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Coming Home (Balex)

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“You like that baby?” the blonde asked just seconds before kissing her partners neck again but this time getting a little rougher

“I love it” alex started to moan softy

“mmm, good” the blonde smirked and bit down on her neck a little, Alex moaned a little more, The blonde went on to stroke her sides for a few minutes before she slowly moved her hand down to her thighs and stroked her left thigh slowly

Alex moaned louder ad bit her lip with a soft smile “I love you a lot... I know your still mad at me but i'm really sorry that I killed Serena, It was an accident I swear baby”

“shush,” the blonde paused and kissed her to shut her up “I forgive you, lets enjoy our time together” she smiled and spoke softly, alex nodded

“Yes baby”

Bernie smiled kissing her neck more rougher then before and rubbed her thighs more faster, This time alex moaned then before

“Mmm, baby your so hot and sweaty already” she smirked

Alex giggled “you make me hot and sweaty”

“Im glad” she smirked as she slowly slipped her hand into her partners trousers and down her pants , before teasing her pussy

“You are such a tease, you do know that right?”

“mm, i'm not” she smirked again

“you so are”

“ive just missed you so much that's all” the blonde winked

“I missed you to baby”

“im gonna show you just how much”

“a lot?”

“Oh yes”

alex smirked more sexually hearing her

“You'll be cumming for hours”

“Oh really?”

“Oh yeah”

Alex bit her lip more sexually as Bernie continued to tease her pussy more faster, the brunette moaned Bernie's name, The blonde smirked more making her wet

“Mmm, Im wet”

“how wet?”

“Really wet”

“Mmm, well it looks like my work is almost complete,” the blonde giggled watching Alex giggle more, and giggled herself before the blonde pushed a finger inside her, the brunette moaned even louder, Bernie nibbled her ear as she started to finger her partner softly.Alex closed her eyes to enjoy Bernies touch that she had missed.

Bernie fingered her softly as she kissed her neck more roughly and undressed her, with each minute the blonde would finger her faster, the brunette moaned out Bernies name again

“Mmm such a moaner”

“Oh I so am”

“I wonder who made you that way?”

“Oh , that would be you”

“Oh I don't think it was” she smirked teasing her more and added another finger inside her

“Ohh, fuck”

“mmm what sexy?”

“It just feels so good”

“I'm glad it does babe” the blonde took her fingers out from inside of her partner and licked them “mmm you taste so good”

Alex smirked watching her “oh I know, you always come back to me for more”

Bernie smiled and pulled down her own army trousers and pants at the same time

“Mmm you horny little devil”

“We're the same hight you plonker... You really love it anyway”

“We so are”

The blonde made alex comfortable before she went down on her and started to lick her out slowly, The brunette held the back of Bernie's head and pushed it down gently , the blonde smirked and licked her harder and a little faster. Within moments of Bernie doing this Alex could feel herself build , the Blonde carried on licking her out roughly and soon pushed her tongue inside flicking it about a little.

Alex grabbed a handful of Bernie's hair while moaning in pleasure not wanting her to stop. The Blonde licked her out for a good while before she pushed her two fingers back insider her more deeper which made Alex legs shake like she couldn't hold on any longer

“Its coming baby”

“Mm baby let it”

Alex soon came and the blonde felt it hit her fingers so she took them out and sucked on them again “mmm naughty”

Alex was breathing deeply as she kept cumming hard, when Alex got her breathing back under control, she looked at her partner and smirked “Happy now?”

“I sure am, I love it when you cum”

“You sure do baby, that's why I love you too much”

Bernie smiled softly before she sent back down on her licking up all the cum, she smirked looking up at her “shag me baby”

Alex smirked and pulled the blonde on top of her holding her close , the blonde cuddled in and looked up at her partner having changed her mind

“Babe.. I know I just said that I want you to shag me but can we just stay like this for a while? I'm sorry..”

The brunette smiled softly and stroked her hair “hey, course we can, your tired from your flight and us having that fight didn't help, why don't you get some sleep?”

The blonde yawned and nodded “I'm so sorry I know you wer looking forward to it”

“Hey, babe listen, we've got plenty of time to have sex okay”

Bernie nodded again still feeling guilty for ruining the mood “but I’ve ruined it…”

“No you haven’t baby ,okay, you haven’t ruined anything I can assure you that everything is going to be fine”

The blonde laid her head down on Alex’s chest after picking up the scarf and holding it in her hand as she got comfortable, she slowly closed her eyes, Alex smiled watched her and put the blanket over them so that Bernie wouldn’t get cold. Alex watched her stroking her hair softly knowing it would help her sleep.

As it had been 3 hours since the blonde had fallen asleep and now also Alex who had fallen asleep a few minutes after her, held onto Serena's scarf tighter, she started to twitch as she suddenly beginning to have a nightmare about the night Serena got shot. Bernie was trying to sleep through it but had dropped the scarf and soon started to sweat.

“Nooooo!” The blonde shouted in her sleep which made her wake up, she quickly sat up with tears running down her face and breathing heavily. The brunette also woke and sat the state Bernie was in, she rubbed her shoulders softly

“Hey it’s okay it’s just a bad dream, your okay, your safe”

“It was about Serena..” the blonde spoke while trying to get her breathing back under control