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Disco Stick

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Jongin looked away from his desktop screen to see a new text on his phone and froze. The image preview stayed on the screen until his phone dimmed back to black. He must have imagined it, but there was no denying that it was definitely a dick pic.

Someone sent him a dick pic. At work. On his work phone.

Jongin debated back and forth internally before abandoning his work and grabbing his phone. He thumbed through it until he opened up his texts and nearly dropped his phone in shock.

By god, that had to be the prettiest, thickest, longest cock Jongin had ever seen. And the sender was none other than his new administrative assistant.

Jongin quickly closed his texts. Then reopened them. Should he text back? What would it look like if the Senior Executive Vice President, overseer of the company’s financial details and effective number two to the President, responded to an unsolicited dick pic from one of his subordinates?

To: Oh Sehun
Meet me in my office at 4:45.

Jongin didn’t have time to think before he hit send. The text was professional and inconspicuous enough, right?

He glanced at the time, already 4:30 in the afternoon. He had to make preparations.


“Come in,” Jongin said in response to the two knocks on his office door. He removed the cork from an expensive bottle of grenache and started pouring the first of two glasses as his assistant entered the room with a solemn look on his face.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Sehun asked.

“Yes. I’m sure you’re well aware as to why I called you in here.”

Sehun sighed dejectedly before rattling his words off as if he was bored. “Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic?”

Jongin stopped pouring the second glass of wine. “A-accidentally?”

Shit. Shit shit shit.

Sehun’s thick brows rose suddenly and his eyes widened before his lips curled into a goddamn smirk. “So then, did you like my picture?”

“I-I never said that!” Jongin placed the bottle back down on the desk and felt how hot his cheeks grew, certain that he was blushing bright red and doing a terrible job of hiding the fact that he thought Sehun sent the picture on purpose and he was trying to flirt with him in return.

“You didn’t have to say it,” Sehun said cheekily before shaking his head in disbelief and laughing lightly. “You know, I thought I was getting fired.” Sehun stepped forward and approached the desk. His dress shoes clapped quietly over the polished flooring until his hands rested on the desk on either side of Jongin, effectively caging him in. “It’s bigger in person. Want to see?”

Jongin swallowed hard and adjusted his round rimmed glasses further up his nose. “N-not here, are you crazy?”

Sehun smiled wider before averting his gaze to the wine glasses. He lifted the bottle and finished pouring the half filled one before giving it to Jongin, taking the other and drinking a sizable amount all at once.

Jongin watched as Sehun quickly drank the entire glass and lifted his own to his lips and did the same, his cheeks heating up even more as he decided fuck it and placed his then empty glass back down. “You’re not expecting a raise for this, are you?”

“No raise,” Sehun crooned as he put away his own glass and leaned in closer, the smell of the wine wafting from his breath. “Just you.”

His lips tasted like the wine too. Jongin exhaled slowly between kisses and visibly relaxed when Sehun pressed against him. He gasped when he felt Sehun’s hands grab his thighs and lift him onto the desk before standing between his legs, their soft, pliable dress slacks making the friction between them tantalizingly sweet. Sehun was doing wonderful things with his tongue, and Jongin couldn’t help but to surrender to each touch and movement.

They both breathed heavily as things grew more heated, hands searching past clothing and the contents of Jongin’s desk carefully pushed away as Sehun lowered Jongin down to lay against the varnished wood. Jongin moaned as he looked down at Sehun’s waist where he had undone the front of his pants, his bulge past his underwear prominent and alluring.

Sehun palmed Jongin’s cock that was already free and painfully erect as Jongin rested his arms above his head, his dress shirt unbuttoned and his dusky brown nipples looking good enough to taste. Sehun bent down and licked one, making Jongin immediately arch his back from the desk.

“You like that?” Sehun laughed before licking again, taking Jongin’s resounding groan as confirmation. He continued until it reddened and moved to the other one, his hand pumping over Jongin’s erection until he was coming undone, his cock spurting messily across his chest. Sehun smirked and released Jongin’s nipple from between his teeth before licking up the thick cum, swallowing it and teasing Jongin’s cock with his tongue until he twitched away from over sensitivity.

Jongin covered his face with his hands and ended up smudging his glasses as he panted, caught somewhere between embarrassed that he came so quickly and blissfully enamored that he came so quickly.

Sehun backed away just enough to give Jongin room to breathe before he tugged on the open sides of his shirt and helped him sit up. Sehun was still very hard as he tucked Jongin’s dick back into his pants and hastily urged him off the desk and onto his knees.

Jongin caught his breath and tried to make quick work of getting Sehun’s cock out, but as he reached into the front of his underwear, he found that he couldn’t quite get the entire thing out without making Sehun uncomfortable. Jongin lost his patience and eventually just tugged down his pants and boxers until they pooled at his ankles.

“Oh... my god,” Jongin gasped, his eyes growing wider as he came face to face with the dick behind the pic. Sehun was right, it certainly was bigger in person.

He reached for it and felt its weight in his hand. It was heavy, and Jongin didn’t have time to think about it before he wrapped his lips around the head and swirled his tongue enthusiastically.

“Think you can handle it, baby?” Sehun asked and threaded his fingers through his boss’ hair.

Jongin looked up at Sehun through his glasses and dragged his tongue along Sehun’s cock before taking the tip back into his mouth and nodding. He hummed as he sank further down, down, down, and Sehun’s grin faltered and his eyes widened as Jongin took more of his cock than he had expected.

“Holy shit...”

It was Jongin’s turn to smirk, as best as he could with a dick in his mouth anyway, determined to return the favor and make Sehun cum just as quickly. He could hardly see as his glasses fogged up, but he felt each subtle twitch of Sehun’s cock on his tongue as he grew closer. Jongin bobbed his head and whimpered when Sehun’s grip in his hair tightened, forcing him impossibly further down on his cock. Jongin could feel the bulge in his throat and couldn’t breathe, his one hand grasping Sehun’s thigh as he reached for Sehun’s hand with the other and placed it over his throat to show it to him.

Sehun gasped as he pulled out. Jongin sputtered and took in greedy lungfuls of air as the first spurt of cum landed on his glasses. Sehun worked his hand over his own cock and painted Jongin’s face with it, his breathing labored until he was entirely spent and bent down to Jongin’s eye level, reaching forward to cup Jongin’s face in his hands and kiss him breathlessly. Sehun licked up his own cum and passed it to Jongin’s mouth, their tongues pressing urgently until they each swallowed and met each other’s eyes.

“So...” Sehun started, his voice ragged and raw.

Jongin sounded even more hoarse as he brushed Sehun’s previously tidy hair from his forehead, his own hair sticky with cum. “My place, tonight. Bring an overnight bag.”



“So, this is me,” Jongin muttered as he flipped on the lights and brought Sehun into his apartment.

Most would probably assume he lived in a fancy high rise penthouse, given his job title and salary, but Jongin didn’t need that much space for just himself.

He lived in one of the suites beneath the multi level penthouses in his building. It was a three bedroom, two bath, all on one level. The kitchen was probably the most luxurious part of his home, and his living room had a large cloth sectional and an oversized leather armchair next to a wall full of stocked bookshelves as well as an electric fireplace with a carved wooden mantle. The windows angled out towards the skyline and were fitted with automatic shades for privacy. It wasn’t an open concept like most suites, each room properly divided and separate.

“Wow,” Sehun said. “This is surprisingly cozy.” His hands rested comfortably on Jongin’s shoulders as he followed close behind and kneaded his tired muscles.

“Would you like something to drink?” Jongin asked as he removed his shoes and suit jacket.

“Preferably something strong,” Sehun said with a playful smirk. “That wine in your office was such a tease.”

Jongin laughed lightly and entered the kitchen. “Then make yourself comfortable.”

Sehun walked further in towards the living room as Jongin found two glass tumblers. He poured out some scotch from a decanter that he received as a gift not too long ago, the golden brown liquid glimmering under the LED lights beneath the kitchen cabinets.

Jongin walked into the living room with the glasses in hand and found Sehun admiring the view from the windows. “It’s a good thing you didn’t decide to fire me. I’d love to live somewhere like this someday,” Sehun mused, turning towards Jongin to take his glass. He sipped and hissed quietly from the strength of the drink, standing straighter and smiling at Jongin. “This is very good.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Jongin stood beside Sehun and tasted his drink as well, both of them standing in silence as they looked out at the busy city together.

“So,” Sehun began. “Where do we go from here?”

“Hm?” Jongin hummed as he swallowed another mouthful.

“Won’t our professional relationship be strained after this? Should I put in a request to switch departments?”

“Oh?” Jongin grinned behind his glass as he drank. “Are you expecting to have further liaisons in the future?” He chuckled when Sehun began to backtrack at the implication that he had assumed there was anything substantial happening between them. “You’re working under the direct supervision of the chief financial officer, Sehun. Any departmental change would result in a significant pay decrease for you.” Jongin paused to take another sip. “As far as I’m concerned, our interactions inside and outside of work don’t need to be related, as long as that is agreeable to you.”

Jongin watched as the tension left Sehun’s shoulders and he visibly relaxed, smiling as he emptied the contents of his glass. “It sounds like you’re the one anticipating a ‘next time,’ Mr. Kim.”

“Please, call me Jongin. I believe we’re past formalities at this point.”

“Of course, Jongin,” Sehun replied, testing out the name on his tongue. “Formalities seem unnecessary considering the fact I had you on your knees for me in your own office.”

Jongin finished his drink at that and met Sehun’s eyes. “Indeed.”

They stood there for a few moments in silence. Jongin took Sehun’s glass once it was empty and excused himself to go refill it, but Sehun followed close behind him and kept his hands firmly placed on Jongin’s hips.

Jongin leaned back against Sehun as he poured their second drinks, third if the wine from earlier was included, but neither of them finished their glasses and abandoned them on the kitchen counter as soon as Sehun attached his lips to Jongin’s neck.

“I’d love to see the rest,” Sehun whispered. Jongin wasn’t sure whether he meant himself or the apartment. “Take me to your bedroom.”

Jongin turned around in Sehun’s arms and leaned in until their lips met. He tasted the scotch again on his tongue, his back hitting the edge of the counter as Sehun advanced and pulled him closer. Jongin heavily exhaled each time they parted to gaze at each other, their faces dusted pink once Jongin firmly tugged on Sehun’s arm and led him down the hallway to his room, neglecting to close the door before their hands hastily started undressing each other.

Sehun helped Jongin out of his dress shirt and lightly pushed Jongin until he was sprawled out on his duvet, placing a knee on the bed between Jongin’s open thighs as he made quick work of unbuttoning his own shirt. Jongin moved to unbuckle his own belt until Sehun pushed his hands away, grinning mischievously once his shirt was removed as well.

“Just relax,” Sehun said and stepped out of his pants and socks, leaving only his underwear on as he climbed forward onto the bed and started tracing his tongue along the pronounced abdominal muscles of Jongin’s stomach.

Jongin watched as Sehun removed his belt and didn’t simply discard it. Sehun palmed the expensive leather and looked back at Jongin’s eyes before hovering over him and gently guiding Jongin’s arms to rest above his head.

“Why don’t we make this more interesting?”

Jongin blinked warily as Sehun fastened the belt around his wrists. His breathing became labored from the overwhelming feeling of sudden vulnerability, and he hoped that his inexperience with that sort of thing wouldn’t be too obvious.

Sehun watched Jongin carefully. “How do you feel?”

Jongin tested the makeshift restraint and attempted to tug his wrists apart, his breath catching when he realized he couldn’t and that he was utterly at Sehun’s disposal. “Fuck,” Jongin muttered.

Sehun grinned and lowered himself down to lick and nip at Jongin’s neck. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’ then.”

His mouth traveled down Jongin’s torso to his waist and his hands quickly rid Jongin of the rest of his clothing. Jongin caught the pleased look on Sehun’s face as Jongin shied away, his nose buried in the bend of his elbow as his back arched away from the mattress once Sehun’s mouth reached his leaking cock. Jongin’s glasses became smudged as his arms writhed, the wet feeling of Sehun’s tongue swirling around the tip making him whimper and groan.

Sehun was torturous as he teased. He would wrap his lips around the length of Jongin’s cock and sink down momentarily before pulling away again and licking beneath the head. Each time Jongin whined and thrust up for more, Sehun backed away.

“Please,” Jongin begged, his glasses askew and his cheeks red.

“All you had to do was ask.”

Sehun steadied Jongin’s erection with his hand and kept eye contact as he sank down, finally giving Jongin what he was craving. His mouth was warm and wet, the tightening of his throat as he swallowed being on the verge of pure and utter bliss. Jongin kicked his legs uselessly as Sehun brought him closer and closer until it all vanished at once, Sehun’s gaze heavy on Jongin as he crawled forward.

“Tell me where you keep the essentials, Jongin,” he ordered gently. Jongin nodded towards the bedside table before Sehun delicately removed his glasses and set them aside, moving just far away enough before returning with lubricant and a condom.

Jongin’s eyes followed as Sehun finally removed his underwear. He gasped once he saw Sehun’s cock again, still overwhelmed with just how pretty and big it was and by how much he wanted it inside him, but his eyes grew wide when Sehun rolled the condom onto Jongin instead. Jongin swallowed hard and struggled to keep his voice steady. “This isn’t what I expected.”

Sehun gave Jongin a cheeky grin as he coated his fingers with the lube and pressed one inside himself, straddling Jongin’s waist. “Come on, baby, ahh... I still want to have that card to play to keep you coming back for more.”

“I want to touch you,” Jongin panted. He pulled at the belt around his wrists again.

“Say ‘please’ and I’ll take it off,” Sehun groaned as he added another finger and circled his hips over the tip of Jongin’s cock, making it slide against his inner thigh. Sehun laughed quietly when Jongin stilled and whined, giving away that he didn’t want to be freed just yet. “That’s what I thought.”

Sehun took out his slick fingers and used what remained of the lube on them to coat Jongin’s covered cock before aligning it to his ass and sinking down effortlessly. Jongin moaned as he watched, his eyes trailing back up to Sehun’s as he started to raise and lower his hips gracefully.

“You have a nice cock, boss,” Sehun breathed out, making a show of it as he started riding Jongin faster. “Almost as nice as mine.” His hand came forward to slowly jerk himself off, his wrist angling to add pressure beneath the tip with his thumb. A dainty pearl of precum dropped down onto Jongin’s waist, which Sehun gathered with his fingers and pressed into Jongin’s open mouth to suck. “You even look wrecked while fucking me like this.”

Jongin tasted it and groaned, his jaw falling slack as Sehun suddenly dropped down hard and started grinding with Jongin’s cock deep inside him. He repeated the action a few times before he started riding him properly, leaning forward over Jongin and twisting his nipples hard while kissing him fiercely.

“Sehun, I’m gonna... shit, slow down, I’m gonna cum.”

“So cum,” Sehun taunted. “I want to feel it as you cum inside me.”

Jongin’s voice broke as he did just that, thrusting up into Sehun as he came within the condom, his cock stiffening and his wrists burning against the leather as he thrashed beneath him. His entire body felt hot and slicked with sweat as his mind clouded over and all other thoughts evaded him until he could only moan out Sehun Sehun Sehun over and over again.

He became coherent again once he heard Sehun echoing Jongin’s name as well, his domineering and playful attitude vanishing as he replaced Jongin’s cock with his fingers again and stroked himself through his own orgasm, spilling across Jongin’s chest and heaving from the exertion. Sehun panted as he let his fingers slide out and nearly collapsed forward, reaching tiredly to remove the belt from Jongin’s wrists.

As soon as Jongin had the use of his hands again, they were all over Sehun, holding him close and petting his hair as Jongin kissed Sehun’s blushing cheeks. They breathed together through lazy kisses until the numb, tingling sensation of orgasm dwindled to a pleasant hum, the space between them getting colder with a combined mess of lube and cum.

Jongin spoke softly first, ignoring the temptation to lay there with Sehun until morning in favor of cleaning up and getting more comfortable. “Come have a bath with me and let me cook for you,” he offered, brushing Sehun’s hair from his face.

Sehun smiled and giggled quietly. “You’re the boss.”