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"State your full name and age." "Name: Dawn Louise Williams. Age: 28" "We're going to ask you some questions. Nothing major we just want to get the story straight." "There is no story. I'll tell you the truth about what happened. I know what I am here for." "Ok. Good."

Since the day she got the letter calling her to court she had known what she was going for. She was a good girl growing up, never got into trouble. The letter didn't specify what it was she was being called in for but she knew. She knew that someday the riot would catch up to her, and eventually, it did.

He slid a picture towards her. It was a print out from a security camera footage. Her face could be seen along with a few others. "Can you tell me who these people are?" She shook her head. "I only knew one of them. They were her friends, not mine. I was only a part of it that one night." "The night you broke into the sight?" "Yes." "The one you're referring to? Which one is it?" "The girl I'm standing closest to. The one to my right. Her name was Wendy or Whitney. Though I believe it was Wendy so let's go with that." "She was your friend?" "No." "Then what were you doing there when they broke into a nuclear test site?"

"She was my roommate. My first year of college. I didn't know much about her. We barely even spoke but, there was that part of me that wanted to be her friend. One night she invited me to hang out with some of her friends. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to get to know her a little more. She told me to wear clothes I could run in. I assumed we were going to the gym."

"Why didn't you leave when you realized what they were doing?" "That is something I wonder every day. I guess it was the adrenaline." "You realize you are possibly going to be charged with breaking and entering and multiple counts of vandalism because of an adrenaline rush." "Yes. I was twenty years old. I had never gotten in trouble in my life. It was exciting. I know it was stupid but I couldn't help it."

"Was there any motive behind what happened." "They told me it was a protest. Though it felt more like a riot. Things were being broken, they were spray painting everything and even throwing fake blood. I was scared but I was excited and I just went along with it. They had brought me hoping to get more people behind "The cause" as they put it. There were a bunch of newbies there. I wasn't the only one." "Ok. Thats about the jist of what we need."

They didn't have a traditional court but a small hearing was put into place. They didn't want to bring much attention to an incident that happened so long ago. She was there with a few family members and her fiance. The lawyer told her, what he told probably every defendant that he helps, that he "Would do everything in his power to get you as little time as possible" which with a crime that was committed so long ago you would think meant no time at all. No. The court ended in a decision of 18 months in the Soldgate Women's Correctional facility, minimum security.

A determination that left her in shock. No one suspected she would get any time at all and even if she did no one thought it would be more than a few months. 18 months left everyone in the room wide-eyed.

She went home that evening with fear in her eyes. Her fiance held her tight when she finally broke down. He told her it was going to be ok and at first, she didn't believe him but she went along with it. She went to sleep crying and trying to figure out what she was going to do.