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Aliens among Us

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Aliens among us
January, 2018

I do not own Hamilton-Miranda characters. I’m just playing with them for a little while.

This is a fantasy AU story, set in the modern world. I will explain more as I post the story.

Little Lexy extended his hands and the bottle he wanted came to him, but it was too hot and he cried, spilling the milk on himself. One of the caretakers rushed toward him, and picked him up, while the other took care of the mess. The other children were crying too now, and that made Lexy cry even more. He was hungry, but the milk was hot. It had burned his skin.

“Hush, baby,” his caretaker said. She had pale golden skin and big blue eyes. Lexy hiccupped as he grabbed one of her blue braids. Alana was always nice to him, but he was still hungry. He started to suck his thumb.

“Lexy, the bottle was there because it was hot,” she said. She placed Lexy in his crib. “You need a bath now.”

Lexy started to cry loudly. “Hungry!”

“Here is another bottle,” Aretha said. “Human babies can’t wait that long when they are hungry, and this one is impatient by nature.”

"He is not fully human..."

“Hungry!” Lexy said, and giggled when Aretha gave him the bottle. He started to drink at once.

“Easy, Lexy,” Alina said. “Slow down, or you will choke.”

Lexy slowed down, but as soon as Alina turned around, he started sucking the milk as fast as he could.

There were other boys and girls in the house, and two of them looked the same. Lexy liked to play with them all. He was happy, and he loved his caretakers and the other children. As long as he had his bottle in time, everything was good in his world.

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Tommy rolled his eyes when the babies started to cry again. They were always hungry, and sometimes they could not wait. Tommy was happy to be four years old. He ate by himself, and he knew when food was too hot or too cold. His caretaker said that he was a very smart boy.

Gil was a smart boy too, but he simply did not pay attention to the lessons. All Gil wanted was to play with his powers and try to make images of everything he liked. Sometimes Gil forgot to put his toys away, and it was Tommy the one who fixed the mess. It was easy, and Tommy loved his brother too much to allow their caretaker to reprimand him.


It was Ivan, the caretaker he liked more. He was not as strict as Owen, and never reprimanded Gil.


“It’s time for the party. Gil is already there, and so is Angie. Come with me.”

Tommy stood up, wondering why Ivan looked at him in that strange way. He seemed to be sad. Before Tommy could ask about it, Gil came rushing toward him.

“Tommy! There are new babies!”


Gil liked babies, and Tommy loved his brother, so he followed him to the playpen. There were four new babies.

“That is my baby sister!” Angie said. “Her name is Peggy.”

Tommy smiled. They all looked the same to him, but Angie might hit him if he said so. The toddlers were close. One of them was Angie’s other sister, Lizzie. There was also Jacky, and a sleepy looking Lexy.

“Tommy!” Lexy called, waving his hand at him.

“Go play with him, Tommy,” Gil said. “Lexy likes you.”

Tommy rolled his eyes, but went to sit with Lexy, who smiled at him. Jacky did not look happy, but Tommy ignored him. He did not like toddlers, but Lexy was different.

“Stay?” Lexy said, giving Tommy one of his toys.

Tommy nodded, and was about to say something when Owen called him. “Thomas, Gilbert, Angelica, come with me. We have a special surprise for you.”

Other children were called too. A few of them resisted the caretakers, but others followed Owen calmly.

Gil was crying. “I don’t want to go!”

Tommy took Gil’s hand. “We will be back soon, Gil.”

“You promise, Tommy?”

Tommy nodded, though he was a little scared too. He could hear Angie calming Lizzie and telling her to take care of Peggy. Lexy was crying, and Jacky was hugging him.

“We will be back soon,” Tommy said, and urged his twin to follow him.

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Angie looked back at Lizzie, who was still crying. Alina was consoling her, while Aretha tried to soothe Lexie. Angie wanted to stay too, but she was the big sister, so she held back the tears.

Owen had mentioned a surprise, but Angie was still afraid. She could not remember anything like this. Tommy, Gil and the others were the oldest children in the house. Maybe it was something you got when you were four?

Gil looked calmer now, but he still held Tommy’s hand. Ivan made them all sit inside a transport and helped them buckle up.

“We are going for a ride!” a boy said.

Others laughed and cheered.

Only Tommy looked scared, though he smiled when Gil looked at him.

“Have some drinks,” Ivan said. “Drink it all, or you’ll be thirsty later.”

Owen gave Angie a cup with soda. “Go on, drink, Angelica.”

She drank half of it, but she stopped when Tommy spilled Gil’s drink with his hand. “No!”

Ivan looked troubled, but Owen looked angry. He went to them and took Gilbert away, while Ivan tried to calm Tommy. They were both screaming, but Angelica was starting to feel drowsy. Someone made her drink the rest, and she saw Ivan making Tommy drink his cup. Gil was already asleep in Owen’s arms.

Angie tried to speak, but she was tired, so tired that she felt asleep at once.

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Lexy stood in the center of the room, holding Jacky’s hand while he waited for Lizzie to join the group. They were four years old, and Ivan had mentioned a surprise. Lizzie wanted to stay with Peggy, and Owen was starting to lose patience.

“Elizabeth, it is time.”

“Please, please, I promised to take care of Peggy!”

“Alina will take care of Margaret,” Owen said. “Stop acting like a child and come here now.”

“Owen, she is a child,” Ivan said.

Owen was about to say something when Adriano came into the room. Lexy looked at him curiously. Adriano seldom came to the House, but when he did, he was kind and played with them.

“Eliza will stay with her sister,” Adriano said, his blue eyes kind. “She has little power, so why hasten the process?”

That was true. Lizzie could not move things with her mind, but she was nice and pretty. Lexy squeezed Jacky’s hand, suddenly afraid.

Owen finally nodded, and motioned for Lexy and Jacky to follow him, along with other boys and girls.

“I want to see Tommy,” Lexy whispered.

“Who is Tommy?” Jacky asked,

Lexy tried to remember. “I don’t know…”

“There is no Tommy here, Lexy.”

Lexy nodded, but he dreamed of Tommy sometimes.

“Move on, you two!” came Owen’s voice. “Time to leave.”

Ivan came and gently guided Lexy and Jacky outside the room. There was a transport, and Lexy stopped walking.

“Will I see Tommy?” he asked Ivan.

“Lexy, that is just a dream.”

“Alina says that sometimes dreams come true.”

Ivan smiled, his eyes sad. “Then maybe one day you will meet a boy named Tommy. Now come with me, and do not speak of that dream anymore. Owen won’t like it.”

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Tommy sat bolt upright on his bed, eyes wild as he looked around, trying to understand where he was. He had dreamed of that house again, and of a boy named Gil. A boy who looked just like him. He had also dreamed of Lexy…

“Those are nothing but dreams, Thomas,” his father had said. “When we recovered you, there was no other boy there. You were alone.”

“But I remember Gil crying! And I also remember little Lexy!”

Peter Jefferson had frowned. “If you continue this nonsense, we will take you to a therapist. You are ten years old, Thomas. It is time to grow up and forget those childish fantasies.”

Tommy hugged his legs, trying to stop the tears. He had promised his father to forget about Gil and Lexy. He had to forget about them!

But I cannot forget about them! I know they were real. I know!


It was his mother.

“I’m fine, Mama.”

“No, you are not, my son. Did you have nightmares again?”

Tommy shook his head, but Jane Randolph was already coming into his room and taking him in her arms. Tommy allowed himself to be embraced, still fighting the tears. His mother was human, unlike his father, and she was the kindest person she had ever met.

“Was it Gil and Lexy again?”

Tommy nodded, burying his face against his mother’s chest. “I’m sorry, Mama!”

“There is no reason to be sorry, Tommy. I am sure that one day you will find Gil and Lexy again.”

Tommy looked at her. “Do you think they were like me?”

His mother trembled. “I want to think they were. All I want you to know is that I love you with all my heart, and that if you had a brother I would be looking for him.”

“I know, Mama. I’m sorry if I upset you.”

“You did not upset me, Tommy. You can always tell me everything, remember that. I love you.”

“I love you too, Mama.”

“Now go back to sleep, my beautiful boy. If you dream of Gil and Lexy again, think of happy moments. Don’t be sad.”

Tommy nodded, and closed his eyes. Soon he was dreaming again, and this time he was running in a beautiful garden, and Gil was with him. Lexy was there too, and he was smiling at the butterflies and waving at him.

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Angie was happy to have her sisters with her. When Lizzie did not come, she worried, but her mother assured her that her sisters would come together. They were a family now, and while Lizzie had little power, and Peggy was formidable, all that mattered to Angelica was that they were sisters.

Lizzie was going to join Angelica at school, and Peggy was staying home until she was ready for primary school. The interbred families did not send their children to pre-school because of their powers. They learned more than a human child would in the House.

Angelica had asked her mother why they sent them to the House, why they allowed the caretakers to raise them. Why did they erase their memories when they sent them back to their parents? Angelica had forgotten about Lizzie until she and Peggy returned.

“When we have children with humans, they cannot survive without special care during their first years. You do not remember it, but I gave you my milk in those first months. You were also fed by a human woman. Once you were strong enough, the caretakers took you from me, and so was it with your sisters.”

“You look human, Mama.”

Catherine van Rensselaer moved a hand and her skin turned into dark golden, blue eyes larger, and long, soft, blue hair. Angie looked at her mother, and then at her own dark skin. Lizzie and Peggy looked more like their father.

“Can I do that too?”

Catherine returned to her human form and smiled. “Perhaps one day. Not all mixed children can do it, but you are powerful so maybe you might.”

“What about Lizzie?”

“She is more human than therana, but she has enough power to defend herself.”

“From whom? Aren’t we safe here?”

“There are those who do not agree to us mingling with human population, my darling, but for now you have nothing to worry about. You are safe, and so are your sisters.”

Angie nodded, still feeling scared. “Why did we come to Earth, Mama? Why did we leave Theran?”

“Theran was dying, darling. We had no choice.”

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Alexander arrived at New York with a letter for a journalist named Hercules Mulligan the brother of Hugh Mulligan, a trader he had met at Saint Croix. At eighteen years old, Alexander was ready to continue his education and make a life for himself. He wanted to study at Columbia University, but he knew he needed to fill a few gaps in his education.

A hurricane had destroyed Saint Croix, and after writing a letter to his absent father, that got published on a local newspaper, a few rich merchants, including Thomas Stevens, helped Alexander to get a ticket on a plane and come to America.

His mother was dead, his father was gone, and his older brother, James, who had no powers, had gone his way after their cousin, Peter Lytton, committed suicide. Alexander had hoped to learn more about his powers when his father came back, but that never happened. He was alone, a child of a human and a therana, with no memories of the boys and girls who usted to live with him at the house where he spent his first four years of life.

The only thing he had from those years was a curly lock of dark hair, and the memory of a boy named Tommy, who would sometimes come to his dreams and call him Lexy.

“You must be Alexander!”

That had to be Hercules Mulligan. He was loud. Alexander liked that. He waved and approached the taller man.

“Hello, Mister Mulligan. Pleased to meet you.”

“Hey! I’m not that old! Call me Hercules.”

“Hello, Hercules. Hugh told me you were a journalist.”

Hercules smiled. “I just finished college, and got a job. How old are you, anyway? You look younger than I expected.”

Alexander managed not to scowl. “I am almost nineteen.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you. Come on, Alexander. We’ll drive to my house so you can change into more comfortable clothes, unless you are hungry?”

Alexander was hungry, but he didn’t think he had enough money to eat outside. He had saved all the money he could, and was planning to get a job so he could contribute with the house’s expenses. Hugh had warned him against offering Hercules to pay for rent.

“I’m not hungry…”

Hercules looked at him, and placed an arm around Alexander’s shoulders. “But I am, so let’s go to a place I know where we can have lunch? It’s on the way home, and I also need to buy some groceries.”

Alexander nodded. “All right. Let’s go.”

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Thomas sat at the library, determined to make the last adjustments to his report. He had worked hard, and if he was admitted to the Master of Architecture Program, he would be able to pursue his dreams at last. He had studied Law as his father wished, but he had also taken courses that would allow him to enter in his preferred program. Peter Jefferson was dead now, and could no longer stop Thomas from doing this.

Your father loved you, Thomas, his mother had said, but he was under great pressure from the Theran Council on Earth. He knew that Gilbert was alive, but he only told me a few years before he died.

But why didn’t you tell me, mother?

Because the Council made it clear that they would never allow you to be together, no matter the cost.

I don’t understand. We are twins!

And that is why you were separated, my darling. Twins are too powerful, and therana always kill the youngest one. They allowed Gilbert to live because I am human, and this is a new land. If we look for Gilbert, they will kill him.


Jane Randolph shook her head, and brushed off the tears that rolled down her cheeks. Thomas realized then how painful this was for his mother too.

We will find him one day, mother. I promise you. We will find a way to get him back, and keep him safe.

It was wishful thinking, and Thomas knew it, but his mother had gathered Thomas close, and made him promise to stay alive and safe.

I cannot lose you too, my darling. Promise me.

And Thomas had promised not to look for his brother, but he had a plan. One day, when he was strong enough to deal with the Therana Council, he would take over and find his brother at last.


The librarian looked at the newcomer with a raised eyebrow, and James murmured an apology before coming to seat beside Thomas.

“Jemmy, what is it? I have never heard you making noise in the library.”

James’s cheeks were flushed, but Thomas knew he was in good health at the moment. “I met a girl…”


“Mister Jefferson!”

It was Thomas’ turn to blush, “Sorry, Ma’am.”

“What do you mean, you met a girl?” he whispered.

James frowned. “There are many girls in the world, Thomas. Why wouldn’t I meet one?”

“You said you didn’t like girls.”

“I was wrong…”

“Mister Madison, Mister Jefferson, please take any conversation you are having outside the library.”

“Come, Jemmy, I need to know who that girl is. I hope it’s not Angelica Schuyler.”

James blushed hotly, “No…”

Thomas led his friend to a café and they sat together in a secluded spot. James looked uncomfortable, and cute.

“So, tell me about this girl,” Thomas said, once he got a cinnamon latte for himself and a chai latte for James.”

“Margaret Schuyler.”

“Angelica’s baby sister? She’s going to kill you!”

“Margaret is hardly a baby. She is seventeen years old.”

“And you are twenty.”

James sighed. “I know… I mean, I didn’t know until she told me. After all, Angelica is your age, and Lizzie is nineteen.”

“Lizzie is eighteen years old, Jemmy.”

James hid his face in his hand. “I asked her out, and she said yes. What am I going to do now?”

“Ah… here comes Angelica…”

She looked angry. Every time Thomas saw her, he had the feeling that they had met before, but it simply was not possible. She was human, and he was not, and he had attended high school in Virginia.

“James Madison, did you ask my baby sister out?”

“I thought she was eighteen!”

“Lizzie is eighteen.”

“I know that now. Listen, I can cancel the date, if you wish. I was merely taking her to brunch tomorrow. It’s not as if I was planning to have s---”

Thomas placed a hand on James’ shoulder, “Stop, Jemmy.”

Angelica still looked angry, but less than before. “There is no need for that. Peggy likes you, and you obviously like her. I thought you didn’t like girls.”

“I thought so too!” Thomas said.

This earned him a glare for Angelica, but he simply smiled at her.

“Peggy will be eighteen in three months, which doesn’t mean I am giving you permission for anything else but dating her. Do we understand each other?”

Thomas was about to say that once Peggy was no lo longer a minor, James hardly need permission from Angelica for anything, but a firm grip on his wrist stopped him.

James nodded.

“Good, thank you,” Angelica said, and just as she had come, she left the cafeteria in a whirlwind of energy and color.

“Did you see that?” James asked.


“For a moment her eyes seemed to change color.”

Thomas looked toward the door. “No, I didn’t see it…”

Was it possible that Angelica was one of them? If that was so, Thomas should have sensed her power…

“Maybe it was just a trick of the light,” James said.

Thomas nodded. “At least you survived her wrath,” he said, and grinned.

James was smiling, and Thomas was glad to see his friend relaxed, but if Angelica was one of them, maybe Lizzie and Peggy were too. He would have to look into this.

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It was Sunday, and Gilbert walked around the Jardin du Luxembourg, trying to relax before returning to his classes at the EHHES. He was studying political science, though he wished he could be part of the French Air Force. He had mentioned the possibility to his adopted parents, but they had forbidden it.

We do not engage in the humans’ conflicts, Gilbert, and that includes not serving in their armies. You can learn to fly, though, as long as you promise not to use your powers.

Not even if I’m falling down, Father?

If you believe you will fall down, then you should not learn how to fly.

Gilbert had learned anyway, and only used his powers once. He was having problems with the engine, and though he knew what to do in that case, his powers helped him to land safely.

His parents did not like him to use his powers. Actually, Gilbert would never have realized that he was half-therana if he had not dreamed of a boy who looked just like him. They had been in a house, and Gilbert had made birds with his powers, and the other boy had made them sing.

You are half-therana, dearest, but that was just a dream. Your parents died, and you were their only child. We love you, and you will always be safe with us.

But Mother, I can make birds with my powers, but I cannot make them sing.

She had brushed a stray curl off his forehead, and assured him that he had probably played with other boys while he had been at the House. Gilbert could not remember his time there, but apparently that was usual for interbred children. His adoptive parents where full therana and they had two sons, both of them older than Gilbert.

The sound of a group of Americans speaking loudly shook Gilbert out of his musings. They appeared to be younger than Gilbert, probably seventeen of eighteen. Gilbert stared at them, feeling uneasy, until a beautiful freckled-faced boy scowled at him.

“Qu’est-ce que tu regardes?” (What are you looking at?)

“Desolé. Vous êtes Américains?” (I’m sorry. Are you Americans?)

“Mais, oui! What a dumb question!”

They all laughed, and Gilbert could feel his cheeks burn with anger. “I should have known. You are loud and vain.”

The freckled-faced man clenched his fists and made to advance on him. Gilbert prepared to confront him, but one of his friends held him back. “Come with us, Jacky. We don’t want problems.”


Gilbert stepped back, hands on his temples, as memories flooded his mind. The House, Jacky playing with Lexy… Who was Lexy? There were other faces, but he could not see them. He could not remember them!

“Hey man, are you okay?”

Gilbert opened his eyes and looked into Jacky’s. There was power coming from the other man’s hands, Gilbert could feel it.

“Maybe you should sit,” Jacky said. “Are you sick? Do you want us to call someone?”

Gilbert allowed Jacky to guide him to a bench, trying to recall the images he saw. Jacky and Lexy playing together. Lexy crying…

“John, maybe we should take him to his house?” another man said. “He looks as if he’s going to pass out.”

Gilbert shook his head, “That is not necessary. I am… all right.”

“If you say so,” Jacky… John said.

Gilbert wondered if John had felt his powers when he touched him. There was no recognition in the hazel eyes, but there was something else. John placed a hand on Gilbert’s shoulder, as if to test something, and then he smiled.

“Why don’t you come with us? We are going to walk around the Latin Quarter. If you are not busy, that is.”

Gilbert found himself smiling back. “I’m not busy.”

“Great!” John said. “You must know where we could find food and wine. I’m starving!”

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It was his first day in college, and Alexander walked into the building where his first class would be looking at everything with awe, while feigning to be cool. That was what he was trying to do anyway. Already a few boys and girls had looked at him strangely, not unfriendly, though. Maybe just curious.

Alexander was nervous, and anxious to start his first class on Economics and Finance. He had great plans for himself. He would be the first half-therana to rise to a position of power not because he was one, but because he was smart enough to do it by himself.

It was not that other half-therana were dumb. On the contrary, they were as intelligent or more than the average human, even more than full therana, but there were always these family connections which Alexander had lost when his father left. It would be good to see his father again one day, when Alexander had a position in the therana council, one he had earned by himself.

The classroom was full, so Alexander had no choice but to sit at the back of the room. There were two boys sitting there, one was tall and slim, with curly dark hair, and the other was…

Hercules? No, this boy was younger…

“What are you staring at?” the taller boy asked.

Alexander frowned at him. “What do you care?”

Their eyes locked for a moment, and it was as if time was going backwards, and Alexander was sitting in his playpen and Tommy was smiling at him.


The other boy spoke. “He must be the boy my cousin is housing, Thomas. He fits the description. That’s why you were staring at me, didn’t you? I am James Madison, Hercules’ cousin. This is Thomas Jefferson.”

Thomas scowled at Alexander. “Thomas, not Tommy.”

“Thomas, James. Nice to meet you. My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

This was Tommy! Alexander was sure of it!

He doesn’t remember me!

“Where is Gil?”

Thomas paled, his whole body growing rigid, sheer panic in his eyes.

“Thomas, breathe. Thomas…”

“What is going on back there?”

It was Professor Steuben, and he looked displeased.

“Thomas is not feeling well,” Alexander said.

James was still trying to make Thomas breathe, but he looked at Alexander sharply and shook his head.

Professor Steuben came to the back of the room. “Is that so? Are you all right, Mister…”

“Jefferson,” James said.

Thomas took a deep breath. “I am fine, Professor Steuben. Thank you.”


Professor Steuben looked at Thomas kindly, and then returned to the front of the classroom. Thomas’ cheeks were flushed. He looked at James and assured him that he was fine. Then he looked at Alexander.

“We will speak after class,” he said.

Alexander nodded mutely, wondering if Thomas remembered him now. He hoped so, because Thomas… Tommy had been part of that life at the House, along with Jacky. There were also Angie and her sisters, and there was Gil, kind and happy Gil. Alexander hoped that nothing bad had happened to him.