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Thoughtless Complications

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Buffy boarded the plane bound for Los Angeles, she hadn't been expecting see California again so soon. Earlier that morning Dawn had called frantic, Angel and Spike had been to her presumed apartment in Rome looking for her. Leave it to those two to blow her cover.

Ever since Sunnydale was destroyed she's lived under the radar in Cleveland. There was another Hellmouth there, so Giles had decided that would be best place for to go set up shop so to speak. She had been training the new slayers, at least the ones that were assigned to her.

Since she had destroyed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, and with the help of Willow activated countless new slayers, she had unintentionally painted a large target square on her back. The underworld along with all things that go bump in the night were after her. So there were two girls who Willow had glamoured to look just like her, posing in different areas of the world.

The first of which was in Rome dating the Immortal, and the second was somewhere in South America fighting the good fight. While she was in Cleveland keeping a somewhat low profile. The rest of the gang was scattered, Giles was in London starting a new Watcher's Council, Xander was traveling the world trying to gain some sense of self after loosing Anya, Willow was well... She was kind of anywhere and everywhere after learning how to Astral Project. Hell sometimes she wasn't even on this plane. Dawn fell in love with Rome when they had visited after closing the Hellmouth, as did Andrew. So that's where she stayed with one of the potentials Willow had glamoured, even better to keep up appearances Giles had said.

Buffy looked to her left, Faith sat with her headphones on listening to what she swore was music. They were in a better place than they had been... well ever really. They shared an apartment, not that money was really an issue now that Giles had the Councils funds on hand. But she was nice company since all of her other friends were now scattered across the globe.

When the call came in that Angel and Spike had been to Rome and found her with the Immortal, she figured she had a few things to clear up.

A few weeks earlier a rogue slayer was in LA, of course it was Angel or rather Wolfram and Hart that apprehended her. Giles had sent Andrew to recover the poor girl, who in turn had reported back that not only was Spike alive but he and Angel were working for the big bad Wolfram and Hart. At first she had wanted to board the first plane back to LA and pumble both of them, then to her surprise it had been Faith who calmed her down.

"If the big guys working for the kings of the other side like you say B, then he obviously has some sort of plan. Now, you go down there storming into his office demanding answers you may blow his cover. I don't think you would be considered a low profile visitor, and hey its Angel. If anyone has this under control its him. Now the whole Spike situation, if he doesn't want you to know that he's back. I say that's his business..."

At that point, a few blows were traded but on the bright side no broken bones. At least none that didn't heal after a few days. What can I say Faith and I like to Punch our differences out.

As they exited the cab Buffy looked at the building labeled Wolfram & Hart, why did she suddenly feel so intimidated. She brushed the feeling aside, glancing up she noticed Faith was already at the entrance, holding the door.

"You just going to stand there and stare?"

Picking up her pace Buffy walked inside the building. "Lets just hurry up and get this over with."

Faith winked at Buffy, "What's the hurry B? I know at least one Vampire who…" Buffy held up her hand.

"Don't go there Faith, were not here socially, well not really. Were here to trade information, that's it. As soon as we explain everything to them, and get a few answers of our own then were boarding the next flight out."

Faith just shook her head "Right, in and out... Got it."

The elevator ride to the main floor was spent in silence. The bell chimed signaling their arrival which caused Buffy to jump, something about this place gave her the wiggins. As the door slid open she took a deep breath stepping out into Foyer.

Following Faith up to what appeared to be the receptionist desk she was taken back.

"Harmony? Oh you have got to be kidding me."

Harmony looked up "Umm, Buffy...Hi, I'm reformed now, at least as reformed as a vampire can be. I've learned a lot from Angel and Spike. I help you know, fight the good fight, so there is absolutely NO reason why you should kill me. Because I'm good you know like you and..."

Buffy had grabbed Harmony by the collar of her come to think of it very nice blazer," You are going to tell me where Angel is and you are going to tell me now, other wise that janitor over there is going to be sweeping up your soo very good ashes. I’m sure Angel will understand."

Releasing Harmony, Buffy crossed her arms over her chest. Faith wasn’t sure what was going on, or who exactly Harmony was. Though she did look vaguely familiar.

“Wow, Okay obviously I missed something here. Or do you always threaten big guys assistants."

Just then the door to Angels office opened, although he didn't seem very concerned with the commotion going on in the lobby. There was a woman with him, a blonde woman. They were interacting in a way that didn’t make her seem like a client. Suddenly Angel leaned down and his lips met hers.

It was quick light kiss, not one filled with longing and passion like the ones they had shared. But it was a kiss none the less, one he shared with someone other than her, someone else.

All of the sudden Buffy felt faint, like someone had sucked all the oxygen out of the room, she could feel her skin burning, a blush rising to the surface.

Angel looked up for the first time noticing his visitors, he was frozen for what felt like an eternity. It couldn't be, Buffy was in Rome with The Immortal. Dancing, drinking, living her life to the fullest, and not baking, no she certainly was not worried about baking.

Shaking his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts, he ran a hand through his hair silently praying that he was hallucinating, slowly he glanced back up. When he noticed Faith’s raised brow he knew that this was his unfortunate reality.

He had just kissed Nina in front of Buffy.

"Buffy." he whispered in the way that only he knew how.

"I'd like you to meet Nina."