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The Big Book of Star Wars Oneshots!

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Rey was lying in her bed on Ahch-To, the last wisps of consciousness leaving her mind, when she felt him. She groaned quietly and sat up. She subconsciously smiled at the sight of him.

Kylo Ren, the most feared man in the galaxy, seemed to be sleeping soundly in his bed.

Well, seemed to be.

He grunted lowly, throwing his sheets aside and lying on his back. Rey's smile faded, replaced with a look of shock. Kylo Ren was not soundly sleeping. Or sleeping at all. He was...

"Oh, fuck, Rey."

Before she could pretend to be asleep and tell herself it was a dream, he looked her directly in the eyes, never slowing his hand beneath his loose-fitting pants.

"Good evening, Rey." His words were breathy and rushed. Rey could not believe this was happening. She covered her eyes and pretended she hadn't been staring just a few seconds ago.

"Force sake, Kylo, could you stop that?"

"Stop what, Starlight," he asked, almost innocently. She huffed out in frustration. She wanted this to be over before she well.

"I sensed you staring. You can't hide anything from me, love. Uncover your eyes, sweetheart. They're the prettiest color." She hesitated, but eventually gave up, knowing he could read right through her.

She slowly brought her hand down from her face, seeing that he was now fully naked. Her eyes automatically glanced down to his member, and before she could stop herself, she was staring again. It was so...big. It was appropriately proportioned to his body though, long and thick. She wondered how it would feel in her hand. Kylo slowed down, wanting to show off. Rey subconsciously reached out, wanting to feel him. Kylo moaned, feeling the ghost of her fingertips. The moment she touched him, she was there. In his bed, but also in her bed on Ahch-To. Before she could process what just happened or ask questions, Kylo's lips were on hers. She quickly shed her clothes, letting Kylo flip her over so she was lying on her back. Her mind flashed with images of him doing unspeakable things to her as he trailed his hands down her sides, making her shiver. He massaged her left breast as he attacked the right with his mouth, nipping and lapping and sucking. Rey tangled her hands in Kylo's hair, hooking her legs onto his waist. He trailed his free hand down to her desperate center, pressing a finger in. His mouth abandoned her now hardened peak, traveling now to accompany his fingers. He switched between sucking, flicking, and tapping her clit with his tongue, making her whine out his name without thinking.

"Say it again," he almost growled. He curled his finger inside of her, making her moan out his name again. Rey was getting closer and closer to her climax, and Kylo could feel it.

"Do you wanna cum, Starlight?" She tightened around his fingers, whimpering in response. Kylo added another finger, curling them deep inside of her. She cried out, her climax coming in waves. With almost no warning, Kylo slammed into her while she was still sensitive, making her cry out. He moaned, leaning forward and gripping the sheets to try and control himself.

"Fucking hell, princess. You feel so good."

"J-just fuck me already," Rey whimpered out. Kylo did as she wished, starting off at a slow pace to accommodate her to his length. When Rey moaned out for more, Kylo started gradually picked up the pace. Rey whined and let her hand wander to her breasts, and that's when Kylo lost all control. He pinned her hands above her head, slamming into her. He leaned down to whisper in Rey's ear, tickling her face.

"I want you to scream for me, Starlight." He brought them to an upright position, Rey bouncing on Kylo's cock, which allowed it to go deeper. She cried out, burying her face into the crook of his neck. He roughly grabbed her hips and pounded up into her, making her sob out in pleasure.

"You like that, love? You like when I shove my cock deep inside you?" Rey reached down to massage her clit, using her other hand to tug on Kylo's dark locks, making him moan and buck up into her.

"You like when I talk to you, you naughty girl. You like when I call you my princess." Rey pressed up against him, whining an almost silent 'yes'. Kylo could sense her coming apart at the seams. She was close. Kylo lied down so his cock could go even deeper. Rey moaned, secretly loving being on display for him. Kylo moaned, grabbing her hips again and thrusting up into her.

"So you like being on display, princess? You like bouncing on my cock while I can see all of you?" Rey was rendered speechless by her orgasm. She fell into Kylo's arms, a trembling mess. Kylo flipped them over again, pounding into her. She helped him out by tugging roughly on his hair. He moaned as shockwaves of pleasure almost made him collapse onto Rey. He stilled inside of her, and she could feel his release inside of her. Somehow, he still wasn't done. He pulled out, cumming all over her breasts while locking lips with her. The moment his hot ropes were reduced to just dribbles, Rey disappeared under him and he was left alone.

Rey just blinked and she was back on Ahch-To, covered in Kylo Ren's...fluids and completely naked.

It was unspoken, but she knew neither of them would ever speak of this again.