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The Thirteenth Hour

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Seungcheol's running. He doesn't know what from, he doesn't know where to, but he's running.

All he remembers is going on a trip with his members, and then black. Only the sights of trees trying to drag him down as he escapes their grasps. He notices something he didn't see before, a bracelet on his left wrist with a charm on it, a key. He calms down for a second, the endless taunting of the trees calming down enough for him to hear shouts. It's coming from in front of him, about north west of where he's facing. It's them, he can hear his members shouting for him. He starts running, cutting and strangling through the forest, until he sees a light. Without thinking, he runs towards it.

He enters the well lit house, not bothering to check who owns it as he kicks open the door. As soon as he steps in though, the door slams behind him, making him jump and turn around. The lights go out and Seungcheol's left in the dark, alone, and without the cries of his members to help him.

Suddenly he hears a static noise, followed by a deep voice.

Seungcheol, Welcome.

You have entered The Thirteenth Hour

The time is 1st hour

The task is Leadership

Good Luck

Good luck with what? Seungcheol doesn't know what he's doing, but he definitely knows his members are here somewhere. He frantically runs around, looking for a light switch. He finds one, but to his dismay it doesn't work. He'll have to go in the dark.

He walks around, calling for his members, but he can't find them. He can't hear. And then suddenly, he can. He can hear screams coming from upstairs, so he fumbles his way out, hitting himself against walls, tripping over his own feet until he finds the stairs, to which he climbs up as fast as he can. He falls a lot on the stairs, but he gets up there and immediately shoves himself onto the door which seems to have the screaming members in it. It doesn't open at first, so he tries harder, getting as much of a run up as he can. This time, it opens, and he hears three gasps of shock.

Two of them asks who's there, the other walks up to Seungcheol. In the faint moonlight, Seungcheol sees Jun's face, and silently thanks the heavens. Soonyoung also steps out, pulling minghao along, and they all breathe sighs of relief. He asks if they're alright and they all nod, frightened, but alright. However the break does not last for long, as there's more screams. More and more, filling up the entire house.

It haunts the four boys, all of their faces pulled taught as they have to listen to the screams of the members. Seungcheol knows he can't find them all by himself, so he tells the other three to split up, find them and meet at the front.

Seungcheol takes the upper left half of the house. He can hear the screams echoing, as if they're broadcasted on a PA system. It's misleading him, he's opened two doors by ramming into them, only to come up empty. There's one last door on his part of the house, so he tiredly approaches it. He prepares himself to ram into it, the only way the previous doors have been opening. The door opens but he doesn't see in before falling to the ground, tired from exhaustion and fright and about to give up. That's when he sees two figures in the corner. Wonwoo and Jihoon rush up to him, noticing him immediately, and the three go downstairs where they see a bunch of shadowy figures, to Seungcheol's relief. The screams stop echoing and the boys all group together, Seungcheol asking who's been found.

Soonyoung says he found Mingyu and Joshua, Jun says he found Jeonghan and Seungkwan, Minghao saying he found Vernon and Chan. 10… 11… that's 12. Someone else is still missing.

"Where's Seok-"

Suddenly, the house shakes, and the boys are all thrashed to the floor. When the house stops, Seungcheol sees the lights on again, however he's alone. All his member have disappeared.

Suddenly, from a far away place in the house he hears a scream. Minghao.