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A Love Forgotten

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“Lucifer, please don’t do this.” She begs of him, tears falling rapidly down her face as she reaches her hand out to grab the sleeve of his jacket. His whole demeanour changes at the contact and all that radiates from him is pain as he takes hold of her hand tightly.


“There is no choice. I have to keep you safe.” He chokes out before pulling her into him, his mouth meeting hers with a desperate, heart-breaking kiss before he breaks away with a shuddering breath and drops her hand.




She is startled awake and finds herself with her head on the desk with Dan standing over her, looking concerned. She sits up and wipes the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s up?” She asks her ex-husband, waiting for him to respond. He seemed nervous and takes a few moments before sighing.


“There’s been a shooting. 2 fatalities, victim and shooter. High profile.” He informs her as she nods, making a move to stand. Dan hesitates briefly before continuing. “It was outside Lux.”


Her whole body freezes as the equivalent to a punch in the gut hits her and she closes her eyes, trying to regain some composure from the sudden onslaught of emotions.


“I’m sorry Chlo, I would go if I could but I’m still working that lead with-“He begins before she cuts him off with a wave of her hand and fake smile in place.


“No, it’s okay. You have to follow that lead. I’ll go.” She says. He offers her a comforting smile and squeezes her shoulder before walking away. She had a job to do so she steeled herself with resolve and left the precinct, driving to the destination.


She pulls up at the crime scene and ducks under the tape, heading to the officer first on scene for an update. She learns that the victim is Delilah, a mainstream pop singer which meant a very high profile case as well as the dead shooter, who crashed his car head first into another. The guy was a drug dealer and Delilah was one of his clients, who probably missed a pay. It was a pretty easy wrap up. Too easy she thinks, her gut telling her there was more to this.


“Any witnesses?” She asks while making notes in her pad. The officer nods and points behind her and she turns, her breathe leaving her instantly. There he was. Every tall, well dressed, dark haired, beautiiful inch of him.


8 months. That is how long it had been. 8 whole months without seeing him and now here he was a few metres in front of her. She ached to just run to him and hold on to him with everything she had.


Yet she couldn’t.


He turns his head in her direction and stares at her, the tiniest furrow forms on his face before his attention is brought back to the officer he is engaged with, not knowing he had just shattered her already broken heart.


She couldn’t because he doesn’t know who she is.


“Yeah, name’s Lucifer Morningstar and he owns the club right there.” The officer she had been talking to states, bringing her out of her heartbreak and focusing on the case.


“He was next to her apparently. A hailstorm of bullets and the guy doesn’t even get a scratch.” The officer shakes his head in disbelief. “Someone must be looking out for him.” He points upwards jokingly.


She snorts, the guy didn’t even realise how true his statement of a ‘someone’ was. Though, looking out for Lucifer was debatable. He’s apparently not the most commutative guy even to his own children. She catches Lucifer’s figure entering his establishment and takes a long breath before forcing her professional mask on. She had to ask him questions since he was the only witness, but god was it going to hurt her to speak with him when he doesn’t even know her name.


She enters the club and the sense of familiarity washes over her at the bluish tinge of the low lighting and the beautiful notes of a grand piano filling the air. He sits there, hands flowing with ease over the keys and she unconsciously starts to move towards the space on the seat next to him like she has done so many times before. But he doesn’t know that, he doesn’t know her she reminds herself.


She stops in time, instead standing to the side of the instrument as he looks up at her with a dazzling smile. She clears her throat before adopting her cop persona once again, showing him her badge.


“Detective Chloe Decker. I need to ask you a few questions. Name?” She asks blandly.


“Lucifer Morningstar.” He says with another smile, hands still flying over the piano keys, changing to a different melody. God, hearing his voice after nothing over all that time apart caused her stomach to turn. She missed everything about him.


“Is that a stage name or something?” She asks with a hint of humour, unable to help herself from teasing.


He chuckles. “God-given, I’m afraid.” He states with a smirk. She huffs and tries to stop the small smile but fails. His own grows wider at the fact he had amused her before contemplation overtook his face, brows furrowed like before.


“You know, you look familiar. Have we met before?” He asks her, eyes searching.


“Yeah” She says almost breathlessly. Nearly 3 years ago and you were everything to me. She clears her throat. “Five minutes ago.”


 “Talk to me about your relationship with the victim.” She says quickly in attempt to get him of this painful line of questioning. He leans back on the seat and crosses his arms across his chest.


“Well, she used to work here a few months back. I would occasionally accompany her while she sang. Then she became a big star and someone decided to end her life.” He states, reaching for his tumbler and taking a sip.


“Do you know the shooter?”


“No, but we did have an interesting little chat just before he kicked off. I asked him why he did it.” He says smugly and she shakes her head.


“Like to play cop, do you?” She asks sarcastically though she already knows the answer. He really does and he was the best partner she had, but all that was gone now.


He laughs. “No, I just like to play in general, Detective. What about you?” She ignores the way her heart surges at his innuendo. Something she had been privy to a lot when she use to be with him. She never thought she would miss them yet she did desperately.


“Did he tell you why he did it?” She asks.


“Why, money, of course. You humans, you love your money, don't you?”  She can’t help but role her eyes at this but doesn’t say anything else.


“He also said, "I just pulled the trigger." Now, don't you think that's interesting?” He offers with a raised eyebrow.


She thinks back to how her own gut was telling her something wasn’t so easy about this and it seems there is reason after all. His statement also brings a sharp pain of sadness to her heart. They were always on the same wavelength; it was why they worked so well together. It was all beginning to catch up with her and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep up this façade.


“What will your corrupt little organization do about this?”


“Excuse me?” She replies in shock of being brought out her thoughts abruptly.


 “Will you find the person responsible? Will they be punished? Will this be a priority for you? Because it is for me.” He says passionately and a swell of affection rises within her, memories of his dedication to their cases flooding her mind.


She huffs. “You got some balls on you, pal.”


“Oh, thank you very much, but they're really quite average.” He says with mirth and she can’t help but fall back into the easy banter that existed between them.


 “I bet.” She smirks and he lets out a chuckle, admiration at her wit on his features and it hurts her because the accompanying adoration that always shined through his brown orbs, making her never doubt his love for her, was nowhere to be found.


“Now, are you sure that we haven't met?” He inquires with a tilt of his head. She thinks this would be her form of torture in Hell, having to live through Lucifer looking right through her after everything they had. Teasing her with questions like this that gave her the faintest flicker of hope, but to take it away again as each time no recognition graced his angelic features.


Her eyes begin to sting with unshed tears and she shakes her head. “We're done here.”


She makes to move towards the exit, but he is quick off his seat and grabs her arm to stop her, and she feels so pathetic because she lets him without hesitation.


“Wait! Someone out there needs to be punished. We're not done.” He demands and she can barely look him in the eye.


“Yeah, we are.” She whispers, swallowing back the sob about to break free because it was true in more ways than one.  He moves his head so he can meet her eyes and he sees how they glisten, concern transforms his face.


“Detective, are you alright?” He asks softly. Detective. God, it was like heavenly music to her ears to her him call her that again. She became aware that his hand was still around her arm and she felt the heat of it scorch through to her skin.


 Too much. It was all too much.


 She removed it roughly and turns her back to him. “I’m fine. I have your details if we need more questions.” She says barely, voice nearly cracking. She paces forward to the exit, not looking back at the man who had forgotten her love.