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Beautiful Awkwardness

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Katsuki was not nervous, to hell with that.


His hands were also not sweating, and neither was his goddamn piece of shit heart beating too ridiculously fast. Nope, he was absolutely fine. Everything was fine!


The saturday sky was painted in a beautiful crystal blue and the clouds were perfectly scattered across the sky looking like some pearly white cotton candy. Sparrows were singing deliciously, making the atmosphere around him calmer every passing second… Then why wasn’t he calming the fuck down –


There, he admitted it.


Katsuki fucking Bakugou was extremely nervous, his heart was beating like crazy – like when he as a kid broke a very, very important memento from his grandmother and knew he was going to get so fucked up when his mother found out.


That was his current state of mind; all peachy, tense, agitated, and for god’s sake jittery. They were just going for a walk at the park!


Well, for once, Katsuki had all the reasons in the world to act like this, even if he himself wasn’t comfortable with the fact alone that going out with the stupid nerd turned him into this.


The angry teen awkwardly danced on his feet. He had been standing outside the door to the Midoriya’s household for 15 minutes already. Katsuki had arrived early, so it was no biggy, yet he just couldn’t help himself and stood outside the house like an idiot the whole time, gathering his courage so he could ring the bell.


So he could just ring the goddamn bell!


Still a pile of goo and mushy feelings, he forced himself to do it between his current existential crisis and rang it.


‘There.’ He told himself, ‘Took you long enough, fucking coward.’


Suddenly, he could hear the fast steps of feet everywhere inside the household. He was sure that those did not only belong to his date, but to the mother’s. He could also probably guess the flustered mess of anxiety they both had probably become in his absence while waiting for him.


It made him relax a bit and let out a deep breath he didn’t knew he was holding.


When the door finally opened to reveal a beautiful angel with a gorgeous smile, the most beautiful eyes he had seen and the sculpted body that is now covered in some layers of clothes that just looked so goddamn good –

Ugh for fuck’s sake, it’s just same old plain Deku. Both, his mess of a heart and brain needed to fucking take a step back because their bitching would not turn him into a sap on their first date.


“Hey Kacchan!” The shining ball of pureness spoke to him. His milky-white teeth sparkled too much and the scattered stars that align themselves into constellations had him gaze lovingly at his face and –




So much for his first words on their date. He did not want to admit it, but the presence of Izuku made him almost lose all inhibitions.


KatsukiTheSap : 100 points


Blond Ball of Nerves: 1.000.000 looser points.


Izuku was wearing some dark blue tight jeans, a light green smart t-shirt that was kinda creased, and his usual red shoes that somehow still didn’t look well-worn when that was the only pair of shoes he ever used everyday for years. His hair had been combed to a side, yet the volume of it didn’t let it stay like it was desired. It was still a try, though.


Tiny specks of red could be seen on the freckles boy’s cheeks as he averted his eyes from Katsuki. “I feel a little underdresses…” He awkwardly laughed and scratched his neck.


Katsuki blinked. He thought he didn’t look that much different from Izuku – his jeans baggy instead of tight, also wearing a smart shirt yet he had a coat on top. His loafers were obviously different because only the nerd would wear such bright sporty shoes with a classy outfit and after going through the ‘Best Jeanist’ experience there was no repeating ever thank you very much Satan.


“Nah, you are okay nerd.”


Ah, so now he could speak.


Izuku smiled brightly, and even through the blush was not completely gone from his face, he seemed chirper, not letting the embarrassment affect him much.


Katsuki slowly turned away, sparing him a last sideway glance before giving his back. “Let’s go already.”


“Right. Bye mom!”


“Bye sweetie! Katsuki, take good care of him.”


The blond grunted lowly, yet nodded his head. Now, with the door closed behind their backs and their feet walking forward, their day had started.


Oh, the nerves.

So, okay. Maybe it hadn’t started that bad.


Their first stop was at the park, the one where they grew up as kids. It was as lively as ever with many children running around the playground and trees, parents were sitting on nearby benches probably gossiping about the lastest news while sharing some snacks. The heat was almost unbearable, so Katsuki bought them both ice cream. Izuku whined, feeling totally not okay by using the other’s money.


“I can choose if I want to fucking pay for us or not, Deku.”


“And I can also choose if I want you to pay for me! I have money too –”


Katsuki glared hard at Izuku, “I’m paying today because I want to, so you are not stopping me.”


“But you aren’t the only one involved in this date!”


“Exactly. This is a date asshole, I’m not letting you pay and just treat this as a hangout shit!”


“But I’m not – !”

Suddenly, Izuku was forcefully shoved forwards and his half-eaten strawberry ice cream slipped through his fingers. It ended up on Katsuki’s jeans, who hand’t paid much attention at the moment and instinctively grabbed on the other, so he wouldn’t fall.


A small “Oof!” was hear behind them as the child who had bumped on the freckled teen fell on her rear.


“Hey!” Katsuki called out the kid after the impact, “Watch where you are going brat!”


“Kacchan!” Izuku hissed.


Intimidated by the much older angry boy, the little girl started bawling her heart out. The other kids that had been most likely playing with her backed up a few steps, also afraid of the scary blond dude. Izuku quickly went by the girl’s side in an attempt to calm the situation, but not after throwing Katsuki a deadpan look, who merely scoffed at him.


After the girls mom came, Izuku apologized profusely. The mother simply smiled thankfully and also apologized for her daughter’s tantrum. When they were gone, Izuku finally decided to turn around and continue their date, knowing that their conversation will become strained thanks to this recent event, when he noticed the big, pastel pink stain on the blond’s jeans.


“Oh my god, Kacchan, I’m so sorry! I – I didn’t notice!”


Katsuki let out a deep sigh, already getting a migraine from the situations. “It’s fine. We just need some water and napkins.”


Quickly to move, Izuku was almost gone when he shouted “On it!”


This could have gone way better, much better. There were too many ‘if’ s already and the date had just fucking started! Katsuki was still tense and jittery, he didn’t really know any good conversation topics for them, everything that popped on his head seemed either too normal or just plain fake sounding. Simples ‘So, what’s up?’ or ‘The weather is nice, isn’t it?’ kept invading his head like some mosquito nuisances and he cringes so much at the thought of accidentally blurting them out.


He also kinda wanted very much to just grab that small hand and stroke his thumb through the scars, maybe even interlace their fingers. His ears were burning hot just from the mere thoughts of it.


Izuku came back a few minutes later with a pack of napkins he took from god knows where. They found a drinking fountain around the corner and managed to wipe out most of the sticky pink liquid out. The blabbery mess beside Katsuki was expected, but that didn’t mean it was any less annoying.


“Shut up already! I’ve told you, it’s nothing.”


“...If only I noticed the kids around is this wouldn’t –”


“Ugh, move on already dammnit! Water’s under the bridge.”


And so, Izuku finally decided to chomp his mouth shut, not wanting to test the limits of Katsuki’s patience any further.


“....Are you hungry? You weren’t able to finish it.”


“Well, um – yeah, kinda, yes.”


Katsuki shoved him on the shoulder playfully, “Let’s go get some real lunch food then.”


When the several food tracks came to view, Izuku had decided for them to eat some temaki sushi rolls, a cone each. Katsuki didn’t plan any of these, he wasn’t able to go that far ahead on their presumably perfect date, but maybe these little unforeseen situations were okay for now.

Their second stop was at the cinema.


Izuku, once again, made a noise of distress when Katsuki ended up paying for the tickets, drinks and popcorn. The blond just rolled his eyes at him and made a beeline towards the movie room.


“Ya’ know, if you wanna pay so badly, It could be your turn next time.”


That made him shut up for real this time, his cheeks already painted as red as a tomato.


They sat down on the spots in the middle, the best spots according to Katsuki. Lucky for them, cinemas weren’t normally too busy on afternoons, so even if there was still some people around them, the privacy was accepted hole-heartedly.


Sooner than later the lights dimmed and many different types of movie trailers came to view in the big screen. Katsuki watched them with mild interest while Izuku absorbed most of them, cringed at one that looked absolutely awful and his eyes grew big with eyes sparkled for the last one.


Izuku quickly whipped his head around to Katsuki, terribly excited. “Deadpool is getting a movie Kacchan, Deadpool !”


Katsuki couldn’t help but smirk at him, “I didn’t knew you were so nasty Deku, you excited for Deadpool of all the movies?”


“Umm? Why?” It was painful to watch the innocent look on Izuku’s face, “What are you talking about?”


As if to make fun of his current ignorance, multiple sex jokes were made consecutively were the ass of the main character was the butt of the joke.


Sinking on his seat, Izuku glared at his companion. “I hate you.” He said and made the blond guffaw beside him.


The movie started rolling and eventually every sense of Izuku was immersed into the movie. They were watching the old 2002 Spider-Man movie thanks to the cinema bringing a bunch of old movies back to the big screen. The story of the famous shy highschool teen who was bitten by a radioactive spider somehow never gets truly old, even if the plot nothing new and has been used and reused by many different movie projects, this one gives you a feeling that it was not entirely like the rest of them.


Even though watching the development of a world where quirks weren’t the norm and those who had some superpower were normally treated like mutants and stuff was not precisely his cup of tea, Katsuki quite enjoyed this movie. Most of the movie was great, even when he had rewatched it tons of times, yet looking at the jocks pick up on the main character made him somehow uncomfortable nowadays, especially when he watched them with Izuku around him.


The movie kept moving on, and he found himself cheering for the protagonist as always. Once the iconic kiss scene popped up, he couldn’t help when his eyes wandered towards Izuku, and blushed. He looked at the hand that was beside him and gathered enough of his courage to try and grab it, because it was their date c’mon!


So his hand quickly traveled, his lips trembling a bit, and when he was just about to brush it, Izuku moved away to eat more popcorn.


Katsuki wanted a hole to eat him alive.


He waited a few minutes for the embarrassment to blow out of his body to try again. This time, maybe laying his arm over Izuku’s shoulder would not be a bad move. So he does that.


And suddenly for Izuku it was just the best idea in the world to notice his shoelaces here not tied and leaned forwards, totally missing every movement from Katsuki.


His cheeks here flaming hot and his anger was boiling, the humiliation was too much. But he knew he couldn’t let it out, not now, not now, he would regret it his whole life if he just destroyed their freaking first date. His hands turned into fists and trembled. If this was ruined there would be no second and third, no other possible chance, and he would have proven himself and surely the world that he was just so awful at romance and there was no helping it whatsoever.


In middle of all his pent-up shame, he couldn’t help but jump slightly when suddenly a hand grabbed his and intertwined their fingers.


Oh, my god.


“Is… everything alright?” Izuku asked, his face forming a beautiful, breathtaking, coy smile.


“Ugh… fuck you…” said the puddle of blond mess beside an utterly confused Izuku.


They left when the movie ended, both terribly blushing but not letting go each other’s hands.

It was dark already when they arrived at the last place. The stars were out, adorning the sky with glitters of hope on the sky, twinkling and even winking at them with a playful light. The sea waves rolled far away, the sound of water crashing on sand was soothing to soul.


“You know, I’m surprised by how romantic this is.” Izuku told him softly, gaze set at the horizon as he watched the waves blend with the sky.


A vein popped on Katsuki’s head, “Are you implying something Deku –”


“I’m very happy we decided to go out on a date.”


And there it was, the sunshine kissed smile that always left Katsuki speechless. The moonlight softly let it’s blanket over Izuku, casting an angelic light to his already saint face. Skin soft, arrays of scars littered around and calloused fingers interlaced in a gentle hum of something tender Katsuki couldn’t quite pinpoint in the air.


The blond scoffed and turned away, breaking the spell that was casted upon him. “It was a disaster.”


“It kinda was,” Izuku started, laughing while earning a glare from the other, “But it all turned out rather cute you know?”


The blush on both of their faces was impossible to not notice, but they accomplished on simply ignoring it for the sake of keeping the atmosphere that had settled in.


Katsuki was still miffed about the date, as it hadn’t been as perfect as he wanted and planned all along. Izuku noticed his lack of an answer and kept talking.


“You know… “ Izuku said interlocking both of their hands “We could always go to a second and a third date.” And leaned over to pressed a kiss on the cheek.

Painfully awkwardly, Katsuki forced himself out of his speechlessness. “...I don’t want us to leave yet.”


Izuku tightened their hold in each other’s hands and Katsuki squeezed back, “Wanna jump on the water?”


“Like this? Someone’s going to get sick after this incident.” Katsuki smugly replied.


“Well, I’m sure someone is going to take care of me after this.”


“You sure?”


“Pretty sure.”


And like the idiotic teens they were, they jumped into the cold ocean water after taking of their shoes and socks. They dunked each other in the water and even laid on the sand for a couple of minutes until the cold started setting below their skins and practically demanded for them to go back home before they got some nasty cold.


All in all, even if Katsuki catalogued in his mind his first date as a total chaostrophic failure, the tender sparkles that danced through the memories of stiff hand movements and awkward attempts of romance would end up warming his heart in a nearby future.

So, okay. Maybe it hadn’t been that bad.