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Second Chances and Family Business

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Bucky always liked carpentry. As a kid he was mesmerized by the furniture and wooden toys his father made. At the age of six he decided that he would work as a carpenter when he grew up.

Now Bucky and his father were in the carpenter workshop, his father teaching him the profession. He's been teaching him for two weeks now and Bucky seemed to learn fast. He was talented at crafts. He used the tools easily and had good design ideas for furniture. Jim Barnes was sure his son'd be a skillful carpenter.

Bucky finished the job and left the workshop. He was on his way to meet Emily. She worked in the Town hall and after her working hours were over she went to the park next to the Town hall to wait for Bucky.

Bucky found Emily sitting on a bench in front of the fountain. He went to her and quickly sat next to her.

"Hi darling! How was your day?" Asking her he held the woman's hands in his. It was a thing they did more and more frequently.

"It was fine, but I've been waiting to meet you all day." She leaned closer to Bucky and kissed his cheek. "Did you know that Mr. Stark has a funny personality? Today I learned that he has a dog named Dummy who always chews on his expensive shoes. He complains a lot about the mutt." They both laughed.

"Poor shoes. Maybe if he put them away from the dog they wouldn't be in danger." Bucky suggested still chuckling.

"I'll tell him tomorrow. Perhaps I get pay raise for good ideas. Not that I have to complain about not getting enough salary." Emily smiled at Bucky. The man seemed a little worried. She noticed that.

"Is something wrong?" Emily asked. She wanted to know what Bucky was thinking about.

"No, I'm fine." He quickly answered, but Emily knew it wasn't true so she looked into his eyes and asked him again.

"Are you sure? Because you seem lost in your thoughts."

"Well, one thing bothers me. My sister spends too much time with that weird Indian guy, Clint. I think he has bad influence on Nat." Bucky said. That has been disturbing him since the first time he saw his little sister and Clint together, but he didn't mention it to anyone.

"Clint's an interesting person, but I think he's a good guy and you should give him a chance to get to know him more." Emily stated her opinion.

Bucky wondered how she always knew the right thing to say. She was smart and confident in telling her thoughts. That helped in his own confidence.

"Thanks! I'll try to do that." He said. He knew it would be hard, but if Emily thought it'd work he had to give it a chance. "By the way Steve and Peggy invited us for dinner."

"That's so kind of them and Peggy cooks delicious. I have to ask her for the recipe of the apple pie she made last time." Emily stated. She wasn't very good at baking, but in her free time she made cookies and pancakes sometimes. Bucky liked them so much.

They walked out of the park holding hands. On the way to Steve's house they talked about the paintings Steve made and hung on the walls. Emily was into art and they could talk about painters and artists for hours with Steve.


"Hello!" Steve opened the door and let them in.

"Hi!" Bucky and Emily greeted him. Peggy was in the kitchen preparing the dinner set.

The house was neat and cozy as always. There were some new pillows on the couch. Peggy really liked sewing Bucky thought.

"Come into the kitchen." They heard Peggy. They did and sat to the dining table. Salad and drinks were already on the colorful tablecloth and a bouquet of flowers in the middle.

"I made roast chicken with fresh vegetables. I hope you'll like it. It's an old family recipe I learned from my mother." She said with a wide smile on her face.

"Of course. We like everything you cook." Emily answered. "And these flowers are beautiful. What is the species of them?"

Steve also came to the kitchen and sat down to his usual seat. "They are some sort of daisies. I planted some seeds a year ago or so and completely forgot about them. Now they grow in the back of the garden." He said.

Bucky chuckled. "I didn't know you liked gardening, do you have any other secrets I don't know about?" He teased his friend.

"I collect the teeth of dead horses and make necklaces from them." Steve joined the game.

"If you did that I'd throw them into the rubbish while you weren't at home, honey." Peggy responded to her husband's joke. They all laughed.

"Okay, it was a lie." Steve admitted. "Talking about hobbies, how is your new job, Bucky?"

"My father tells me that I'm good at carpentry and I like it. Maybe someday I'll have my own workshop." He said happily.

They talked about many things during dinner and all of them felt good. Peggy shared some recipes with Emily, who wrote them all in a small notebook.

After finishing dinner Bucky and Emily said goodbye to Peggy and Steve. Bucky accompanied Emily to her house. The weather started to be chillier every night so Bucky lent the woman his jacket. Emily gladly took it and put it on her own coat. She looked tiny in the dark grey jacket.

Emily invited him to her house and they spent the night together.