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Look At What My Love Has Done

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Alec had just gone and done it. The thing. The thing where he just got so caught up in his emotions that he left his fiancée Lydia at the altar and left her for a man- a warlock to precise. But Alec didn’t care about Magnus Bane being a Downworlder, because he knew that the warlock cared about him, really truly cared about him. It was obvious from the way that Magnus had repeatedly told Alec that he understood how he felt, and even more surprisingly, Alec had believed him and cared just as deeply about the other man. It went against all his basic training to trust a Downworlder so openly, but he didn’t regret it for a second.

Alec knew that he and Magnus, together, would be unstoppable.

He knew this because they already were unstoppable.

That was how Alec had arrived at the point of grabbing the high warlock of Brooklyn by the lapels, in front of his friends, his family, Lydia, Aldertree, and the rest of the Clave, and kissing him like he never wanted to stop. Because he didn’t want to stop; and then, when they finally broke apart, Magnus took a deep breath and leaned forwards again, asking Alec’s lips tentatively for more, leaving the decision up to Alec. Who accepted. He leant in again and gave it all he could.

The second time they came up for air, he knew he had to face everyone. He attempted to register what had just happened, before his thinking process was shattered by his younger sister Izzy coming up to tell Alec how proud she was of him. Alec flashed her a thankful smile, before Simon walked over to them too, rambling on about some Graduate film that Alec and - guessing from facial expressions that Alec detected some fake enthusiasm from- Magnus had never heard of before. Things were going more smoothly than expected, although Alec did have to throw in a sarcastic comment about who had invited Simon because seriously, he needed his grumpy exterior with the vamp just so that something could remain constant today. Alec felt like the ground was shifting beneath him, and the young Lightwood wasn’t sure whether it would be best to try and fight it or just see where it took him.

Aldertree was the next person to approach Alec, looking livid as he stalked closer. Alec felt Magnus take a protective step closer, and didn’t miss Aldertree catch the movement and smirk to himself as he turned on Magnus.

“I hope you’re satisfied Mr Bane. Not only have you now destroyed Alec’s reputation amongst the Shadowhunters, but you have also made a fool out of me in front of the most respected members of the Clave. That will not go unpunished. By the angel I will ensure that I get revenge for this. You may have worked your magic on Alec to get him to behave this way but-“

“Magnus did no such thing, Aldertree,” Alec interjected, hotly. “Lydia knew how I felt about him before the ceremony began, and she accepts that this was the decision I made so that I didn’t have to live a lie,” Alec stepped forward, crowding into Aldertree’s personal space. Magnus was edging his way in front of Alec, presumably preparing to smash a fireball into the man’s chest if the situation required it, when Alec continued, “And secondly, I would think very hard about how wise it is to threaten the man I love so boldly. Don’t forget that I know you were supplying Izzy with yin fen, which I’ve heard doesn’t sit well with your supervisors over in Idris, but I’m happy to find out in person if you wish.”

“Fine, but don’t forget what I said Mr Bane, sleep with one eye open.” Aldertree grumbled as he turned and left.

When Alec faced Magnus once again, he saw that the warlock had a smile stretched wide across his face. It must have been contagious because Alec ended up grinning back.

“What’s put you in such a good mood?” Alec teased.

“You, Alexander,” Magnus began, smile widening even further, “said that you love me.”

Alec felt his eyes widen and his hand flew to his mouth, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rush into it, I just . . . I-“

“Alec!” Magnus held up a hand, cutting off the rest of Alec’s rambling, “Don’t apologise unless you truly didn’t mean to say it. Which would be awkward because, well, I love you too Alexander, and I haven’t felt this way since. . .” A pained look crossed the Downworlder’s face, and Alec took one of Magnus’ hands in both of his, reassuringly. “Well, let’s just say that I was adamant not to let anyone get close to me in this way, but you seem to have reopened something in my heart.”

Alec felt his mouth drop open in surprise.

“Well, that’s, er, yeah, that’s. . . that’s good. I, er . . . oh screw it.” And then Alec was reaching forward to kiss Magnus again, for the third blissful time today, in front of the remaining guests of his now-abandoned wedding. And Alexander Lightwood found that he didn’t feel self-conscious one bit.

When they broke apart this time, they made their way back to the alter to talk to Lydia, currently in deep conversation with Jace, who excused himself to give them time to sort things out when he saw them returning. Alec was talking to Lydia, Magnus at his side supportively, explaining how sorry he was about the union not working out. Lydia, thank the angel, accepted his apology in her stride, saying that Alec deserved to be happy, and if Magnus made him happy, then that was all that mattered. She left shortly after, something about wanting to throw herself back into work, Magnus stopping to thank her for being so understanding, before Alec turned to talk to Jace but found himself face-to-face with his parents instead.

Maryse Lightwood had certainly never been the most maternal and empathetic of mothers. Her constant dismissal of Izzy’s accomplishments grated Alec’s nerves, and although other Shadowhunters were always going on about how intimidating Maryse could be, Alec had never understood that sentiment. Until now. His mother was mere inches from Alec, her face reddening with rage.

“What have you done, Alec? You have made a fool out of the Lightwood name in front of the entire Clave!” She hissed. Magnus picked that moment to return to Alec’s side, placing a calming hand on Alec’s shoulder when he made a move to step forward.

“I have done nothing that I am ashamed of, mother. It was you who first tainted the Lightwood name, or did you forget that you were in league with Valentine at one point?” Alec spat.

Maryse looked at Alec with wide eyes, before muttering “I don’t even recognise you anymore. You’re no son of mine.”

“I’m the same person I’ve always been! Everything’s just out in the open now, and I don’t regret it for a second, I’m sorry if you don’t like that this is who I am but I’m still your son. You don’t have to like it, but I expect you to get over it!”

Magnus squeezed Alec’s shoulder in support, but Maryse wasn’t finished quite yet.

“But you’re not the same person anymore, Alec. My son would have never jeopardised his future for a man. . . especially a warlock!” Alec’s mother spat the word “warlock” as though it was the worst word she could think of. Magnus must have tried not to flinch at the venom in her voice when she mentioned his kind, but Alec felt the movement from where Magnus’ hand rested against his shoulder. He turned the Lightwood Glare up full blast, his eyes blazing as they bore into Maryse’s.

“Is my happiness really not important to you?” Alec shouted, angrily, “this kind, loyal, intelligent and caring man makes me happier than anything else in the world, and yet you insult him to his face, right in front of me? What kind of mother are you?”

Maryse didn’t falter under Alec’s glare, “I no longer consider myself to be your mother. I want nothing to do with you, or this Downworld filth you’re choosing to associate with.” And with that she turned and strode off. Robert, who had been behind Maryse throughout this exchange hesitated for a brief second before leaving with his wife, but to Alec, he was now no different to Maryse. He had still chosen to leave his son. Alec moved to go after his mother, wanting nothing more than to yell at her until she apologised to Magnus . . . Magnus who held his arm to stop Alec from pursuing her. Alec looked at Magnus, who simply murmured “It’s not worth it Alexander, let Maryse think whatever she likes about my kind. Her opinion is irrelevant to me.”

Alec’s eyes softened at Magnus’ words, recognising that this was most likely not the first time that Magnus had encountered something similar.

“But her words hurt you, Magnus. I can handle whatever she says to me, but you deserve more than that. She needs to apologise!”

“Really, my love, your mother’s words could not mean less to me if they tried. Besides, the things she said to you were far worse than what she said to me. You deserve more than that, Alexander, and I’m sorry that she and your father can’t see that.”

Alec thought about what his mother had said, and how his father and gone with her, and didn’t register his tears until Magnus reached up to gently wipe one away from his cheek. Magnus turned to the remaining wedding guests and announced: “we’re leaving. Alexander is sorry that the union will not be taking place, but he hopes that you can all understand and accept his decision. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

Alec didn’t realise that Magnus had created a portal until they came out the other side and he realised he was in Magnus’ apartment. Magnus sat the Shadowhunter on his couch, and disappeared into the kitchen. The words of his mother finally seemed to sink in and Alec was helpless to stopping the sobs as they worked their way up from within. He curled up on the warlock’s couch, hoping to stifle his sobs into the pillow covered entirely in glittering sequins, but Magnus had returned. The young Lightwood looked up to see the other man placing two steaming mugs of hot chocolate on the clear glass coffee table, before gently perching next to Alec, pulling him up and enveloping him in a tight hug.

The Shadowhunter rested his head against Magnus’ shoulder, as the warlock brushed a lock of Alec’s hair away from his eyes and then rubbed soothing circles into his back. Alec wondered, fleetingly, if the warlock was using magic to calm him, but instead let his emotion run free, the sobs he’d tried to stop now wracking his large frame and his tears dampened the expensive and exotic looking silk shirt the Downworlder had been wearing when he had rescued Alec from his own wedding. Magnus took this in his stride, and Alec cried until he couldn’t cry any more.

Because his parents had left him.

They had left him simply due to him wanting to be with a man who he loved. Couldn’t they see how vile they were being? Was Alec really worth so little to them that they’d abandon him just because he wanted a live a life where he could be honest and true to himself? Why couldn’t they just get that Magnus was the person who made him happy?

A little while later, when dark had settled outside, Alec sat back up, reaching for his hot chocolate before seeing that they’d gone stone cold. The Shadowhunter turned to apologise to Magnus, who just clicked his fingers and then steam was rising from the drinks once again. He flashed a small smile at Magnus, who simply patted Alec on the thigh comfortingly and offered Alec his drink, who accepted and began taking small sips.

Magnus twirled his hand and the lights dimmed as the balcony doors opened, revealing the dazzling New York lights standing out against the black of the night sky.

“It’s beautiful,” Alec murmered.

“It really is,” Magnus agreed.

They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, sipping hot chocolate and watching the twinkling lights of the New York skyline. Alec eventually managed to pull his eyes away from the view to face Magnus. He shuffled along the couch, closing the distance between them and ran his hand down the warlock’s jawline, before tilting his chin up so their lips met.

The couple kissed for the fourth blissful time that day.