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De novo

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Breath was slowly becoming an illusion as Tatia found herself advancing toward safety, which was effectively in the opposite direction of the death and destruction she had witnessed back in the village. The sight had become more than she could bare, Esther, her own mother in law, had convinced her into sacrificing her blood to help create a spell that would essentially 'protect' the Mikaelsons. Of course she said yes, after all her husband was a Mikaelson... She was a Mikaelson now. 

It wasn't a secret that she was devoted to the man, to his family, they had taken her in, adored her, given her a new start a home, a family, love... 

There wasn't anything she would refuse to do. 

Running wasn't exactly second nature to her, it was often a man's sport and Tatia rarely had reason to engaged in the activity, so when she began to mentally assess her speed and franticness in her strides a pit him her stomach began to beg her to move faster. 

This wasn't her finest hour. 

Tatia was a dancer by nature, all she needed was beautiful firelight for her to get lost in a melody under the stars surrounded by those she loved. Though this run was different, one born out of fear, triggering untactful jagged stammers forward repeatedly as she moved from the very voice she found solace in. 

"TATIA! Tatia! Tati- Wait! Wait..." 

A dip her path had caused her downfall, her foot making contact and instantly launching her forward, head first. Stretched out hands had somewhat broken her fall, stopping her head from making contact with the ground first, however her right hand caught on a stone, slicing it open. Wincing, she grit her teeth, taking on the pain silently moving with haste as she realised that her fall had caused a halt in her mission taking away her lead advantage. He was now only a few feet away from her. "Stay away from me!" She spat, the tone completely unfamiliar to her, the words left a bad taste in her mouth as bruised legs were upright once more, backing away from his frame. They rarely fought, it was a blessing really, their marriage had been a blessing, their marriage had been blissful. 

"I won't hurt you." 

It was as if he was pulling on her heartstrings. It sounded so helpless coming from him but Tatia wasn't stupid, his words seemed to suggest otherwise however, she had already caught a glimpse of the monster behind the human mask she had a hand in creating. If she had known, this monstrosity would never be her reality. After all she had lost one husband already, the man before her was supposed to be her always and forever... "What have you become?" The words sounded hopeless leaving her mouth too, slightly broken, slightly bruised. 

"I am what I've always been, I am the one who loves you..." 

As the words rolled off his tongue she knew better than to ever question it. He was a man of many things though a liar wasn't one of them. "Your mother asked for my blood, she said nothing of the dark magic that would turn you into a monster!" She regretted her hand in all of this, to watching him plead with her was enough to cause her heart to ache for him. 

"Look at me, I am not a mons-" 

A pregnant pause, in all of its entirety of the description, she knew exactly what was going to be said, but for the first time she looked at him in disbelief, there was a choice to be made on her part especially now she was carrying his child... Something they had created out of love, something so innocent and so pure was going to enter this corrupt world with a beast as a parent. 

She was planning on telling him tonight. 


A moment to look at him for who he truly was, a moment to reflect on the throbbing coming from the palm of her hand. Another wince, the silence becoming deafening as she realised he had noticed the open wound. 


His face morphed into an array of veins, bubbling at the surface of his skin, protruding beneath his eyes, teeth lengthening before her as she remembered all of what she had already saw back in the village, in their home. He advanced toward her and instinct kicked in, "No!" Her hand striking him across the face as she watched him turn to her again, unphased. 

"I said I will not hurt you, I don't want-" 

There it was again, the image of terror, the phantom of her nightmares and the man who held her heart, before her, breaking her. "Elijah?" Tatia questioned, because this time his whole demeanor changed, causing her to take a small step backward. 


It took a few seconds to register, her brows furrowing as her world began to move in slow motion, turning on her heel she began darting away from him, though she didn't get very far, the next moment she felt his grip on her arm, pulling her toward him. "No!" A shriek, as he yanked her body in position for the act, cradling her almost, capturing her in his arms, before the burning sensation of his sunken teeth in her neck caused her to frenzy in pain. "Ah!" 

He would be the death of her. 

Her final hour... 


Something Tatia had become accustomed to, assuming that this was the place of the afterlife, this was the solitude people seemed to move on to. 

It was lonely. 

She was alone. 

Centuries passed. 

Millenias passed.




The gasp took her by surprise, it was sudden, breaking the spell causing her to jolt forward in the tomb she was held in. Tatia furrowed her brows, pressing forward on the cover before her, pushing the stone off, revealing her location. 

The memory of the cast curse came back to her instantly, and so did the memory of Esther implanting her death by husband plot in her head, putting her under the impression that she was dead. 

Was she dead? 


Another blurry memory, a spell cast over her, as the woman whose blood created the very beings the Mikaelsons became; the beacon. She wasn't immortal, but eternal, without an end. 

Climbing out of the tomb she walked out to the door, pushing it forward, the light outside causing her to grimace as she examined her surroundings. Things had definitely changed... drastically. 


The name came to her like a whisper as she remembered something else. Esther progressing the pregnancy, delivering her child and 'gifting' her with the chance to name her son before hiding him too. 

He was still out there. 

Eternal too, bound in this mess for being in her womb. 

A sigh left her lips as she began her adventure in becoming accustomed to this new reality. One thing was clear, Esther had clearly passed away. It was the only way she'd be awake. 


Six years had passed by the time Tatia had found herself in New Orleans. During that time she kept to herself, gathering as much information as she could to find her son's whereabouts, all leads led to dead ends until she heard word from some witches about the Mikaelsons location. 

As she explored the French Quarter she could only smile as she listened to the melodies leaving the horns as people passed and paraded down the street. She would have stopped to listen, to dance, but there were bigger things that had priority rather than her down time. Her journey continued... 

Pulling the picture of the mansion the witches drawn, she took the liberty to let herself in via the left entrance, and standing in the middle of the premises looking around at the architecture.

This was certainly a lot bigger than their home had been. 

It was seemingly empty, other than a creaking that seemed to come from the opposite side of the home that she advanced towards, a tiny noise of life. A creaky floorboard. A room with an open door, a tall man... She could spot him from a mile off. 

He stilled her. 

Two... Five... Nine... minutes?

She wasn't sure, but whilst his back was turned to her she made sure to spend the most time revelling in the image of him. It had been too long. 

He was alive. 


"My Lord..."  Tatia breathed, just above a whisper, dipping her head slightly before she locked eyes on him.