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I'm Just Curious (Is It Serious?)

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~Yeah, I need a drink

Whiskey ain't my thing

But shit is all good

I can handle things- like I wish that you would...~


Chloe sighed as she made her way up the stairs from the parking lot. She had one hand shoved in her pocket and the other holding a cigarette to her lips. Even though she was a fair distance from the entrance, she could still hear the bass thudding from the inside of the pool area. If she looked up, she could see the strobe lights pulsing. Bright and inviting. Reds, greens, yellows flashed behind the windows.

She neared the double doors and flicked her cigarette onto the ground, using the heel of her boot to snuff it out. The cherry died against the sidewalk and Chloe kept walking.

Slipping through the double doors, Chloe found herself face to face with the official entryway to the party going on just beyond. A few familiar faces here and there but Chloe had no intentions of mingling. She made her way past the tables and ducked into the curtains. On the other side were tens of hundreds more teens thrashing, swimming, or chatting up their friends. Now that she was inside, she could tell the song blasting through the speakers was the usual generic remix you'd hear at just about every party with a DJ. She scoffed.

Her eyes scanned the party and landed on the other side of the pool. The alcohol table. An oddly comforting sensation of relief washed over her. There was no way she was going to do this sober. Not if she could avoid it.

/Thank God for unsupervised, over-funded Vortex Club parties./