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A Changing World

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In 1986, a law that finally allowed creatures to get jobs, have children, and even adopt was passed. They were no longer going to be discriminated against. Of course, there were requirements to qualify for this law; Creatures needed to be mentally and physically healthy, they could have no proven connections to the Death Eaters or the terrorist that lead them; He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. As long as these requirements were met, they would be allowed to live among other wizards in harmony, unlike in the old days. On the 5th of May, 1986 (the day the law was passed) hundreds of creatures rejoiced and celebrated at the opportunity they now had to live normal lives. Remus John Lupin was not celebrating, however. Remus sat in an old but well-kept graveyard in front of the graves of two of his best friends and packmates.

“I’m excited, honestly I am, but what if he likes his home? What if he doesn’t trust me because of my furry little problem? I don’t know how to raise a child. I’ve barely been able to care for myself, though the new law will make that easier. I’m just scared, Prongs.” Remus' voice carried softly in the quiet evening.

Though Remus knew he would get no reply, he was comforted by a soft breeze that smelled faintly of lilies. Checking his watch, Remus bid his friends goodbye and went home to prepare for the day ahead.

Remus awoke early at dawn so he wouldn’t have to wait longer than necessary in line at Gringotts. He just really wanted to finally see his godson and even though he was terrified at the prospect, he was also very excited. He missed his cub and even if the boy didn’t want to come home and live with him, Remus would at least like to visit. He ate breakfast and dressed in a hurry, apparating into Diagon Alley at 8:00 AM. Walking into the great white marble building that was Gringotts Bank, Remus was still a little jittery but he soldiered on and stepped into line for one of the tellers, noting happily that it was fairly short. Remus was called after a few minutes of waiting and he smiled politely at the goblin.

“What may we help you with today?” the Goblin said in a mild tone. Remus smiled and took a deep breath; this was it. “I would like to finally and formally adopt my godson and cub—” he glanced around before leaning in and whispering, “—Heir Harry James Potter.”

Then, he straightened up and continued at a normal volume. “It was stated in Lord and Lady Potter’s Will that I am to be his guardian should the law ever allow it and Lord Black cannot take him.”

The goblin looked at Remus in disbelief for a moment before calling forth another goblin and talking to them for a minute. Looking back at Remus as the other goblin scrambled off, the teller put up a Silencing Ward around them and spoke, “What is your name?”

Remus told him. “Are you willing to give some blood for proof of your claims? The reason I ask is confidential until proof has been given,” said the goblin.

Remus was confused but agreed to give blood and find out why the goblins needed proof of his claims. He waited a moment as another goblin came out carrying confidential-looking files and led Remus to a special room right off the doorway leading to the vault carts. Remus sat down after the goblin did and looked at him.

“The reason for the secrecy is because the bank has been trying for six years to locate Lord Potter but we have had no clue nor any idea where he is. We are sure that meddling headmaster has hidden him from the wizarding world but we have no proof. Now, you said you know something that is contained in the Potters’ Will. I will need you to do an inheritance test to prove your identity before I tell you everything else.” Just then, another goblin came into the room, carrying a tray with a ritual bowl, a knife, and a roll of parchment. “Now, Mr. Lupin, I need you to take this parchment and put it into the potion until it is completely soaked, then place it on the tray to dry. You will need to add seven drops of blood so we can see your status. Any questions before we start?”

Remus shook his head, but reconsidered and said, “Actually yes, I never got your name.” The goblin froze for a second before smiling. “You may call me Ironclaw.”

Remus smiled and nodded before doing as instructed. As the seventh drop of his blood was absorbed into the parchment, black lines started to fill the blank page. Remus was actually shocked at how much was forming; he wasn’t a lord or anything. He took the parchment when it finally stopped and almost dropped it upon seeing the writing. He sat stock still, staring at the parchment in his hands, not comprehending the words inked on it.

Name: Remus John Lupin
Age: 26 Years, born 10 March, 1960
Mother: Hope Lupin nèe Howell
Father: Lyall Lupin
Status: Half-blood, Werewolf; Godfather to Hadrian Potter, named by Lillian Potter nèe Evans

Magical Core: 60% blocked
Werewolf ability: 97% blocked
Animagus ability: 100% blocked
Mate recognition: 100% blocked
Healing: 100% blocked

Remus passed the parchment to Ironclaw, who looked it over with anger and surprise before calling for another goblin. The words were going in circles in Remus’s mind until he finally found his voice.