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Alternate Reality

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“Hmm…I wonder…”

Static buzzed through the air as a small black box opened up and hung in the air. Displayed within it were a collection of small white letters. In the girl’s vision, the world around her dissolved into numbers and letters and a never-ending darkness. Pushing past the nonsense to the specific place she wanted, she drove deeper into the words and arrived in a void with only four small words hanging in the blackness. These were the character files, a collection of letters, numbers, and images that made up the people she called her friends. Her consciousness hovered over the decision as she pondered whether or not to open the little menu of options that could be produced from each one and hit the unthinkable button.

It would almost be too easy to fix the problems these small collections of letters, numbers, and images caused. A simple delete and her worries about obtaining the heart of her beloved would disappear. However, it came with risks, as well as the danger of making her beloved angry.

“Not today.” She decided with a flick of her long, brown ponytail. “The script is too fragile to mess with before the festival, when everything becomes more solid.” She turned to leave the character file, and as she did, she clipped a button off to the side with her arm. Ignoring it, she let the world fade back in around her, not noticing what the button read, or the new file that popped into the character files after it was pressed.

And with that, the script changed, and with it the future of the virtual world.