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Doctor H'ghar

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'Doctor H'ghar, I cut my hand !'


'Lovely girl, how many times a man must tell you to be careful with the knife !'


'It's not the knife this time, it's the sword ! I was training with Mycah, I didn't put my gloves on and his sword hurt my hand.'


'Didn't a man tell a girl to always wear gloves ?'


'Doctor H'ghar, I feel so guilty, I should have obeyed !'


'Which hand is this ?'


'My left hand. The cut goes up to my wrist. I'll show you !'


'Just roll up your sleeve a little, sweet girl, and let me see. No need taking your blouse off ! Oh, you already have...l'll give you some privacy. You know where the gowns are, just tell me when you're ready.'


'Doctor H'ghar, don't be silly, I'm always ready ! You may examine my body right now. I'm not going to keep you waiting. You're always so patient with me and I'm so much trouble ! You may look now. Doctor H'ghar ? Doctor H'ghar ! Is something wrong ?'


'A girl... A girl has no bra !'