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Little Moon

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   Glasses clink together in the restaurant, laughter and shouts of glee follow right after. Jimin throws his head back chuckling as Hoseok tells a story about how Taehyung got lost in the university and sat in a four hour lecture about bees, and it makes Taehyung tear up with sadness as he remembers the declining population.

“My poor bees~” Taehyung sniffs as Jimin and him are handed another shot of rum.

   Jimin’s face automatically scrunches up as he throws the shot back, but he’s doesn’t want to be the first to tap out, especially since they’re celebrating. Taehyung’s finally 23, so Hoseok took it upon himself to take the boys out for some drinks. Which means that Hoseok barged into Jimin’s and Taehyung’s shared dorm and demanded they get dressed and all dolled up.

   Another round of laughs escapes the trio, they’ve been steadily drinking for at least three hours and Jimin’s tolerance may be good, but it wasn’t indestructible. His thoughts ramble off to tangents, but he’s warm and everything’s funny and isn’t life just amazing? Taehyung on the other hand has been handed the most shots for his birthday and is about two shots close to blacking out. So Jimin orders three waters and takes one last shot with Hoseok, who honestly can drink forever, and swipes the one from Taehyung’s hand and throws that back too which causes him to pout but Jimin just wags a finger at him.

“You’ll thank me later I promise.”

   The waiter arrives with three waters and hands the bill over to the table, Jimin and Hoseok fight over who pays until reaching an agreement to split it evenly. Taehyung tries to deny the water at first, trying to prolong the party between the three, and his whining causing a few people to look at the table. Jimin knows it’s a funny scene, two betas and an omega spending time together drunk. A lot of people would assume that Jimin’s unsafe with his friends and that he should’ve brought a strong alpha to protect him, but he always rolls his eyes at those kind of people. Taehyung could barely hurt a fly, Hoseok is scarier than he looks when he wants to protect someone and Jimin knows how to throw a punch.

   He also knows that they’re not awful looking either and is use to the stares that their looks cause when they go out. Taehyung’s looks like a solid 10 most of the time, with his eccentric fashion that sometimes take away from his face. But tonight he let Jimin dress him which means he’s in a simple outfit a nice low cut black long sleeve with acid washed ripped jeans. Jimin couldn’t stop Taehyung from adding a metallic jacket on top on his ensemble but it still works and people aren’t too distracted by it to miss the beauty that is his best friend.

   Hoseok’s wearing a rainbow sweater, with jeans, pink sneakers and a god awful matching rainbow pouch, and Jimin doesn’t know how but he’s pulling it off confidently. Jimin on the other hand dresses simple compared to the two, a nice black v-neck shirt that’s maybe cut a little lower than a typical one, and ripped black jeans. It’s simple and effective, draws people into his collarbones, and Jimin loves accessories so he’s wearing a couple rings and his ears are covered in metal. All in all they look hot individually and as a group it just multiples.

   When Taehyung starts asking Jimin where all his water went and why it wasn’t coming back, he hears a small laugh from the table next to them, and when he glances over it’s an alpha looking at them, he’s wearing a simple outfit too white shirt, jeans and timberlands and it only offers less distraction to the handsome face he has. Jimin throws a smile in his direction and mouths a sorry to him, and can’t help but laugh when he freezes, surprised that he got caught in looking and watches the alpha fiddle with the hairs at the nape of his neck before he’s distracted by his table.

   Jimin is still smiling when Taehyung starts complaining about his bladder, and with a fond eye roll he gathers his drunk best friend and slowly guides him to the bathroom. Jimin has soft hands pushing him away when he tries to enter with Taehyung, and hears a soft mumble about being an strong independent beta. And Jimin giggles as he relents and leans against the wall outside the door. He pulls out his phone when he hears a ding, a text from Hoseok about calling an Uber so Taehyung wouldn’t have to walk so far. Jimin misses the figure going into the bathroom as he responds with a million heart emojis to Hoseok.

   He’s mid laugh as Hoseok responds with kissy face emojis, when he feels a tap on his shoulder. When he looks up it’s the nice looking alpha from earlier and Jimin is smiling as he tilts his head.

“I’m assuming you’re uh… Minnie?” It’s an awkward question, but it flusters Jimin a little, a blush spreading across his cheeks as the nickname falls from the lips of an unknown stranger.

“Your friend is asking for you inside.” The alpha is pointing behind him towards the bathroom, and his best friend instincts kick in as he says a quick thanks and rushes inside. Jimin prepares himself for a Taehyung kneeling over a toilet bowl and swearing off drinking, what he finds however is a Taehyung sitting on top of the countertops on the row of sinks leaning against the mirrors.

“Minnieeeee~ you came like poof! Magic, that’s amazing !” Taehyung’s making grabby hands as Jimin wanders over to the drunk beta, and he can’t but laugh after the panic subsides.

   He gets an armful of drunk Taehyung when he comes close enough, and Taehyung goes on a tangent about how much he appreciates Jimin and loves him. And Jimin starts rubbing his back in comfort, when the words start getting cheesier and he can hear the sniffs and hiccups interrupting his sentences.

“Minnie y-you really deserve the who-whole world.” Taehyung is a sappy shit when he gets too drunk, but Jimin can’t hate him when only words of love fall from his lips and it’s causing Jimin to giggle, a little too drunk still to really complain.

   Jimin stumbles as Taehyung leans a little too far forward, and he feels a hand on his lower back to steady him. When he looks up at the mirror he’s staring at the alpha from earlier. He pulls his hand away just as fast, a red tinge on the tips of his ears.

“Kookieeeee~ A plus! You got me my Minnie.” Taehyung makes grabby hands at the alpha as he leans even more forward. And Jimin feels the hand return to his lower back as he struggles to hold the drunk beta.

“Thanks… Kookie?” Jimin says as he tilts his hand back to look at the alpha. He watches his eyes drift down from Jimin’s face to his neck and a flush covers the alpha’s face. Now that he’s closer, Jimin can smell chocolate and oranges coming off from him, and Jimin feels a phantom hand run their fingers down his spine in a pitter patter motion causing a shiver that runs through him. The alpha tries to sputter out a response, but his mouth only opens and closes repeatedly like a gaping fish, and the embarrassed man is so endearing that Jimin feels a full smile break out on his face as he closes his eyes and laughs. When Jimin opens his eyes, the alpha is softly smiling at him and he returns the small grin.

   A small ding disrupts the two, and Jimin wiggles around to slide his phone out his back pocket as he holds Taehyung up.


   Jimin lets out a small curse, trying to gently pull Taehyung off the counter.

“Alright, up we go Taetae.” He coaxes the beta off the counter and makes a beeline to the exit, before he can open the door Jimin remembers the alpha in the room. When he looks back, Kookie is still standing there in the middle of the bathroom watching the pair leave. Jimin’s about to bid a goodbye to him, but the alpha is rushing forward towards them.

“Y-your number! Can I uh… get your number?” The alpha towers over Jimin, his muscles fill out his t-shirt nice and tight, and his jawline is sharp and to die for. But here he is struggling to pull out his phone with shaky hands and handing it over to Jimin’s 5’ 8” self. The contradiction makes Jimin laugh as warmth fills him up, and he types out a message to send to himself.


   Jimin hits send, hands the phone back to the beaming alpha, he says goodbye and departs just as the repetition of Gucci Gang rings from his phone. Jimin ignores Hoseok’s call and slowly maneuvers Taehyung to the exit. The cold air makes him shiver as he leaves the diner, and he shuffles closer to his drunk body heater. Hoseok’s hanging out the window waving them over, and their Uber driver is definitely getting a big tip for dealing with their drunk asses. Jimin shoves Taehyung in first, then pushes Hoseok’s face back into the car before moving inside himself and closing the door. Luckily their drivers pretty young, and just laughs at their antics.


  Taehyung sprawls across Jimin’s lap like a sleepy cat, and Jimin laughs as he pets the tuff of hair in front of him. He’s still spewing nonsense about how lovely his friends are and how lucky he is, and Jimin knows the fond smile on his face matches the one on Hoseok’s. A ding interrupts their tender moment as Jimin pulls out his phone to look at his new message.


  Jimin is definitely feeling like the lucky one tonight.