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A Day with Rudolph

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Being the British Government was not a simple task, despite what his brother told other people, but Mycroft Holmes’ occupation was a stressful one. It was a non-stop paperworks, meetings and diplomacies. Especially when the people who ran the government were moron, then it just added to the pile of Mycroft’s work. The elder Holmes always have a strict schedule, a full one in that. No one could make him change his schedule unless they were the Queen, herself, even Mycroft rarely made changes to his own schedule. With a schedule like that Mycroft was one of the hardest people to meet, appointment need to be made months before, even then the auburn man still could say no to the meeting if something far more important present itself to him. For Mycroft, schedule was everything, he tried to do everything he could following his schedule and he hated it when he needed to change or cancel plans.


It was no surprise that he could only grunt when in Tuesday morning his office door was open and shown an uninvited guest on his doorstep. Just with one look toward the guest he knew all schedule that Anthea had assigned would just be thrown out of the window. Mycroft leaned back against his seat and took a good look at the visitor who was grinning at him, not far behind he could see the apologetic look Anthea gave him.


“I’m sorry sir, I tried to stop him but…” Mycroft put up his hand to stop his assistant to explain herself for ever letting an uninvited guest barged into his office, like right now.


“It’s okay Anthea..” The assistant glanced at the guest who was wearing only the fines fabric. A light grey Briony suit, tailor made obviously. Fitting Hermès tie in black. 9.16 carat square diamond cufflinks, custom made from Chopard's Ice Cube series. A pocket watch by Panerai Radiomir with a 40-millimeter white gold case, brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel and diamond-set numerals and custom-made shoes from John Lobb, before she left her boss and the guest alone. Anthea just nodded and walked back out, closing the door on her way. Mycroft turned his attention from the closed door to his guest and lifted an eyebrow at the tall man.


“Mycie baby, don’t look at me like I just rained over your parade my dear boy.” As soon as the man opened his mouth and his not very low voice dragged along the rooms you knew he has a dazzling personality. He was loud and shrill, open and shameless. He was like Mycroft but with a slutty and colorful attitude. Like a fresh wind. From one look glanced it couldn’t be seen but the moment the man put down all his mask it all showed.


“I can and I am looking at you like that when you just burst into my office unannounced uncle.” Mycroft retorted and the guest, his uncle, just smiled and dismissed what he just said with a wave of a hand.


“Oh don’t be silly. I can burst into your office unannounced especially when I missed my beloved baby, don’t you think Mycie?”


“There is this thing called phone uncle Rudy, you might want to use it next time you miss me.” Mycroft tutted while Rudy just moved around and sat down front of Mycroft’s desk, reached out to pinch Mycroft's cheek but was warned by a lifted finger and a ‘dare you’ glare.


“My god my little baby muffin is so thin! Did you eat enough my sweet honeybee? You look pale! When was your last shag? Shall I call some hunks to relax you? Two or three?” He already tapped a message and surely Mycroft had no idea how his uncle even managed to speak, think and tap and the same time. The fuss the older man gave to him sometimes was beyond his imagination. He was fine, he was healthy he was relax, that was before his uncle decided to throw all his schedule out of the window by coming unannounced like this.


Rudy was indeed like a father for Mycroft, fussing over his beloved nephew who he treated like his own son. The man was more like a role model even if Mycroft didn’t follow his shrill line of attitude. The white-haired man was a perfect mixture of his Siger Holmes but at the same he had his own area that made him entirely Rudy Holmes. Mycroft knew Rudy for his entire life, everything he knew, he knew them from Rudy. Mycroft was fine with the lifestyle of his uncle, which meant sex with some very nice man on a regular bases, open conversations about everything and also mostly sex, and a lot of alcohol. Mycroft never judged it, although to the outside world Rudy was deemed as cold and calculated. Rudy was deemed to be the personified of ice himself and was called as the man who created the Ice Man who was Mycroft Holmes, but Mycroft knew better than that.


“Stop that uncle please I….do not need that.” Mycroft said and tried to reach for Rudy’s phone before the man could send any text to anyone for that matter. God he didn’t want to have some toy boys here who would act like he would be unbelievable hot and erotic, plus the fact that Mycroft Holmes couldn’t turn on his interest in a person like a light. He needed some time to understand the profoundness of a person before he found him interesting and since times started to count, a certain Detective Inspector with the most beautiful salt and pepper hair ever, was very interesting for him. Unique and irresistible, yet so far away. They acted together on a professional level, never crossed lines. And yet Mycroft wanted to slide his hands in those grey hair so bad. He never wanted something so much in his life. And he should stop thinking about that before his uncle noticed.


“Oh hush baby you certainly need to be taken care of.  Just look at you already loosing so much cheek!” Rudy tutted when his dear nephew tried to take his phone away.


“I am fine.” Mycroft grumbled and glared pointedly at the phone. It took around few seconds before Rudy conceded and put it away.


“Thank you” The auburn said and sighed then looked at Rudy “Now, why are you really here? You don’t go to the office anymore unless there is a board meeting, even then you mostly skipped it entirely and prefer to be at home drinking.” Mycroft stated and decided to take a good look of his uncle, the man who used to hold on this very position, the British Government.


Rudy or Rudolph Holmes was the British Government, the very person who mold Mycroft into who he was at the moment. The older politician left his position to Mycroft once the younger man was capable enough and decided to sit on the board member and mostly focus his work for as the Royal family advisor. For Rudy the arrangement was better, he didn’t need to handle whiny politicians, that’s now his nephew’s job, and he could have more time for his other indulgences, drinking and more me time.


“Oh my little dramatic angel. Okay okay I am here because first, I missed you, second, my date didn’t appear and I will hunt this man to death, and third, thought we can have a little shopping tour. You know, suits, coats, then some lunch perhaps …. dildos? Mycie baby, seriously I can call a hunk for you. When was the last time you scream out the name of god huh?” This was a normal conversation in a normal office on a simple normal day. Rudy was always worried about Mycroft's condition, mostly of his sex life which was really not present, no matter how much his baby said that he was fine.


“So up up baby boy, we will move to the city and catch some new clothes, lingers for you nice legs and a massage in my main spa before we come back and you tell me on our way what kind of hunk you want okay!” And that was it! There was absolutely no chance to speak against him. When Rudy Holmes came from Scotland to see his beloved Mycroft, he always got what he wanted. No buts! The man was stubborn just like other Holmes men.


Mycroft Just sighed, he was about to protest but knew it was like speaking to a brick wall. Fortunately, before he could answer, his phone rang and he accepted with a short “Yes?” Before his breathing caught in his throat. Cheeks became softly pink and his mouth dry. He hoped so much his uncle wouldn’t noticed but he was a Holmes, and every deduction Mycroft had learned, he learned from Rudy. The man on the other side of the phone had a simple question. He asked for some signatures. Voice raspy, dark, low, intoxicatingly male. It was Gregory Lestrade. The DI needed some official counter-signatures from Mycroft and wondered if the younger man had time for it sometime in the afternoon.


Mycroft glanced at the clock then discreetly at Rudy, he knew that this was his chance to say no to his uncle. “Actually I’m free right now, Inspector… twenty minutes. I’ll see you there. Anthea will let you in” The answer of course made Rudy raised his brow and then a slow smirk grazed his face. His nephew just outright blush over a phone call and trying to avoid him. This is interesting.


“I can’t come with you uncle, as you just heard I have a meeting in twenty minutes.” Mycroft said after clearing his throat but he didn’t dare to look at his uncle while he shuffled the papers and file across his desk. Somewhat he was nervous about the prospect of meeting the Inspector. Dammit.


“Shut it. Who was that?” Rudy asked and moved back to sit down on Mycroft's table. He knew his beloved boy so well and someone who could make him blush just phoned him was someone who pull every string. “I never saw you blush while having a phone call. I saw you once like this when I caught you tossing off to this 80 movie with….What was his name….a yes, Rupert Graves. Maurice it was. Oh ,you was so in love Mycie babe so tell me with whom you had a call?” Oh this was definitely not good.


Mycroft got weak knees since he remembered when he saw the detective Inspector who took so much care for his brother and looked like a young god made of steak yet a father figure. And to know that Rudy would deduce everything once Gregory would step in was almost dangerously.


“Uncle please it’s just….” he bit his lower lips and cleared his throat. Play it cool Holmes. “A minion. His name is Lestrade and needs signatures. Nothing more. Don’t stare at his ass too much. Divorced he is. Handsy, yes, but nothing more.” oh what a lie!


The truth was Mycroft and Gregory had been dancing around each other for so long it was almost tiering. At one of their ‘appointment’ of those two lovebirds, Greg asked Mycroft for a date which was rejected with a smile and a ‘Too much to do.. but perhaps next time’. An honest statement from the man made of ice. And Greg, at first pitiful, understand and smiled before he left the office with the knowledge that Mycroft Holmes was interested in him, there was hope to ask the man for a date.


Since that time, two months ago, it was like a ritual for Greg to call Mycroft him every Tuesday for signatures. Just to see him, smell him, feel his presence. And trying to ask the younger man for a date again. But today it was a different situation, his uncle was here and he had twenty minutes to get the man out of his office before Gregory arrived or Rudy would just be that embarrassing parent to him till the bones in front of the inspector.


Rudy on the other hand knew his nephew well enough that the auburn was lying and he just raised his brow. “Well then, if this is just a minion, then I would still want to see him then we can go. It won’t take long after all.” He stated, eyes still watching over Mycroft. “I will be the judge if the man worth to get a blush from you and your comment about not staring at his ass just make me more curious. Wonder if it delectable.” Rudy smirked and decided that if Mycroft wouldn’t tell him the truth then he would just drew it from the younger man’s lips. A little bit teasing won’t hurt after all.


Just like that Mycroft knew he was screwed. Why it needs to be Tuesday today? Why must his uncle be here? Now? It was hard enough to find the guts to act all normal when Gregory was around him, but right now Mycroft had the feeling the world would betray him. His crush would walk in here and a storm called Rudolph Holmes would wash him away like a palm tree in a tropical storm. He protested and tried and organized and yet everything was futile.


On the other side of the city, Gregory Lestrade had no idea in what he would walk into. He was happy to see Mycroft again. Like every Tuesday. He not even noticed that he was smiling when he caught all the files he needed for signatures and placed them carefully under his arm, before he left the office, exited and with a unregulated heartbeat.


It had started soft.


Greg truly needed signatures on a very hot summer evening some months ago, and was surprised when Mycroft accepted his call even though it was almost midnight. He moved to the government building and both had a casual talk about how damn warm it was outside and that it was unbearable to work like this. Greg came in a loose white shirt, sleeves rolled up and due to the fact that there was no air condition in the yard, the fabric of his shirt was damp, his scent intoxicatingly musky, and the summer dipped his skin in the most beautiful shade of bronze Mycroft had ever saw.


And it was nice. It was damn nice to talk with each other. At first it was mostly Sherlock, hobbies, and at the end their private life. Of course, Greg was a bit faster with talking about his privacy. Mostly because he knew that Mycroft probably had a whole file and was only polite because he already knew everything about him. But after one month, also Mycroft started to talk. He said that he was so very tired of Sherlock getting everything he wanted while Mycroft was left to pick up the pieces. Tired of work and being the steely government official. Tired of wanting Gregory Lestrade and not getting him.


There was never a kiss. Not till now anyway. Well Greg hoped for one to be honest. God the man already dreamed about it. He was so screwed with how much he had fallen for the elder Holmes.


At one evening, maybe a week ago, they talked about relationships and their ex partners. Greg admitted that he never felt so lonely in his entire life as when he was with his now ex-wife. He also spilled out that he had a gay affair when he was at the university and that it was damn nice. Of course, with Mycroft it was a bit more complicated. But after the second glass of an TIGNANELLO wine Greg brought with him, he admitted that he had one short tête-à-tête with a man from the diagnostic club who found Mycroft ridiculous attractive. Obviously, he didn’t believe it. Till now.


“Why would he?” He asked Greg and it left him speechless.


“Well, you’re fucking attractive as hell for one” Greg said and Mycroft blushed, “mysterious, powerful, rich, smart, good sense of humour, look good in a suit, attractive–“

“You’ve said that”  Mycroft cut him off.


And yet, after that soft confession, they stayed on a distance. At least their lips. Greg, of course, helped Mycroft in his coat and once he moved around, he even corrected the perfect Hermès tie all automatically. Fingertips brushing over soft shaved skin. Mycroft’s brain froze. Not literally, of course, but metaphorically; as in his thoughts stopped completely and his usually finely tuned mind went all fuzzy and sparked and thought something along the lines of, ‘OH MY GOD GREG IS TOUCHING ME!’


This was their last meeting, two weeks ago. Mycroft needed to skip last Tuesday because of work and a short trip to the U.S. and Greg just looked forward to see him again. He didn’t even notice that the drive across the city took 20 minutes this time before he found himself laying the driver and walked strictly into the building, passing the security control and took the elevator.


“We can visit at Alfredo’s?” Mycroft started his last attempt to kick his uncle out but failed.


“Don’t be silly my hot bochito, I’m sure your ‘Minion’ will be here soon!” Rudy put the words in quotation marks and underlined it with a movement of his fingers. “I didn’t catch his name. Greg yes? Oh this is a nice name to be screamed out, like G-Greg, oh god GREG!” Funny because Greg was indeed already in the anteroom where Mycroft’s PA was sitting, and looked like a scared squirrel when he hears his name being screamed like this by someone that he knew wasn’t Mycroft. Greg took a quick look at Anthea who acted like she didn’t hear a damn thing.


Did I came at a wrong time? No! He said I can come over?


Did he knew any other Greg? No! I’m the only Greg in his surrounding and surely the only ‘Greg’ he should scream.


“Oh stop it.” Mycroft hissed and it only being responded with a slow smirk from Rudy while the man glanced at the clock then the door. He was still sitting on Mycroft's desk, now all excited to see this Greg.


“He should be here… any minute now.” Rudy said gleefully and just like Rudy predicted a few seconds later the door opened and revealed the Detective Inspector, hair bit mussed up because he kept running his fingers over it few times, nervousness, blue button shirt that a bit too tight on his body, showing off his arms muscles nicely. In Rudy’s dictionary Gregory Lestrade would fall into the category hunk and the older politician would flirt non-stop if he didn’t know that his nephew fancy this man. Oh yes he knew from that one phone call this man was not just some minion.


“Oh” Greg said out when he saw that Mycroft wasn’t alone and an attractive older man joined him. His first thought was, that this man must be from the Diogenes club. He was well dressed, expensive perfume, smooth expression. Everything screamed ‘money’. Well this wasn’t surprising. After all Mycroft was also a rich man. “I...Ehm….I thought you are alone I’m sorry. Shall I come back later?” He asked almost nervously and pointed already back to the closed door.


Rudy never thought he would become speechless in his age because of a man but he was oh so wrong. Due to the fact that Mycroft and Rudy were so alike, of course their taste in men was similar, and so Gregory Lestrade and his handsy face and body, left Rudy speechless. He got up from the table and turned completely to check this man that must be made of bronze and gold and “Oh God” he said and cleared his throat while Mycroft buried his face in his hand. Oh Christ now it will start.


“This is….Greg?” He asked and poked Mycroft's shoulder before he moved around the desk and closer to the Detective Inspector who clearly tensed a bit. “Oh my good lord, hello my handsome hunk. What a pleasure to meet the man that made my baby boy blush even on the phone. Bonjour.” He chirped in a seductive tone and offered Greg his hand for a kiss. This man must be half french. Rudy was sure.


Greg heard his own swallow in his ears and looked down at the hand which had been offering to him. Did this man really want a hand kiss or a shake or what?


“Ehm, yeah I’m ….Greg. Hi.” He said and looked at Mycroft for some reassuring but didn’t get anything in return. The politician was blushing and hiding his face in his hands. But of course, Greg was too polite and placed the files to the nearest table and took Rudy’s hand but clearly only for a shake “My pleasure meeting you and you are…?” He asked like the softest gentleman on earth.


At the gesture Rudy raised his brow slightly. “Oh not French? I’m rarely wrong in my deduction.” The older politician said as he let his eyes ran along from head to toe. Somewhat Greg felt like he was being undressed and at the same time those searching gaze was all too familiar. Just like a Holmes’ gaze.


“Deduction?” Greg tried to pull his hand away but the grip of the older man just strong despite the softness of the touch. “A Holmes then?”


And before Rudy could say any other word Mycroft spoke up, although he still hiding his face from the inspector. “Inspector Lestrade, meet my uncle, Rudolph Holmes”


It would be a lie if Greg would hide the fact that he was happy about the fact that Rudy was Mycroft's uncle. He was jealous once he came in to the office and found the politician with this handsome man. “Oh your….” he said and smiled. Shaking even a bit more confidently “and ...I am half French. Just thought it rude to give a hand kiss to someone I didn’t know and I think it’s not fitting in London.” he said and withdrew his hand quickly so he could take the file and move closer to Mycroft. After all he needed signatures but the truth was, he was only here to spend some time with the younger auburn man even though, this was impossible as it seemed they were accompanied by Mycroft’s uncle.


Rudy eyed the DI thoroughly. He saw the tensed going away from the inspector’s shoulder at the mention of him being Mycroft’s uncle, that was something. And when Greg passed him, Rudy decided to fix his eyes to the perfect butt. “Oh...nice Mycie baby. Why have you even mentioned I should not check out this butt? I’m sure I could crack some nuts on those globes. Well trained inspector! Made for some jockstrap!” Dear god did Rudy have any shame? The answer was clearly a no.


“Uncle!” Mycroft said scandalized while Greg tried to think about what exactly a jockstrap could be. Rudy just smirked when he saw the red cheeks of his nephew and waved his hand.


“You know I’m telling the truth and you probably eyeing him every now and then don’t you Mycie?” That remark was enough to make the tip of Mycroft’s ears all red and he wished to be eaten alive by the floor. Honestly stuck in a meeting with the PM sounds more tempting than this. Or maybe some nagging from the queen. Or locked in a room with his mother. At Christmas!


Greg was adorable but a bit clumsy when it came to understand what kind of effect he had on Mycroft or other men. He never thought he was overly attractive, and so he was standing there like a puppy and looked between Rudy and Mycroft “Ehm, I ...I have the feeling I came at a wrong moment. Maybe I …” he stopped and turned to Mycroft “I can call you later or I ...I can bring the files to your house later for signatures. It’s okay..” he hummed softly, even if he was sad he couldn’t have some alone time with the younger man. After all he didn’t saw him for a week.


The thought that Greg was about to leave send a panic to Mycroft’s whole being and he just looked up to the inspector and reached out to the man’s arm, stopping him from taking the file away and leave. “No” The word came so quickly from his mouth and there was a hint of panic in that one single word. It surprised not just Mycroft but also Greg and Rudy. He could already tell how much this Greg Lestrade meant to his nephew and it sent a smirk to his face and gave him a wonderful idea.


“Oh this is not needed Greggie my darling boy. I wanted to have some shopping time with my beloved burrito over there. Just casual walking around, gossiping, maybe a massage, care to join us?” At the word burrito Mycroft scowled at his uncle and protested under his breath


Greg was sure at the word ‘massage’ all his muscles tensed. He could kill for one. His whole body was ached and he longed for a good massage. But at the next moment the thought that his was truly inappropriate in a way. “Oh well, I …” He looked down at Mycroft, whose hand was still on his arm before he turned his attention back to Rudy. “I won’t ...disturb you two.” He said and tilted his head, smiling at the shy man who ruled the UK with a snap of fingers.


“Nonsense Gregory you will join us. I reserved a table on the best restaurant and I just need some new suits so I will be occupied to let my body be measured out. You two can walk around the city alone meanwhile. Will only take 30 minutes more or less. Mycroft baby you can show him some jockstraps meanwhile.” Rudy winked and checked the clock. “Would be a shame if you would drop this possibly.”


And just like that, the deal was closed. Mycroft couldn't even say something against it, or even Greg. The next moment Rudy already opened the door and called out for Anthea, ordering the lovely woman to clear all Mycroft’s schedule and that she’s dismissed from her duty. “Oh please call the Yard and tell them that Detective Inspector Lestrade is being requested, say national importance will you, kitten”


Mycroft blinked few times before he turned to look at the silver haired man who was still standing in front of him, still on the same stage as him, shock. “I… really need to apologize for him. He was supposed to be in Scotland or at least in Buckingham. But earlier he just came in and then you called… and I thought I can just make him leave when I said I have visitor coming.” The auburn man tried to explain himself to the inspector, still didn’t dare to look right at the man’s eyes but his hand still holding the other’s arm.


“Shhh it’s fine….I think” Greg said and started to chuckle while Rudy waved hands or moreover arms and ordered Anthea around to prepare everything for them.


“He’s very special. Your uncle I mean.” He said and felt his heart clenching when Mycroft's hand fumbled with the lapel of his jacket, all automatically and almost absently. “I just don’t want to disturb you and your uncle. Even if I’m curious what exactly a jockstrap is.”


“He is very special if you want to put it like that and you don’t want to know what a jockstrap is, trust me.” Mycroft told the older man then sighed “Well we better go follow him before he calls the security to drag us. Last time he did that to me.”


Greg snorted at that and glanced down at Mycroft. “Really? Called the security on you?” Mycroft nodded at the question as he got up from his chair and let go of Greg’s lapel to get hold of his umbrella.


“Yes and I was in a meeting with delegates from Romania. He just waltzed in with security in tow then dragged me away without much explanation.”


Greg slide his hand through his hair all amused and couldn’t believe that someone could ever order the great Mycroft Holmes around. Ten minutes later he found himself in a comfortable limousine next to the shrill man who had thousand questions for him. Mostly something along the line like, how long he was divorced, what size of clothes he had. What kind of porn movies he like, and how he met Mycroft or get in touch with his baby boy. And Greg had his problems to explain everything. He didn’t know if it was okay for Mycroft to spill everything but he had clearly no chance.


“Oh GOD REALLY? You came in the office on a warm summer night for signatures? I can tell that you made my dearest boy all nervous Greggie baby.” with a poke on the strong shoulder, Rudy underlined every gesture and Greg found himself blushing over the whole ride to the city. Mycroft was dangerously quiet and just groaned every now and then. He wanted to hide this instance but there was no way out. And Rudy was unstoppable “And he’s talking about you all-day-long, believe me Greggie my hunk you have a huge effect on him. I always ask him if he need some toy boys. You know some bears. For relaxing and all, and he always says ‘no I have my Greg’”. That was one bit lie but clearly Rudy didn’t care! He knew his baby needed the push to get his act together and be with this handsome inspector and if he needed to make it his business so be it.


“What?!” There was a shriek in Mycroft’s voice when he heard his uncle while Greg’s eyes went a bit wide at the mention of other hunk to please Mycroft. The thought that other men touched Mycroft made Greg’s blood boil but to hear that Mycroft declined the offer because he had Greg just soothed it down quickly and made his heart beat a bit faster. But of course Rudy saw the soft jealousy in those big brown eyes and decided to pour some salt in the wound.


“He.. did...surely not!” At the statement Rudy tutted and smirked, clapped on Greg’s shoulder “Oh yes! He did! I know a lot of diplomats who try to sweep my baby off his legs but he just keeps denying them! I was worried that he would end up alone, you know, so I told him to have some fun at least. After all he can’t stay 24/7 alone! Hence why this evening we need to go separate ways because, my baby have a date.” He said and licked his lips, waiting for the reaction that burst out of Greg instantly and before Mycroft could protest Rudy kicked him in the shin.


“W-wait wait. I …..I mean…” He stammered and felt the jealousy creeping up his spine. But did he have the right to say something against it? No. Indeed he didn’t have and yet he couldn’t shut his mouth.


“That’s…” He stopped and cleared his throat “... sorry but I have an appointment with Mycroft. After all I didn’t get my signatures so….you need to call...whoever it is and cancel the appointment.” Greg didn’t even name it as a date and felt his body burning up a bit. Chest rearing gently, scent became a bit stronger, musky. Like the first time they meet.


The older politician inwardly smiled when he saw Greg’s reaction. This man should be interesting, his mind provided and cleared his throat. “Oh but this is an important man Gregory. The man has been looking forward for this date all year long.” Rudy emphasized everything on the word date just to poke on Greg again. He knew it was a dangerous play but for the love of Queen and Country, he wanted to see how much he could push the handsome inspector before he cracked and just swept his nephew away. From one quick interaction between Mycroft and Greg, Rudy could already tell that they were profoundly belong to each other, but the two just never utter a single word about it. Might as well had some fun while pushing the two together.


“Uncle please. You know I … don’t want this kind of meeting.” Mycroft wined and wished he could lean a bit closer to Greg and hide is face in his chest. Too much Mycroft’s surprise, the simple DI started to argue.


“Again! As I said, Mycroft is occupied this evening with me, my files and my needed signatures so please can you call the man and drop the appointment?” He asked and added “forever” more silently. Greg swallowed his jealousy a bit down together with his heartbeat. Oh Rudy was so proud. Proud of everything and mostly of himself. He smiled and said how pitiful it was so change plans but after all it would be rude to let Greg wait when he was the first man in line. That was enough to make Greg calmed down a bit and mumbled a low thank you before he stole glances at Mycroft. He didn’t want to see the man going on a date, any date, with other man.


The car stopped after 20 minutes of unbearable traffic of London right in front of Rudy’s tailor and the older man excused himself with a knowing smirk “My two lovebirds I will need 30 minutes roundabout. No making out in the car and when you two did, let the driver watch!” He winked and just like that, moved into the expensive vintage shop of London and left both men speechless and shyer than ever! Mycroft had his cheeks all red, even the tip of his ears. He couldn’t help but massage his forehead.


“Again… I dearly apologize for my uncle. He can be very vulgar as you see and I didn’t even know why he wanted to put me into a blind date. I’m in my forties for goodness sake” Mycroft grumbled and didn’t dare to look at Greg and just looked out of the window, toward the shop where Rudy just walked in.


The DI chuckled even if he could feel the blush on his cheeks “Well he’s ….funny! Let us say funny” He hummed and rubbed his forehead as well. Also he couldn’t look straight in Mycroft's eyes right now “And I apologize for destroying your date. Would be good for you. as I said two weeks ago at our last conversation, you are a catch!” he said and felt his cheeks burning when the word left his mouth uncontrollably. Why the hell I said this? Probably because it is the truth! It is!


“Oh no no.. that I need to thank you for. I don’t know what in my uncle’s mind when I’m not interested to meet anyone. He had been bothering me about being alone for years anyway. So thank you for stopping him” Mycroft said with his cheeks just became much more heated at Greg’s comment.


“I don’t think I’m a catch like you say Gregory…” He added this time quietly “but thank you.”


“Shut it will you! We had the same conversation in your office when you talked about your last man from the Diogenes club and I told you, you are a catch.” Greg made sure Mycroft heard him again. The words dripping from his lips like thick honey and wrapped the politician in some kind of safety. Gregory Lestrade think I’m a catch.


“But…” Greg cut and nibbled at his own lips. Once in the endless conversations between him and Mycroft, the politician told him that he needed to be more selfish in his life. After the dirty end with his ex-wife and some lukewarm tries with woman and men, Mycroft couldn’t look at the soft tries from Greg to find finally someone who would look at him like he was the most perfect kind of art. “...I did it because ...maybe I’m a bit … selfish you know?” Greg said and his Adam’s apple bobbed dangerously painful.


“Anyway...shall I catch a tea or something? Or a jockstrap even if I don’t know what it is but your uncle said I should have one.”


The little confession made Mycroft’s heart skipped a beat and he turned to look at Greg. He didn’t reply to it and just kept it to himself. A little bit selfish, should he do it too then?


“No but if you want to take a walk around I can accompany you.” Mycroft offered “Uncle will probably take more than an hour he can be quite a fuss when regarding his suits.” He explained and Greg nodded, giving Mycroft a small smile.


“Sure. The weather is nice anyway” Mycroft smiled a bit at that and got out of the car, holding the door open for Greg. It was rare that Mycroft took stroll, even if he had the time he usually did it at night. So to do it in the middle of the day with Greg as company was just wonderful. The two men started to walk, at first quiet not knowing what to talk about.


Normal people rarely interest Mycroft, he found them dull and just like goldfish. Even politician could seem so slow to the elder Holmes, so he didn’t like to be in social engagement too long. But then there was Greg. Gregory Lestrade, a simple inspector, just like the other goldfish and yet the silver haired man managed to hold his attention and interest. Nothing special about the inspector, he was average, normal, mundane, clumsy...and so fascinating. Mycroft knew everything about him. He married young, divorced young, a drinker, and smoker. He was funny, charming, handsome, and nice enough to put up with a lunatic like Sherlock.

Why was he so interesting? Mycroft couldn’t work it out, at least not at first. And after spending more time with the inspector, he couldn’t care less to be honest. He just enjoyed the time with the man who brought butterfly’s right in his stomach. And Mycroft was thinking more of the DI, who obviously found him interesting. The politician could practically see the thoughts as he spoke to the DI. It was easy to deduce what Greg was thinking when he spoke to him;

Handsome. Posh. Smug. Suits… Charming. Annoying. Looks fucking good in a suit. Nice blue eyes. Curved lips. Well, suits… Sherlock’s brother. Still good looking. Sexy. Talkative at work, that one is basically his job and surely talkative in bed. Cheeky. Arsehole but still good looking. Nice arse! Damn the fucking suit. He’s surely good in bed… Although sometimes it was hard to believe if Greg really thought like that, after all the man never say anything so Mycroft kept his mouth shut.


It was a while ago since Greg was so bloody nervous. He had no idea what to say. Even though this wasn’t a problem when they meet in Mycroft's office every Tuesday. They talked about everything but after earlier, with what Rudy said it just made Greg became nervous.


“And...your uncle will stay in your house then? I mean ...I truly don’t want to disturb you and his plans with you.” He hummed and finally glanced at the younger man who looked so damn posh with his umbrella and, was that a brand new blue suit? God his skin appears even more pale.


Mycroft shook his head and felt Greg’s eyes on him. Those eyes somehow managed to strip all the calculated and protective layers of Mycroft Holmes. The younger man could feel control slipping through his fingertips. He did not like the feeling but somehow he let it happened anyway.

“I imagine he will stay in his flat or Buckingham, depends and as I said Gregory I’m not eager to have the company of my uncle’s guests or this blind date he set me up. I much prefer your company instead and I want you to come by at the house later.” Mycroft said without looking at Greg, because he felt he would blush if he looked at those brown eyes.


“And I need to thank you for speaking your mind up, being bit selfish like that. You are after all the first in line, just like what my uncle said so please don’t think much about my uncle and his plans.”


Greg smiled at the word and he could see how Mycroft himself was surprised with it. “Well, the thing is.. I just don’t want to be in way especially after the call I got from Anthea yesterday.” Greg said as they stopped in a small stall to buy some tea for Mycroft and coffee for Greg. Mycroft raised his brow, waiting for Greg to continue as he took the paper cup from the older man.


“She called to say how you are seem to be in love.” Greg had never imagined to see Mycroft Holmes spitting out some good earl grey tea but here he was watching the British government coughing with his ears dipped in a burgundy color.


“P-Pardon What did she said?” Mycroft asked and Greg moved closer to pet his back so he got enough air “She said you are in love. I have no clue why she said it to me. Maybe because I...shall check on the man or something like that. That’s why I apologize like every 5 minutes because I thought it’s the appointment your uncle was speaking about.”


“No…” Mycroft huffed and petted his mouth clean with a fresh napkin which was placed in his pocket.


“I’m not in love with anyone…” Mycroft said slowly and stopped himself from speaking again. Greg on the other hand wondered if he got it wrong. He could feel his heart feel a bit lighter but at the same time disappointed with Mycroft’s answer.


“Well, I ...I don’t know if I’m in love.” Mycroft Holmes admitted quietly that Greg thought he must have misheard things, but seeing the seriousness on the other’s face, he didn’t mishear it. Greg sipped at his coffee in slow motion and a quirked brow which made him even more cute.


“What do you mean you don’t know it?” Greg asked curiously. The question was met with silence and Greg could see that the younger man was nibbling on his lower lip. It was quite adorable.


“Mycroft, are you really telling me that you can’t figure it out?” Greg asked and it made the younger man blushed while he tried to defend himself.

“It’s not that I don’t know.. love is complicated and it’s sentiment hence why it is confusing!” He huffed and looked almost sadly down at his tea seconds later that it made Greg wanted to pull the younger man into a hug. In the end he settled with rubbing on Mycroft’s back. Greg probably the only person that could do this to Mycroft, giving the younger man comfort like this, after all Mycroft didn’t like touched like this. Not even from his mother.


“How ...does it feel?” Mycroft finally asked and bit his lower lips before he hid the named lower apricot lip behind the rim of the cup. Like this he could easier to look at Greg properly.


Greg smiled and shrugged quickly, “Well… It could be a small feeling you get in your gut at first. Like, maybe you just suddenly like spending time with the person. Or you find them attractive and sexy. The person became all you think about. You...enjoy spending time with them and you constantly get erections from thinking about them. Or you find them attractive and have sex and start to only want to do it with that person. Something like that.” The last two points where muffled behind the cup. They were silent again, both looking at each other and Mycroft was thinking, assessing all the information he got from Greg then suddenly it clicked, he was … in love and it been for months now.


“Love is confusing.” Mycroft stated again after the realization hit him and Greg finished the last drop of coffee down his throat before the plastic cup found its way to the next bin.


“It is confusing. It makes me feel out of control and I don’t like that.” Mycroft added and the two bodies just stood closer than before, not walking anywhere. Just standing there, in their own little world.


“So you are in love with ...whoever Anthea means?” Greg asked and forced himself to smile at the politician even if he wanted to punch the nearest wall. Mycroft couldn’t do much but nod. After all it wasn’t a lie.


“That and sex, sex ….is tiring and exhausting, one-sided and … uncontrolled. It ...hurts and it’s mostly exchanging bodily fluids. I’ve never enjoyed it.”

He must be kidding! He can’t mean it like this. How can he say it hurts? How can he say it is one-sided? What kind of bollocks touched him? He didn’t know what it feels like to be held in the lap of someone else just because they wanted to see him come?


Mycroft frowned at him when Greg just stayed silent for long. It just so many things were running through his mind over what Mycroft just said. The more he thought about it the more his blood boiled.

“M—Mycroft, you can’t control everything. And yes, love makes you feel slightly out of control and confused. But it’s worth it. The kissing, the cuddling, even the sex. It makes you feel closer to the person you love. And when you never enjoyed it, you did it with the wrong … person”


And this felt like a starting shot.


You did it with the wrong person.


Nothing more echoed in Mycroft’s brain. Oh yes, he was so sure about this. He never had butterflies in his gut and he never wanted the presence from someone very long even if they had sex. He wanted that they left him alone once they are done and he didn’t even know why he let it happen? Just because to please them? Why? He was maybe the smartest man in and around London but he couldn’t answer this questions till now.


And Greg? Greg had this soft puppy-ish expression, something between happiness and sadness. “But hey….you are in love and ...your number one man should wash away every bad experience you ever had and believe me we all had those experiences. So…” he shrugged again and looked back to the shop, still no life sign from Rudy. “ i said, I think Anthea called me because she’s worried. After all it’s a big deal when you fell for someone so...I’m truly sure she called so I shall check on your ‘jack of hearts’.”


“I wonder…” Mycroft said quietly as he looked at his now empty cup “This is something that ever occurred to me before, after all I always enjoy solitude and I just ignored this kind of feeling” He sighed then gathered his courage to look at Greg “But it seems I can’t keep burying it when I always looking forward meeting him and can’t control what my hands or mouth doing, he is someone who become such a dear to me…” He confessed to Greg. It was Mycroft’s way, always so subtle, to tell what he was feeling especially when it regarding Greg.


Greg stared into those blue eyes. Mycroft’s words just went straight to his ears and engraved in his mind. Did he mean…


“There you love birds are!” Just like that the spell was broken, the little bubble burst and the two men jumped a bit, quickly shuffled away from each other. Mycroft turned toward the voice and saw his uncle standing there with knowing grin. “Oh don’t tell me I disturbed you two. Bad Rudy. Bad.” he patted his own hand and moved quickly over to the now blushing men.


Damn why did he finish the measuring now?! Greg thought and slipped his hands into the pockets of his coat and, oh thanks God, cigs. He took one out of the package and lid it before he dragged. “Not love birds.” Greg explained to the approaching man. He didn’t want to make Mycroft feel uncomfortable with everything. Well the man was in love. Nice! Really. But he knew the politician well enough to understand that he would prefer to drop the topic.


Rudy who still had a big smile on his face, didn’t get why Greg, especially this man, appeared sadder now. “What is it Greggy my hunk? Why are you looking like 10 days of rain huh?” he asked and watched him dragging at his cigarette like some other person would play the guitar. It was pure sex.


Mycroft glanced at Greg, taking in the gloom expression of the detective. He knew the words he had said earlier must have bothered Greg in a way but now it made him wondered about things. Why would Greg got all sad with what he said.


“Are you done? We can head for lunch now?” Mycroft asked Rudy, distracting the man from asking too many question to Greg. There was no reason to make Greg uncomfortable or even sadder with the whole thing. It was a topic that Rudy didn’t need to know after all. Rudy raised his brow when he saw Mycroft already making his way toward the car. Greg was about to follow but Mycroft's uncle stopped him quickly with a press of his flat hand against his chest “oh Greg my gorgeous 30cm dream. What is it huh?” He asked while the DI stunned at all the nicknames Rudy had for him. Like a dictionary. “It’s ….nothin’! Just ...we had a talk about a phone call from Anthea and the topic. But it’s truly nothing and clearly something you should ask your nephew okay? I’m fine!” I’m lying!


And so Greg passed the man and followed Mycroft. Both left the not amused Rudy just like a puppy in the street ‘till he followed and all three made their way to lunch. Even during lunch, Rudy managed to make it uncomfortable, not just for Greg but for Mycroft. Rudy kept asking about Greg’s ex-wife, his measurements, his kinks. And Mycroft was busy with stuffing his uncle's mouth with food and apologizing to Greg for Rudy’s behavior. Greg on the other hand just tried to answer the older politician without really answering everything, he just didn’t want to seem rude for the man, after all if this man was Mycroft’s mentor then one word Greg could probably ended up in Antarctica. He didn’t want that.


“Uncle. Stop asking question, you are making Gregory uncomfortable.” Mycroft hissed under his breath toward his uncle while the older man just grinned and sipped his wine. “It’s fine My’ really!” The nickname made Rudy turned his attention to Greg. Did the inspector just called his beloved nephew with a nickname and said nephew didn’t complain? Yes Greg did that. Only Sherlock managed to get away with calling the ice man with nickname like that, sometimes Rudy but for someone outside the family to be so familiar like that. Oh that’s wonderful. And the word ‘My’ sounded perfect in the detective’s tongue, like a sign where Mycroft belonged to. Greg did not even notice that the simple word had slipped out from his mouth, it just all familiar.


“To answer your previous question. I soft hands and ...Ehm, blue eyes. I love blue eyes. I have no idea why someone would like brown one really!” Greg chuckled joyful as he answered it “I love good suits…” he added and now noticed what he said. Damn it!


Rudy smirked and patted the strong shoulder of Greg with a knowingly grin. “Oh tell me more my hunk. Pinstripes? Light grey? With my lovely nephew in it? I mean he looks so good in those suit, don’t you agree?”


And Mycroft had the feeling that his heart pumped like a sledgehammer. The words that left Greg’s mouth was like a confession. It didn’t need a genius to deduce who Greg was talking or at least describing about. Rudy had asked what type of men Greg like and the detective had answered like that, describing someone that nearly screamed ‘Mycroft’. It was hard to believe that Greg would do such thing, Mycroft was sure a man like Gregory Lestrade would have no interest in him.


“God just let him be uncle...” Mycroft whined when Rudy asked another question and the older politician just tried to shut him up while waiting for Greg’s answer. Mycroft just wanted for this whole ordeal to be done. In a way, this was a huge pressure for him and for Greg as well. At least he thought so, one wrong answer and everything could take matter to a worse direction. It was something that Mycroft didn’t want to happen. The only thing that Mycroft wanted right now was to have his conversation with Gregory. Their usual conversation. Their Tuesday meeting without anyone, or in this case Rudy, joining them. But the universe had its own plan by bringing Rudy into it. The older politician currently working hard to drag Mycroft and Greg from their comfort zone of admiring the other from distance to be together with all force. To show them what was actually in front of them and finally admitting what they truly feel.


Greg could feel his cheeks went a bit red at the question. It looked like that Rudy had caught them red handed with all his admiring of Mycroft in suit or at least reading his mind. He knew the older man couldn’t read mind, no one could, but right now Rudy just like his inner self materialized and just said things that always in his minds. Of course Greg loved seeing Mycroft in suit especially in dark pinstripes. Greg stole a quick look at Mycroft, taking the sight of the younger man wearing a dark navy suit. It one of his favourite, it brought the younger man’s eyes even more. When Rudy saw the gaze from the silver haired man he just smirked. Oh how these two are so blind!


“I take your silence as an agreement then?” Greg could hear the teasing tone from Rudy and it brought him back to reality. He quickly looked back at the politician and when he saw the glint on Rudy’s eyes he knew he had been found by the older man. “Anyway lovebirds. How about we catch a cake now to go and have some champagne on the limo? I’m sure my baby boy had a lot of work to do once home and you, Greggie my huge Alpha wolf, you really need to skip the date with my baby. The signature date I mean!” He added the last word when Rudy noticed that Greg and also Mycroft got nervous at the idea of cancelling their ‘signature appointment, or maybe it was the word ‘date’ that made both so overly nervous. Who knows.


Before anyone could say no, the politician, all loud and shrill, snapped his fingers and ordered two slices of chocolate cake and one of red velvet before he let it wrap up and paid the bill. Greg tried. He really tried to pay for himself but it was like an unwritten rule that every Holmes, except Sherlock, wanted to save his money.


“I’m the one who invited you Greggie, dear. So why don’t you save up your money for when you asked my baby for a dinner?” Rudy said with a wink as he handed the waiter his card while Greg just sat there mouth agape and Mycroft hiding his face behind his palm yet again. And for some odd reasons Greg thought it would be better to not say a word anymore. He tried to catch Mycroft's gaze from time to time but the moments passed away like seconds and he felt like a teenager again.


After the waiter dropped the box with the cake and smiled politely when Rudy gave them a huge tip, the trio made their way to the limousine. Still waiting in front of the door. At some point Greg decided to ask Rudy for a drink once in the car. Maybe a brandy? Or a cocktail? Or perhaps that bottle of champagne.


“Wait I will…” Greg said quickly when the limo stopped by front of them and he opened the door for Mycroft with a smile. This was nothing new. He did it since weeks! Months even. Office door, car door, coffee shop door, who cared but in a way after this ‘date’ it has another meaning. This very gesture always replied with a soft smile from the younger man. It was a routine between them and Rudy enjoyed watching how this ordinary inspector managed to make his nephew’s smile genuinely. Even during lunch earlier when Rudy didn’t harass Greg with questions, the inspector took good care of Mycroft. He made sure that Mycroft ate and offered few bits from his own plate, usually something that Mycroft like. The inspector even helped to choose which meal that Mycroft should eat and would like. It’s like they were already a couple without them knowing but when Rudy pointed it out everything burst.


And so he deduced he would let it be for now. After all he believed that his beloved Mycie would know why he was acting like this for the whole time. At least Rudy hoped. After Mycroft slipped into the car, Greg followed suit, quickly out himself near Mycroft in protective manner. Once the door closed and the car making its way, Greg was greeted by a smirking Rudy and a loud ‘pop’ from a champagne bottle. “Greggie you owe me a click of glasses. At least for once!” Rudy said and yes also this was a part of his plan. This detective was nice and handsome and hunky and utterly….shy! He just needed a some Armand de Brignac Gold Jeroboam to relax and he would good to go.


“Uncle. It still office hour” Mycroft chided after he took a quick look to his pocket watched. 2 p.m.


“Do relax Mycie baby! I already told your assistant to make sure your inspector doesn’t need to be back in the office after this so he is good to drink!” Rudy said as he poured the champagne full into two flute and handed one to Greg who just took it without much protest and swallowed it after the cheered to Rudy. Oh this was good. He needed to relax more. He needed to stand the fact how good Mycroft was looking in his suit. How good he smell. Everything, the slightest movement of fingertips should be illegal at him and yet Greg was banned to see it every day of his life. But after four glasses of such an expensive champagne, it was easier. Easier to let himself admire Mycroft in the open and let his fingers gently running against Mycroft’s own. Just little touches like that while the three of them talk and made their way toward Mycroft’s place.


But after every high, there was a fall. When the car stopped Greg felt his blood freeze at the spot and all the alcohol went out of his body. “There we gooohooooo lovebirds. Greggie baby do be a favor and help my Mycie into his jacket. I will go in already. Telephone conference with some hot hunk. Knowing them from jocksandcock. You need to check their website out, great men!” He patted Greg’s shoulder. More of a swat, before he opened the door and moved out, letting himself inside the house with his own security card.


Mycroft huffed when he watched his uncle and got out followed with Greg. Just like usual, the inspector walked the politician to the front of his door. Not talking about what had happen throughout the day or what was right in front of them. The elephant in the room. Mycroft stopped right front of his door, not quite opening it just yet while his mind thinking about all the possibilities. He needed some answer. Some signs and he needed them now. He turned around facing Greg, making the older man startled when he saw the serious expression on the younger man.

“I don’t believe you.”

Greg raised his eyebrows when he heard the sudden statement and. “Excuse me?” Mycroft appeared shy suddenly. Nearly out of words and yet he knew what to say. “I don’t believe you,” Mycroft repeated. “What said before. Kissing, cuddling, and sex are all horrible.” his voice dropped to a whisper. Body screamed lie lie lie! Oh how wonderful it would be with Greg. He was sure. His body was sure but his mind just wanted to tell otherwise.

Greg snorted nearly and rubbed his nose absently “Mycroft Holmes, you haven’t been kissed by the right people. Same as sex. Just saying.” he hummed and licked his lips while Mycroft just shook his head then looked up at Greg all deviant. “Fine...” The DI hummed and slipped his fingers into his coat. It was cold, February, and he was tipsy enough from all the champagne that Rudy kept pouring him in the limousine. That man needed to be separated from alcohol for good. Greg stood there, watching Mycroft while his mind ran through all the possibilities. What can happen? Maybe a slap. And so he stepped closer, right into Mycroft’s comfort zone, personal space.

“Gregory, what are you doing?”

“For once in your life, Mycroft, shut up.”

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Mycroft’s. It was soft, and wet, and... and nice. Slow. It was wonderful. It was like the first rain in August. It was a gentle kiss and supposed to be short, that was what Greg thought, but as he about to pull backward, Mycroft returned the kiss, pressing back. At the response Greg quickly went to cup the auburn’s head and kept the other still while he leaned even more, deepening the kiss. He felt Mycroft’s hand went to his coat, pulling him closer.

Greg smiled and kissed back, waiting a few seconds before licking Mycroft’s lip again. This time Mycroft opened his mouth and Greg’s tongue darted inside. The sudden taste of Greg, something Mycroft had dreamed about a lot, was overwhelming and Mycroft felt a groan in the back of his throat. Greg chuckled and Mycroft clamped his lips shut.

“You’re laughing at me,” Mycroft whispered without opening his eyes, just pulling a bit away from those wonderful lips. Greg hand was still cradling his head and he couldn’t help but leaning to the rough hand.

“I am not,” Greg whispered back and let lips hover over the other. “I was... it is nice, Mycroft. I got you to make that noise, that means you liked it...even if…” even if you are in love with someone else! Fuck!


At the realization Greg stopped what he was doing! God Mycroft must feel so uncomfortable.

I’m ….I’m sorry!” The DI said and pulled back a bit but Mycroft’s hold on his jacket stopped him from going further back. “Damn. I’m sorry that ...I’m ...god your uncle gave me to much champagne earlier…”


“You didn’t mean it?” Mycroft asked quietly, a frown slowly showing on his forehead when he heard Greg.


“That’s …” he shook his head and moved his hand to dig into the bows of Mycroft's arms “That’s not….no! No I are in love with someone. You said it and I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable just because I try to be a smart aleck you know?” Greg chuckled and tilted his head. In a way it wasn’t so hard right now. He thought, when he ever would dare to kiss Mycroft, to be maybe, rejected, it would be harder. “I need to check him. I won’t let you date him without a check, you know that right?”


“Ask me a question.” Mycroft said when he heard Greg. He knew the older man could be slow but to be this slow, he didn’t think about it. “I know you want to ask me a question. So ask it.” He said while he looked at Greg right on the eye with his cheeks all red. Mycroft swore his heart beating faster than before as he waited for Greg to finally see.


“What is a jockstrap?” Greg started to smile and bit his lower lip. God it was the alcohol and yet he was so fucking sober.


Well it was something I didn’t anticipated. Mycroft blinked few times when he heard the question and regarded Greg with a raised brow. Are you serious?


“I am. Stop looking at me like that. What is it?” Greg asked and Mycroft just sighed. He couldn’t believe this man. He feel for this goofy man.


“It is an undergarment, protect the genital area only.” Mycroft answered, cheeks all rosy than before while Greg just responded with a ‘hmmm…’ while he looked up the lamp above them. His hand slowly going to Mycroft’s back.


“I see…”


“I can’t believe you used that to ask about jockstrap.


“I just wanted to know if I need to wear this when I ask you for a date. this a ‘must have’ to ask you out or will your uncle allow it without? Thought my butt is nice enough. And I fucking know what it is Mycroft. I was handsome during university. I had my experiences with men too. “


And then it was out. Greg asked for a date. He truly did, and during the most romantic moment someone could imagine. Mycroft blushed even harder when he heard Greg. He didn’t even protest when the older man pulled him closer, making them only inches apart.


“I don’t recall you need my uncle’s permission for a date with me.” He mumbled quietly while he looked at the spot behind Greg’s head. His fingers fumbled with Greg’s coat while the older man waited for the answer.


“I’m ...not sure. I should ask him I think. But it seems he likes me. Well….part of me..” Greg chuckled and found himself watching the man in his arms with foggy eyes. This was slow and it needed to be slow. For both. And when he wanted to say something to comfort Mycroft even more, the light in front of the door get off and on and off and on. Something only parent do when their children standing in front of their door for a goodnight kiss. The DI raised his brow and chuckled “ seems like...your uncle wants to have talk with you.” He hummed and looked into the Azur blue eye of Mycroft.


Greg could hear a huff from the younger man when the light still going on and off and on. “Honest to god. I should apologize for his behaviour again.” He said as he looked at Greg and this time there was a fond look on those blue eyes “Why don’t you pick a day and time for this… date of yours. I will try to clear my schedule for you.” Mycroft said and his suggestion was greeted with the widest boyish grin he ever seen from the older man.

“Deal. You should clear your schedule this Friday night. Oh and should say this other man, whoever you have a crush on, I will kick his ass.” Greg said, not willing to let Mycroft went inside. They just stood there looking at each other eyes. The lights still went on and off again and now it was added with knock on the door from inside.


“I guess I need to go inside now” Mycroft whispered


“I know. But no.”


“You need to let me go”


“I know...still no.”




“Mycroft….” The younger man rolled his eyes at how silly Greg could be when he put his mind to it. The knocks got even louder and more persistent, Greg just sighed and shook his head.


“You are still my 4am thoughts.” Greg whispered as he leaned down, cupping Mycroft’s face in his hand.


“I know”


“Dream of me?” Mycroft chuckled at that and nodded. He smiled when he felt Greg’s lips pressed against his again. Twice in one night. He automatically closed his eyes as he memorized this feeling into his mind.


It was the exact moment when Rudy opened the door. Maybe he was shameless and a sex addict but he was also very traditional. “Enough now! Greggie stop devouring my baby like he would be a lollipop. Ask him out and after the third date maybe you get a grab on his perky ass.” Rudy said and pulled Mycroft out of Greg embrace, leaving the DI with a whimper and a whine. Not just the DI.


“Shoo shoo now Greggie and check out of a table in the best restaurant in town. And moved your hips when you leave the property please!” Every excitement burst right in this moment. But in a lovely way. And just like that Mycroft was pulled inside and the door was shut front of Greg who was still too stunt about what just happened.


One moment he was kissing Mycroft Holmes and the second he was left alone on the porch in cold February afternoon with an order to book restaurant for a date with Mycroft Holmes. He had a date with Mycroft Holmes this Friday.


Fuck. He had three days to prepare for this date and he didn’t know where to start, Greg thought but couldn’t help to chuckle. He looked one more time at the door before he closed his coat and made his way into the cold night of London.


While Rudy, Rudy was smirking at his nephew and poked his nose gently. “Oh look at you! You shine like a lamp my boy!” He teased the British Government and pinched his cheek while Mycroft just huffed and wanted nothing more than to be outside again, with Gregory. Continued what they started even if he knew it was a perfect ending for the day. As always his uncle was right. He did end up with a date.


When you meet your person, trust me, you will know. So please my dear, do not settle for less...