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Single Ladies

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All the single ladies
(All the single ladies)

“Are you sure about this song, Yuuri?”

Yuuri smirked at his fiance. “The great Victor Nikiforov, intimidated by Queen Bey?” he teased. “How interesting.”

The uneasiness on Victor’s face melted away as he returned the look with a mischievous smile of his own. “Not Intimidated, but I am wondering if this song is…you.” His tone was teasing now and Yuuri knew Victor was sold on his choice of music.

They were preparing for their special program, and Yuuri went for a number that radiated youth and self-confidence. Because that was how he felt around Victor—young and self-confident. He felt lots of things around Victor, but “Single Ladies” just felt right.

“Okay you chose the song, and you know I can skate to anything,” Victor stated jovially. “I want to choreograph.” He pressed play and the Queen’s captivating vocals floated over the ice.

Now put your hands up
Up in the club, just broke up
I'm doing my own little thing
'Cause I cried my tears for three good years
You can't be mad at me

Victor listened to the whole song, and when he pressed play again after it ended, he broke into a routine. His movements were fluid but angry, conveying rage as he stomped and slid across the ice.

Yuuri watched him with a fond smile before skating into Victor’s arms and forcing him to stop. “You're channeling the anger behind the words. But when I hear this song, I hear confidence and strength and independence. Let's skate to the positive emotions.”

'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it

Yuuri grinned and broke into improvised moves, bold and confident, popping his hips and moving harshly but gracefully over the ice.

Victor joined Yuuri, mumbling something like ‘We did put rings’ under his breath.

'Cause you had your turn, but now you gon' learn
What it really feels like to miss me

“She sounds very upset, doesn't she?”

“Well yes,” Yuuri agreed, “but it's not a sad song. It's about loving yourself; it’s…empowering.”

Victor’s eyes were trusting as he mirrored Yuuri’s strides.

“There's also a part that makes me think of us.”

Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
Here's a man that makes me then takes me
And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond
Pull me into your arms
Say I'm the one you want

They smiled at each other, spontaneously, synchronously softening their steps and their gaze at the words. When the moment ended, it was with an excited twinkle in his eye that Victor picked up the exaggerated arm movements again.

All the single ladies
All the single ladies
All the single ladies
All the single ladies
All the single ladies

“But Yuuri,” Victor began, barely out of breath as he focused on twisting his wrist the right number of times, “who’re the single ladies in this scenario?”

“Us!” Yuuri announced triumphantly. “Now dance like it!”