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like ships in the night

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sunday / 2014.10.26


[1:32 AM] hobi: DID U GET IS NUMBER !

[1:32 AM] hobi: ????????

[1:32 AM] hobi: ??

[1:32 AM] hobi: ???

[1:33 AM] hobi: HYUNG


[1:33 AM] me: sheesh

[1:33 AM] me: but yeah i did


[1:33 AM] hobi: !!!!!!!!

[1:34 AM] hobi: DUD E


[1:35 AM] me: i guess


[1:36 AM] hobi: you gess?!

[1:36 AM] hobi: HYUNG

[1:36 AM] hobi: r u gonna text im????


[1:38 AM] me: idk

[1:38 AM] me: probably not


[1:39 AM] hobi: hyungggg


[1:39 AM] me: whattt


[1:40 AM] hobi: put you self out thar for once

[1:40 AM] hobi: tryy something new

[1:41 AM] hobi: goo out of you comfort zone


[1:44 AM] me: that’s literally what you said when you asked me to go out tonight..

[1:44 AM] me: but with better grammar


[1:45 AM] hobi: well i o give good advice


[1:45 AM] me: i’d beg to differ


[1:46 AM] hobi: yor no fun hyung


[1:48 AM] me: i’m not supposed to be fun, hobi

[1:48 AM] me: fun is not in my dna


[1:49 AM] hobi: dats why you got me!!


[1:50 AM] me: if you make a sex joke like how you put the fun in me. i will murder you in your sleep


[1:51 AM] hobi: hyug i would never!!!! !


[1:52 AM] me: you would. in fact

[1:52 AM] me: with the amount of alcohol you’ve intaken


[1:52 AM] hobi: :’P


[1:53 AM] me: go to sleep hoseok


[1:53 AM] hobi: you btter txt im tomrrow hyungg!!!!!!


[1:54 AM] me: night hoseok

wednesday / 2014.10.29


[2:35 PM] me: hey

[2:35 PM] me: this is yoongi

[2:36 PM] me: the guy from the bar

[2:37 PM] me: from last saturday


[2:43 PM] guy from bar: uhh i think you have the wrong number..


[2:50 PM] me:

[2:50 PM] me: really?


[2:53 PM] guy from bar: yeah..


[2:55 PM] me: well this is awkward..

[2:59 PM] me: that jackass

[3:01 PM] me: forget i ever texted you


[3:13 PM] guy from bar: hey. im sorry


[3:16 PM] me: what the hell are you sorry for


[3:22 PM] guy from bar: well obviously you met this guy that you liked. asked for his number. and he gave you a fake.


[3:29 PM] me: that’s not how it went


[3:30 PM] guy from bar: are you sure


[3:30 PM] me: are you calling me a liar .


[3:31 PM] guy from bar: no of course not


[3:33 PM] me: so what then


[3:33 PM] not guy from bar: idk

[3:34 PM] not guy from bar: it just seems like the guy didn’t like you as much as you might have liked him

[3:35 PM] not guy from bar: i mean if someone gives you a different number then their actual one…

[3:35 PM] not guy from bar: well…

[3:36 PM] not guy from bar: you connect the dots


[3:38 PM] me: wow

[3:38 PM] me: what a brat


[3:39 PM] not guy from bar: excuse me??


[3:39 PM] me: you weren’t even there!

[3:40 PM] me: i don’t need some strangers input on my love life

[3:40 PM] me: or anything

[3:41 PM] me: why the fuck am i still talking to you


[3:42 PM] not guy from bar: you tell me


[3:42 PM] me: well you’re still responding

[3:43 PM] me: so what does that say about you


[3:45 PM] not guy from bar: it says

[3:46 PM] not guy from bar: that my name is jungkook

[3:47 PM] not guy from bar: and i think you’re kinda funny


[3:55 PM] me: brat

[4:02 PM] me: i’m yoongi


[4:07 PM] not guy from bar: i know



––– not guy from bar jungkook

thursday / 2014.10.30


[9:16 AM] hobi: have you texted him yet??


[9:31 AM] me: who?


[9:38 AM] hobi: the guy from the bar!

[9:38 AM] hobi: the one that gave you his number!


[9:43 AM] me: ohh

[9:43 AM] me: yeah i did

[9:44 AM] me: turns out it wasn’t his number

[9:44 AM] me: but this random guy


[9:44 AM] hobi: WTFFF

[9:45 AM] hobi: he gave you a fake?!?!

[9:45 AM] hobi: that asshole

[9:45 AM] hobi: wtf

[9:45 AM] hobi: if i see him again

[9:45 AM] hobi: i’m gonna go ham on him


[9:48 AM] me: hobi it’s fine

[9:49 AM] me: i’m not mad

[9:50 AM] me: this other guy. jungkook is his name. he’s not that bad


[9:53 AM] hobi: oooo

[9:53 AM] hobi: hyung!!!!!


[10:00 AM] me: shut the fuck up

thursday / 2014.10.30


[10:07 AM] me: so how do i know you really aren’t the guy i met

[10:09 AM] me: you could be

[10:12 AM] me: the guy was pretty drunk that night

[10:13 AM] me: i wouldn’t put it past him for not remembering he gave me his number


[10:15 AM] jungkook: trust me

[10:15 AM] jungkook: i’m not even old enough to go to a bar


[10:18 AM] me: what!

[10:19 AM] me: how old are you??


[10:21 AM] jungkook: 18


[10:21 AM] me: jfc

[10:21 AM] me: you’re a baby


[10:22 AM] jungkook: am not!


[10:22 AM] me: are too!


[10:28 AM] jungkook: then how old are you?


[10:29 AM] me: old


[10:32 AM] jungkook: that’s not an answer


[10:38 AM] me: 22


[10:40 AM] jungkook: wow

[10:40 AM] jungkook: you are old


[10:40 AM] me: shut it


[10:42 AM] jungkook: so you’re hyung to me


[10:43 AM] me: that’s right kid


[10:44 AM] jungkook: i’m not a kid


[10:44 AM] me: might as well be


[10:45 AM] jungkook: whatever

[10:46 AM] jungkook: so what are you up to hyung?


[10:49 AM] me: uhhh

[10:49 AM] me: nothing

[10:49 AM] me: at work right now


[10:55 AM] jungkook: oh what do you do?


[10:56 AM] me: i work at a music studio


[10:56 AM] jungkook: really?!

[10:56 AM] jungkook: where?


[10:57 AM] me: its a small studio in yongsan


[10:58 AM] jungkook: as in

[10:58 AM] jungkook: seoul?


[10:59 AM] me: yeahh duh


[11:01 AM] jungkook: you live in seoul?


[11:02 AM] me: yes..

[11:03 AM] me: don’t you?


[11:03 AM] jungkook: well. no

[11:03 AM] jungkook: i live in busan


[11:06 AM] me: what

[11:06 AM] me: but.


[11:06 AM] jungkook: but what?


[11:08 AM] me: nothing

[11:08 AM] me: i didn’t think that you’d live on the other side of the country


[11:09 AM] jungkook: yeah. i know what you mean..

[11:11 AM] jungkook: hyung, it’s 11:11

[11:11 AM] jungkook: make a wish


[11:12 AM] me: are you sure you aren’t younger?


[11:12 AM] jungkook: i’m not answering that

friday / 2014.10.31


[12:56 PM] jungkook: happy halloween hyung!


[1:09 PM] me: you too kid


[1:22 PM] jungkook: -_-

[1:22 PM] jungkook: i’ll let it pass

[1:22 PM] jungkook: since it’s HALLOWEEN


[1:29 PM] me: you like halloween?


[1:32 PM] jungkook: don’t you??


[1:37 PM] me: eh it’s ok


[1:39 PM] jungkook: what!

[1:39 PM] jungkook: free candy!

[1:39 PM] jungkook: dressing up!

[1:39 PM] jungkook: actually the best!!


[1:40 PM] me: you’re crazy


[1:41 PM] jungkook: sure sure

[2:01 PM] jungkook: are you doing anything tonight?


[2:14 PM] me: no

[2:14 PM] me: my friends will probably make me go out

[2:14 PM] me: but that didn’t seem to go well last time


[2:16 PM] jungkook: what happened last time?


[2:17 PM] me: a guy gave me his number. and it turned out to be a fake. and here we are


[2:17 PM] jungkook: ahhh gotcha

[2:18 PM] jungkook: so you don’t go out often?


[2:20 PM] me: nah. i don’t like people much. especially many people in one place. where it’s loud. and smells. the only good thing about going out is the promise of alcohol.


[2:21 PM] jungkook: i’m the same way.

[2:21 PM] jungkook: minus alcohol

[2:21 PM] jungkook: all my friends like to just go out for dinner or to the movies or whatever

[2:21 PM] jungkook: but i prefer to stay at home and play video games or order take out and just watch netflix


[2:28 PM] me: so you aren’t going out tonight either?


[2:30 PM] jungkook: well i might

[2:30 PM] jungkook: my friend taehyung is taking his little cousins trick or treating and he invited me

[2:30 PM] jungkook: free candy remember


[2:31 PM] me: how could i forget

[2:33 PM] me: well i hope you have fun


[2:35 PM] jungkook: thanks hyung

saturday / 2014.11.01


[11:28 AM] jungkook: how was your halloween?


[11:33 AM] me: boring

[11:33 AM] me: hbu


[11:33 AM] jungkook: yeah same


[11:36 AM] me: didn’t you go trick or treating?


[11:37 AM] jungkook: yeah we did

[11:37 AM] jungkook: but it got really cold so we had to go back home early

[11:37 AM] jungkook: i still got some candy tho


[11:38 AM] me: that’s all that matters


[11:38 AM] jungkook: of course :)

monday / 2014.11.03


[4:02 PM] jungkook: i aced my math test


[4:05 PM] me: cool

[4:05 PM] me: good job kid


[4:08 PM] jungkook: thanks hyung

[4:08 PM] jungkook: it was really hard too

[4:08 PM] jungkook: and i suck at math

[4:08 PM] jungkook: but i got a tutor and it helped so much!


[4:10 PM] me: who knew a little help and hard work could go so far


[4:10 PM] jungkook: ha ha hilarious


[4:10 PM] me: just saying

saturday / 2014.11.08


[10:14 PM] jungkook: have you heard eyes nose lips by taeyang


[10:15 PM] me: of course i have


[10:15 PM] jungkook: it’s amazing isn’t it!


[10:16 PM] me: yeah

[10:16 PM] me: it’s pretty good


[10:18 PM] jungkook: it’s not just pretty good!

[10:18 PM] jungkook: it’s the best!!!!

[10:18 PM] jungkook: i mean gdragon is totally my bias. i definitely look up to him. but also being a singer, i definitely loooove taeyang and what he can do


[10:19 PM] me: you’re a singer?


[10:19 PM] jungkook: yep!

[10:20 PM] jungkook: i want to major in music history

[10:20 PM] jungkook: i want to be a singer one day, or at least make some music

[10:20 PM] jungkook: i don’t have to be famous or anything. i don’t know if i could handle all of that

[10:20 PM] jungkook: but i want to make music that will inspire others

[10:21 PM] jungkook: change people and the world

[10:21 PM] jungkook: cheesy i know


[10:22 PM] me: yeah it is

[10:22 PM] me: but i feel the same way


[10:22 PM] jungkook: you sing too??


[10:23 PM] me: no no but i rap sometimes

[10:23 PM] me: i make music the rest of the time


[10:23 PM] jungkook: really!!!!!

[10:23 PM] jungkook: that’s awesome!

[10:24 PM] jungkook: i only do covers of songs right now

[10:24 PM] jungkook: but i hope someday to write and make my own songs


[10:24 PM] me: that’s cool

[10:25 PM] me: i hope you do

[10:28 PM] me: i’d like to hear you sing someday


[10:30 PM] jungkook: i’d like to hear your songs and hear you rap someday


[10:36 PM] me: someday

tuesday / 2014.11.11


[11:11 AM] jungkook: 11:11 on 11/11!!

[11:11 AM] jungkook: make a wish hyung!


[11:11 AM] me: don’t you have classes?


[11:12 AM] jungkook: i can always make time for wishes and making sure my hyung is wishing


[11:12 AM] me: heh okay kook


[11:12 AM] jungkook: :D

saturday / 2014.11.15


[2:48 PM] jungkook: my mom just bought guardians of the galaxy on dvd for me!!!!!

[2:48 PM] jungkook: i’m so excited

[2:48 PM] jungkook: like

[2:48 PM] jungkook: sO EXCITED


[2:51 PM] me: lol really? i couldn’t tell


[2:52 PM] jungkook: hyungggg

[2:52 PM] jungkook: i love marvel!!!

[2:52 PM] jungkook: i mean iron man mostly

[2:52 PM] jungkook: he’s the best

[2:52 PM] jungkook: more than the best

[2:52 PM] jungkook: THE GREATEST

[2:53 PM] jungkook: but guardians of the galaxy is hilarious


[2:54 PM] me: i know i saw it in theaters

[2:54 PM] me: it was pretty good

[2:54 PM] me: rocket was the best


[2:55 PM] jungkook: you can’t give me any spoilers!


[2:55 PM] me: i won’t!


[2:55 PM] jungkook: promise??


[2:57 PM] me: i promise jungkook


[2:57 PM] jungkook: ok good

[2:58 PM] jungkook: well i’m gonna go watch it now


[2:59 PM] me: alright


[3:07 PM] jungkook: i wish you could watch it with me


[3:10 PM] me: i know

friday / 2014.11.21


[3:02 PM] jungkook: yoongiiii


[3:04 PM] me: excuse you

[3:04 PM] me: it’s hyung to you


[3:05 PM] jungkook: right right sorry

[3:06 PM] jungkook: anyways

[3:06 PM] jungkook: guess what!


[3:06 PM] me: no


[3:07 PM] jungkook: oh come on hyung

[3:07 PM] jungkook: just try


[3:08 PM] me: ugh

[3:08 PM] me: idk

[3:08 PM] me: just tell me kid


[3:08 PM] jungkook: fiiiine

[3:09 PM] jungkook: i’m gonna be in seoul this weekend!


[3:11 PM] me: s seriously?


[3:11 PM] jungkook: yeah!

[3:12 PM] jungkook: i’m leaving tonight

[3:12 PM] jungkook: and i’ll be staying until sunday night


[3:15 PM] me: why are you coming up?


[3:16 PM] jungkook: my dad has business to do there, so i’m tagging along to look at a few universities


[3:16 PM] me: oh


[3:17 PM] jungkook: well now i can finally meet you!


[3:18 PM] me: wellll

[3:19 PM] me: i’m actually not going to be in seoul this weekend

[3:20 PM] me: i’m going back home to daegu


[3:21 PM] jungkook: oh

[3:21 PM] jungkook: oohh

[3:22 PM] jungkook: that’s okay

[3:22 PM] jungkook: i mean


[3:23 PM] me: i’m sorry jungkook


[3:24 PM] jungkook: no no it’s okay hyung

[3:24 PM] jungkook: i just kinda want to meet you

[3:25 PM] jungkook: or at least know what you look like


[3:26 PM] me: i think it’s kind of nice

[3:26 PM] me: not knowing what each other looks like

[3:26 PM] me: it’s pretty mysterious. don’t you think


[3:26 PM] jungkook: yeah. i guess


[3:27 PM] me: there’s no pressure of looking nice and acting nice

[3:27 PM] me: i just want to talk to you

[3:27 PM] me: just talk

[3:27 PM] me: about random shit

[3:27 M] me: and i don’t have to be pressured to look nice or whatever

[3:28 PM] me: or feel like you’re way out of my league

[3:28 PM] me: which i’m sure you are


[3:28 PM] jungkook: hyung

[3:29 PM] jungkook: i’d never pressure you to do anything

[3:29 PM] jungkook: but i understand

[3:30 PM] jungkook: it’s just frustrating when i can’t put a face to the guy i’ve been texting for over 3 weeks


[3:30 PM] me: well you can always use your imagination


[3:30 PM] jungkook: oh trust me

[3:31 PM] jungkook: i do ;)


[3:31 PM] me: ughh don’t be like that


[3:32 PM] jungkook: hahah sorry hyung

[3:32 PM] jungkook: do you imagine what i look like


[3:32 PM] me: i mean

[3:32 PM] me: yeahh


[3:33 PM] jungkook: then let’s play a game

[3:33 PM] jungkook: let’s try to guess what the other looks like

[3:33 PM] jungkook: and we can’t give out any hints

[3:33 PM] jungkook: and only one feature at a time


[3:34 PM] me: don’t you have classes?


[3:34 PM] jungkook: we’re on our way to the airport

[3:34 PM] jungkook: to fly to seoul

[3:35 PM] jungkook: so i’m free right now


[3:35 PM] me: ahhh

[3:35 PM] me: ok fine

[3:35 PM] me: you ask first

[3:35 PM] me: we’ll go back and forth


[3:36 PM] jungkook: ok sounds good

[3:36 PM] jungkook: alrightttt

[3:37 PM] jungkook: is your hair color natural?


[3:37 PM] me: no

[3:37 PM] me: are you tall?


[3:37 PM] jungkook: average height..? i guess

[3:38 PM] jungkook: earrings?


[3:38 PM] me: yeah. have both pierced. but vary between wearing one or two

[3:39 PM] me: eyes?


[3:40 PM] jungkook: brown. big. beautiful


[3:40 PM] me: woah woah

[3:40 PM] me: don’t get ahead of yourself


[3:40 PM] jungkook: it’s true hyung

[3:41 PM] jungkook: you’ll just have to trust me


[3:42 PM] me: i guess i will


[3:42 PM] jungkook: smile?


[3:43 PM] me: gummy


[3:43 PM] jungkook: cute


[3:44 PM] me: shut it

[3:44 PM] me: hair?


[3:44 PM] jungkook: brown. messy most of the time

[3:45 PM] jungkook: height?


[3:46 PM] me: ehhh. ask something else


[3:46 PM] jungkook: so you’re short


[3:46 PM] me: no!


[3:47 PM] jungkook: hyung


[3:48 PM] me: yes. fine. kinda. not that short. i mean shorter than most of my friends


[3:48 PM] jungkook: how cute


[3:50 PM] me: wow it’s almost 4


[3:50 PM] jungkook: i’m boarding the plane now hyung


[3:51 PM] me: me too


[3:51 PM] jungkook: well

[3:51 PM] jungkook: have a good flight

[3:51 PM] jungkook: have fun in daegu


[3:52 PM] me: thanks jungkook

[3:52 PM] me: have a good time in seoul


[3:53 PM] jungkook: thank you hyung

tuesday / 2014.12.02


[11:11 PM] jungkook: hyung

[11:11 PM] jungkook: it’s 11:11

[11:11 PM] jungkook: make a wish

[11:11 PM] jungkook: i wish for you

thursday / 2014.12.25


[7:45 PM] jungkook: i really love christmas

[7:45 PM] jungkook: being with friends and family

[7:45 PM] jungkook: the hope of snow

[7:45 PM] jungkook: presents

[7:45 PM] jungkook: decorating

[7:46 PM] jungkook: xmas songs

[7:46 PM] jungkook: mistletoe


[7:49 PM] me: you’re such a kid


[7:50 PM] jungkook: maybe

[7:50 PM] jungkook: i know you want to keep all of this a mystery

[7:51 PM] jungkook: but you don’t know how much i want to meet you. or see your face

[7:51 PM] jungkook: even hear your voice


[7:53 PM] me: jungkook..


[7:53 PM] jungkook: i know

[7:54 PM] jungkook: don’t say anything

[7:54 PM] jungkook: merry christmas yoongi hyung


[7:57 PM] me: you too jungkook

wednesday / 2014.12.31


[11:33 PM] me: hey jungkook


[11:34 PM] jungkook: yes


[11:35 PM] me: i kinda maybe want to meet you too. or at least see your face


[11:35 PM] jungkook: hyung~


[11:36 PM] me: i’m not good at this kook


[11:37 PM] jungkook: me neither

[11:37 PM] jungkook: but that doesn’t matter

[11:38 PM] jungkook: hyung i want you to know that i like you. a lot. i’d like

[11:39 PM] jungkook: well i don’t really know

[11:39 PM] jungkook: i just. i just really like you


[11:40 PM] me: jungkook

[11:41 PM] me: i really like you too


[11:41 PM] jungkook: you do?!


[11:41 PM] me: yes jungkookie

[11:42 PM] me: but i don’t know how this is going to work

[11:42 PM] me: you live on the other side of the country

[11:43 PM] me: you’re four years younger than me

[11:43 PM] me: you’re still in high school!

[11:43 PM] me: how are we even going to do this


[11:44 PM] jungkook: we’ve gotten this far on just texting each other

[11:44 PM] jungkook: maybe now we can facetime? or call each other?

[11:44 PM] jungkook: long distance isn’t so bad


[11:45 PM] me: i know

[11:45 PM] me: but


[11:45 PM] jungkook: but nothing

[11:46 PM] jungkook: will you be my boyfriend hyung? please?


[11:46 PM] me: you barely know me


[11:47 PM] jungkook: so?

[11:47 PM] jungkook: we have a connection


[11:47 PM] me: oh don’t start some bullshit cheesy ass thing on me now


[11:48 PM] jungkook: hyung

[11:48 PM] jungkook: in 12 minutes it’s going to be a new year

[11:49 PM] jungkook: i wanna spend that new year getting to know you more. see your face. hear your voice. maybe meet you in person. hold you.

[11:50 PM] jungkook: i’ve dreamed about kissing you so many times

[11:50 PM] jungkook: please hyung


[11:51 PM] me: i didn’t even know you were gay


[11:51 PM] jungkook: you’re avoiding this

[11:51 PM] jungkook: i wish you wouldn’t


[11:52 PM] me: idk kook


[11:55 PM] jungkook: i’m sorry hyung. i don’t want to pressure you into anything. i promised myself i wouldn’t. it’s just. i’ve figured out you never do anything new or different. you always stick to the same rules, the same plans, same routines i bet. it’s a new year. you can do whatever you want


[11:57 PM] me: okay


[11:57 PM] jungkook: okay?!


[11:57 PM] me: i’ll be your boyfriend


[11:58 PM] jungkook: ahhhh hyungggggggg

[11:58 PM] jungkook: i’m blushing


[11:59 PM] me: ……me too


[11:59 PM] jungkook: jifalkedsejelkw

[12:00 AM] jungkook: happy new year hyung

[12:00 AM] jungkook: boyfriend

thursday / 2015.01.01


[4:27 AM] [end call with jungkookie (4:19)]

wednesday / 2015.01.07


[4:09 PM] jungkookie: how come i still can’t see your face

[4:09 pm] jungkookie: not gonna lie. i’ve been creeping on facebook and instagram

[4:09 PM] jungkookie: and i’m pretty sure i found you


[4:11 PM] me: i already told you. i wana take this slow


[4:12 PM] jungkookie: i don’t think we could take this any slower than we already are

[4:12 PM] jungkookie: don’t you wanna see my face too?


[4:13 PM] me: you know i do

[4:13 PM] me: i really really do

[4:13 PM] me: i’m just

[4:14 PM] me: scared. i guess

[4:15 PM] me: that if you see what i look like, you won’t like me anymore. or realize you can do so much better than a lame ass guy from across the country


[4:15 PM] jungkookie: don’t think like that hyung

[4:16 PM] jungkookie: i don’t care what you look like

[4:16 PM] jungkookie: you could be a 70 year old granpa and i’d still like you


[4:17 PM] me: good cause my friends compare me to a 70 year old grandpa all the time


[4:17 PM] jungkookie: please hyung?

[4:17 PM] jungkookie: i wanna see your face


[4:18 PM] me: okay

[4:18 PM] me: fine

[4:18 PM] me: i’ll send you a selca

[4:19 PM] me: but you have to send me one too!


[4:19 PM] jungkookie: deal!!!


[4:21 PM] me: [ 1 Image Attached ]


[4:21 PM] jungkookie: HYUNG

[4:21 PM] jungkookie: I’M SCREAMING RN

[4:21 PM] jungkookie: I HOPE YOU KNOW

[4:22 PM] jungkookie: THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

[4:22 PM] jungkookie: WOW

[4:22 PM] jungkookie: MY BOYFRIEND IS GORGEOUS

[4:23 PM] jungkookie: I WANT TO LIKE


[4:23 PM] jungkookie: AND LET EVERYONE KNOW




[4:24 PM] me: stop that

[4:25 PM] me: i’m not attractive

[4:25 PM] me: like at all


[4:26 PM] jungkookie: wHAT

[4:26 PM] jungkookie: YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL HYUNG!


[4:26 PM] me: you’re making me blush


[4:27 PM] jungkookie: and?!


[4:28 PM] me: i don’t like blushing


[4:28 PM] jungkookie: i bet you look even more beautiful when you blush


[4:29 PM] me: just send a selca of u alrady


[4:29 PM] jungkookie: i’m making you nervous aren’t i


[4:30 PM] me: jungkook


[4:30 PM] jungkookie: okkkk!

[4:33 PM] jungkookie: [ 1 Image Attached ]


[4:34 PM] me: jungkookie

[4:34 PM] me: you’re so handsome


[4:35 PM] jungkookie: i told you ;)


[4:35 PM] me: but you’re so cute too

[4:35 PM] me: jfc

[4:36 PM] me: you weren’t kidding when you said you have big brown and beautiful eyes

[4:36 PM] me: i could get lost


[4:37 PM] jungkookie: how cheesy hyung


[4:38 PM] me: next time you send me a photo, don’t make that face


[4:38 PM] jungkookie: what why


[4:40 PM] me: cause i really want to kiss you right now


[4:41 PM] jungkookie: hyunggg!!!!!!! <3 <3 <33

friday / 2015.02.06


[5:12 PM] hobi: hyung let’s go out tonight!!!


[5:19 PM] me: i can’t tonight

[5:19 PM] me: i’m facetiming with jungkook


[5:22 PM] hobi: really?

[5:22 PM] hobi: okay


[5:24 PM] me: sorry hobi. maybe another night


[5:25 PM] hobi: you always say that


[5:26 PM] me: i know. but i don’t get a lot of time to talk to jungkook


[5:27 PM] hobi: but i barely see you anymore


[5:27 PM] me: what are you talking about?

[5:28 PM] me: we just hung out the other night!


[5:28 PM] hobi: that was two weeks ago hyung

[5:28 PM] hobi: whatever

[5:29 PM] hobi: it’s fine

[5:29 PM] hobi: i gotta go

[5:29 PM] hobi: i’ll talk to you later

saturday / 2015.02.14



[7:38 AM] jungkookie: i want to be there with you. so badly

[7:38 AM] jungkookie: but i hope you have a nice day

[7:39 AM] jungkookie: i’ll talk to you tonight!

[7:39 AM] jungkookie: don’t be late for our date! xxxxxxx


[9:02 AM] me: i think i might love you jungkook


[10:21 AM] me: i won’t be late

[10:21 AM] me: promise

[10:21 AM] me: x

saturday / 2015.02.14


[11:42 PM] [end call with jungkookie (3:42)]


[11:51 PM] me: thank you for tonight

[11:51 PM] me: it was really nice

[11:52 M] me: and thanks for the care package

[11:52 PM] me: it’s got everything i need

[11:54 PM] me: except you

[11:55 PM] me: sleep tight kookie


monday / 2015.03.09


[6:02 PM] jungkookie: HYUNG

[6:02 PM] jungkookie: IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY?!

[6:02 PM] jungkookie: HOW COME YOU NEVER TOLD ME


[6:09 PM] me: idk

[6:09 PM] me: it’s just another day for me


[6:10 PM] jungkookie: DON’T SAY THAT!

[6:10 PM] jungkookie: THIS WAS THE DAY YOU WERE BORN!

[6:10 PM] jungkookie: 22?


[6:11 PM] me: yes


[6:11 PM] jungkookie: 22 YEARS AGO!

[6:12 PM] jungkookie: OMFG

[6:12 PM] jungkookie: THIS IS A MOMENTOUS DAY


[6:13 PM] me: that’s a big word for you huh


[6:13 PM] jungkookie: SHUT UP

[6:13 PM] jungkookie: YOU’RE RUINING THE MOMENT


[6:14 PM] me: oh im so sorry

[6:14 PM] me: please continue


[6:14 PM] jungkookie: THANK YOU

[6:15 PM] jungkookie: ANYWAYSSSS

[6:15 PM] jungkookie: HYUNG


[6:16 PM] jungkookie: YOU’RE THE BEST

[6:16 PM] jungkookie: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS


[6:17 PM] jungkookie: WOW

[6:17 PM] jungkookie: I’M HURT


[6:18 PM] me: i don’t go around announcing my birthday to everyone

[6:18 PM] me: i barely talk to people as it is


[6:19 PM] jungkookie: AND I LIKE YOU FOR THAT



[6:20 PM] me: don’t call me that


[6:21 PM] jungkookie: HEHEHE

[6:22 PM] jungkookie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUNG

[6:23 PM] jungkookie: YOU’RE THE BEST

[6:24 PM] jungkookie: [ 1 Image Attached ]


[6:26 PM] me: thanks kookie

tuesday / 2015.04.14


[2:11 PM] me:  [ 1 Image Attached ]

[2:11 PM] me: i dyed my hair


[3:04 PM] jungkookie: OMG HYUNG

[3:04 PM] jungkookie: YOU LOOK SO GOOD


[3:10 PM] me: i’m working on a project

[3:10 PM] me: for my music

[3:10 PM] me: i’m partnering with someone from the video department at my school

[3:10 PM] me: and he’s helping me make a video

[3:11 PM] me: a music video



[3:13 PM] jungkookie: OMFG

[3:13 PM] jungkookie: HYUNG

[3:13 PM] jungkookie: THAT

[3:14 PM] jungkookie: IS

[3:14 PM] jungkookie: AMAZINGG

[3:14 PM] jungkookie: OMGGGGG

[3:14 PM] jungkookie: I’M SO EXCITED

[3:15 PM] jungkookie: ARE YOU EXCITED


[3:16 PM] me: well

[3:16 PM] me: yeah

[3:17 PM] me: yeah i am

[3:17 PM] me: a lot actually


[3:18 PM] jungkookie: it’s gonna be amazing hyung

[3:18 PM] jungkookie: i know it


[3:18 PM] me: aish

[3:19 PM] me: you always say stuff like that


[3:20 PM] jungkookie: but it’s true!

[3:20 PM] jungkookie: i know you. and anything that you do is gonna be amazing


[3:21 PM] me: well actually

[3:22 PM] me: what i wanted to tell you some stuff. about me. that you don’t know

[3:22 PM] me: mostly because along with this mv i’m actually releasing an album

[3:23 PM] me: and it’s pretty raw

[3:24 PM] me: like it’s all of my feelings and thoughts

[3:25 PM] me: and stuff that you don’t know about me


[3:25 PM] jungkookie: you can’t scare me off hyung

[3:26 PM] jungkookie: i don’t get scared so easily

[3:26 PM] jungkookie: if at all

[3:27 PM] jungkookie: i want to know more about you. all your secrets and dark places in your head

[3:28 PM] jungkookie: i can take it

[3:28 PM] jungkookie: i want to know all of you


[3:29 PM] me: you know kook

[3:29 PM] me: you make me feel things


[3:30 PM] jungkookie: lol

[3:30 PM] jungkookie: isn’t that what’s supposed to happen in a relationship?


[3:30 PM] me: true

[3:31 PM] me: but it’s weird

[3:31 PM] me: i’ve never been in a relationship before


[3:32 PM] jungkookie: never?


[3:33 PM] me: i mean. i’ve had flings. and gone on a few dates. but never a real relationship.

[3:34 PM] me: it’s different..


[3:35 PM] jungkookie: you can tell me whatever you want. anything you want. only when you’re ready


[3:36 PM] me: i’ve thought about it a lot

[3:36 PM] me: and i never thought i’d be ready

[3:37 PM] me: but i am

[3:38 PM] me: i’ve never told anyone some of this stuff


[3:39 PM] jungkookie: you can trust me hyung


[3:39 PM] me: i know

[3:40 PM] me: i want to meet you one day

[3:41 PM] me: and i’d like to be with you for a long time


[3:42 PM] jungkookie: i’d like that too hyung


[3:42 PM] me: just

[3:43 PM] me: don’t hurt me.

[3:43 PM] me: too much at least

[3:44 PM] jungkookie: i’d never hurt you