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Nobody knew how soulmates worked, and how were they determined. What people knew, was that everyone’s life was in black and white until… something happened.

Sometimes it was enough if their eyes met with their soulmates. Sometimes they had to touch. Sometimes it would take years and years - sometimes a few days. Sometimes you just had to get to know them, sometimes you had to befriend them, sometimes you had to fall in love for the colours to end up in their lives.

Sometimes it was romantic, sometimes it was platonic. Sometimes it was just a couple, sometimes it was more people.

There was no rhythm or method or rhyme to it.

And Izuku Midoriya didn’t understand his life at all, what was leading him to this point now, and he was wondering when would colours appear in his life.


He knew there were kids who saw colours from young age, but Izuku didn’t, and didn’t even think much about it. But there was the incident where Kacchan fell into the water, and Izuku tried to help him, and Kacchan had acted weird since then. Which… was weird, but… but Kacchan was like that, his pride was apparently hurt at that moment, he took some offense to it, even if Izuku didn’t quite understand why.

But then one day, Kacchan grabbed him and shook him.

“If you tell anyone, stupid Deku, if you ever tell anyone…”

“...tell them what?”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed.

“Don’t play fucking dumb.”

“Ka--- Kacchan, I really don’t get it!”

“The fucking colours, Deku! Ever since you were so fucking stupid in the forest, the colours are here! Now, as I said…”

“...Kacchan you see colours since then?”

Silence as the two of them looked at each other.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? Do not play dumb.”

“Kacchan, I…”

Izuku felt the tears swell up in his eyes, and Katsuki took a step back, confused.


“I… I don’t see colours, Kacchan. I… I don’t think I’m your soulmate.”

Katsuki backed away even more, his face showing a lot of different emotions.

“...good riddance.”

And then he was gone.


Kacchan never mentioned it again, and Izuku’s life remained black and white.

“Maybe if someone doesn’t have a Quirk, they don’t have soulmates either!”

People would snort and make comments and Katsuki would be frowning and not saying anything.

And Izuku sometimes wondered if he was broken, if he really couldn’t see the colours because he was Quirkless, because Katsuki had seen them, but not him, never him, his life never got filled with colours.

But he went on either way, and his mother was helping him coordinate colours in his life, so he wouldn’t be clashing, but other than that, everything worked well.


“From now on, Deku will be the name of a hero!”

Izuku screamed, and he could hear Uraraka gasp behind him, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, he just glanced back, and told her to run.

It wasn’t until later when she ran up to him, awkwardly stepping from one leg to another.

“Um… um, Deku? I… I can’t really… are you really sure with me changing the meaning of your nickname?”

“I was never more sure about anything in my life, Uraraka” Izuku smiled. “I never liked that name, but Kacchan won’t stop using it… at least I won’t mind it now.”

Uraraka still shuffled from one leg to another, and Izuku frowned.

“Are you alright, Uraraka?”

“Ah, yes, I’m just… I’m just wondering, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Izuku looked at her blankly, and she was still very embarrassed.

“I mean… when you said your line about Deku being the name of a hero… I mean I suppose it could be Bakugo, but he didn’t say anything at that point, and I just…”

Izuku’s heart skipped a beat.

“… you see in colour?”

“ don’t? Oh, this is so awkward, I’m so sorry Deku, I’m just…”

“No, it’s really on me, really, I’m the slow one, see, I have this issue…”

So he sat Uraraka down and told her the story of what happened with Kacchan already, and she listened to him intently.

“So… you are both of our soulmates?”

“I… guess so. But it still doesn’t go in colour for me, so… I guess… maybe I’m just supposed to be colourblind? But I have no idea.”

“It’s okay!” Uraraka’s face lit up. “I’m sure we will figure something out!”


They didn’t begin to date, and it didn’t change much in their lives, not really. They were still friends, and Uraraka was busy taking all the colours in, but they didn’t talk much about it.

Uraraka tried to talk with Kacchan a few times, but of course it didn’t go anywhere, and Izuku didn’t think about what else might happen in the future. Well, most of the times.

Sometimes he was wondering what did this mean, him being the soulmate of two people, and still not having colours in his life, then he realised he probably had enough room in his life for two people.

Of course, the future is even more complicated.


“It’s yours! Your Quirk, not his!”

Todoroki looked taken aback, which was… understandable, all things considered. Izuku did spend most of the fight trying to literally and figuratively punch some sense into his schoolmate, into his new rival, and finally, finally it seemed like he was getting through to him.

It wasn’t until a few days after the fight that Todoroki walked up to him, and looked down, and there was some kind of awkwardness in his movements, and Izuku had a rising suspicion.

“Midoriya, I… I would…”

“Todoroki, do you… see in colour by any chance? Maybe since our fight?”

Todoroki nodded, and Izuku sighed, looking up at the nearby tree - still grey tinted, as ever.

“Come on, let’s call over Uraraka, the three of us need to talk.”

He looked surprised, but Todoroki still sat down, and the three of them were sitting on a bench in the park, while Izuku told him the entire situation, and talked about Kacchan also being involved. Probably.

Well, Kacchan wasn’t subtle about seeing colours, but that was another story. Everyone saw that Izuku himself did not see colours, so nobody would make that connection.

“I see. This sounds unusual.”

“It kind of is” Izuku nodded, deep in thought. “I mean during my research into this I didn’t really find similar situations. There are soulmates where multiple people are connected, but one person seeing colours, while others don’t is kind of… new. I don’t really know how to deal with this.”

“Am I correct in assuming that Bakugo can’t be brought into the discussion?”

“Yeah” Uraraka hummed, nodding along. “I tried, but he just doesn’t listen. Stubbornness is pretty much his defining trait.”

That was an accurate description.


They agreed to talk about this more after their internships were over.

There might have been three of them in theory, but there were only two of them who interacted regularly, Izuku and Uraraka, and now Todoroki made them three… or four, in theory. Izuku knew they had to talk things over, and one day, they would have to tell Kacchan too, but which was fine, if Todoroki started to see colours, it meant that he had to have enough room in his life for Todoroki as well.

Which, of course, meant that things only got more complicated after their internships.


“Meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero.”

Once again, Izuku didn’t think that much about these words, or actions, and then soon too many things happened in a very short timeframe.

It really wasn’t until later, until they were at the hospital and everyone else had left that Iida looked at him awkwardly, and by this point, Izuku recognized this awkward expression and his stomach did a sommersault.

“You too, Iida?”

“What… what do you mean, me too?”

“Oh…” Todoroki looked like he understood too. “I’m starting to wonder Midoriya, if you are everyone’s soulmate in the class.”

“Please can either of you explain what do you mean?”

So they did.

Which meant that they had to call Uraraka too and put her on speaker, and once she heard that Iida had joined their group too apparently, she squealed from delight, and there was a small smile on Todoroki’s face, and Iida was blushing, and Izuku really wished Kacchan could take part in this warm feeling in his chest as well.

The four of them were together more, and it was nice, and Izuku really wanted Kacchan to have a place with them too, there had to be room for him as well.


Izuku figured that he might be a weird joker person - his role is just to bring colour into people’s lives, and his own would stay weirdly grey-tinted, but he slowly figured that he didn’t mind. He had Uraraka’s bubbly nature and smiles, Todoroki’s awkward care, Iida’s serious enthusiasm, and they could all make him laugh, and they all cared about him, and while he didn’t ask, and neither of them said it, he could see the gentle look in their eyes, and could feel the warm, fuzzy feelings in his chest, and the way his face was easy to flush around them.


But the situation with Kacchan was still there, and not like he was willing to talk it out, not until a while, not until after their fight, and a lot of screaming, and being placed under house arrest together, and that’s when Izuku faced forward stubbornly, not turning back.

“You are not the only one who saw colours because of me.”



“You are not the only one who it happened to” Izuku explained, still not looking back, hands shaking a bit. “I… I still can’t see colours, but…. Uraraka, Todoroki and Iida, they can all… they can all see colours because of me.”

“ that’s why they acted so fucking weird around me?”

“...yeah. I’m sorry. But… I figured you needed to know.”

Kacchan clicked his tongue in an annoyed manner.


He didn’t say anything else, and Izuku figured that well, at least he tried.


Izuku couldn’t pinpoint the way things started to change, slowly shift. Kacchan wasn’t easy to read, but he would tolerate Todoroki more, roll his eyes on Iida, but not too harshly, and still had his begrudging respect for Uraraka, and wasn’t that harsh towards them in general. He wasn’t eating with them all the time, but he would willingly team up with either of them on exercises, and would actually go to class hangouts later on, even if he was just mostly sulking.

But he was there, and that’s what counted, didn’t it?


They ended up working together on some group project - they had to hold a presentation about the laws surrounding hero work (Izuku had the suspicion that Aizawa deliberately gave this topic to their group of all people), and working on it wasn’t easy.

It really took Izuku a few moments to realise that somehow they ended up gravitating towards each other - Aizawa didn’t pick the groups, but somehow, all five of them ended up in the same group.

“I’m telling you, historical context is completely unneeded” Kacchan hissed, glaring. “Everyone knows that by this point, and that’s not the point of our presentation.”

“But Mr Aizawa surely expects thorough work!” Iida gestured wildly. “It would be irresponsible from us to skip over important details!”

“Or he would be annoyed at us for glossing over historical context, when that’s not the focus of our topic” Todoroki pointed it out.

“I brought some drinks” Uraraka put them on the table excitedly.

“Thank you, Uraraka!”

“How about your put your weight into the discussion too, Round Face?”

“Geez, Bakugo, at least Iida thanked me. And I don’t know… I think maybe a bit of context would be nice? Like not too detailed, but…”

“Shut the fuck up, Round Face.”

“You asked for her opinion…”

“You shut up too, IcyHot. Where the fuck are you, Deku?”

“I’m here, I’m just getting my notes, because I had a lot of thoughts I scribbled down on our way back to the dorms…”

Deku was muttering, while he sat down, flipping over his notebook, glancing up at the other four.

This was really the first time all of them were at the same table, with no one else there, and Deku couldn’t help but smile a little.

He blinked.

And when he opened his eyes again, the first thing he saw was the brightness of Kacchan’s blonde hair.

His breath got stuck in his throat, as he took it all in: Kacchan’s dark clothes, the sharpness of Todoroki’s mismatched eyes, and how the red and the white contrasted in his hair. The way the light played in Iida’s dark hair, giving it a blue tint. The way Uraraka’s cheeks had a soft pink blush to them.

All the colours.

“What the hell are you staring at, Deku?”

He looked back at Kacchan’s scowling face, his red eyes, and he could feel his own eyes getting filled up with tears, just like all those years ago, when Kacchan first confronted him.

“...Deku?” Uraraka sounded worried too, leaning over the table, brown eyes wide and earnest.

“Midoriya, is something the problem?” Iida, earnest as ever, his blue shirt was really fitting to him, actually.

It was Todoroki, who’s eyes first got a hint of realisation.

“Midoriya, are you…”

There was really no stopping the waterworks from that point on.

Needless to say, they didn’t really get anything done that day.


Change in their relationship was still slow and gradual - it wasn’t just Izuku’s relationships with all four, but how the four of them interacted with each other as well. They were still young, after all, and Izuku still didn’t want to say that he was in love - it was way too early to say something like that.

But now all of their lives were full with colour and that had to mean something, that despite how hard navigating the five of their lives together would be, there had to be enough room for all of them somewhere.