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The Morpheus Restitution

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Penny rolled over; dragging the sheets with her, catching them between her legs as she subconsciously canted her hips, fucking some imaginary perfect stranger. She groaned in her sleep, dreaming of the slick slide of flesh inside her, heat rising over her chest and up her neck, Penny’s body fighting her every step of the way.

Somewhere deep in the back of her mind, she was aware of three hollow knocks, her body reacting to them as thrusts, one, two, three…


Penny groaned, tangling her fingers into her messed up hair, her stranger fantasy suddenly turning into Sheldon, her mind unable to pull back from the runaway train of psychical pleasure, her body reacting to the sudden change of pace.

One, two, three thumps as Sheldon pounded into her, her body arching up to meet his thrusts, desperate for more of his cock, her dream addled brain moaning out his name.


“Sheldon…” Penny whimpered, hips desperately thrusting against the air, legs falling wider open as her clit twitched, so close. One, two, three…


“Yes,” Penny moaned loudly, thighs shaking, fingers fisting the sheets and her hair, legs moving to press together.

“Wake up.”

“Wha-” Penny started, staring up at Sheldon’s face above her but there was no one, two, three. No thrusting. No sex. Her dream slipped away from her and she groaned in frustration when she realized she wasn’t, in fact, having some of the best, if most unexplainable, sex of her life. She had been dreaming. “Sheldon!”

She grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, pulling him down until they shared the same air, her sexual frustration turning into entirely justifiable rage. “What are you doing in my room? No, wait. What are you doing in my apartment?”

“You were in distress,” Sheldon rationalized, eyes wide at her overreaction but Penny didn’t want to hear it. Not when she had been right on the edge.

“I was not, I was asleep,” Penny growled through clenched teeth, her cunt still throbbing with need and soaking wet, her senses confused by the scent of his soap and antibacterial gel, neither particularly sexy unless put together on his skin.

“Conversely, you seem pretty distressed now,” Sheldon argued and Penny growled louder, pulling him closer and instinctively wrapping her legs around him, squeezing her thighs tight to try and dull the ache but all she wanted to do was let the ache run wild.

“It was a good dream,” she bit out between deep breaths, dismissing the last sane thought about how screwed up it was before she pressed her lips hard to his, more of a fight than a kiss.

“Penny,” Sheldon said in the break between before she kissed him again, licking into his mouth, one two, three times before letting them break apart again. “Penny.”

Curling her hand around the back of his neck, it was him that forced the gap between them closed again, unskilled and messy, their teeth clashing one, two, three times before he gasped another breath, his lips opening and then pressing together to form the start of her name but she beat him to the punch.

“Sheldon, stop saying my name, please,” she said, a little more softly now that the fire in her had been tamed with hormonal, almost teenage kisses.

“But Penny…” Sheldon started again and Penny tightened her knees around his waist, heels digging into his back to quiet him. She rocked her hips up, a jolt running through her as she felt him hard against her, surprising her more than she thought it would.

“How much did you see, Sheldon?” she asked, her curiosity pushing her further than she ever thought she would go, casually rubbing herself back and forth over his erection.

“Enough to worry about your emotional state,” Sheldon confessed, looking down to where their hips joined, seemingly confused about where he began and Penny ended, even more bewildered by the bit in between. “I considered it best to wake you but I’m starting to re-evaluate that conclusion.”

“You should,” Penny said, her voice coming out husky as her body thrummed with unspent tension, making it sound more like a seduction than a suggestion.

Sheldon looked up above her head for a moment, his frown deepening, seemingly forgetting that Penny was clinging to him, writhing against him for another moment of sweet friction. Looking back into her eyes, he seemed to have made a decision. “Social constructs demand that I offer you a cup of tea.”

“No, sweetie,” Penny said, laughing breathlessly, starting to get close again, her mind losing its grip on what was appropriate anymore but she was certain stopping for a cup of tea wasn’t. “Just… don’t move, ok?”

Sheldon considered it for a moment; Penny could almost see the cogs turning behind his eyes, a hint at the powerful mind underneath struggling to wrap itself around their current position before he nodded, ok with the situation. “Alright.”

“Yeah?” Penny asked, barely able to believe this was actually happening, wondering if she was still dreaming as Sheldon laid his hands on her waist, solidifying his place on top of her.

“That would be an acceptable form of restitution,” Sheldon clarified, sending a shiver up Penny’s spine despite it being extremely unconventional dirty talk, even by scientific standards, which had oddly become her standards too somewhere along the way.

Reaching up, Penny wrapped her arms around Sheldon’s neck again, this time not to bring him down to her but to raise herself up, anchoring herself as she rubbed against him, his hard cock the perfect counterpoint to her wet, sensitive cunt, each roll of her hips bringing her right back to the edge. She closed her eyes, blurred memories of her dream coming back to her, the deep satisfaction of Sheldon pounding into her, saying her name, lost in the heat of her body, a side of him she’d never even stopped to think about before.

Moaning lightly into the skin of his neck so she didn’t have to look at him, Penny let her curiosity shatter yet another blissful ignorance. “Does this make you feel anything, Sheldon?”

Sheldon cleared his throat, a slight tightness to his voice the only sign he did. “I understand it is normal for the penis to react to direct stimulation.”

“Ok,” Penny said with a fond smile and a nod, both hidden in the crook of her neck as she stroked the hair at his nape, once again noting how strange it was that Sheldon’s way of describing sex did nothing to slow her fast building orgasm. If anything, it peaked, making her gasp as she felt it start to crash over her in waves, Sheldon’s name slipping out more than his customary thrice repetition.

Distantly aware of how her hips were still rocking desperately against him, trying to drag out her own orgasm, she heard his groan, low and wordless, somehow maintaining an air of dignity to it as she felt a wet patch blossom over the front of his Thursday pajama bottoms, the scratchy cotton-poly blend sticking to the toned muscles of her stomach where her top had ridden up.

“Sheldon?” she asked softly, stroking his hair when he didn’t move or say anything, a glazed over look in his eyes like when he stared at his whiteboard for too long. “Sheldon, go back to bed, sweetie.”

Sheldon nodded, collecting himself up, standing and looking at her for a moment like he might ask to stay before another question formed on his lips. “Are you still in distress?”

“No, I’m fine now, thank you for saving me,” Penny said, her previous annoyance forgotten with the warm afterglow of sex. “Goodnight, Sheldon.”

“Pleasant dreams, Penny,” Sheldon said as he let himself out of her room and furthermore, out of her apartment, leaving her wondering if he even saw the incongruity to his words. She highly doubted it but tonight had been full of surprises.