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                He remembered the day she was born like it was the most important day of his life. If he was honest, he would admit that it was. They got the call at 9 pm at night, just before settling in to their nightly routine together.

                “Hey, Kacchan, can you grab the phone? I’ve got my hands full.” Izuku called from the bathroom of their shared room. He still called Katsuki by his childhood nickname even after 3 years of marriage.

                “Yeah, I got it, babe,” he grabbed the phone with a slight air of annoyance. It was 9 at night, who should be calling this late?

                “Hello, who is this?” he tried to sound less annoyed than usual. They were planning to have a family, and if they were going to have a kid in the house, he needed to calm the hell down.

                “Bakugou-san? This is Karin’s husband. Her water broke, so we’re heading over to the hospital. Can you guys come tonight?” a gentle male voice said over the phone and Katsuki blanked. He had talked to Karin’s husband, Iro, before, but not for a few weeks.

                “Kacchan, who is it?” Izuku called from the room, probably getting changed into his pajamas. Katsuki was frozen in place. The baby wasn’t due for another two weeks. They had only finished setting up the nursery. Izuku was probably in his pajamas now.

                “Bakugou-san?” Iro asked, confused.

                “AH, ah, YEAH we’ll make it over! Give us just a minute and we’ll start driving that way!” He was sweating, and his words came out like he was swallowing marbles.

                “I’ll tell the front desk who you guys are. See you there!” The phone call disconnected, and he just stood there, frozen to the spot.

                Izuku walked out in his bright green pajamas that Katsuki had bought for him 2 years ago. It was full of holes and Katsuki had told him to throw it out, but Izuku says it’s comfier than his other pajamas.

                “Who was that? Where are we driving to?” He asks, brows knotted, and eyes half lidded from sleepiness.

                “Iro. Karin’s water broke.” He could see Izuku’s expression make a complete 180 during this statement from a tired curiosity to wide-eyed panic.

                They stared at each other for a few moments and then ran to their room to change. There were a lot of curses shared from the both of them, and a little bit of bumping into the other while trying to change. They probably looked a sight as they piled out of their house, hair not brushed, and their clothes haphazardly chosen and worn. Katsuki got into the driver’s seat and tried his best not to speed too much as he raced along to the hospital they had planned months before. Izuku was mumbling to himself about how early it was and how they were lucky it was a weekend and there were other heroes in town besides them.

                “We need to call All Might and have him tell everyone that we’re busy the next few weeks.” Katsuki tried to level his voice to not freak out Izuku even more and it seemed to break Izuku out of his mumbling. The next few minutes was Izuku calling different heroes and telling them the baby was coming earlier and that they needed a few weeks where everyone could cover for them. Izuku might be the #1 hero, but with a baby on the way, Shouto could take over for them. They had talked about this weeks before and Shouto was very happy for them and understood. Katsuki could overhear his voice calmly respond on the phone. He tried to focus on the road and the quiet voice of his husband so that he could calm down from this nervous panic state he was in.

                “Everyone knows now, and they said to take as much time as we need. All Might asked if he could come visit the baby soon.” A gentle hand rubbed his thigh as he drove.

                “Yeah, tell him he’s welcome anytime. He should know that already, that dumbass.” Izuku laughed quietly and replied that he said almost those exact words to All Might. Laughter broke up the nervous quiet in the car and they smiled at each other. Katsuki had been so nervous the past few weeks about being a father, but he saw Izuku’s worried smile and knew he couldn’t show just how anxious he was. He didn’t want to make the guy anymore nervous than he’s been the entire ride over.

                “Did you call your mom?” Katsuki asked as they pulled into the hospital parking lot. Izuku made a surprised noise as an answer and pulled out his phone while they got out of the car. Katsuki pulled his out to call his mom too as they stood right outside the door. They would just quickly talk and then walk inside once one of them finished.

                The phone rang a few times before his mother picked up, sounding tired and bleary.

                “Katsuki?” She yawned over the phone. She was probably about to fall asleep and he felt slightly guilty.

                “Hey mom, sorry to call you late. We just got the call that Karin’s water broke so we wanted to let you know that we’re at the hospital waiting for her.”

                “REALLY?” she yelled into the phone, and he could hear his father grunt in the background. “We’ll head over as soon as possible!”

                “Don’t rush, she was only just brought. I’ll text you when she’s in labor. Love you, mom.” She agreed, and he hung up the phone and checked Izuku. He was still on the phone with his mom, telling her she didn’t need to come over yet, but it seems like she won the battle. He said he loved her and hung up, sighing.

                “She’s on her way too, though I told her to take her time.” Katsuki grinned at him and hugged his husband before they walked into the hospital.

                The staff at the front desk told them where to go and they followed to another floor’s front desk. They gave them the waiting room and Izuku texted his mom where it was. They waited for what felt like ages as Inko arrived and they waited for more information. At around midnight, Izuku was dozing on Katsuki’s shoulder and Inko smiled at him.

                “It’s finally time, isn’t it?” She had a gentle voice, one that seemed to grow quieter with every year that passed.

                “Fucking finally.” They both laughed at his brunt choice of words and enjoyed the moment. Inko had known him all his life and she had always cared for him like a son, even before he did become her son(in-law). Inko always seemed to be able to look right through him and understand what he was feeling, as if he was translucent. Her perception used to make him nervous when he started dating Izuku, like she knew every thought he ever had about her son. Now, he’s gotten so close to her over the 7 years he dated Izuku and the 3 years they’ve been married.

                “You seem pretty nervous. Are you worried about the baby?” she asked this, but he knew she didn’t mean the baby’s health. He knew she had meant, “Are you nervous of your ability to take care of the baby?”

                “I was trying to seem calm for Deku, but yeah. We only just finished the nursery and I’m so worried that I’m too brutal to ever raise a good kid. Deku’s been reassuring me, and I know that he’ll be an amazing father, but I’m too harsh. I don’t want my kid to have an asshole dad, you know?” He always ended up pouring out his thoughts to Inko, whether or not it was really warranted. Inko had that affect that she could draw out what you were really worried about if you were trying to hide it.

                “Izuku told me you’ve been worried. I know you’re really nervous, but you aren’t 15 anymore.” She gently patted his naturally spiked hair. “You are way more gentle than you give yourself credit for.”

                He wanted to respond with a scoff, or a nod, but Iro busted into the room, breathing heavily. The sound of the door roused Izuku from his light slumber.

                “She’s in labor now. I’m going to stay with her, but I wanted to let you know.” He struggled to breathe with every word, like he had run through 5 flights of stairs to get to the door. He was an average man in almost every sense of the word. Slick cut brown hair over bright brown eyes and a build from a regular citizen. They thanked him, and he raced back to his wife. Katsuki quickly texted his mom to let her know what was going on and yawned.

                Izuku held his hand and he could feel how nervous his husband was. Izuku had been so excited throughout the process, but he had just as many doubts about himself as Katsuki did. Katsuki knew from the moment they first talked about this that Izuku would make an amazing father, and he told him as much. Every time he did, Izuku would just laugh and reflect that back on Katsuki, but he wanted to try and make him believe it.

                Inko lightly chatted with Izuku about baby names and whether he thought the baby was going to be a girl or a boy. They had decided at the beginning that they wanted it to be a surprise for them, but had talked about multiple names they enjoyed.

                Katsuki looked outside the window behind him. It was December, so Japan was lightly covered in snow. The city lights sparkled as Christmas had just passed them and the new year was about to dawn. Everything was quiet and calm, even for the city. No one was driving around at this hour, and the only souls who seemed to be awake were them and the hospital staff. Izuku tugged at his hand and he looked back at his husband. He looked tired, his eyes heavy but still full of the shine he always had. Katsuki smiled gently at him and hoped that their child could have those same bright green eyes that he had fallen in love with.

                “Do you want a boy or a girl more?” Izuku asked him with a smile.

                “I don’t mind either way, but I think we’ll have a girl. I’ve got that hunch.” Izuku and Inko both laughed.

                “I think it’ll be a boy and will look exactly like you. Your mom has pretty fierce genes, Kacchan.” Izuku said.

                “I’m thinking a girl too, Katsuki. Call it a mother’s intuition.” Inko had a small, gentle smile on her face.

                They fell into a soft rhythm of chattering, each trying to keep themselves calm. At around 1:30 in the morning, Mitsuki arrived in her pajamas. Inko rose to hug her and they chatted amongst themselves while Katsuki and Izuku kept to themselves. Their mothers were close friends for their entire lives, so every time they saw each other they could talk for hours. They were both excited about the baby and gave the couple way too many things to prepare for it coming.

                “Hey mom,” he interrupted when there was a break in their conversation. “Where’s dad?”

                “He has work early in the morning, so I came for the both of us, but I’m going to send him pictures. He plans to visit as soon as he can, though, as long as you’re both situated.”

                “We’d love that.” Mitsuki flashed a big grin at the both of them, suddenly looking as if it was a regular hour in the day, not 2 in the morning. The Bakugou family had an amazing ability to pull energy out of their ass when it really mattered.

                Hours passed as they chatted about anything that passed their minds. Katsuki started to drift during this part of the wait, only to be awaken by Iro bursting through the door, yet again. He had a grin on his face and invited them to the area where the baby had been brought. The nurses didn’t want an attachment to form between Karin and the baby, so they had cleaned it and brought it to the nursery. Katsuki and Deku were able to go inside to see the baby while Mitsuki and Inko waited next to the glass.

                They slowly walked to the one that Iro had pointed them to, and discovered their child.

                A girl.

                Katsuki and Inko grinned together, and they took turns holding her. The months leading up to this were filled with excitement, anxiety, stress, and a few tears, but holding her in his arms, he felt all this disappear. She was still new to the world, but she had a pale complexion, small tufts of blonde hair sticking up that Izuku said was the “Bakugou genes shining through.”

                “You know what I was thinking for a name?” Izuku was holding her, with a soft expression on his face. Every tired and anxious feeling was gone from his face, instead looking like he was seeing the most beautiful thing in his life.

                “Eri?” Katsuki kept his voice quiet so that he didn’t disturb her as she rested, but Izuku let out a laugh.

                “You can always read my mind.”



                Eri Bakugou. She had bright green eyes that seemed to sparkle in the exact same way Izuku’s do. Bright, curly blonde hair framed her face full of freckles. Katsuki always saw more of Izuku in her than he did himself, but when he told that to Izuku, he thought the opposite. Ever since she learned to talk, she had a similar fiery personality to Katsuki, but had patience far greater than he ever had as a child. She seemed to find humor in almost everything and loved to play outside and get dirty, much to the chagrin of Izuku. She grew up with the two top heroes as her parents, so she loves heroes with all of her heart. She calls Aizawa and All Might her “uncles” which makes them very happy, even if Aizawa doesn’t say it. Almost everyone that was in class 1-A visits, with Shouto, Eijirou and Ochaco being the most frequent to visit.

                She was nearing her 5th birthday and Izuku was starting to notice something. While she played with Ochaco one day, Izuku talked to Katsuki about his worries.

                “She hasn’t shown any quirk yet. Do you think she’s—”

                “If she has no quirk, then we just support her through that. We won’t let that discourage her.” Katsuki interrupted his worries, knowing full well what he was going to say. Izuku has worried about this since she was born. He didn’t want her to have the worries and self-doubt that he had as a child, which Katsuki knows was caused by him. He’s been torturing himself over this for years, and while Izuku has told him that it was in the past, he can’t help but worry more as his daughter grew.

                He wasn’t 15 anymore. He knew that it had been 17 years since then, and at 32 he knew how to not be a total asshole to kids. He actually liked being around them, even if they were annoying. They were observant and usually pretty honest, depending on the kid. Eri had grown up to be pretty honest, only through Izuku teaching her. Katsuki felt, sometimes, like the only thing he really taught her was what curse words were and not to say them. She would often react to him cursing by running to Izuku as soon as she could and telling him about it.

                He was so worried that he would make her feel the way Izuku felt for years because he’s naturally an asshole who can’t shut his damn mouth.

                “Yeah. Maybe we should bring her for a checkup on that? I don’t want to break her heart, though,” Izuku looked conflicted as he watched his daughter float in the air and laugh loudly. Katsuki accidentally taught her how to be loud, he noted to himself.

                “She’ll find out at some point. Plus, we can just tell her about your quirk. I’m sure that would make her love her favorite hero even more,” Katsuki grinned at him, trying to break the tense tone they had. If she saw they were worried, it would worry her.

                “You’re the one who is her favorite!” Izuku puffed out his cheeks to fake a pout as Eri ran over to them.

                “Daddy! Papa! Come watch what Auntie taught me!” She yelled as she grabbed both of their hands and dragged them over to the play area. They both looked at each other and made a silent agreement to discuss this later. Eri learning a new way to backflip was a much, much more important matter at hand, now.


                They tried their best to not look too shocked as the doctor told them that Eri, too, was born with no quirk. Katsuki thought to himself that she really did have more Izuku in her. She tried to keep a tough face, but when the doctor left the room, she quietly cried in her seat. Izuku patted her head and Katsuki picked her up so they could clear the room.

                “Hey, Eri?” Katsuki kept his voice as quiet as possible, as to not disrupt the people around them. She gave a sound instead of a word response and he gently put leaned his head close to hers. “Wanna go get the best fuckin’ ice cream in town?”

                “T-that’s a bad word,” she mumbled under her breath and he laughed quietly and felt her nod into his shoulder. He reached out for Izuku’s hand to hold, and the family all left the office bundled together.

                “Your dad and I want to tell you a story when we get there.”

                She had cleared her face of all tears and snot before they went inside the ice cream shop. She got her usual, watermelon sherbet, and Izuku got strawberry. He thought for a minute before he got himself mint. They sat in an empty corner, away from people and prying ears. Katsuki had been gearing up for this conversation the entire ride over and Izuku didn’t want anyone to overhear them.

                “Eri, I have a little story for you,” Izuku began as she started to eat her ice cream. “You have to promise me you won’t shout or yell during this story, though, because it’s a secret between me, you and your dad. Do you promise?” He always thought ahead of time. If Katsuki was telling the story, he would have just started and left her to have any reaction she felt, even if it was loud (as it often was). She had a mouth full of ice cream, but nodded, her big green eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

                “Your dad and I haven’t told you this before, but I’m just like you, Eri-chan. Do you know how?”

                “You have freckles and green eyes, like me!” She got slightly loud despite herself and watched her own volume. Izuku laughed and patted her curly blonde hair.

                “Yes, you do, but there’s a very big thing we have in common. I’m sure your papa can tell you.” He took a bite of his ice cream and sent a smirk Katsuki’s way. That fucker.

                “Now, stay quiet, please. We never told you, but your dad was born with no quirk, just like you.” Eri’s eyes got bigger than he had ever seen them, and she opened her mouth, but quickly covered it with her hands.

                “Really? But you’re a hero just like Uncle Toshinori!”

                Izuku nodded at this, and proceeded to tell her the story that he told Katsuki years ago. When Izuku had told him this story, he felt like everything that he had doubted during their shared high school years had finally clicked in his mind. He wanted to punch something, most likely himself, but he understood. Eri listened to the story gripped on every word, like it was the most exciting thing she had ever listened to. He remembered how they had told Toshinori about their worries while she was a young toddler just learning how to walk and talk. Toshinori had always been one to see the positives in situations, even if Izuku, the world’s beacon of light, couldn’t. He had just laughed and said that when the time comes, they’ll know what to do. Katsuki sighed and admitted that he was right, after all. He did know what to do, now.

                After Izuku finished his tale, Eri had her eyes squinted with tears, her small hand shaking around her ice cream.

                “I can be a hero like Daddy and Papa? Even if I don’t have a quirk?” Her voice shook as she spoke and Katsuki stood to hug her and pet her hair. He could feel her ice cream drip on his shirt and pulled her close.

                “Yes, you can. You can be the greatest hero in the world,” Katsuki quietly told her and she quietly cried in his arms. Izuku also came over to give them a hug and Katsuki could feel his hand stroke his back in a comforting manner, as if Katsuki was the one to be comforted. If he was honest with himself, he would admit that he did want to be comforted. His anxieties had piled and piled and now he released them so that his daughter could dream as big as he always wanted her to.


                Eri often came home from school covered in dirt and grime, but she usually had a huge, bright smile on her face as she loudly listed off all of the cool things she found with her friends. Katsuki was in the kitchen, washing the dishes while Izuku was out on a call from Justice. She walked into the kitchen wet, covered in dirt and muck, her normally curly hair soaked and dirty and a bruise on her face. As soon as he saw this, he ran over to her. He thought she would be crying, but instead she looked pissed as hell.

                “Eri, what happened? Why do you have a bruise? You’re all wet too, lets get you into a warm bath,” he said as he felt like his mom. As Eri grew, he had more and more times where he felt just like his mom. He loaded the bath with hot water as she undressed and got in. He sat there with her, helping her wash her hair, and waiting patiently for her to talk. She was a lot like him in that regard. She would hold her words back until she could sort them out in her head. He waited patiently, gently helping her get clean. She was older now, 8, but he still helped her bathe, sometimes, if it was a situation like this, where she didn’t want to move or speak.

                “Can you tell me what happened? I don’t want your dad to get home and freak out.” She sat in the bath and contemplated this and finally went to speak.

                “I was playing with Hina-chan and Sakura-chan and then two boys came over and interrupted us. He knew that you and Daddy are my parents and he teased me about having no quirk even though you I’m your daughter. He talked bad about you guys, so I hit him. He hit me back and pushed me into the creek and ran away.” She muttered all of this under her breath while hiding her face. Her bruise was light, as expected from a kid, but she had lots of scratches from sticks and rocks. He knew this day would come at some point.

                “Why did you hit them? You know we try to be nice to everyone as much as possible.” He didn’t want to chastise her too horribly, since he wants to tell her to punch those kinds of kids more, but Izuku wouldn’t like that very much.

                “They said that you must not be my real dads because I don’t have a quirk! That you guys just picked up a stray because you felt sorry for me! But they don’t know our secret and I’m not gonna tell them that stuff!” She had started to get louder, and her voice slightly shook. Ever since their discussion, she’s made the promise to keep Izuku’s quirk secret.

                “Well, I’m very happy that you can keep your dad’s secret so well, but you know that what that asshole said isn’t true.” She didn’t interrupt him about his cursing this time. “You are our child, and anyone could tell just from looking at you. You have your dad’s face and my attitude. They just want to get a rise out of you. Next time, just ignore them and then point them out to me. I’ll really make them leave you alone.”

                “You promise?”

                “I promise.”

                He left her to finish up with her bath and finished the dishes. When she got out of the bath, they worked together to clean up the mess on the floor from when she first came home. Izuku arrived home and Eri rushed to hug him. As Izuku greeted them both, he finally saw the small, fading bruise and gasped.

                “Eri! What happened to you?” He looked her all over, seeing the small scratches all over her arms and legs. She looked over at Katsuki and he nodded to her.

                “She doesn’t want you to get mad at her, so just listen. I already talked to her about it.”

                He sat with his arms crossed in the corner of the room as she told Izuku what she had told him before. Izuku kept looking between her and him, and when he looked up at him, Katsuki just nodded. He tried to stay as relaxed as possible, though he could see his arms tense as she spoke about what the kids had said to her.

                “But, Papa told me I look just like you and I act like him, so I know that I’m really your daughter! So there!” Izuku laughed after her admission and pet her head.

                “I think you look more like your Papa, but he always says otherwise. I’m sure your dad already said this, but next time, just tell us and we’ll deal with it.” She nodded and Izuku tugged her in for a hug. He sighed and Katsuki could see his hands shake a little as he gently patted her hair.

                “When I was a kid, I had a lot of other kids who treated me like that because I had no quirk. Every kid that says something to you like that, you store them away in your brain. You use that as a reason to become an amazing hero that will save the world. But, remember to forgive. You can’t take away what they said to you,” Izuku looked at Katsuki as he said this, “but they can change and become good people. Make them prove themselves to be worthy, and then you give them a chance. But, don’t ever back down.”

                Katsuki felt pangs of pain as he said this, every word seemed like a jab at him, who he used to be. Izuku would never forget those moments of pain, and Katsuki didn’t want to be forgiven for it. He gave himself so much shit when he would reach the lowest parts of his depression, asking Izuku why he could forgive someone as hellish as him.

                Izuku would always smile and pat his head gently, showing rather than telling him. Words were hard and harsh and could hurt the other’s feelings. Touches could tell you everything without all of the rough nature that words can have. Touches don’t spill out and consume you, they simply warm your skin and show that the person touching you has forgiven you. He doesn’t feel worthy of forgiveness, but Izuku has always been able to see right through him. He could tear open the hardest parts of his heart and lay it flat for him to see. It was painful, and it was kind.

                Eri looked between them both and said she understood. She asked if she could go play in a quiet voice, like she didn’t want to break the silence between them all. Izuku gave her a radiant smile and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder and marching to her room like that. Her laughter filled their home, and there it was. Their lives were as they were before.


                Katsuki and Izuku switched off days that they would walk Eri to school after that incident. They weren’t trying to baby her, but they were being petty. They (okay, mostly Katsuki) wanted to intimidate the kids who had bullied her and show her a sense of solidarity. If this kid was going to be a huge asshole to their daughter, he was going to learn exactly how scary they could be.

                As they started to walk into the gates of the school, they heard a flurry of voices and a little bit of snickering. They were used to hearing people talk when they went in public, but it seemed to make Eri suddenly uncomfortable. She hit behind Katsuki and gripped onto his shirt tighter than he had ever seen her previously do. Izuku bent down to talk to her, gently patting her head, and she didn’t want to talk.

                Katsuki observed the group of small boys laughing and making remarks and took a long, deep breath. Don’t be an asshole, dude. He approached the group of kids and took on the “#2 hero and #1 dad” stance he does when approached. They stiffened up and stopped laughing as he got closer, and he crouched to meet them at eyelevel.

                “What’s so funny?” he said it as a simple challenge: explain yourself. The kids didn’t explain, but looked down at their feet, clearly embarrassed by him reproaching them. “Okay, you don’t gotta say anything but just listen to some advice. If you keep treating people badly, no one will want to be around you anymore. I know it’s fun now, but it won’t be fun later.”

                He could feel Izuku’s gaze at his back and it made him want to really reach these kids. You can only do so much with kid’s brains, though.

                “If you try to help people instead of laugh at them, you might be just like Deku over there and become the #1 hero. But, if you stay an asshole, you probably won’t have anyone support you when you need it. So, just keep that in mind. Please don’t treat my daughter like that again or I’ll have to speak to your parents. Sound good?”

                The kids didn’t say anything during his little monologue, but they nodded and ran off after he finished instead of staying and laughing. The bell was about to ring warning the kids to get to class, so they kissed Eri’s forehead and let her off to class. Katsuki checked his phone to get a villain warning notification from Shouto.

                “Guess we’re needed elsewhere, Deku,” he said with a big grin, which made Izuku laugh in response.


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                Eri was 14 now, preparing for her first day at high school. She had been wanting to go to UA, but understood that she couldn’t without a quirk. Izuku had talked to her about giving her his quirk to pass on, but she said that it felt like cheating if he gave it to his daughter. She wanted to help the people in her hometown in a different way, and had set high goals for herself. Since it was her first day of high school, Izuku and Katsuki had managed to sneak a little time off for the day to bring her there.

                With each step they took closer to her high school building, the more raw emotion Katsuki felt build up in his chest. It was like he was back at their wedding, filled with nervous anticipation and pure bliss. He joked with Izuku that they were both getting old, but he was feeling old now, with a child in high school. He had the sudden urge to call his mom and cry to her about it.

                They stepped next to the gate of her high school and gave her a hug. Katsuki managed to sneak in a kiss to her forehead before she squirmed away. Her hair had gotten longer, down to her mid-back, but still a mess. She kept it in a low ponytail to keep her appearance as neat as possible. Her big green eyes reminded him of being in high school again with Izuku. Her face had freckles just like his, and while she tended to have Katsuki’s attitude, she always had Izuku’s patience and optimism.

                “Please don’t cry, Pops. It’s just high school,” she gave him a big smile and another hug. He had resolved not to cry, but, dammit, he was feeling it.

                “You should head to class. Don’t want to be late on your first day!” Izuku said with a loving expression and she nodded, turning away to run off. Katsuki felt the tears come, and his husband hugged him as they walked off.

                “I knew this day was going to come, but I still wasn’t ready for it.” His voice came out slightly gruff and irritable to try and hide his feelings. He was a master of that. Izuku never fell for it, though.

                “Well, now we’ve just got to support her as she makes it through these years. Remember us in high school?” Izuku grinned at him in a mischievous manner.

                “I’d rather not remember how much of a dick I was.”

                “Well, maybe you were at first. After our first year, you stopped being a dick, though.”

                “You mean after the league kidnapped me?”

                “After All Might lost his quirk. You were a lot calmer than you used to be. Though, I liked you before you got kidnapped.” Izuku looked at him lovingly and wrapped his arm around Katsuki’s.

                “Yeah, I don’t know how. I liked you since forever, but my way of showing it was awful. Sorry I’m a dick.”

                Izuku laughed and they walked back to their home, arm in arm, reminiscing about their past. That’s what old men do.

                When they reached their home, Izuku went straight to their bedroom in a beeline. Katsuki thought it was strange, but headed to the kitchen to start cleaning up after breakfast. He was washing the dishes, humming to himself and yawning when he heard a cough to his side. He looked up and blanked out.

                Izuku had, at some point when he hadn’t noticed, gotten new lingerie and hid them until a moment like this. He leaned against the door frame, a light pink corset hugging his waist and small pink panties over his crotch, just barely keeping in everything it is holding back. He had light pink tights attached to a black garter belt going around his hips. Everything tugged at him in the most delicious of ways, in a way that Katsuki rarely got to see now that they were a family.

                “Eri is gone for the whole day.” He swallowed, sure his face was pure scarlet and that his eyes were going everywhere. He nodded, afraid if he spoke that he would set off an explosion in the sink.

                “Put that stuff down and come eat me instead.” Izuku wasn’t usually this forward. He was often very meek, letting Katsuki take the lead with sexual stuff. He didn’t care either way, and had actually hoped at some points that Izuku would throw him down on the bed and take him, instead of the other way around. It didn’t matter at this point, though. He loved seeing this man in any way. He dropped his dishes, turned off the sink, and dried his hands. Izuku glided over, like he was floating, and took his hand.

                He leaded him into the bedroom while Katsuki was still in shock. He pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him.

                “You ready?”

                “Fuck yes.



                Eri came home from school, rushed to her room, and didn’t come out until dinner. She usually talked to them a little bit, talked about her day, her friends, or the teachers that annoyed her, so this was pretty unusual to see. Izuku gave him a worried glance that said, “Can you talk to her?” He was cooking dinner that night for them, so Katsuki nodded and headed over.

                “You okay, kiddo?” He knocked at her door gently and leaned his ear against it. She was 16 now, full of emotion and mid-way through high school. They didn’t want to intrude on everything, but still worried about her when she had times like this. She didn’t respond, so he tried again, keeping his voice low. “Can I come in? I won’t make you talk about anything.”

                She didn’t say anything, but he heard the lock on the door click open. He gently pushed it open after a second, and saw her in her bed. She had her blanket covering most of her and her knees up to her face. She was blushing, and her eyes were wet like she had either just cried or cried before she got home. This didn’t bode well for the conversation that was about to happen. He closed the door behind him, hoping to help her feel more comfortable. He sat on the edge of her bed, trying not to intrude while still providing support.

                “Can you tell me what happened?” He offered in a gentle voice, trying to not pressure her before she was ready. He wasn’t taught how to do this, and he didn’t know if he was doing any of this right. Before he knew it, she launched into his arms in a hug and started crying again. Did he do something wrong? He panicked, unsure of what was happening or what to do to help. He gently rubbed her back as she cried in his arms, trying to calm her.

                “Please don’t be mad,” she said in barely a whisper. She didn’t look him in the eye.

                “I won’t get mad. Promise.” He always tried his best not to get upset at her, and could count the number of times it happened on one hand. He didn’t want to show her that he would get mad at the smallest of things.

                “I have someone I like,” she started, her voice very quiet and halted. She took every word slowly, as if trying to contain his reaction. He let her finish before he said anything. “I like Hirohito-kun.” She said that in a voice that he could barely hear, as if finding this out would make him explode.

                “Why are you so upset about that?” he was legitimately confused. Yeah, he was a little sad that his daughter was getting old enough to get a serious crush, but he was glad that she could find someone she liked. She gawked up at him with big eyes, surprised. Hirohito was Ochaco and Iida’s son that often came over to their house. He was tall, like his father, but had a plump face like his mother and big brown eyes. He could also make things float, so he often played with Eri like Ochaco used to. They had grown up like him and Izuku, best friends through their parents. They went to different schools, since Hirohito was in UA, but he knew they hung out on weekends and whenever they could. If she liked any punk, he would rather it be Hirohito.

                “B-B-But he’s my cousin! He’s Auntie Ochaco’s son! Why are you so calm about this?” She was flabbergasted, absolutely confused and surprised at his reaction. It had only just occurred to him as she said this that they had never told her that Ochaco wasn’t actually her aunt, instead just a really close friend of both of them. He instantly regretted never saying this, because she had become so anxious thinking she was in love with her cousin.

                He sighed to himself and she looked ready to burst into tears again. He wanted to laugh, but that would probably just make her feel worse.

                “He’s not your cousin. I thought it was obvious, but I guess we never explained it, but Ochaco is just a friend to Izuku and I. We’ve only known her since high school, but she liked having you call her auntie, so it stuck.” Her eyes got wider and wider as he spoke, to where she looked like she was empty from this new information. He’s seen a similar look from Izuku before.

                They talked for a little longer, until she had finally calmed down and believed him, then pulled out her phone to text him. She wasn’t as shy as Izuku was, instead being super headstrong with her feelings. She would always try and get what she wanted, and Katsuki knew that was a byproduct of being his daughter.

                He slowly walked back into the kitchen as Izuku was finishing up dinner and just laid his head against Izuku’s shoulder.

                “Everything okay?” he kept his voice quiet on purpose, just so Eri couldn’t overhear them. He simply nodded and sighed, staying in the crux of Izuku’s neck. He would tell him about this before they slept.

                “Well, dinner’s ready, so grab our daughter and tell her to come eat.” Izuku kissed the top of his head gently.

                “Yes, sir,” Katsuki said as he started to walk back to get her, and he heard Izuku laugh behind him.

                That night, as they laid down to sleep, Izuku asked him what was going on. Katsuki sighed and started to tell him about it.

                “Eri likes someone. She likes Hirohito.”

                “Aw, well that’s nice! Did something happen? Did he reject her?” Izuku looked sad for a second, worried that her childhood friend had broken her heart.

                “She’s been thinking that he was her cousin since she calls Ochaco ‘auntie’.” As he said this, Izuku’s face blanked, just like Eri’s had before. Then, he started to laugh.

                “Did we never tell her that she was just a friend? I thought we had!”

                “I thought we had too! Maybe we’re just really stupid at this parenting thing.” They laughed again and enjoyed themselves. Izuku was curled up with his head laying on Katsuki’s bicep. He wrapped his arm around his husband and Izuku touched his face very lightly. He could feel the cold metal from his wedding ring on his chest and it made his chest warm up.

                “Y’know, a lot of our classmates from 1-A just stayed together,” Izuku was thinking deeply about this strange coincidence. “Iida-kun and Ochaco-chan, Momo-chan and Shouto-kun, Denki-kun and Eijirou-kun, Jirou-chan and Mina-chan, we all stayed together!”

                Now that he thought about it, it was true. The only other couple that had kids besides them and Ochaco and Iida were Momo and Shouto, but a few others were a couple team of heroes. Momo and Shouto had a daughter with spiky red hair and dark eyes, just 2 years younger than Eri. Her name was Hana and she was too clever for her own good. Eri and Hana played together sometimes, and whenever they would play together, they would get up to tricks around both of their houses.

                “Well, if Eri was going to like anyone, I’m just glad they’re a good kid like Hirohito-kun. I’m sure Ochaco would be very happy.” Izuku smiled up at Katsuki, smile just as blinding as the day he realized he was in love with him. Katsuki had felt, at 43, like he had aged a ton. Izuku looked exactly like how he did at 25, but he felt like he had gotten old. Izuku always says that he looks the same, but he never had the best self-confidence.              

                “Hey, Deku,” he started, feeling the words around his mouth and deciding to ask them. “Do you think I’ve been a good dad?” Izuku blanked for a second, then started to laugh, curled up on his chest. His laugh sounded like music. “Don’t laugh at me, I’ve been worried about this for a while!”

                Izuku looked up at him with such a beautiful affection that his brain stopped for a moment. If he was frozen in time, he would be happy that it was at this moment.

                “I think you’ve been the best dad any kid could ask for. Eri has grown up to be the best daughter I could ever want, too.” Izuku looked happier than words could describe. He felt, deep in his heart, that if Izuku could say that with such confidence, it had to be at least partially true.

                “You too, Deku. You’re a pretty awesome dad.

                “Hehe, thanks Kacchan!”

                That night, he slept wrapped around the arms of his husband, and he couldn’t have been happier if he tried.


                They sat around the table for breakfast on a Saturday morning, quietly enjoying the meal that Katsuki had made. They had little bits of conversation during the meal, but also enjoyed the silence that accompanied them. Eri had finished her meal and put down her silverware, clearing her throat to call attention to herself.

                “What’s up?” Katsuki was still stuffing food into his mouth, looking forward to more villain fights that day and hoping for enough energy to make it through. Eri was old enough to take care of herself even if they were both gone, fighting for justice. Sometimes one of them was gone for a few days, and as soon as they would get home she would run and hug them for 5 minutes before asking how everything went.

                “I wanted to let you both know that, tomorrow, Hirohito-kun and I are going on a date.” She said this quietly, as if worried they would deny her the chance to go on dates like other teen girls her age. While Katsuki wanted to protect her, he didn’t want to deprive her of the ability to go out with someone she likes.

                “That’s awesome, sweetie! I hope you two have fun together!” Izuku smiled brightly, looking like the sun. Eri blushed and averted her eyes, embarrassed, but smiled.

                “Thanks, Dad and Pops. I should head out.” They told her to be careful and sent her off. When the door closed behind her, Izuku looked like he was about to cry. Katsuki walked over, putting an arm around his husband and kissing his forehead.

                “She’s growing up way too fast. I thought I would be ready for this day, but I’m not!” Izuku had wet eyes and Katsuki kissed him gently, trying to distract him from getting too sad about their kid growing up. He got sad about it sometimes too, the fact that she’s gotten old enough to be on her own and choose who she likes. He was glad she felt comfortable enough to talk to them about it, though. She got embarrassed easily, but she inherited that from him, so he can’t complain about that.

                “Do you wanna go stalk their date tomorrow?” Katsuki grinned at him, partially serious about the offer. He knew they probably had to fight for justice tomorrow, though. He also wanted to give her some privacy on her first date. They were pretty obvious when they went out, though, and she would probably see them in about 2 seconds.

                “We have a job to do tomorrow,” Izuku pouted up at him, but then smiled as Katsuki started kissing his face in different places very rapidly. He started laughing and trying to push him away when they got the call from Shouto that there was another villain to fight.             

                “Guess we gotta go do that job instead of being gay,” Katsuki slapped his ass gently and they set off to go help out in the fight.


                Eri and Hirohito had been dating for a few months, going out when they had days off from school and clubs. Sometimes they would go to each other’s home for dinner, enjoying time with the parents and spending quality family time together. Hirohito had gotten tall, taller than his father, with a big flop of dark hair and big eyes that were honest. Katsuki approved of this kid.

                One night, for family dinner, Hirohito had come over to spend a few hours at the house with them. They had joked around, talking about when Katsuki and Izuku were in 1-A and for some reason, Shouto had come up in conversation. All of the kids had grown up really close, staying together as childhood friends despite being in different high schools.

                “Uncle Shouto said he wanted to come to dinner too. You guys should invite him! Is there a reason why you don’t?” Eri liked hanging out with Shouto and Momo, they were both very clever and challenged her to think of herself as a hero despite not having a quirk. They were some of her biggest cheerleaders, besides her dads.

                “Well, we like to pick on him.” Izuku started before Katsuki interrupted him.

                “Your dad dated him in high school.” Izuku did a spit take and blushed deep scarlet before trying to stop him from continuing. “They dated for a few months and it made me super jealous and I cry every night thinking your dad is going to leave me for him.” He had a monotone way of saying all this, while Izuku kept blushing deeper and deeper. He started to try and cover Katsuki’s mouth to silence him, but it was all for naught. He could not be stopped.

                Eri and Hirohito laughed at the opposite end of the table as they fake fought over Izuku’s deep secret. Yes, he dated Shouto in high school for about 6 months. They broke up on good terms, which is why Eri calls him uncle. Izuku never talks about it because he thinks Katsuki would get jealous, but Katsuki has been over that for 16 years. He’s an adult now and only gets jealous of the bread that Izuku gets so excited to eat.

                They finished up dinner with Izuku still blushing slightly and sat on the couch talking together. Katsuki liked spending time together like this, just relaxing gently and lovingly with his family. His family was the most important thing to him. With his mom getting older, he’s been trying to enjoy every second he had with his family while he could. It was sad to think about, but he preferred to think of it positively instead. After all, these are the best people in his life.

                “Dad, don’t you have pictures from when you were in UA? Can we see them?” Eri’s eyes shined in the light, excited and ready to see their high school days. Izuku had his blush back, but nodded and ran off to grab their yearbooks and photos. Izuku kept their photos as he liked to look back on their times together. Katsuki grinned at his daughter, who returned his grin mischievously. They were thick as thieves who loved to see Izuku get flustered and embarrassed. If anyone had doubts about her being their daughter, all that was wiped away when they had moments like this, where they could connect without words on a singular goal: embarrass Dad.

                Izuku came back into the room with a few books and scrapbooks in hand and put them on their coffee table in the middle of the room. They all gathered around to look at them and Katsuki felt a warmth bloom in his chest. God, he loved this silly man, still blushing at the fact that he was teased by his family. Izuku opened the scrapbooks first, showing them pictures from when they were kids. Katsuki and Izuku had round, chubby faces, and were often covered in dirt and scrapes from playing around a little too roughly. Eri and Hirohito fawned over the pictures, laughing at funny ones and gasping at the cute ones. When Izuku opened up their high school yearbooks, they both gasped.

                “You guys barely look any different from then! That’s cheating!” Hirohito marveled at them. He saw Aizawa-sensei in their photos and had a fanboy moment over it. Aizawa and Toshinori had retired years ago, now living together in a small apartment. Katsuki and Izuku would visit with Eri a few times a month and they all enjoyed the time they spent together. The couple was getting older, but enjoyed seeing Eri and talking about her life. Toshinori smiled at her a lot and called her his granddaughter too, which Eri fully accepted. Grandpa Toshinori and Grandpa Aizawa loved having the company at their age.

                “Who is your teacher now at UA?” Katsuki hadn’t really kept up with the passing of teachers at UA, instead focusing on his life. Izuku kept up with that stuff, but Katsuki rarely asked.

                “Yaoyorozu-sensei is my homeroom teacher. Kirishima-sensei and Kaminari-sensei also teach us sometimes, too.” Hirohito seemed to adore his teachers, but still looked up to the ones who taught them all they know. They passed by pictures of Present Mic and he got very excited by that too. Hizashi hadn’t stayed super close with their family, but they did see him a few times a year. He usually stayed closer to Toshinori rather than them.

                They looked over the photos, reminiscing about all the different people who had taught and cared for Katsuki and Izuku, and all the people who cared and taught the next generation of heroes. By the looks of things, Katsuki was very confident that this next generation of heroes would be able to keep the peace just as they have. He patted Hirohito on the head very lightly, which made the boy’s eyes go wide, before he blushed slightly and kept looking through the photos. Yeah, he was a good kid.


                Eri was 17 now, and it was the day of her high school graduation. She was close to 18, but it hadn’t reached her birthday just yet. They were going to her graduation ceremony that day, but she had to go ahead of them. They were putting on their suits, preparing to go and cheer her on. Katsuki had managed to fix his tie as he walked over to check on his husband. Izuku had been quiet the whole day, but Katsuki didn’t want to address it in front of Eri and embarrass him.

                He walked over and gently put his hand on Izuku’s shoulder, which made him jump slightly. He turned to see his face and Izuku was crying very quietly to himself. He tried to hide his face, but Katsuki caught it before he could turn away. Izuku hadn’t cried in a while, but he knew why he was crying even if Izuku didn’t say why. Eri was becoming an adult. They had spent all 17 years of her life waiting for this moment, but now that it was here, they had an anxious feeling about her actually becoming an adult and leaving their home. Their home had stayed the same as she had grown up in it, and now she was an attached piece of it. If she left, it would feel just as empty as if Katsuki left it.

                He wiped Izuku’s eyes and put his arm around him, tugging him into his chest. He gently rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head to try and calm him down a little. He knew it was hard on Izuku to have her leave the home. Izuku had been feeling so anxious about Toshinori’s weakening health and his own mother’s health, and this coming around while he has that on his mind has been overwhelming to him. They had invited Toshinori, Aizawa and both of their parents to come to her graduation, but since they were getting older, they didn’t want to push it. If they didn’t come, they could always drive there later in the day with Eri to say hi.

                He didn’t know how to reassure Izuku with words, but instead took him into his arms and tried to reassure him with his actions. Toshinori, Inko, Aizawa, Mitsuki, all of them loved Eri and would be around for a lot more than just her graduating. Toshinori had gone through so much without dying, he could at least last a few more years with them. They both knew his time was cut short after he was wounded, but they all tried to keep him around for as long as possible. That man didn’t want to leave, either. Toshinori and Aizawa had both felt like parents to them, and losing them would be like losing your father. They didn’t like to think about it.

                As Eri grew, Izuku looked more and more anxious about her leaving the home forever and not seeing them. He was very attached to her, and didn’t want her to completely leave without visiting sometimes. Katsuki knew that she wasn’t that kind of kid, they never raised her like that, but anxieties have a way of denying anything logical in favor of the worst possible scenario available.

                “Hey, Izuku,” Katsuki started, gently putting his hands around Izuku’s face, rubbing his thumbs against his wet cheeks and stared into his eyes intently. “Do you regret raising her?” Izuku looked completely offended by this question, as if it was something that would never, ever cross his mind.

                “Of course not!” He hit Katsuki very lightly in the chest with his fist and scrunched up his eyebrows. “I haven’t regretted anything since she was born.”

                “Then why are you freaking out? We’re supposed to be her cheerleaders, making her feel proud. She wouldn’t want to see you cry. If you cry, I’ll start crying, and then she’ll start crying and we’ll be the family that wouldn’t chill out during graduation.” Izuku laughed as Katsuki was talking, enough to stop the tears from falling. He nodded as Katsuki finished, and went to wash his face so he would look presentable. Katsuki felt tears come too, and he held them back. He couldn’t make Izuku cry again.

                17 years. They had hard times and wonderful times, times where they thought everything would crash through the roof and times where they couldn’t be happier than there. He loved every minute he spent with his husband and his daughter and now looked forward to going to see her become an adult.

                After Izuku was fully cleaned up and ready, they left the house to walk to her school, hand in hand. He felt like a teenager again, embarrassed to hold hands with his crush in public, but he watched as the cherry blossoms fell through the air and circled around them. Izuku kept talking about their high school graduation, where they shared their first kiss outside of battle, and he felt like he was transported back to that time. They had walked home together, hands barely touching at first, but then meeting and holding each other. Katsuki had kissed him outside of his doorstep and gave him a grin before running off, blushing.

                They stopped in front of Eri’s school and looked at each other, grinning in a way that they each understood the meaning of. 17 years, and now they had a family. They raised a daughter to be proud of, they made a family together, and they had become the top two heroes together. On that warm day, over 20 years ago, they had welcomed the rest of their lives together without knowing what would come for them in the future They hadn’t known about raising a beautiful daughter or becoming top heroes, all they had known was that they were going to head off to the future together. Now, on a sunny, warm day, just like back then, they held hands as they welcomed whatever the future held for them. They walked forward together, ready to take the challenges ahead of them on, together. 


Chapter Text

               Eri was in college now, and Katsuki and Izuku started feeling like they were becoming old men. They were only in their late 40s, but without their child at home, it felt like they were old and weary. If they weren’t fighting for justice, they just relaxed together in their home or visited a family member. Inko’s health had started to decline in recent years, so they would visit and help take care of her some days of the week. Izuku’s father had come back from traveling years beforehand, but they liked to go and help take care of family. Mitsuki was growing old but seemed to be in just the same state of health as she had always been. She visited Inko a lot as well, bringing over sweets and reminiscing over their childhood and their teenage years.

                The house being empty made them slightly depressed sometimes, but they kept Eri’s room the same as she had left it so that if she wanted to stay the night, she had a room to stay in.

                That day, Katsuki and Izuku were coming home after a long morning of fighting off a new set of villains that had come to terrorize their town when Katsuki’s phone started ringing. He knew the ringtone was his daughter, so he answered it without even looking.

                “What’s up?” He always had a causal tone with his daughter, even when he was almost about to reach his 50s. He had been like that since she was little and wasn’t about to change it now.

                “Papa? Is it ok if Hirohito and I come over tonight?” She sounded anxious over the phone and rarely called him papa anymore, so he knew something was up. He let it slide, though.

                “You don’t gotta ask beforehand, just come on over. You know your dad and I don’t do shit anymore.” Izuku interrupted him in the middle to say that they had just gotten done doing something pretty important, but he just ignored it.

                “We’ll come over around 6:30. Love you Papa!”

                “Love you too, sweetie.” The line hung up and he stared at his phone for a minute before he continued walking to their home.

                “What’s going on?” Izuku had a confused expression on his face, which Katsuki thought was too cute for a grown man to make.

                “Eri and Hirohito are coming over tonight. She seemed anxious about something, so I wonder if something bad happened.” Izuku kept looking at him with a scrunched-up brow and they continued their walk home.

                That night, Eri and Hirohito came over like normal. Eri seemed a little nervous, but overall like her normal self. They talked as Katsuki made dinner, as if they hadn’t seen each other in years. Izuku told them all about their recent escapades against new villains, even though Katsuki was sure that she saw them on the news. Something was up, and he wasn’t liking this. Eri never kept secrets from them, she had Izuku’s habit of being honest about her life. Any time she had something happen, she would go to either one of them about it to get help or advice. She usually went to Katsuki about her love life or problems with other kids in school, while she went to Izuku about grades or anxieties she had. He didn’t like her hiding things, no matter if it was good or bad. He tried to keep his curious glares to a minimum, so she wouldn’t think he was mad at her.

                They sat down to dinner as they usually did, Katsuki and Izuku on one side, and Eri and Hirohito on the other side of the table. They began eating and talking a little bit before Hirohito cleared his throat, wanting to speak to them.

                “Sirs,” he began with and Katsuki knew something was up. This kid was polite to them, but not this polite. “As you know, Eri and I have been together for almost 7 years now.”

                They nodded. Katsuki’s gut clenched.

                “We’ve been talking and,” Eri started the sentence and Hirohito went to finish it. “I would like both of your permissions to marry Eri and join your family.”

                He blanked and looked over at Izuku. Izuku was also blank, just staring at him in shock. They looked at each other, and Izuku’s face was the first to soften. They shared a look that only they could understand from each other and Izuku answered for them both.

                “Of course. If Eri wants that, we want that as well.”

                Katsuki rose from his seat as Izuku spoke and Izuku grabbed for his wrist, thinking he was going to be mean. Katsuki grinned at him and Izuku lowered his hand to keep eating. He walked over to Hirohito and quickly wrapped his arm around his neck, pulling him close. He grinded his fist against Hirohito’s head and started laughing.

                “Kid, you’ve always been family, even if there weren’t any papers to prove it. Welcome to the club, dude,” he said this, but he had an evil grin on his face. He wasn’t trying to be mean to the kid, he just liked to tease his family. Eri batted him on the shoulder with her fist. Her face was scrunched-up and she looked disappointed that he would act this way. “I’m just kidding, kiddo. I know you guys are happy, and if Eri’s happy, we’re happy. I just like to be an asshole. Call it an initiation ritual.” He gave a sappy grin to the both of them, which made Eri give him a hug.

                “Thank you, Pops. I love you.” Her voice sounded on the edge of tears, as if she was worried that he wouldn’t approve. He didn’t want to ever make her cry. It tore his heart open.

                “I love you too, kiddo. And you, Hirohito. Sorry I have a dick way of showing it.” They all laughed at that, and Izuku walked over for them all to hug. It was all very emotional for him, and Katsuki did feel a few tears fall.

                “Pops, are you crying?” Eri’s face quickly went to worry, hugging him tightly.

                “I just love you a lot, Eri. I’m glad you’re happy.” Katsuki’s heart was laid open for them all to see, and he felt Izuku grab his hand. He gripped back at his hand and felt absolutely at peace. He had his family, and he could feel all the love they had for him. He was the happiest he had ever been.


                Everything hit in a rapid pace that was difficult for him to process. They were out, fighting the new villain that had appeared, when everything hit at the same time. The villain suddenly had a power up to his quirk, he fired a shot straight at Katsuki, Izuku moved ahead in front, taking the brunt of the shot. His body was flung back, knocking into Katsuki’s. Katsuki grabbed him as they fell to the ground and acted as a cushion for their fall. He felt something in his body break, but he didn’t pay attention due to the fact that Izuku was in his arms and wasn’t moving. His eyes were closed, his face slack, and his chest barely moving to show that he was breathing. Shouto, Ochaco, Denki and Eijirou were all there, so they went after with a new force. At a break in the fighting, Eijirou rushed over to them to see what was going on. The ambulance had been called, but he was shell shocked. Eijirou spoke to him, trying to get him to explain the situation, but he couldn’t move. All he could do was stare at his husband, limp and barely breathing in his arms, and keep himself from screaming or attacking or crying. Eijirou seemed to understand and went back into the fight once the ambulance had arrived. They tried to take him out of Katsuki’s arms, but he wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.

                “Bakugou-san! Bakugou-san! We’re trying to help him! Let him go so he can survive!” He heard this call in the middle of his disassociation. He broke free from it, allowing them to take him from his arms but following them to the ambulance.

                “Please let me go with you, I’m his husband,” he didn’t like begging, but he couldn’t break away from Izuku’s side right now. He had to stay by him.

                “Yes, we know, sir, please come in and we’ll be off.” He climbed in, ignoring the rest of the world and just watching him, watching his chest rise and fall and watching his face, hoping he would wake up.

The ride to the hospital passed as a blur to him. All he focused on was that his husband was going to be okay. Eri was about to get married, they had their whole lives ahead of them, he couldn’t leave like this. Katsuki felt like his heart was being torn open from the inside, as if his chest was being sat on and everything he felt was cold ice around him. He needed to call Eri, but he couldn’t talk to her. If he did, he would just break down worse. He asked one of the ER techs with him if they could talk to his daughter for him, and one agreed as they kept an eye on his state. He could overhear her telling Eri what happened and what was going on, he could hear Eri yell on the phone, and all he wanted to do was talk to her, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t form words now.

They arrived at the hospital and everything stayed in a blur. A blur as they wheeled him away from Katsuki’s sight, a blur as they told him that he had to wait outside while Izuku was in surgery, a blur as Eri arrived, crying and panting, along with Hirohito. They both looked like they had been running a marathon, and Eri was a sobbing mess in his arms. Seeing her this way made him start to sob as well, confused and hurt and worried about the love of his life.

They waited what seemed like days in the waiting room for someone to tell them something. Eri called both of their parents and Toshinori to inform them of the situation. Everyone managed to make their way over, upset and worried. They all gave Katsuki hugs and reassurance, but he didn’t seem to process any of it. He felt like he was swimming in a bog, like his vision was clouded and he couldn’t see what has happening around him. They waited for hours and the thought came to his mind that the last time he had been in a waiting room this long was when Eri was born.

After what seemed like forever, a surgeon came back to speak with them. He had a stern expression on his face and Katsuki’s gut dropped. He felt like he was going to die on the spot.

“He’s stable, and his condition looks good, but he hasn’t woken up yet. We can allow immediate family in for the night, but only two at a time. Let a nurse know before you go in.”

Katsuki felt gutted. Izuku was alive, but wasn’t awake. He wanted to go in, see him, talk to him, hold his hand, kiss him, but he knew that Inko was feeling even worse than he was. She dropped to the floor immediately upon hearing that Izuku was alive, only being caught by her husband before hurting herself. Katsuki wanted to rush to him, but he told Inko and Hisashi to go before them. The frail woman held onto his hand gently and cried a gratitude. They were in there for an hour before they came out and told him and Eri to go see him. Toshinori and Aizawa wanted to visit for a few minutes beforehand, so they let the both of them go in before. Katsuki was most likely going to stay the entire night next to his side, so he wanted everyone else to get a chance before he took up the majority of the time. He asked Hirohito if he wanted to go in before they did, but he said he would visit later. His face looked grim, as if seeing someone he loved as a hero in this state would hurt him. Katsuki understood completely. After Toshinori and Aizawa left, Katsuki and Eri approached very quietly.

Izuku was laying in white clothes, in a white bed, surrounded by a white room. His face was covered in scratches and his eyes remained clothes. He was breathing better than when Katsuki was holding him before, but he was so still that he could pass as being dead. Seeing him like this broke something in him. He collapsed to the floor, unable to stand or move or do anything except sob on the floor. He felt Eri’s grip around him, but his heart was flayed open to the world. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t speak, all he could do was see the man that he loved in a state that was close enough to death to shake him to his core.

After he managed to stop sobbing, he walked towards Izuku. He touched his face and felt a warmth that made his knees weak. He was alive. He kissed his forehead and grabbed hold of his hand, sitting in silence with Eri for a long while. Eventually, Eri started telling Izuku about her day, her words breaking as she spoke, but no tears actually falling. She was trying to stay strong for Katsuki. He appreciated how apt his daughter was at seeing what he needed. I’m sure she needed more than what he was giving, but that was why she had Hirohito.

As she spoke, he started to speak too. He talked about how Inko missed and loved him, how Toshinori was doing better with his health. He told Eri that she should go home and sleep. She had class and he knew that Izuku would want her to go to class instead of worrying over him. He also wanted some alone time with Izuku, as well, even if he didn’t say it. She hesitated, but agreed when she saw how serious he was. She gave him a kiss and a hug and then left. It was nearing midnight.

He rested his head down next to Izuku’s hand and let a few more tears fall.

“Please, Deku. Please open your eyes.” His voice was ragged, torn to shreds. He thought that if he begged, maybe life would take mercy on him and allow his husband to wake. He kept begging and talking and crying, squeezing Izuku’s hand and pleading with the world.

“Deku, you’re my entire life. You can’t leave me. You can’t leave Eri. She’s going to get married! We have to walk her down the aisle! Deku, please. I love you more than words could ever say. Please wake up for me. Please.” He kept talking, begging and pleading until he eventually passed out from exhaustion.

In his dream, Izuku stood before him, back in his younger body. They both looked just like they had in UA. Izuku smiled at him, big and bright, like the sun appearing after a cloudy day. Katsuki ran up to him, reaching out to grab him, when he dissipated. Katsuki’s hand shook, his breath had left his body. He heard Izuku’s voice behind him, calling his nickname. Izuku was the only one who called him that. He turned, but saw nothing. He still heard this voice, calling and calling for him in the distance.

“Kacchan!” A weak voice called beside him. His eyes blinked open, and he stared in front of him. Izuku lightly gripped his hand back and smiled at him. He looked exhausted, but smiled slightly when Katsuki opened his eyes. He completely froze. He was still dreaming, right? He felt a warm hand around his and he saw Izuku’s brows scrunch up at him. This was real. “Kacchan, are you okay?”

Instead of answering he quickly, but gently, took Izuku into his arms and felt himself sob yet again. He felt whole again just from hearing his husband’s voice, touching his skin, and feeling his arms around him. He felt the sunlight in the room and kissed his husband gently, trying to heal his flayed open heart with it. Every kiss did heal him.

DADDY!” Eri’s voice called from the other side of the room, high and cracked open. Hirohito was there, standing to the side. Katsuki motioned him over and they had a family hug together. Eri and Katsuki were crying, but they also had the biggest grins on their faces. Seeing Izuku smile healed every piece of their broken heart.

Toshinori, Aizawa, Inko, Hisashi, Mitsuki and Masaru all came to visit him as well. Inko and Toshinori both cried when they saw him, and he had no idea how to comfort them. Seeing the family and feeling Izuku’s warm hand hold his made him finally feel like everything was going to be okay. It might take a bit to recover, but he would follow him with every step. He would follow Izuku to the end of the earth and back. That night, Katsuki stayed there again to stay with him. They had many visitors in and out, the Todoroki family all stopped by and gave Izuku flowers. Shouto looked worried, but Katsuki told him everything would be okay. He didn’t respond, but nodded and they left. Eijirou visited and teared up before running out of the room. Denki apologized for him before they left as well. Ochaco and Iida came by for a few minutes and brought flowers as well. Ochaco got upset and hugged Izuku tightly before running over and hugging Katsuki just as tightly.

They laid in silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Izuku was reading a book and holding Katsuki’s hand, while Katsuki lazily stared at Izuku for as long as his husband would let him.

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki began, nervous but determined. Izuku looked back at him and scrunched his brow as a response. “Why did you jump in front of me back there?”

“Because I love you, Kacchan.”

He felt whole again.


Eri was 23 and Izuku and Katsuki were both 50 when Eri got married. The beginning of that day was a flurry of wedding planners trying to get them prepared, Izuku worrying over his appearance, Hirohito pacing in circles, and everyone running around trying to get everything ready. The bride was squared away where Hirohito couldn’t see her, but Katsuki and Izuku were anxious to see their daughter before they walked her down the aisle. They both got dressed in matching suits with small accents of the wedding colors: dark blue and gold. The gold made Izuku’s eyes shine more than usual. They had both started to get small patches of grey hair, though Izuku’s was more noticeable than his.

After they had finished dressing and trying to calm their hair as much as possible, they had Hana, Shouto and Momo’s daughter, show them where they had stashed Eri away while she got ready. They stepped in and Eri smiled up at them brightly. She looked absolutely stunning. They had managed to calm her hair enough to put it into curls around her pale shoulders. She had a strapless white princess dress that took up most of the area around her. Her eyes were big and bright, looking so much like Izuku that Katsuki’s heart started to hurt. Memories of their wedding flashed into his mind seeing her.

“Dad, Pops!” She rose to hug them carefully without moving too much. Her makeup was in the middle of being finished and she didn’t want to mess up the wonderful work her bridesmaids had done. Katsuki tried to keep his hug going for as long as possible, soaking up the last bit of time that his daughter was still under his name. He knew that she wouldn’t leave them, Izuku had reassured him plenty about it. They talked for a few minutes before heading back out to check on the groom.

Hirohito was still pacing in circles, mumbling his vows over and over again. Katsuki had to break him out of this nervous daze he was in.

“Hirohito! Hirohito!” Finally, the boy seemed to come out of his daze and look at them. “Are you okay? You’re making us nervous.”

I’m the one who’s nervous!” Katsuki and Izuku looked at each other with a knowing glance and each put an arm around the groom, moving him along from his state. They went to distract him and keep him from making himself explode.

Pretty much the entire family on both sides came, only excepting the people who were out of town or out of the country. They tried to visit everyone as they came and sat, saying hi and giving hugs.

Finally, the time came. Hirohito looked extremely nervous at the altar, but both Katsuki and Izuku went to guide the bride down the aisle. They each took one of her arms, her face covered by veil, but she smiled brightly at the both of them. Every time she smiled, Katsuki just saw Izuku in her. She took after him so much, and his heart and chest felt so warm at the fact. They walked her down the aisle in time to the music, and they saw Hirohito start to tear up at seeing her. Katsuki felt like his entire world was here, in this moment, and that he was so happy that he could burst.

After the ceremony, they all went inside to have the reception. The couple had their first dance, then Katsuki and Izuku both had chances to dance with Eri. Katsuki and Eri danced to a more upbeat song, that was how they always were. Katsuki did talk to her as they danced, as they swayed to the beat of the song.

“Are you happy, Eri?” He knew the answer to it, but just wanted to confirm it.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, Pops. Thank you,” She looked on the edge of tears, and he just cupped her face and kissed her forehead. He felt the sting of tears coming, too, but didn’t let them fall. If he cried, she would cry, and everything would be a mess of tears.

“You know that your dad and I love you more than the world,” Katsuki hugged her quickly at a break in the song before they went back to dancing. “All we want is for you to be happy.”

She smiled at him and they continued their dance, just flowing with the beat. As the song was wrapping up, it had a slower beat, and they danced slowly to it. As they did, she talked quietly in his ear.

“I told Dad, but I haven’t told you this yet. I found out that I’m pregnant, Pops,” she said quietly, and he felt himself blank again, feeling like Izuku. He was about to shout in response, but she shushed him, clearly trying to keep it on the down low for now.

“That’s amazing, sweetie. I love you,” Katsuki hugged her tightly. He felt that sting behind his eyes yet again.

“I love you too, Pops.”

Later, Izuku and Katsuki danced themselves, a sweet and slow dance to romantic music. They swayed close and Katsuki felt Izuku’s arms around him tightly.

“So, pregnant, huh?” Katsuki wasn’t very good at breaking the ice.

“I know! She shocked me so much!”

“I guess the family is getting bigger, huh,” Katsuki smiled so wide he thought his face would go numb. He was so happy that he couldn’t contain himself. His family was all around him, loving him and staying happy.

“It is!” Izuku smiled brightly up at him and there it was. This was the kind of smile that had made him fall in love years ago, and he felt like he was falling in love more and more with each passing day that they had. He loved it so much. He loved the man in front of him so much he could burst, and he loved his daughter more than life itself.

“I love you, Deku,” He was sure he looked stupid with the biggest grin on his face. Izuku laughed and kissed him gently.

“I love you more, Kacchan.”