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What happens in deep space...

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The spaceship shook and Hitoshi almost tumbled back down into his cabin he climbed up from.

“What is going on up there?”

Bakugo stumbled out of the cockpit, hitting his head on the doorframe, and going into a lot of expletives.

“We are crashing, that’s what, what does this look like?”


“Ask your fucking boyfriend, not me!”

“You are also his boyfriend!” A voice that way probably way too cheerful for someone who was currently piloting a crashing spaceship rang out of the pilot seat.

Bakugo didn’t even aknowledge the voice, and pushed past Hitoshi, still clutching his head, while Hitoshi stumbled into the cockpit.

“So what’s the situation?”

“We might die a fiery death, but in case we won’t I hope we have some good breakfast coming up, because I’m hungry.”

Izuku Midoriya was in the pilot seat, and looked way too calm for piloting a crashing deathtrap.

Hitoshi also wondered if he should have been more worried.

Maybe if it wouldn’t have happened every second day, then maybe they would have been.

“I’ll check what do we have for food. Can you park her nicely?”

“If Kacchan can get Mei to wake up and help me out down there, then sure. Otherwise it is fiery death. I cannot stress it enough. Did anyone catch the death part?”

“Sure thing” Hitoshi smiled, leaning forward, pressing a kiss to Izuku’s forehead. “Meet me in the kitchen after you had landed.”



It had been a few years since the four of them had been manning this ship, and the deathtrap they called their home hadn’t gotten better since.

Hitoshi would have liked to say he didn’t know what possessed him to get on it on the first place. Alright, that was a lie, he knew exactly what - it was necessity, pure and simple.

He needed to get off that planet, and the guy with the green eyes noticed it.

“You need to run, don’t you?”

He considered using the device in his pocket, but the guy smiled, his freckles obvious in the neon lights of the spaceport.

“I won’t ask why. But thing is, we are a bit short-staffed at the moment. You pay the price, and we get you off. Off-planet I mean” The guy suddenly looked embarrassed. “That didn’t came out as cool as I intended it to come out.”

Hitoshi couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Alright, show me what you have.”

The ship was an old model, it was hard to say what held it together - prayer, probably.

“Her name is Nana.”

“Weird name for a ship.”

“It’s a long story” The guy who was the pilot, as it turned out, he just shook his head. “Point is, she will get you off planet.”

“...if I don’t die in it.”

“If you are badmouthing the ship you can fuck right off” A blond guy jumped out of the door. “Or you can jump on it.”

Hitoshi hesitated, and there was suddenly another person in the picture - a girl with pink hair, heartily slapping him in the back.

“Do not worry, man. I am manning her engines myself” She grinned wide, pushing googles up to the top of her head. “She will stay with us until we die. And no, capt’n, not because she is a deathtrap, before you open your mouth again.”

The blond guy - the captain, apparently - rolled his eyes, before looking at Hitoshi again.

“You need a damn ride or not?”

Hitoshi really, really needed one.

He thought he would just get them to take to another random planet, and so he can leave them and their deathtrap behind.

If he would survive the road there, that is.


Of course things never went smoothly, as officials forced them to dock on a space station for a random checkpoint, and every one of them looked somewhat nervous.

Katsuki Bakugo, the captain, Izuku Midoriya, the pilot (and obviously second-in-command, although Katsuki would say he didn’t need a second-in-command because he was always in command), and Mei Hatsume, their mechanic.

And Hitoshi had the device in his hand still.

Could he trust these people?

Hitoshi soon decided it really didn’t matter, he didn’t have much of a choice, because if they went down, he went down with them. Or they went down with him. For better or worse, right now their fates were intertwined.

“Alright, I… might have a plan.”


The device Hitoshi had was something unlike anything else before. It was capable of transmitting signals to someone’s brain that made them more suspectible of suggestions.

Well, as long as they were feasible, and one could use their words carefully. You couldn’t tell someone to shoot themselves out an airlock, but you could convince them they have a better view from an airlock, and then push the button yourself, that kind of thing.

Having that, and Hitoshi’s own way of words, and the quick thinking that all the other three could show, they got away, well, almost without any problems.

And after that, the captain looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“So you have any plans after getting off ship or are you planning to just drift around?”

“If you want me to stick around, just ask me then.”

“Why the fuck would I want you to?”

Hitoshi might have gotten on the Nana by necessity, but he really could not have explained why the hell did he stay.


It didn’t take that long for him to figure out that there was something between Katsuki and Izuku. The way they bickered, how Izuku just rolled his eyes on Katsuki’s foul mood, everything was so obvious, so he walked down to Mei to the engine room, just to be sure.

“Sure they do. They just don’t know it themselves.”

Right. Because that made so much more sense.


“So how do two Academy darlings become smugglers?”

They came from the Academy, they said, and none of it made any sense.

Of course Katsuki didn’t answer. Why would he? He didn’t even expect an answer from him when he asked him, and he mostly just asked to see his reaction.

Which was Katsuki promptly telling him where to shove his curiosity, by the way.

Izuku, though…

Izuku sighed, shook his head.

“It’s a long story, but… I think life after Academy, that… all that fame and glory to uphold and adhere to the rules, it wasn’t for us. And the system is rigged, you can’t exactly change it from within… so we do what we can outside of the system. So we stole the Nana, and ran away.”

“What about Mei?”

“She got kicked out during our first year for taking apart things she wasn’t supposed to. So after we left, we tracked her down and had her fix up the Nana and she came with us. That’s the story. We had some people come and go to work with us, but mostly it’s just the three of us.”


Hitoshi had so many places he could have left. He could have left on many planets - some more developed, some more backwater. Many planets, may cities, hide in big cities or disapper in backwater villages on distant outer rim planets. Or maybe keep hopping between ships, joining different crews. Fall off the radar.

Instead, he stayed, his device in hand, building up different black market connections, and other kinds of connections for them. Pull some strings.

He stayed.

He stayed and sometimes fell asleep down in the engine room, next to Mei, her clinging into him, only for him to wake up and find a blanket put around them.

He wondered whether it was their pilot or their captain.

The captain would most definitely deny it, though.


It was Mei who kissed him first, because of course it was. It was during one dinner, and in the end she got up, kissed Hitoshi, like it was the world’s most natural thing.

Then she did the same with Izuku and Katsuki, and maybe it really was the world’s most natural thing, even if Katsuki did frown.

Hitoshi figured he should have asked questions, but he didn’t.


He had heard stories of spaceship crews clinging into each other. What happens in deep space stays in deep space, and all that.

Thing is, even when they landed the Nana, they were still walking close to each other, and one time Izuku put his arm around Hitoshi’s waist, and Mei was dragging Katsuki in front of them, and Hitoshi really should have asked questions, but he never did.



And now here they were, crashing.


The Nana wasn’t the most reliable ship, but he heard Katsuki yell at Mei to wake the hell up or we will be the next meteor over this planet and he pulled out the cans they had in the cabinet, and the ship shook again, which made the cans hit him in the head.

He briefly wondered what the hell was he even doing.


This is what it was.

Mei and Izuku will definitely land their ship, and Katsuki will complain about the bumpy ride either way. They would land, and then buy some new things they needed to fix the issues that caused this crashlanding, and for that they will going to have to take some odd jobs on the planet.

But then things would be fine, and Hitoshi would not even bother making up excuses anymore why did he stay.

Because that’s how things worked.


“Great. Now you tell me we need basically five new parts to the engine.”

“I’ve been telling you capt’n” Mei stretched her arms lazily. “Soon it would be better to just get a new engine.”

“Or a new ship” Hitoshi muttered.

“We are not abandoning the Nana” Izuku said simply, the statement they all heard.

And also said in different times in their lives since boarding her.

“Or a new fucking crew because I’m surrounded by fuckwits.”

“We landed her did we not, Kacchan?”

“After almost crashing her.”

“I told you we need a new engine!” Mei piped up again. “I mean I’m good enough to keep her running, but sooner or later…”

“Will you fucking pay for it?”

Of course they would bicker, but Izuku’s hand would squeeze Hitoshi’s under the table, and he would poke Katsuki, and he would bicker back, but would give Mei her favourite pieces of the meal, and Mei would pour drink for Izuku, and when Hitoshi stood up, he would mess with Katsuki’s hair.

Because that’s how it was, and maybe it really was just a side effect of being closed together in close quarters - which was sometimes a handful, especially when it came to the bathroom, or just Katsuki’s nature, Izuku’s mutterings, Mei’s random outbursts, and Hitoshi was sure he had his own fair share of annoying habits that pissed the others off.

But regardless, this was what it was.

He had a pretty good idea where exactly this is leading, this weird domesticity, but he figured - why rush?

They had all the time in the world, and a lot more travels through space.

Of course first, they actually had to fix their engine.

And for that, they needed money.


What life without a bit of crime now, was it?