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Coming Home (Balex)

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The Two army soldiers who was sat in the back with Bernie jumped down and got her out of the jeep, Guy looked down at the stretcher smiling at Bernie "ah the famous Major Wolfe, I'm guy Self and this Is Oliver Valentine" he said pointing to Ollie.

Ollie looked at his watch wanting to know what time it was, it was 12:00pm

Bernie gave a slight nod "with all due respect I would like to get back out to Afghanistan as quickly as possible, my friends need me out there" Bernie spoke as the wheeled her into the building

"Mrs Wolfe , your at risk of being paralysed" Guy said as the soldiers lifted her on the bed , she soon was laying in the middle of the bed still wearing the neck brace, she could just manage to look around the room.

Bernie brought herself to look at Guy before speaking "I'd rather be dead then paralysed"

Guy Sighed hearing what Bernie had to say, before speaking again "but I can guarantee with this operation we could have you back on your feet in no time"

Bernie looked at them knowing something was going on between them, Guy and Ollie left the room to discuss the operation and also to give Bernie some time to think about if she wanted the operation.

With Alex arriving at St. James the other two soldiers got Alex out of the jeep and wheeled her into the hospital where she was immediately taken to the operation room and started to operate on her to stop the bleeding. Once they stopped the bleeding they took Alex to the ICU where she would stay until she was ready to move onto another ward.

Bernie had a bit of waiting to do until she was taken down to the operation room, Bernie sighed looking around her room and thought about Alex if she would ever see her again as she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her, she sighed while she waited.

Marcus had gotten the call about his wife being rushed into the hospital , he quickly got to the hospital and wondered around the building until he finally found the ward that Bernie was on and entered her room, he saw his wife lying there in the hospital bed.

He gave her a small smile before asking what had happened, Bernie looked at him unsure what to say as this was the first time she had seen her husband after five years as she had refused to come home when the tours had ended as she hated leaving Alex on her own.

While she was looking at her husband she felt guilty about the affair and wanted to come clean , she looked at him "oh the army jeep went over a landmine" she said watching his movements

As the time went on Marcus was telling Bernie the things she had missed, but she wasn't listening as he always would ramble on. The only person who she would listen to was Alex

It was now 2:30pm when Guy and Ollie came back into the room

"There's A free spot in theatre if you would like to go now?"

Bernie's eyes wandered around the room still thinking about if she wanted the operation before finally making a final decision "yes I'll take it" she said removing her wedding ring and giving it to Marcus "I guess I'll see you on the other side" she said looking at him as he stroked her head before kissing it, she gave a little smile

Guy and Ollie pushed the bed out of the room and down to the theatre where Ollie had put Bernie to sleep.

Guy had started to operate on her legs for a while before letting Ollie operate on her neck to stop the risk of her being paralysed any further, a few hours later the operation was a successful the two men scrubbed out and took Bernie back up to her room.

Bernie was asleep peacefully, nobody knew when she was going to wake up, Marcus was outside in the waiting area as he thought it was best If the nurses and doctors needed to get to Bernie in case anything happened.

A few hours later it was now 4 hours later when Bernie finally woke up from her op, she slowly opened her eyes taking a look around and heard a knock on door to her room, Serena opened it slightly “Is it okay for me to come in?” she asked seeing the blonde and had a feeling that she had just came round from her operation

The blonde smiled a little giving Serena a gentle nod “Please don't tell my husband that I've just woke up”

Serena smiled “Hey course I won't”

the blonde smiled at the brunette before asking her a question “may I ask who you are?”
The brunette nodded “Serena Campbell , Consultant of the AAU, Sorry about not meeting you when you first arrived here And You are?”

“Major Bernie Wolfe” The blonde replied with a small nod

“British Army or?” the brunette asked

“Oh the British Army, worked there for more than 10 years, worked up the the ladder to get to the major position”

“Wow you must certainly like to serve our country?”

“Not really.. I only stayed for one or two ... I mean I only stayed for my friends”

“Oh I see” the brunette smiled again and checked her file before putting it back down, The blonde army major watched her carefully

“Do you mind if I give you a quick examination?” Asked the brunette

“No course not, you go for it” the blonde replied softly, who was still watching the consultants movements , it was like she slowly starting to fall in love with her, But was fighting the feeling of it.

The consultant started to examine her, she her little touch in the blondes eyes just to see if there was any damage “There’s no damage to your eyesight which is a good thing” Serena said softly “I’ve got to do a quick test on your legs, let me know if it hurts”

Bernie gave Serena a smile “I’m sure a girl like you wouldn’t” the blonde spoke softly letting Serena carry out the rest of the examination. Serena gently lifted the blondes right leg up just to see if the Blonde felt any pain in her legs, as Serena was doing this the blonde flinched a little “Ow” she said quietly , Serena stopped and looked at her

“Sorry did i hurt you?”

“Only a little it hurt when you bent it..”

“What pain was it? I mean how did it feel like?”

“It felt like pins and needles and a sharp stabbing pain”

“That's fine that should go soon if it doesn’t then we can give you some painkillers to help with the pain” Serena said with a smile

Two months later, Bernie was still in hospital but she was making progress as she had taken up physical therapy to help get the muscles back in her legs, she had never gone to her sessions alone as Serena had always companed her making sure she had the support she needed and allowed the two them to get to know each other more.