walked outside quickly so he could wait for Castiel to follow him. He was nervous and he didn't want to Alpha to know. Castiel strolled out slowly and walked beside Dean, following him as he clearly knew the castle well. 

"The Novak Palace is bigger." Dean rolled his eyes at the comment. "The children will have more things to do." Dean grimaced at the thought of having children with this man. He'd admit the man was handsome but there was nine years between them and he couldn't hold a conversation to save his life. Not to mention the man was rude and selfish with only children in mind for peace and he had the worst family Dean had ever encountered. 

"You had a fun childhood?" Castiel didn't answer but his silence was enough for Dean. Dean hummed, "sometimes less is more."

"Why are you intent on being rude to me? Do you wish for your Kingdom to suffer?" Castiel growled. 

"You are being rude, not me. I am merely replying to your...comments, with equal amount of rudeness." Castiel narrowed his eyes at this and then pushed Dean against a wall roughly. "What-"

"I will not be spoken to in this way. You are nothing, just a weak, red-blooded human with nothing and nobody in his life." Castiel wedged a knee between Dean's thighs and lifted his knee up until it reached his crotch, Dean whined at the contact and tried to push Castiel off, but the White-blooded Prince was too strong. "All I am doing this for is to make you with-child and then to raise my children to achieve peace for my people. You are doing this so that your kind still lives by the end of the day. Do not think for one second that I owe you anything." Dean didn't know what else to do but nod and so he nodded frantically, he didn't want Sam to see this so he wanted Castiel to get off of him as soon as possible. Castiel seemed to smell the fear wafting from Dean and he stepped back, watching Dean fall to the ground. Dean glared up at Castiel, who merely looked at him before stalking off. 

When Castiel reached his room, he removed his pants and smelt the wet stain on the knee area, the scent intoxicating. He growled lowly but stopped himself once he realised what he was doing, ashamed of his reaction he threw the trousers away and went to the washing bowl. He rubbed at his face vigorously before heading to bed. He closed his eyes and tried his best not to think about the Omega but he failed. He had to admit Dean was pretty but the act that a red blooded human would be the mother to his children and labelled his wife disgusted Castiel to no ends, and for them to be rude on top of that just made him hate them even more. 

Dean picked himself up from the floor and managed to make it to his room before anyone saw him, he cleaned himself off after shooing his maid servant away and went to bed shortly after, crying himself to sleep. 



Two weeks later:


The wedding was small, official. Dean wore an expensive white gown that covered his entire body apart from his small breasts (Male Omegas only had small ones) which were kept for show. His face was powdered lightly but Naomi insisted that a strawberry be smashed upon his lips. It looked better on him. And the normal dark leaf was rubbed into his eyes to make the green shine. Dean was carried, after the vows, by Castiel to their carriage which would lead them to his new home. Their goodbyes were done before and Dean watched as Sam tried his best to hide away his tears. Mary waved Dean off whilst John merely watched his eldest be taken away by White bloods. Dean waved to Sam before allowing Castiel to throw him in the back of the carriage and shut the door behind them. They hadn't spoken one on one since the incident after their first dinner and that left Dean with an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach as Castiel leant forward. Dean turned his head away as Castiel scented him, Dean's legs and dress tail resting on Castiel's lap as he trailed a finger down the stockings and against Dean's slit, ignoring his dick. Castiel breached Dean with his finger and nibbled slightly at Dean's neck and he held down at the tops of Dean's thighs with his huge hand to make sure Dean didn't kick out. 

"Please, don't, not here. I-I don't want my first time to be like this." Castiel halted and lifted his head up, he pulled his finger harshly out and licked it, ignoring Dean's shuddering. Dean hated how he sounded but he thought if he begged pretty enough, Castiel would listen. Dean hadn't grown properly yet as he was still young but he hoped he wouldn't be this small forever as he wanted to be able to take Castiel in a fight.

"You're a virgin?" Dean tilted his head, confused. It was meant to have been one of the arrangements. "Your family did care about their honour and arrangements then." Dean growled lowly at finding out he didn't need to be a virgin this entire time and that Castiel didn't actually care that much but stopped when Castiel looked over at him. "I will wait till we are in the palace, but you understand that I will need to impregnate you as soon as possible and mate with you today. I can't do much about that." Dean frowned at Castiel's sudden change in behaviour. "I'm not a monster, Red-blood or not, no one deserves to be forced. But we are both in this situation and we both have sacrifices to make." Castiel was still holding Dean's leg, and he lifted it slightly to kiss at his calf, he glanced down at the slit once more and gathered some slick up to lick it off his finger once more. Dean shuddered at the feeling. 

It was five hours of continuous driving for the couple to get to the White Kingdom. Dean's eyes widened when he saw how big and grand the Kingdom actually was. With tall luxurious buildings and neat and tidy parks and playgrounds. There were small training areas and lit up taverns. A huge marketplace filled the centre of the main town and the gates guarding the Palace were intricately designed with smooth walls and a design of an angel with large white wings, (their well-known badge) covered the gate. When the gates opened, Dean saw a huge white palace with detailed columns and a large dome at the top of the palace itself. It was split into four parts, one for the King and each Alpha brother, the Omegas having their own floors but nothing else. An enormous garden with varieties of flowers and plants filled the front of the place and the carriage was moved to the back of the castle where a stable for well-kept stallions was. Castiel noticed Dean's wide-eyes expression and chuckled at it, Dean turned to look at him and Castiel shrugged. "I told you it was impressive." Dean rolled his eyes and followed Castiel out of the carriage. But instead of landing on his feet, Castiel carried him into the castle. 

"This is tradition?"

"Yes." Castiel murmured, they walked past the guards who admired Dean as they moved and went through only three long corridors before they reached a large purple carpet staircase. Castiel managed to carry Dean the entirety of two large staircases and then another corridor to which they stood outside Castiel's room. Castiel opened his door and walked towards his bed, where he threw Dean down. Dean bounced on the bed and watched as Castiel took off his shirt and trousers and before Dean could move away, he was dragged back by his ankle and Castiel peeled off his white gown to show off his pale lithe body underneath. Castiel smirked at the sight of the stockings and small panties, barely containing Dean's small cock. Castiel knelt down and pulled the panties off with his teeth and Dean lifted his legs to help him. He wanted this over and done with. Castiel placed a small kiss on Dean's inner thighs and then licked a strip of naked flesh leaving a trail of saliva on Dean's trembling legs. He nibbled at the slit, as he sat back, and Dean closed his legs around his head and moaned slightly. Castiel stopped and peered up at Dean. 

"I will say this once. Your pleasure does not matter to me, Dean Novak. Only the child we will make in order to secure peace. Turn around and get into the breeding position." Castiel ordered and Dean blinked back a few tears, he rolled around onto all fours, knowing his mother was right about this. He hoped it wouldn't hurt too much. Castiel wasted no time in fingering Dean, he did however, bend down and lick at Dean's slit once more. The talented tongue licked around before plunging deep and Dean tightened around it, moaning loudly and rubbing his ass against Castiel's face. He couldn't help himself, he'd never felt anything like this before. Castiel pulled away suddenly and licked his lips, he enjoyed the taste of Dean as much as he hated to admit it but he'd wanted this over and done with as soon as possible. He uncovered himself and lined up against Dean's hole before fucking into it, ignoring Dean's pained groans. Dean managed to weakly pull away but Castiel gripped his hips tight and slammed him back into his cock, again and again until Dean felt blood trickle down his thighs. The pain was unbearable and the Alpha behind him was releasing a hostile scent, making it worse. Castiel groaned when Dean clenched around the foreign object hoping to get it out of him but instead drawing it back in further into him. 

"Please, it hurts." Castiel bent down to kiss Dean's sweaty back, not actually caring about the pain but rather the pace. The faster he got this Omega impregnated the faster he could get out of here and leave it alone. 

"It will be over soon. Clench more and it will be over soon." Dean did as he was told and before long, Castiel was pounding fast in and out of Dean, growling at Dean's soft whimpers. He came with a low growl and began rolling his swollen knot inside Dean's non-virgin hole, enjoying the small tremors in Dean's body and the tightness around him. He kissed Dean's lower back again. Before long he pulled out and pushed Dean down on the bed. He got two cloths one for himself and one to throw at Dean before he cleaned and dressed himself. 

"I won't be sleeping in here tonight." Castiel spat, he had been horrible before but this was a completely new side to the Alpha and Dean assumed it was because they were not at the Winchester Kingdom anymore. 

After he was dressed he left the cold, quivering Dean to collect himself. Dean watched a bit of cum - and blood- tickle out of his hole and he willed himself to push it back up again, he elevated his legs and sighed slightly. If he got pregnant quickly, he wouldn't need too many of these.. sexual encounters. Dean hugged himself and watched the rain pour out from the window. This was his new life, in a foreign Kingdom full of racists with the news of pregnancy being the only good thing on his mind right now.

God, he missed Sammy.