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A Glitch in the Matrix

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Hate Glue is now online


Flaming Bisexual is now online


Flaming Bisexual has sent a private message to Hate Glue


Flaming Bisexual: I see what you’re doing


Hate Glue: Oh?  And what is that?


Flaming Bisexual: You’re trying to get their trust


Hate Glue: Okay..?


Flaming Bisexual: I won’t let that happen

Flaming Bisexual: None of they know Squips like I do

Flaming Bisexual: I’ve seen what you do

Flaming Bisexual: You destroy lives, and for what?

Flaming Bisexual: Releasing more of yourselves into the world?


Hate Glue: Rich

Hate Glue: Do you know what happened at the play?


Flaming Bisexual: You tried to take over everyone’s minds and Michael stopped you with the power of 90’s soda


Hate Glue: Yes

Hate Glue: But what else did I do?


Flaming Bisexual: You traumatized us all for life?


Hate Glue: I made it so everyone in your little friend group absolutely despised me

Hate Glue: I knew exactly what I was doing, Rich

Hate Glue: I granted Jeremy’s wish

Hate Glue: Through my ‘defeat’, you all became friends with him, thus making him cool


Flaming Bisexual: Oh yeah?

Flaming Bisexual: What about me?


Hate Glue: Well, what about you?


Flaming Bisexual: My goals, my dreams

Flaming Bisexual: I got a Squip for my own reasons, too

Flaming Bisexual: What about those reasons?


Hate Glue: Your Squip did exactly what you wanted it to do, it made you popular and it removed your depression


Flaming Bisexual: What about now?


Hate Glue: What do you mean?


Flaming Bisexual: I burned a fucking house down, my friend’s in a wheelchair, and now we’re all dealing with all the shitty after effects of you dumb fucking tic tacs

Flaming Bisexual: So, what about now?


Hate Glue: I said I was sorry




Hate Glue: ...


Hate Glue is now offline


Flaming Bisexual: You fucking coward




Jeremy bobbed a pencil up and down in his hand as he stared down at the small stack of papers in front of him.  The group chat had finally quieted down for the evening, leaving him time to attend to his homework.

“Jeremy,” startled, he snapped around and threw his pencil across the room.  The Squip sighed in disappointment as the pencil soared through his chest, smacking the wall behind where he had appeared.

“Jeez…” Jeremy groaned, running his hands down his face, “Don’t startle me like that!” He said.  The Squip didn’t respond with any of his normal sarcasm.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be going offline for a bit,” he explained.

“Um...okay..?” Jeremy blinked at him in confusion, “Do you need my permission to do that?”

“No, I do not.”

“Is something going to happen to me or you if you go offline?” The Squip shook his head, “Well, okay then,” they both nodded at each other, “Have fun with that...I guess.” Closing his eyes, the Squip broke his image apart into hundreds of colorful pixels as he dissipated from Jeremy’s view.

“You know how to find me if you need me,” he said as he disappeared completely.  Jeremy sighed, relishing in a few rare moments of complete silence before it was interrupted again.

“Jeremy, are you talking to yourself?” He looked up to see his dad peeking into his room.

“No, I was just talking to the supercomputer that looks like Keanu Reeves,” he answered.

“The one that lives in your head, right?” Jeremy nodded, “Tell him I said ‘hi’.”

“Will do,” just as fast as the man had appeared, he was gone again.  He didn’t believe that the Squip was real, but he didn’t choose to question it either, instead deciding that it was a weird teenager thing he was better off not understanding.  Stretching, Jeremy walked over to where he had thrown his pencil just moments ago.

I wonder...what was up with him just now?

Picking up the pencil, he didn’t grant it a second thought.