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My Accountant

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Taehyung was sitting with his hands cupped and a bright smile on his face, waiting for his turn to enter the cabinet. Today was the day his mother would re-write their property on Taehyung's name. That wasn't the thing he was excited for though. The accountant that they had the meeting with was. Soon the person that was inside left. And a man peeked out from the door.

"Next.. Mrs. Kim, right? Please come right in."

As soon as the voice reached Taehyung's ears he could feel butterflies in his stomach. He started trembling. The man even held eye contact with him for a while! But Taehyung looked away right after from the shyness.

As soon as Taehyung and his mother entered the cabinet they were greeted by a sweet scent of strawberry vanilla and the accountant standing behind his table, waiting for them to take a seat in front of him.

Jin, that was the accountant's name, had slim, long legs and was well built with broad shoulders covered with a suit and tie. Indeed a very masculine appearance. His face skin was soft and white like an angel's, (that was the best way Taehyung could describe it), with full pink lips, intimidating brown eyes with arched eyebrows and fluffy brown hair, parted at the side.

Taehyung knew a lot about him. Too much actually. No he isn't a stalker.. Well atleast he wouldn't like to admit it himself, but he has looked up and knows way too much about a person's life without even speaking to him.

"Hmm, so I see, you came here so you could re-write your property on your son's name" Jin looks up "Kim Taehyung"
His speech was bold, but Taehyung knew that he isn't like that at all. It's just for that-rich-businessman appeal.
Taehyung listened to every single word that left Jin's mouth. He was mezmorized at very least.

"Ill need your signature here Mrs. Kim, and yours here too" Jin points at blank space on the documet paper they were signing and looks up to Taehyung which drives him nuts.
When the meeting was over Taehyung's heart started beating so fast, he thought it would jump right out of his chest. He was waiting for this moment for so long. Today he will finally do it.


"I'm heading out for today" Jin said goodbye to the staff and Namjoon while closing and locking his cabinet door. Namjoon was his best friend, but also a colleague.

If you keep up this attitude you might get promoted. So don't dare to miss a day at your job or your ass is fired. 

Jin sighed. His boss' words kept coming back to his head. He wanted to get that promotion. He HAD to get that promotion. He wanted to make his dad proud. He wanted his dad to accept him. He wanted to prove he could be worthy of the name Kim.

As soon as he left the building the first thing he could feel was the mild evening breeze against his face. The next thing he could feel is him struggling while someone's hand is squeezing his mouth as hard as it can. And then all he could feel was.. Blank.


Jin finally opened his eyes. He was feeling super nauseous. Once he got the grip of his vision he looked around at his surroundings. How long has it even been? He was sitting on the floor on a hot pink blanket in a poorly lit room with grey cement floor and walls. And beside him he could see a handkerchief. On a coffee table he noticed a bottle of chloroform. The handkerchief was probably drenched in it which means it was used on him.

'Great I was kidnapped' Jin finally realized. And then he heard footsteps coming closer. He intensed his stare to the doorstep as he wanted to look his captor straight in the eyes.

Taehyung froze immediately once he saw that Jin is awake, his eyes going wide.

Jin's eyes grew wide too. Not from the fear but from shock.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA" he couldn't contain his laughter.

"W-what?" Taehyung stepped back. His voice was super shaky.

"Oh I know you, what was it? Taehyung? Kim Taehyung? The one who came to me for my accountant service?" Jin got a better look on him. He was slim, probably a lot weaker and younger than him. The only thing that he found was intimidating was his deep husky voice. "Wow honestly, I'm surprised. Really? You? Out of everyone? How did you even manage? I could fuck you up right here right now you little--"

Taehyung, in horror of his words, stepped even further away from the doorstep.

Jin tried to grab Taehyung but--

"What the--" something stopped him. His one hand was handcuffed to the radiator.


"If my hand wasn't cuffed right now I could easily teach you something. Do you hear me? You will pay for this.."

But Taehyung already had a grip on the chloroform drenched handkerchief and Jin went to a peaceful deep sleep. Once again. But this time without any struggling. Probably because Jin couldn't fight back from exhaustion. 


'This will do..'

Taehyung was shaking a little. He did not I repeat he did not expect Jin to be awake when he entered the room. That startled him so much. 

Once he was sure Jin is fully asleep he examined the beauty of his face. He was afraid to touch at first but once he got comfortable enough he started tracing Jin's facial features with his pinky. His skin and lips were very soft and Taehyung got the chills once he stroked the skin of his eyelids one more time.

He admits, it was weird doing this to an unconscious person. But he wanted to try it out, since he never touched anyone like this before.

'..Is this alright?'

He found his fingers go to the first button of Jin's shirt. With a little hesitation he started unbuttoning it. Once the shirt was fully off he very slowly layed down the unconscious man on the blanket and started examining his well-built upper torso. Then he started touching.

'... Is this really alright?' he kept asking himself as he planted a kiss right on the sleeping beauty's lip. He didn' t know how to kiss, since this was his first time. He tried to remember everything he watched in korean dramas. He started kissing once again, but this time a little rougher and while he was at it he touched Jin's body and he can swear to god his hand almost landed on himself down there.


Jin's consciousness slowly returned. The first thing he could sense was something wet on his lips. Someone was totally making out with him. So Jin went for it. While his eyes still closed, he grabbed Taehyungs face and kissed back. That surprised Taehyung so much he almost stopped breathing for a minute there. And then Jin opened his eyes.

He found himself and Taehyung both shirtless. 

Taehyung let out a quiet "Fuck.. The instructions said this shit would work for longer.. " He moved back a little so his eardrums don't hurt that bad when Jin yells at him. 

"What the fuck did you do you sick freak??? First kidnapping me for whatever goddamn reason, then making out with me while I'm unconscious? Who in their right mind fucking does that?" 

"But you kissed back, didn't you?"

"... Well I did sort of.. But that's only because I didn't fucking know it was you." 

Taehyung sighed, stood up, put on his shirt and walked towards the doorstep

"Hey you little fucking sadist where do you think you're going.. How many days was it since you kept me here? Or months? It's all because of you my career and my whole life is fucking ruined now you little shit.."

"Relax.. It's only the second day. So you're not missing much."


But Taehyung comes back with a bowl of cereal. 

"First food. I wouldn't want my victim starve to death." 

Taehyung sat down in front of Jin. He flinched a little when Jin moved because one of his hands were fully capable of strangling him anytime he wanted since he's now conscious. And well, he was sitting very close to him. 

After being fed Jin calmed down a little. 

"So this is the property your mother re-wrote for you?" 


They both went silent for a little. 

"So, why did you do this?" 

"Do what..?" 

"Don't play dumb with me. Why did you kidnap me?" 

"I, uh.." Taehyung sighed again "You know what nevermind.." 

Jin swore to god.. 'Aish, if this kid plays with my nerves one more time..'  But then as Taehyung scratched his back Jin noticed a key dangling from his neck. Jin, like a hungry animal, attacked Taehyung. He pushed him down to the floor holding both of his forearms down, being on top of him. He takes the key and lets Taehyung go. 

"You know I could've easily killed you already a long time ago, but as you can see, I didn't. Maybe because I have self respect you know." he unlocks himself. "But I can have a twist aswell.." he smirked as he grabbed Taehyung by his arm and cuffed his hand, just like his was cuffed just a second ago. "Payback is a bitch" 

He hanged the key from his neck as he left the room to investigate the apartment. The bedroom was spacious and bright with a king sized, probably his parents',  bed with purple sheetings, which matched with pastel pink walls and peachy curtains. 

Next the kitchen. Jin was amazed and let out a quiet gasp 'I would love to try this kitchen out.. Someday' It was huge, like three times bigger than his. The wall tiles were pastel green and matched well with darker hued green curtains. The counters and cupboards were olive green. 


Jin sighed before stepping through the main entrance of his work building. Maybe he should've used the back entrance? Well now it's too late to think about that. He tried not to cause a lot of attention but his wrinkled and dirty work attire didn't really do the job. He got a lot of strange looks from the staff members. 

Now he was at his cabinet. He was about to fish out his key but he noticed that the door was unlocked.

He gulped. Inhale, exhale. 

As soon as he opened the door.. 

"I was expecting you, Seokjin. Sooner or later anyways."

"Y-yeah.." his boss could hear the fear in his voice "umm g-good day sir.." 

"Relax Seokjin" 

"Yeah.. Uh.. I guess I need to explain myself.." 

"No need Seokjin, I already know everything" he pulls out a copy of Taehyung's documentation from Jin's drawer. 


Jin could feel his palms get sweaty. "What..?" 

"It was pretty obvious Seokjin. This guy was super suspicious when he left your cabinet. We suspect you were his target. And he's the main suspect for the reason you weren't at job yesterday, is that correct? Is this man guilty?" 


Jin thought he could just die right here right now. 

"Well I uhh.." 

"You know what? Save it. You re-wrote property for him, right? It has his address right here. I'm going there right now. I'm gonna speak to him eye to eye myself" 


But Jin gets one in the face and now he's lying in the middle of the floor of his cabinet.  

 "Look, I'm sorry, but this is for your own sake,  I don't care what the hell is going on but I'm gonna solve it" and he scurries off. 

It takes a while for Jin to understand what has happened. He stands up and looks in the mirror: thank god his nose isn't broken. But now he needs to worry about a douchebag that is about to get beaten up by another douchebag. The worst part is that he is cuffed so he can't really defend himself which was partially Jin's fault. He finally understood that cuffing the kid was him being irrational. He probably couldn't even do anything if he hadn't had that chloroform in the first place. Well fuck.