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Yoongi asked a question in Eden “Is it a bad thing to disobey God?”
If someone has already decided our fate, wouldn’t that be a better life to stand up and go against the fate?
Because he is ready to sacrifice everything to go.

Opening his eyes, he was always greeted by a pair of eyes, so lovingly, so warm. They were still in Eden, they were loved. It was the greatest place, far away land, aside from the world where there are evils. This home, this land, is a place of pureness, land of God.

“Hey, wake up, don’t get your oranges spoiled” Jin said , and Yoongi slowly got up.
“What time is it now, love?”
“Nine in the Afternoon~” Seokjin singsonged. Yoongi sighed.
“I’m not kidding, love. You should go back now” Seokjin pouted, but understand and got up.
It was for the good of both.


“Your majesty, it was really them” one of the guards reported. Hoseok could only watch from afar, after all he is only the picker in orange farm. But the little least was better than nothing. He must tell them.

As usual, he brought Yoongi his oranges , but this time a lot of green. The guards got suspicious, but still allow him to enter the border anyway.
“Yoongi! I got your oranges!” cried Hoseok. He heard a faint ‘come in!’ and he make sure he was fast.
To save them.

It was the last time he could see Seokjin, running, running away, far from him, from his home. But he is leaving for good. Let him found a better life, better love. Because Yoongi does not deserve Seokjin, the son of God. Yoongi was just a simple man under the lord’s control.
That is what the fate has decided.

Now , whenever he woke up, he was always greeted with emptiness. There was no longer Seokjin, his sweet voice, his angelic face, his reminder, his will to stay in Eden.

There was this will inside him, and that is to be exiled from Eden, to Earth.

Seeking into the heart of Eden to steal the lust of the forbidden fruit. If it is as sinful as the God say, so be it. Because Yoongi is willing to get closer to the sun, even by flapping his burnt wings. Because Yoongi does not believe in fate.
Even if it is not something grand such as God or fate, Yoongi will not surrender himself.
Finally, laying his hand on the sinful fruit, he carefully ripped one. He climbed down slowly with caution, and ran back to his place.
He knew it was against fate, against God, but he remained with no choice but to go. If it was the only thing that kept him here, then he was glad to go.
He mumbled “ Seokjin, I shall find you ”, and then bit on the apple.

God knows, he senses something wrong. Not long after the lost of dear Seokjin, there has to be someone disobeying the rule already.

The taste, it was good. Not like the sourness of Orange, it was the good balance of sweet and sourness, just enough for you to want more and more. God knows, so he did not want them to touch it.
Too bad.

Yoongi saw a group of troops coming for him, but he had it coming. He smirked. It works, and that would be the best part.

Yoongi was dragged, away away far from home, the same route Seokjin ran. Hoseok was also kicked out, a basket full of apples. He ran after Yoongi, ahead of the guards that was supposed to carry him.
A freedom seeker.

Yoongi smirked. Eden was behind. Hoseok was here with him now. He now was happy where he was going, and he was glad to be away from where he was destined to be.
He was no longer holding back by fate. He proved them wrong.

Seokjin, I shall find you.