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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Daniel sighed as his white car pulled into the campsite. He sighed, looking down at the help wanted ad in the newspaper in the passenger's seat. He surely could've just snuck around at night instead of taking the job, but it would be a lot easier to be able to freely walk around the camp instead of sneaking. Exhaling slowly, he opened the car door. He stepped out and dusted off the white button down he was wearing and headed to what looked like the councilor's cabin.

Standing outside were two adults, one male and one female. The female one was obviously pissed off, yelling a bit into the man's face. The man seemed to just listen along with a very small smile on his face. He cleared his throat as he approached to grab his attention. The two turned around, and the way they reacted was totally different. The girl looked surprised and unamused both at once, while the man smiled brightly and waved. Daniel took note of the way the two reacted. He put on a quick smile.

"Hello! I assume you're Daniel?" The man said happily, holding his hand out. Daniel noticed the bandages around his hand that trailed up to his elbow. He didn't ask about it, he just shook his hand.

"That I am!" He said, smiling. He turned to the girl and held his hand out. She huffed but shook his hand for a moment. "Name's Gwen."

Daniel took note of how unenthusiastic she was about meeting him. Was she a pessimist, or just pissed off from earlier? He didn't know, but that was something for later. He still had to do his interview, so that was his top priority. He didn't buy expensive plane tickets just to fail the interview. But based on the location and the fact that there only seemed to be 2 adults on the camp grounds, he figured he had little competition.

"Great! Now, if you'll just follow me we can get your interview started! It shouldn't take long, 7 minutes at most." The man said. He still didn't know his name. He'd figure it out soon enough. The two walked into the cabin, which smelled like car freshener. David sat down on a green couch, while Daniel sat on a chair of the same color.

"So Daniel, how good are you with kids? Have you had experience with them before?" David asked, pulling out a clipboard from seemingly nowhere. Well time to lie his way through this-

"I've babysit a few times before. They almost all the time did what I said. I'd say I'm great with kids." He said, forcing a smile. David scribbled something down on his clipboard.

"Before we go on, may I ask your name?" Daniel asked. David looked confused, then laughed nervously.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I thought I told you! I'm David." He said, smiling. Daniel remembered his cheerfulness.

The questions kept coming, and when he answered David scribbled something down on the paper on the clipboard. Time went by fast and soon enough, they were done.

"Ok! I think I've decided. You're hired!" He said, standing. Daniel smiled a bit.

"Thank you so much, David!" He said, matching the other man's enthusiasm.

David continued to show him around, smiling and waving and monitoring the kids they passed. He got a few glares from kids but none of them talked to him. Well, except for one.

"Well great, we have another shithead councilor to deal with." The small kid said. Daniel looked down to see the boy. He wore a blue hoodie with a yellow shirt under it. He had a big tuft of black, curly hair on his head. Daniel looked down at his neck, like he always does when he investigates an area. He couldn't see it due to the hood around his neck.

"Language, Max!" David said as they passed. Daniel watched as the boy scoffed at him, then he spun on his heel and walking towards a tall boy and a cyan-haired girl. Daniel ran up to catch up with David. He just then noticed the bandana around his neck. He might've got bit. It's too early to say, but he's not out ruling that him and Max could be vampires. He sighed. This was going to be a long summer.