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Meeting in Maine, Again

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Angel has once again made his way to Maine. This time he's driving up the coast with Cordelia, who is making her too rare visits back down to Earth.

"Why are we here, again? I mean, the place is beautiful, but this is not exactly the type of romantic getaway I'd choose."
Angel smiles. "I made a friend from here a few years ago. Well, not *here*, but in Maine. I wanna see if he made it. Also, this town ? Superweird. Lots of weird stuff happening. At least, until recently."

"So, is this some kind of case thing? Because I am a very busy higher power, I don't do these cases anymore. We're supposed to be vacationing. And where and how did you meet this person? Because, your friend-making skills leave something to be desired."

"It was at a motel bar." Cordelia makes a 'uuuh' sound and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. Angel laughs. "Oh, please. He's as terrible at flirting as I am. Maybe even worse."

"So, there was flirting?" Cordelia asks teasingly.

"Not really."

"I can buy that. I still remember D'Oblique. You have the type of look, that people just assume you're flirting, even when you are just trying to figure out if demons want to eat them.

"I..I-I'm not that bad." Cordelia just gives him a look that says 'yes, you are'. "I mean, OK, that's what kinda happened. There was something off about him, I tried to figure out what it is, then he complimented me but said he's not doing that. I actually met him when he was getting beat up for money."

"What nice friends you have you. Can't wait to meet him!"

"Lay off the sarcasm, Cordelia. He was messed up. He had fucked up and trying to deal with that. But I think he might be better now, considering this town's condition. Besides, as far as vacationing, this place is so north it's a lot easier for me to move around. Darkness lasts longer."

"Fine. I'll meet your friend. How did you end up in California in the first place, then?"

"I like the idea of the sun."

"Babe, you have issues.

"You've always known that."


The arrive in Haven, and after some searching find their way to their B&B. Even though it's still afternoon, it's already dark enough for Angel, so they decide to start walking around town. It really is quite pretty, although when you've dealt with a couple of apocalypses yourself, you can see the hints of rebuilding around town.

"Ah, the police station!" Angel says, a bit too loudly and enthusiastically.

"Yes, a lot of town's have those. Is this about your friend? Is he a cop?"

"He didn't say, but he had that cop legacy stuff hanging all over him. Kinda like Kate."

"Lots of daddy issues, got it. Do you even know his last name?"

"...No. But he's a small town legacy cop, I'm sure I'll find him."

"Couldn't that wait a bit? Some of us still need to eat. The brochure recommended a couple of restaurants. Hopefully that means they're actually functioning. We could look for your buddy tomorrow. There's no rush, is there?"

Cordelia gives him her most charming smile, and Angel can't help but smile back. "Sure. Let's go eat."

They find a seaside restaurant The Grey Gull. It looks like it has suffered a lot recently, but it's open and the view is amazing. After they've gotten their food, which is delicious, Cordelia is a bit less grumpy and her curiosity starts to awaken.

"So, this has been a nice evening. And I can totally see the whole post-apocalypse type thing going on here. What did your friend tell you about what was going on?"

"So, he called them The Troubles. People getting supernatural abilities, from what I gathered from him and some research, they weren't very nice ones. Nathan's was that he couldn't feel anything physically. They were cyclical things, although I don't remember hearing about them when I've been in Maine. But it sounded interesting and I wanna know more about this. It might be useful. They were or are probably not just local. He said they had wendigos, so there's probably lots of mythology overlap. Would be cool to know more."

Cordelia smirks at Angel. "Angel, are you a secret nerd?"

"Kinda. Why do you think I read all the time and know all those languages?"

"One, because you're old, so you had time. Two, reading let you hide your brooding sometimes." Her words might sound harsh but they are said with love. Angel leans over the table to kiss her.

"I've missed you so much."

"You don't have to miss me for a while," Cordy's voice is low and husky.

"Let's go back to our room. I can nerd out tomorrow."

"I look forward to both things. You know you're my favorite dork."

"You're my favorite everything."

"You're so corny." It's Cordy's turn to pull Angel into a kiss.

They leave the restaurant and walk hand in hand back to their B&B.

Little do they know that their conversation at the Grey Gull was not completely private.

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It's not actually that late when Nathan gets the call mut he and Paige are already sleeping anyway. Nathan groggily answers the call without checking the caller. He can feel Paige wake up behind his back, worrying whether Nathan is needed at the station.

"Wuornos," Nathan answers while rubbing at his eyes.

"Nathan, it's Gloria. Where you already sleeping?"

"Long day. What's up?"

"A couple came to the Gull today. Nora was serving them and heard them talk about The Troubles."

Nathan feels his body turn cold and he sits up, trying to keep his panic at bay, "What?"

"According to Nora, it sounded like they knew what they were. They also mentioned you."

"Me?" Nathan's still sleepy brain is trying to make sense of that. Then it hits him. "What did he look like?"

"Let's see what Nora wrote down. 'Dark, spikey hair, mid/late 20s, picky eater'. Not sure about that last bit."

"I do. He's a vampire."

"A what? We never had any of those."

"No, he's an actual vampire. His name is Angel. I met him post-Barn. I told him about the Troubles."

"Nathan, you shouldn't have." There is disapproval in Gloria's voice that reminds Nathan of being a curious 10 year old hanging out at the morgue. He buries his hand in his hair and sighs.

"I know. But he was supernatural, too, and I didn't think there would be harm. I didn't think, period. Do you know where they are staying?"

"Where else but Over the Way? They might come back here, the woman liked the food and they argued about the tip before they left. I'll be at the restaurant tomorrow and will give you are call if they show up."


"So... You know a vampire?" is the only thing Paige asks at first. With everything she now knows of herself, she takes these things in stride but it's still a bit weird.

Nathan lays back on the bed and turns on to look at Paige.

"Yeah. When you were in the Barn, I was run out of Haven. I still stayed in Maine and one night this guy realized there was something off about me so I told him. He told me he's a vampire and proved it too. Maybe I said something to him about meeting again but I don't remember."

"So, we're eating at the Gull tomorrow?"


"Good, neither one of us has to cook, then."

Nathan smiles at Paige, kisses her nose and cuddles against her as they both go to sleep again.


The next day is mostly uneventful and Nathan doesn't here from Gloria about Angel and woman he's with, and he doesn't feel like it's a big enough issue to actually go to Over the Way and ask about them. He does occasionally fall in to thoughts throughout the day, wondering why Angel is here and how he thought to find Nathan. He also knows that Angel won't be out and open until daylight is gone so he should just stop worrying about this. The Troubles are gone. There's no proof of them left so it's not like anything awful will come of this. Angel has his own secrets to keep.

When Nathan goes home at 4pm, it's already dark but there's been no developments. Nathan briefly wonders about what he'd do if he had to stay inside all day until it's dark. His Trouble was limiting in a lot of ways, but he managed to function almost normally with it.

When he gets home, he finds James dressed up as a tiny Dracula. He runs into his father's arms excitedly and Nathan first feigns terror before James takes off his fake teeth and Nathan picks James up before giving him a kiss. "I love you." He tells James that every day and he will continue doing that until his last day on Earth.

Around 6pm, they decide it's dinner time and even though they still haven't heard about Angel, this was they plan and they'll stick with it.

During dinner Nathan constantly keeps an eye on the crowd, trying to spot Angel. But that doesn't mean he's bad company, because he still listens to Paige tell about her day (she's teaching 8th graders right now) and Nathan talks a bit about his meeting with Angel. S very edited version because James is with them. Although luckily James is more interested in his food than on his parents.

After James is close to falling asleep, they decide it's time to go home. The Gull's upstairs was destroyed and hasn't been rebuild into an apartment yet which Nathan is kinda sad about. It would have been nice to stay there after dinner but instead they need to drive home.

Nathan is carrying a sleeping James in his arms walking to his car with Paige by his side when he hears someone call his name. He looks up and it's Angel, holding hands with a beautiful woman with long dark hair.

"Angel," he says a bit too loudly for James' ears who wiggles restlessly in his arms. He kisses him at the top of the head before Paige takes him from his arms and finishes the walk to the car, leaving Nathan alone with Angel and the woman.

"I'm Cordelia Chase. Angel is something approaching my husband," the woman says as she holds out her hand.

"Oh, congrats." Nathan says and takes her hand. There is something different in her touch but Nathan has no idea what. He's mostly adjusted to having all of his senses again but still sometimes things affect him differently.

"Nice to meet you Nathan. I'll go order already, and you can talk." Cordelia disappears from the parking lot into the Gull and then it's just Nathan and Angel.

There is a short silence before neither one of them speaks.

"So, you came to Haven to meet me? I didn't think you actually would. That's cool."

"Yeah, I really wanted to find out more about this place. It seemed interesting. Like maybe there's a Hellmouth or something here."

Nathan just raises his eyebrow in confusion and then continues, "I need to take my family home now. But it would be nice to catch up with you, or something. We could have dinner tomorrow, at my house?"

"I'm sure Cordelia would love that."

"Good. I can pick you up from your b&b at 5pm. It's plenty dark by then."

"Sounds good."

Nathan smiles a bit before leaving for his car. James is totally asleep but Paige is waiting with a curious look.

"Angel and Cordelia are having dinner with us tomorrow."

"Good idea. But what does a vampire eat?"

Nathan thinks about it for a bit and then says, "I think I have something."