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If You Don't Bend, You'll Break

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Ned had hoped that Jon would take after House Stark, and not after the unnatural line of the Targaryens. So far, no one suspected anything, and there was no reason for anyone to. Ned hoped he would keep the secret to his grave, but this morning, he came into his solar to find Cat sitting uncomfortably with Jon.

“Hello, my Lady,” Ned greeted as he took his seat behind his desk. “Jon.”

Cat spoke before Jon, “Jon just presented as a submissive. I found him here waiting for you.” She obviously was displeased at Jon’s presumption to come find Lord Stark, who had many lordly duties to attend to. Ned paused. He looked over at where Jon sat, head bowed. Cat obviously dislike the situation, but as the Lady of House Stark, a switch as any lady of a noble house should be, she was still compelled to care for the subs under her protection.

Ned signed. His life was about to get significantly more complicated, and he only hoped Cat would forgive him. “Cat, Jon, I’m about to tell you something that will never leave this solar.” He looked very pointedly at each of them. “You are both to act as if you never gained this information.” Cat looked concerned, and side-eyed Jon, obviously believing he had no part in what Ned was planning to reveal. “Jon’s mother was,” Cat’s breath hitched; Jon’s eyes widened, both of them surprised that this was what Lord Stark was choosing to reveal, “Lyanna.” Both of them were shocked, expecting anyone but that. “Prince Rhaegar raped her, and she gave birth to Jon, charging me with his safety before dying shortly thereafter.”

Neither Jon nor Cat responded, so Ned continued, “I thought it best for everyone to assume Jon was my son. I hoped he would be safe, but now that he has presented as submissive, not only will that call into question the honor of House Stark, but some might look a bit too closely.” Cat nodded. Jon seemed to be stuck at the revelation of his parents, but was following.

“What will we do, then?” asked Cat, speaking in a non-hostile manner for the first time around Jon. Cat and Ned looked over to Jon, studying him for a moment.

“I don’t want to cause any extra trouble,” Jon said after a moment, uncomfortable with the attention of both the Lord and Lady of House Stark.

“We cannot leave this alone, Ned.” Cat turned for fully to face Jon. She spoke to him directly. “Jon, I realize it was awful to treat you as I have, but now, we need to ensure no one ever knows who you truly are. The Targaryens were known for being a very strong submissive line, able to withstand the dominance of the most powerful houses, giving them great power during their time as rulers. We mustn’t let anyone know that you are a sub. House Stark has never had a male submissive in its line, so people will question your parentage much more than before.” Ned nodded, glad Cat had jumped on board so quickly. He had hoped the revelation would ease some of the tension between Cat and Jon. Cat seemed to be taking everything in stride, taking charge of the situation with the ease of a highborn lady; Jon, however, still looked tense, unsure of this dramatic change in Cat.

“I had planned for this possibility in hope that we wouldn’t have to use these plans, but it appears we must,” Ned began. Cat turned back to Ned; Jon kept his head down. “Jon, I would like you to train with Cat and I to resist any dominant commands from doms or switches. This will ensure that doms and switches will not take advantage of you, and that you will not act like a sub anywhere that someone might see. Not only that, but if you must get away and drop or spend time as a submissive, feel free to come into the solar to get privacy to do what you must. I will likely not always be here, but I trust Cat to start you on some of the more basic concerns.” Jon looked up.

“Yes,” Cat agreed, seeing the sense in the plan. “That would be the best way to keep this a secret without harming Jon.” Jon’s head swiveled over to Cat, surprised that she agreed so easily.

“Very well,” Ned responded. “Jon, do you have any questions or concerns?”

“Not at the moment, my Lord,” he moved his gaze back down to the floor in front of him.

Cat glanced over, seeing the boy for the first time with her shroud of contempt.

 It was somehow easier to deal with Lady Catelyn’s harsh comments and dismissive tendencies when Jon was able to retreat to Lord Stark’s solar and get praise later. On the surface, not much had changed between Lady Catelyn and Jon, but 3 evenings a week Jon and Lady Catelyn met. Lady Catelyn taught him the basics of his dynamic and the other dynamics. Once he learned this, they practiced his control over his submissive urges. Only one in three of those evenings, Lord Eddard joined them, making additional comments about Jon’s progress and exerting pressure against Jon’s attempts to resist domination.

At the beginning, Jon spent most evenings in the solar. He dropped to his knees quickly at the first stern look from Lady Catelyn or Lord Eddard. But eventually he was able to spend entire sessions with Lady Catelyn and most of the sessions with Lord Eddard without submitting.

Lady Catelyn taught Jon about how he would need to drop deeply at least once a month, or somewhat regularly if it wasn’t a deep drop, in order to keep himself healthy and capable of resisting doms. Doms only looked to take pleasure from subs, so it was important for him to understand how to resist the urge to give in.

However, most days he came to submit were spent with him on his knees beside Lady Catelyn, basking in attention he had never gotten before.

Jon did well resisting the casual dominance that could normally be found around Winterfell. Soon, he was practicing his own acts of “dominance” alongside Robb, who had yet to present.