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Sea of Green

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The click of the keyboard's was driving Arin Hanson insane. His coffee was sitting at his desk waiting for him but he couldn't concentrate enough to drink it. Brian was down with Jimmy, working on their human jigsaw puzzle in Autopsy, Holly was doing god knows what in her lab, and if Ross was with her didn't want to imagine it.

The whir of the computer engines, the click of the mouse and the clatter of various keys as everyone in the office typed in unison, it was driving him insane. How many emails collectively did they all have, how busy were they that this was the amount of noise?

Was it like this everyday?

His inbox was blank, you'd think for one of the head agents he'd have something to do, but no he had nothing, and could only sit and listen. He was stuck up here. And for once he willed Murphy's law to be true.

"Boss!" The call of Ross came from the corridor and soon enough there he was, with a case file in hand and Arin thanked his lucky stars, that he wouldn't have to deal with the perpetual clicking as everybody worked. "There's a girl in Interrogation, says her boss is held hostage by his computer, I'm calling bullshit but you might wanna come take a look." He stood up abruptly, grabbing his coffee and his phone. Taking the file.

"Kramer, Avidan." He ordered, resisting the urge to smirk as they looked up at him, waiting for a continuation. "Let's go?" He added sarcastically, heading down to interrogation as the two followed him.

Sure enough she was there, hair pinned up in a bun, glasses with a chain attached, and a relatively formal dress. She was a receptionist or a secretary for sure.
Arin sat down in front of her, keeping eye contact, his brown orbs piercing her blue ones, with authority. The three other agents were behind the glass, listening in on the conversation, it was being recorded too, but she didn't know that, nor did she need to.

"So explain to me what you told Special Agent O'Donovan." He said and she stared at the table, playing with her fingers anxiously.

She took a breath before trying to stammer out the story once more. "I-I was working like always, and th-the Captain came in for work, like always, and I asked him about his coffee, like always. But when I brought him back his c-coffee he handed me a stack of files with this on top." She held up a piece of scrap notebook paper with some messy handwriting on it.

"Held hostage, has Nancy, get NCIS." Arin read out what the paper said. Before looking up at her. "We're gonna get your captain alright, now O'Donovan mentioned something about a voice? Yeah, give me more on that." He asked her, his voice quiet, he didn't need to alarm her anymore than she already was.

"It was robotic, deep and nothing like I've ever heard before but it was ordering him around." Her voice was shaky, and he knew he wasn't the greatest and handling emotions, so Avidan would have to deal with her.

"Avidan, get in here!" He shouted, noticing the tears form in her eyes, and her hands beginning to tremble. A matter of seconds after, the lanky figure of Dan Avidan walked through the door, he was the newest addition to the NCIS special agent unit, but he was a good addition nonetheless.

Noticing how distraught the woman seemed he immediately went to comfort her, his tone a lot softer than Arin seemed capable of. Once he'd gotten her breathing back to an even pace Arin went back to asking questions.

"He didn't seem off in any way yesterday?" He asked her, and she shook her head.

"N-No, he was the same as always, laughing and cheerful, hardworking l-like everyday." She stammered out.

"And there was no break in routine at all?" She shook her head now starting to cry, and Arin simply nodded at Dan. "Agent Avidan will wait here with you until you're calm, you'll have to sign forms of confidentiality and then you'll be free to go. Thank you for your time, your help has been greatly appreciated." He sighed once the door had closed and headed back to the offices, Ross following shortly behind.

"So, boss, what's the plan?" He asked when he caught up to Arin, who turned around, looking like he was ready to murder someone.

"O'Donovan. It has been two minutes since I left interrogation. Do you have any fucking ideas? No, I thought not." He replied, harshly, before snatching his coffee off his desk, heading down to the lab. Holly, to nobody's surprise, was running tests, for Brian and Jimmy's human jigsaw, and was waiting on the results. while playing chess against herself.

"Gimme ideas, Commander." Arin said, standing beside her watching the screen, pressing a kiss to her hair as he did everyday.

"For the case you just got in interrogation?" She asked and Arin nodded, taking a sip of his coffee. "Go incognito. Where does he work?"


"Marines work in the pentagon? Man Arin, you missed out big time." She laughed. "But you were a Marine, and there is no way O'Donovan or Dan could pass for one, so if Marines work in the pentagon." She gave Arin a 'you get me?' look and he smirked in response taking another drink. "I'll get you a fake ID and you'll be set."

"You're a genius Holls', however, what happens after I get in?" He asked, and her face dropped as he found the main flaw.

She rolled her eyes and took a moment of thought. "You dodge view of the webcam, and place one of our own in the environment..." She spoke quietly, still thinking. "Then we can monitor him too, to know what's going on." She said, smiling as she finished her idea.

"There ya go." He gave her a knowing smile, before leaving the lab and heading up to the office.

Ross was sitting at his desk, on his computer, Avidan, presumably was still in interrogation with the secretary and, Barry was hopefully getting her the forms she needed to sign.
"What do you have for me O'Donovan?" He asked, sitting at his desk, grabbing his keys.

"Captain Stephen Porter. Been serving in the Marine Corp for almost twenty five years. Has a wife and daughter. The daughter, Sandy, supposedly didn't show up to school today." Arin nodded before standing up.

"C'mon." He said simply before heading to the elevators, smirking as Ross got flustered at the sudden plans and rushed to grab his coat and keys.


"Explain to me, why you have the skeleton of a boat in your basement?" Ross asked, carefully stepping around the big wooden frame, resisting the urge to cough as the sawdust in the air tried to make its way into his lungs.

"I like to keep busy." Arin replied nonchalantly as he rummaged through boxes under the counters bolted to the walls. Not phased by the woodchips littering the floor of the basement, ignoring the fact he'd have to brush the dust of his trousers as he knelt on the floor.

The younger man rolled his eyes as he stared down at all the tools, picking up a flat file between two fingers as if it was completely alien to him. "Y'know I have like a power-sander if you wanna borrow it, manual labour must be taking a toll on you at your old age, huh boss?" He said, setting down the file, a grin on his face as Arin glared at him.

"You see a power outlet anywhere, asshat?" He shot back as he stood up placing the box in his hands on the counter, opening it up to find his marine uniform, just as white and pristine as it had been when he first got it. To be fair, he knew it wouldn't be too difficult to find a uniform in the offices, but he preferred wearing his own, it was familiar.

"You think I could've passed for a marine, boss?" Ross pondered, inspecting the benches of the basement closer, fiddling with the switches and knobs on the radio though it was turned off. "Petty Officer O'Donovan, rolls of the tongue, nice."

"Yeah well Lieutenant Hanson was much better." Arin smirked, picking up the box, flicking the lights off and running up and out, leaving the younger man in his dust, quite literally.

The car ride back was quiet, Arin didn't really listen to the radio, but the quiet was broken as Ross' phone rang, some random chip-tune song playing through the speakers indicating that Dan was calling.

He flipped his phone open, answering. "Heyo." Some garbled muffled mumbling came through the speakers, and Arin stared at the road, clenching his fists around the steering wheel. "Yeah, Yeah Probee', we're comin' now. Bye" He flipped the phone down, staring at it with a smirk on his face. "Crazy to think they still make these. I still don't understand why we're don't have actual phones for work."

Arin rolled his eyes, sighing out a huff of air as he remembered just how in the loop he wasn't. "Yeah well, you wanna pay for two phone plans?" He saw in his peripheral, the smile fall from Ross' face. "Thought not. Credit is easier, and cheaper. The government isn't gonna fund you an iPhone. Anyway, what'd he call for?"


"Avidan. What'd he call for?" Arin repeated.

"Oh, he wanted to let you know that you have an ID, Holls got you covered." The Australian replied. "Though I don't see why you need one, you can't be in view of the webcam anyway.

"Its not for that. The pentagon know NCIS are investigating, they take matters into their own hands, and that little girl and her mom are gone, boom, capiche?" Ross nodded, staying silent for the rest of the ride back.

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Arin stared out the windscreen of the car, knee jittering and a white knuckle grip on his flask of coffee. Well, Agent Avidan's flask of coffee, but the newer agent gave it to him after realising his love for the beverage. He quite liked Avidan, he was well spoken and usually on time, and hell if he wasn't a great field agent, thinking outside the box and always getting his jobs done, unlike O'Donovan who would rather flirt with the lab technician than do his job, which subsequently was in the lab.

He'd been quite concerned at first, unsure of what to make of this scruffy looking man, with unruly hair and the slight ghost stubble at his jaw. But after knowing him a few months he'd grown fonder.

And now he was here, sitting in the newer agents car, dressed in his old marine uniform, hair tied back into a man bun, badges pinned to his chest and his fake ID clipped to his breast pocket.

Some 80s song was playing through the speakers of Dan's car, and he bobbed his head along to it slightly as they sped down the roads. Like most things in life, Dan didn't go slow, which wasn't a change of pace.

"You okay?" He asked, glancing over at Arin, noticing how tense he seemed.

Arin sighed out, taking a sip from the flask. "Yeah." His voice was shaky. "Just scared." Dan laughed at that, and Arin rolled his eyes knowing he shouldn't have spoken, though a slight smile was playing at his lips.

"You. Best NCIS agent on the block. Scared?" Dan said. "You'll be great out there. I know it." He added, keeping his eyes on the road, but looking over quickly to give Arin a small smile of reassurance.

"I'm not the best, I'm just not a moron."

"Or you have the directors dick up your ass." Agent Avidan offered, slipping a pair of sunglasses on.

Arin smirked. "Could be the case. Why, you want to join?" Dan laughed, out and loud, and Arin laughed with him.

"This turn?" 

"What the one with the security hut and electric fences?" Arin raised a sarcastic eyebrow and Avidan turned. 

Arin flashed his ID to the officer, whom let them through and Dan got a spot near the entrance. Breathing in, Arin slipped the earpiece on, and Dan did the same. Holly would be on the same wavelength and they'd talk from there. Well Dan and Holly would talk, Arin would listen and follow, because he didn't want to get kicked out for being crazy. 

"Go get 'em." Dan spoke softly, clapping a hand on Arin’s shoulder, who nodded in response, before leaving the car. He had a folder of miscellaneous case files in hand, a stern expression on his face. In the folder was also the small camera and mic, to set up in the Captain's office.

"Arin, you there?" Holly's voice came through his ear piece, just as he entered the rotating door. 

"Copy." He spoke quietly as he entered the building, walking down the hallways aimlessly waiting for further direction. If they had of planned more thoroughly he'd know what he was doing.

"Room C6, Agent Hanson." Dan spoke. He was currently waiting in the car, looking at all the information Agent O'Donovan had gathered in interrogation with the secretary. "The receptionists replacement knows you're coming.

Arin breathed out a sigh of relief that somebody in the pentagon knew how to hold their tongue, and he headed for the C block, giving small nods to those he passed by in the busy halls. It was nerve-wracking being there. But he hadn't had a panic attack in over a year and he was not about to have one now.

Eventually he reached the door that said C6 and knocked, opening it slowly. a woman at a desk looked up, and glanced at his ID, still clipped to his chest. She nodded, and smiled at him slightly.

Tentatively he knocked on the door, he could hear the muffled voice of the Captain and something else. After a moment of what seemed like commotion a "Come in!" Could be heared and Arin opened the door slowly. 

The Captain was sat at his desk, he was sweating and his face was red, he looked panicked, and his desk was disorganised, hectic. 

"Good afternoon Captain, just leaving some case files off with you, today, the usual, I'm sure you can handle it." He spoke, giving the Captain a smile of reassurance, walking around the front of the desk, avoiding the front of the computer at all costs. 

"Okay take the camera out, but hold conversation." Holly instructed, and Arin placed the file on the table, taking out the camera and mic as he listened to the captain give his response.

"So this is your daughter huh?" Arin asked, lifting up a picture of the Captain and his child, pressing the mic to it, offering a nod to the captain. "I've heard she'd quite the musician."

"Couldn't ask for more." The Captain replied his words choked out slightly. 

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow sir, same time, same deal. Have a good day." Arin replied, not listening to his dismissal as he left the room, shutting the door on his way out and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of relief. 

"Good job Arin, now we watch." 

Arin stood, in autopsy, staring at the monstrosity that lay upon the examination tables. Mangled body parts bloody and ripped apart. Somewhat assembled into the shape of a human. But unlike it had been since Arin was last down here, now there were two puzzles instead of one. 

Jimmy lowered his surgeon mask offering a smile to Arin as he walked over. The older man noticed he was wearing star earrings rather than his usual studs.

"Whetzel, how are things?"

"Good." He replied with a smile, turning to adjust a disembodied ear slightly and his smile faded when he noticed the look on Arin's face. "Well not, good per say but at least we're getting closer." He offered instead, as Doctor Wecht entered the room once again. 

"Mr Whetzel, how far have we gotten?" He asked, pulling another pair of latex gloves on.

"Uhh- right foot on the second body Dr Wecht." Jimmy replied immediately, over his shoulder.

Dr Wecht nodded, glancing up to notice Arin standing there. "How can I be of service?" He asked, the agent. “You’re looking quite dressed up today.” He added.

Arin glanced around the room, staring at the bodies on the tables, the nausea hit like a truck, and he'd forgotten why he came down but refused to admit that age might be getting to him, either that or some form of PTSD was affecting his brain. "We're working a case on a guy who's being held hostage, any advice?" He regretted the question the moment it left his mouth and he saw the older man's eyes light up as a though sparked in his brain.

"There was once a man I knew, back in London when I taught, and he was being held at gunpoint. Somehow, I can't seem to recall, he managed to signal the security-"

"Quickly, Bri." Arin spoke earning a glare from the older man before he went back to speaking.

"But the security managed to climb up by the drain pipes, and blew the man away through the window. Well, of course the hostage was killed too, faulty aim truthfully but he was saved nonetheless." 

"Great help, thanks Bri. I'll be seeing you." Arin spoke quickly as something clicked and he sprinted out of autopsy and over to the lab, where Holly and Ross were monitoring the footage of the Captain.

"I have an idea!" He yelled as he burst through the doors to the lab out of breath from running.

“Whoahh, Boss, you okay?” Ross asked, staring at him in shock. Holly had an eyebrow raised but gestured for him to continue. "Secretary was right, there is a voice, it keep talking about his wife, and money and some dude higher up." 

“Can you get the feed of his computer?” Arin asked, not addressing what Ross had said but he took a note of it.

“Who’s?” Ross replied, folding his arms and staring at the older man like he was crazy.

Arin rolled his eyes, ignoring him. “Holl?”

“It’d take time but yeah, we could.” The pink haired girl replied, hand on hip. “Why?”

“If my assumptions are correct, the dude who’s holding him hostage has video or audio footage. Look, he's been crying.”Arin gestured to the Captains face put up on the screen. The camera quality wasn't the best but the shimmer of tear tracks were noticeable tailing from red eyes.

Holly looked at him sympathetically, and he rolled his eyes. “We’re on it.” Ross turned toward the computer, but Arin grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Correction, she’s on it.” His eyes were gleaming as he got into his stride with the case. “You and Avidan are going to the residence to check if anyone’s home, see if he’s lying about the hostages.”

“The captain of or the captor?” Ross asked. “And why not Barry?”

“You can spend time with your boyfriend after hours, he’s busy, just fucking go bonehead!” Arin shouted, and Ross booked it for the offices, while Holly snorted with laughter.

“Nicely played Hanson, nicely played.”