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One-Punch Man x reader

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Fandom:  One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Female
Word Count: 799
Estimated Reading Time:  3 minutes

(y/n) was standing on the rooftop of a building next to Silver Fang who was telling Genos not the be afraid of failure and to think about the best possible way to destroy the comet that was threatening to destroy Z City whatever the outcome was. The young cyborg gave his all, but it was not enough to stop the asteroid.

(y/n) was known as the Antihero due to her resentment towards those who called themselves heroes but were nothing more than selfish cowards that were only interested in personal gains, like metal Knight. She knew that if he had agreed to work with Genos, both of them could have destroyed it. But all that S-Class Rank 6 Hero wanted to do was to test his new weapons.

However, that didn’t matter anymore, it was all too late. There were only nine seconds left before the impact. (y/n) closed her eyes and prepared herself to cast a small shield that would protect her and the other two men when, suddenly, a bald man in a yellow jumpsuit with a white cape appeared out of the blue, asking her and Fang to take care of Genos. The bald man claimed to be a hero before jumping up in the air, cracking the concrete of the rooftop. And just like that, he punched the meteor, going through it and breaking it from the inside, saving all the citizens from a terrible death.  The meteorite broke up into many pieces, destroying the majority of the City.

The hero she had just met had caught her eye for he was extremely strong and, most of all, he seemed to be a true hero. So she decided to follow him from afar to learn more about him.

She was watching as people were yelling at the bald man to quit being a hero for destroying the city.

“Those people should be thankful to be alive,” she clicked her tongue, “and those two who called themselves heroes, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I’m the one who smashed the meteor.” he yelled surprising her, “anyone with a complaint, let’s hear it, speak up!”

One of the citizens complained about his car and the hero stared daggers at him before yelling, “You can shut up! Why would I give a crap about your problems? Tell it to the meteor, jackass!” The people around him were shocked and speechless.

“Listen up!” He proceeded, “I don’t do this hero-thing for admiration! I do it because I want to! So if you wanna blame me, go ahead!”

Genos stopped him before the situation could go out of hand and they both left. (y/n) followed them to their place, keeping her distance.

She was about to knock at the door when Genos suddenly opened it, startling her.

“Why have you followed us here, Antihero?” She pursed her lips at the nickname.

“Who is it, Genos?” The bald man asked.

“This is the person who was following us, sensei,” he replied.

“Oh? What do you want?” the bald hero asked uninterestedly. She was about to reply but Genos interrupted her.

“If you’ve come here to criticize my sensei, then you should leave,” he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Genos, don’t be rude," he nagged him, "you can come inside,” she entered the room muttering a ‘thank you’.

“Actually, I’ve come here to thank him for saving all the citizens and also to apologise for their behaviour earlier,”

“There’s no need to thank me or to apologise for what they did,” she gave him a small smile.

“May I know your name?”

“I’m Saitama,”

“Saitama, I think you are a great hero,” he shook his head.

“I'm not great. I’m just a guy who is a hero for fun,” then, he shrugged, making her laugh loudly.

“My name is (y/n), also known as the ‘Antihero’. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he nodded.


“I think you and I will be great friends, Saitama,” she flashed him a wide smile and he smiled back, seemingly interested in her, “you too, Genos,” she offered her hand to the cyborg and he shook it, nodding his head. Genos was glad that his sensei had made a new friend and that Saitama had been recognized as a great hero by her. Mostly, because no one seemed to acknowledge how amazing his sensei truly was.

Even though Saitama claimed himself to be a hero for fun, he was indeed a true hero. He saved people and defeated monsters to protect the Earth and he was not interested in personal gain, fame or money like most of the other heroes. (y/n) was certain that he was a great role model for other people and she was going to make sure people notice him.

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Fandom: One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Female 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Pairing: Saitama x reader 
Warnings: Adult Situations | Sexual Situations | Explicit Content | Read at your own risk 
Word Count: 1019
Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Saitama observed the way your hands gently massaged your dainty, rounded breasts as you took a quick shower in the bathroom located a few feet away from the mattress he was laying on. A small smile graced his lips at the erotic sight. He was glad he had agreed to come to that love hotel with you. He had not realised how much he needed to take a break from all the villains disrupting the peace in the city and most of all from a certain annoying yet loveable apprentice of him. For the next couple of hours, all he would be focusing about was you. No cyborgs nor villains would interrupt his alone time with you and if they dared do so, they would face off his wrath. 

Saitama’s trail of thought was soon interrupted when you straddled his hip after climbing on the bed. 

“What are you thinking about?” You asked curiously, cupping his cheeks in between your hands before leaning down to press a tender kiss to his lips. 

He smiled lovingly at you, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you closer to him. “I was thinking about you,” he replied. 

“Oh, really?” You teased. 

“Mhm, and how beautiful you are.” 

Even though Saitama, had claimed in several occasions, that his ability to feel any and all emotions had dulled considerably over the years when it came to you it was different. It was as if your love and affection melted his frozen emotions and then, he was able to show you all of him, like his tender and protective side. 

You giggled and bit your smile, cheeks flushing red at his words. “You’re just saying that cause you want to get in my pants,” you joked. 

“You’re not wearing any pants.” He noted, chuckling softly. “You are truly beautiful, (y/n).” He reassured. 

You laughed wholeheartedly and lifted the hem of his white shirt up his abdomen. Quickly, he took it off, revealing his buffed constitution. Hastily, you let the tips of your digits roam around his abs and chest, rubbing his nipples in the process. 

A sigh of content left his lips at your delicate touch. His own calloused hands cupped your breasts, fondling them softly. In response, you arched your back and ground on his crotch, mewling. He grunted, placing a hand back on your hip, forcing you to grind on his crotch again while squeezing one of your boobs before rolling your erected nub in between his fingers. 

Moaning his name in a low tone, you kept moving your hips back and forth over his clothed, hardening member before leaning down to capture Saitama’s lips in a feverish kiss. Biting his lip, you stuck your tongue inside his mouth, eagerly exploring it. He moaned into the kiss, jerking his hips upwards in need of more friction. You deepened the kiss and dragged one of your hands down his torso until it reached the hem of his underwear. You took his hard cock out and wrapped your fingers around it, pumping it up and down ever so slowly. 

Saitama closed his eyes and released a short sigh, relishing the feeling of your warm hand around him. “(y/n),” he breathed your name. 

“I’m taking care of you this time, Sai.” He stared at you through half-lidded eyes and nodded. “So just relax and enjoy yourself, yeah?” You offered him a warm smile. 

After taking off his underwear, you aligned your heat with his shaft and teased yourself with his glans, sliding it in between your folds and rubbing your clitoris with it. 

Saitama licked his lips, appreciating the sight of you enjoying yourself. “You are gorgeous,” he whispered. 

Smirking, you sunk down on his length, moaning as it stretched you out till you took it deep inside of you. 

“You feel so good, baby,” Saitama grunted. 

You began moving your hips up and down once you adjusted to his size, placing one of your hands on his chest to steady yourself. Gradually, the room got filled by your soft moans and Saitama’s groans and pants as you quickened your pace. The way your breasts jiggled with each jerk of your hips got him enthralled. One of his hands reached out to toy with your boobs. Then, he licked the thumb of his free hand thoroughly coating it with saliva before grazing it over your clitoris. Your back arched and you clenched around his shaft when he began rubbing quick circles on your nub. 

“If you keep squeezing me like that, I’m not gonna last long,” He warned in a breathy moan. 

“I’m close,” you whined. 

Saitama grabbed your wrist and pulled you close to him to crush his lips against yours as you kept riding him. He added more pressure to your bundle of pleasure, eliciting needy moans to escape your lips. It only took one more flick of his thumb for you to cum hard around him, walls spasming and squeezing his dick. Shortly after, he released his cum inside of you as he breathed out your name. You kept bouncing lazily on him for a few seconds, riding out his and your orgasms. After a while, you halted your movements and rest your head on his shoulder. 

“How do you feel?” Saitama asked in a tender tone. 

“Relaxed,” you replied out of breath. “You?” 

“Me too.” He grinned. “Do you wanna take a bath with me in the jacuzzi?” He offered. 

“I’d love to,” you squealed in excitement as you peeled yourself off him. 

Saitama stood before picking you up bridal style “Up you go!” He exclaimed. 

Carefully, he got inside the empty jacuzzi with you still in his strong arms before sitting down. You sat down in between his legs and smirked mischievously as Saitama busied himself with filling the tub.  

“I’m up for some fun in the jacuzzi as we wait for it to fill up, you know.” You announced in a sultry tone.  

He bit his smile and said: “Well, then, bend down over there and let me take care of you, this time.” He smirked.

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Fandom: One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Neutral
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Saitama x reader
Warnings: Cursing
Word Count: 497

        After two long weeks of working hard at the Summer Olympics, you were now finally coming back home with your family and boyfriend and the rest of the Gymnastic team and their relatives. 

        ‘All that work had been greatly worth it,’ you mused wearily as you stared down at your medals. 

        You had won two gold, three silver and one bronze medals. You were beyond happy, not to mention, that had been your first year participating in the Olympics. 

        Yawning, you rested your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder. Saitama wrapped his arm around your waist and smiled softly at you. 

        “You’ve worked so hard. I’m so proud of you, (y/n),” he admitted, pressing a loving kiss on top of your head. 

        Just as you were about to reply, the omnibus came to a sudden halt. 

        “What just happened?” You asked, hearing the alarmed gasps of the people inside the bus. 

        Looking out the window you saw a monster blocking the highway. It roared loudly, making your teammates cower in fear. 

        Without a moment of hesitation, Saitama came out of the bus and you followed him with clenched fists. Before your boyfriend could say anything to the monster, you yelled at it. 

        “We are all fucking tired and sore and you just attack us?!”

        The monster growled and got ready to charge towards the bus. In response, you turned to Saitama and gave him your medals. “Hold this.” 

        Saitama grabbed your medals and stared at you with confusion. “Eh?” But before he could process what you were doing, you sprinted towards the monster. Yelling profanities, you beat it up in a matter of seconds. 

        Everyone cheered as you walked back inside the bus, well, everyone except your boyfriend. 

        You sat back on your sit as if nothing had happened, getting yourself comfortable as the journey home continued. 

        “What do you think you were doing?” Saitama scowled at you. 


        “That was dangerous! Are you outta your mind?” 

        “It was nothing. It was a weak monster, anyway,” you explained with a shrug. 

        “That’s not the point. You could have gotten hurt. You could have ruined your career. That was very reckless of you, (y/n).” 

        You pursed your lips as his words sunk in. “I… didn’t think about it. I’m sorry.” 

        “Clearly.” He huffed in irritation. 

        Looking at your downcast eyes, Saitama sighed and soften his tone. “Look, I am the hero, here. Let me do my job, okay? I just… I don’t want you to get hurt. You mean the world to me.” He gave your lips a tender kiss. “Don’t ever do something as reckless as that again, okay?” He stared deeply into your eyes, genuine concern written all over his face. 

        “I promise,” you smiled with apologetic eyes. 

        “Thank you,” he smiled back, kissing your lips again as he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you, (y/n).” 

        “I love you, too,” you giggled, pecking his nose before getting comfortable in his loving arms.

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Fandom: One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Female
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic x reader
Warnings: Cursing
Word Count: 635

          Sonic groaned in contempt, “Remind me why I accepted this job? I can’t believe I’m stuck watching over a brat,” he complained. 

          “You should watch your mouth,” you warned, staring daggers at him. 

          “Or what, are you gonna hurt me?” He sneered, looking at your seemingly frail appearance. “You wouldn’t hurt a fly,” he scoffed. 

          Having enough of his attitude, you pulled out the gun that was attached to your right leg, covered by the skirt of your dress. “You sure?” You pointed the gun at his head. 

          “Where the hell did you get that? Give it to me, you might hurt yourself.” He extended his hand. 

          Clicking your tongue in annoyance, you pulled the trigger. The bullet grazed his left cheek ever so lightly. “I know how to shoot, you dumbass. I can protect myself.” 

          He was momentarily stunned and when he regained his composure he yelled at you, “Are you crazy?! You could have killed me!” 

          “I missed on purpose, idiot. If I wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead.” 

          He squinted his eyes, scrutinising you for a moment before speaking, “Then why have I been hired?” 

          “Because I’m the only heir to my father’s company and wealth and he doesn’t know shit about me. He only cares about me because of his fucking legacy shit.” You spat bitterly. 

          “Great,” Sonic mumbled, scowling. 

          “Oh, do you think I want this? I hate it. I hate all those snobbish and fake people and those fancy parties they love to attend to, wearing the most expensive pieces of clothing you’ll find in this world. I’m sick of it.” Your words were dripping venom. 

          “Oh, what a tragedy. It sucks to be you, princess,” he stated sardonically. 

          Ignoring his antics, you inquired, “How much is my father paying you?” 

          “What does it matter?” He knitted his brows. 

          “Because I’m willing to pay you twice as much for helping me get out of here. I want (y/n) (l/n) to disappear, to vanish forever. Think you can help me, asshole?” 

          “I can, but I don’t think I want to.” He smirked smugly. 

          “Fine, I’ll pay you three times what my father is paying you,” you offered. 

          “We have a deal.” 

          The childish grin he showed you gave you the creeps but you ignored it. After all, you needed his help. 

          Sonic stared up at the starry sky, smiling softly to himself. “I can’t believe a year has passed,” he stated. 

          “A lot has changed ever since that day,” you mused, resting your head on his shoulder while thinking back to the day you ran away with the raven haired man. 

          He circled your waist with one of his arms, bringing you closer to him. “And now you’re finally free from your father and your old wealthy life.” The moon accentuated his features and made his large silvery eyes glisten as he turned to face you. 

          “(y/n) (l/n) is dead thanks to you.” You smiled at him before giving him a loving kiss on the lips while caressing the purple marks underneath his eyes. 

          “You’ve gone soft on me,” he teased, returning the kiss. 

          “Would you rather I kicked you in the nuts to show you my love and affection?” You raised an eyebrow at him, seemingly annoyed. 

          “I’d rather not,” he mumbled, looking at you with apologetic eyes. 

          “Thought so,” you smirked, shifting your gaze to the glimmering stars up above. 

          “Thank you, Sonic,” you susurrated, utterly thankful for all he has done for you. 

          “You know I’d do anything for you, princess.” He gave your temple a sweet smooch. 

          You embraced Sonic in your arms, snuggling up against him before murmuring, “I love you, Sonic.” 

          “And I love you.” He held you tightly in his arms, revelling into your warmth and company.

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Fandom: One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Female
Pairing: Saitama x reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 276

          Crouching down next to the little girl who was colouring her Mandala book in her room, Saitama spoke gently: “Princess, your mom and I are getting married.” 
          The six-year-old, brunette girl let out a quiet gasp and looked curiously at Saitama with her huge, golden eyes. 
          “Sai-chan is going to be officially your dad, now,” you stated with a wide grin on your face as you came into the room. 
          “I finally have a dada! I’ve never had one before!” Your adoptive daughter beamed joyously as her eyes slowly filled with tears. 
          “Aww, sweetie.” You walked towards her and wrapped your arms around her small form as she shed joyful tears. 
          Smiling wholeheartedly at the adorable scene unfolding before his eyes, Saitama stroked your daughter’s hair softly and said: “Come on, there’s nothing to cry about,” he assured her. “Aren’t you happy?” The little girl sniffed and nodded her head in reply. “Then stop crying, princess. Big girls don’t cry, remember?” 
          Your daughter nodded again, wiping her tears with her little hands before enveloping her new father in a tight embrace and burying her face on his neck. 
          “I think she’s really happy,” you giggled, feeling tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. 
          Saitama flashed you a charming smile and stroked your cheek lovingly before bringing you closer to him with one of his strong arms. “So am I. I love you both.” He pressed his lips on your forehead and held you and the little girl close to him. 
          “And we love you, Saitama,” you whispered, closing your eyes while revelling into that special moment shared with the two people you loved the most.