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Amor Fati

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Namjoon was looking at the words inked permanently on his wrist. He lets his right index finger ghost above the phrase and sighs deeply. He closes his eyes and inhales while gripping his left wrist with his right hand.

“You sure you don’t regret getting that tattoo?” His hyung asked. He opens his eyes, trance lost already and looks at Yoongi’s ever stoic face and smiles. Dimples showing, his smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

He nods at the older but Yoongi knows there’s something else troubling the younger. “You know life still goes on right?” His hyung places his hand gently over Joon’s right one.

“I know hyung. Thank you for being here. Kook sure is late.” As if on cue, another male arrives at the private room. Strong jawline, steel cold eyes and perfect eyebrows. He strides to take a seat at one of the chairs with his designer shoes and black pants that hug his perfectly toned thighs on all the right places.

“Hyungs! I’m so sorry! I had to wear a disguise just to get through paparazzi! It was hectic! I never knew being on a show by that designer would mean saying goodbye to peaceful walks!” The male says while grabbing his hair with both hands, elbows resting in the table. Exhaustion evident on his face.

The two just laughs at him while he shoots them a glare. “Wow. That designer sure is famous. He’s also handsome as fuck and is gay. Wouldn’t mind sharing one night in bed with him” Yoongi says. Namjoon chokes on his spit, eyes going wide and coughs ungracefully while Jungkook gives him a what the fuck face.

The oldest of the three just chuckles and continues “It’s true though. He is handsome as hell. Won’t you agree?” He says looking at the youngest. “Well that’s true. Taehyung is handsome considering that he used to be a model himself before he turned into a designer but I also heard he’s not into casual fucks, hyung”

“Who’s Taehyung?” Namjoon interjects. Confusion written all over his face. He didn’t know the guy. He has his own problems to deal with. He’s never had the chance to go around meeting people outside of business and even though he’s well known among the elites for his handsome face, he never really was the type to attend gatherings of the rich.

He’s never seen heads turn so fast. The two males are looking at him and judging him. He gulps and he feels their gazes cut him. He nervously grips the class of water and drinks from it.

“Are you for real? Maybe that’s what you become when you only work and work, hyung! You need to get laid!”

“Well I used to get laid. Until my broken engagement that is.” He says while looking down. The youngest giving him an apologetic face. He knows the topic shouldn’t be discussed yet.

“Don’t mind that bitch. It’s clear she was only after your money. It’s her loss. You’re still rich as fuck, Joonie. I’m sure she’s going to flirt with your older brother soon.” The oldest shrugs earning a chuckle from Namjoon.

“Well goodluck to that. Hyung will just look at her and think that he’s more beautiful. Hyung is very vain. I don’t even think I’ll live to see him marry aside from the fact that he’s also not attracted to girls”

The oldest of the three perks up upon hearing the word beautiful and raises a brow. The youngest then asks “Oh yes hyung! Now that you mention it, we never really got to see your older brother. Do you think we’ll ever see him?”

Namjoon laughs. The youngest looking at him expectantly. Yoongi is staring at him weirdly again. “Yeah yeah. You will. One of these days since he’s back here in Korea for good since he’ll run the whole company from now on.”

Upon saying that, he can’t help the ache on his heart. He loves his hyung very much but it took a toll on his pride since he was the one expected to take over the company. Everyone was just as shocked as he is when his father’s will said that the company was to be given to the older.

His insides churn at the memory. He doesn’t hate his brother. He’s not the kind of person that’s greedy for power. It just left him broken and lost. He doesn’t know why he wasn’t good enough despite the constant praises he was given by his father and everyone in the company.

“You okay, man?” Yoongi asks with genuine concern. “Yes.... Yes hyung.” He smiles. His hyung sighs and sits straight. He looks at Namjoon and says. “I know you’re going through a rough time but we’re here for you right, Kook?”

“That’s true, hyung! Which is why you are going to my the show in 2 days! You need to get laid. It’s the perfect place to look for someone!” The youngest says with a glint in his eyes.

“Hyung, your fiance was a bitch. There are a lot of rich people that will attend the show. Only elites and fashion elites are allowed inside so you can look for potential dates on the venue!”

Yoongi seems to agree with the idea and is nodding furiously. “It’s true Joon. I hate social gatherings but for you, I’ll go. Don’t wanna miss out on seeing who you take home.”

“Hyung!!!!” Namjoon squirms and blushes, covering his face with both hands earning a fit of laughter from the youngest.

“It’s true, hyung! Taehyung will also be there since it’s his stage but he’s known not to fuck around. Maybe his beauty will grace the bad luck away! No worries! Lots of elites and beautiful people will be there too!”

He looks at Jungkook who’s now with wide eyes and he can see the excitement on his eyes. He can never deny a thing for the younger.

“I don’t even know the Taehyung guy” He says in an attempt to get away from the situation.

“Oh you’ll know it’s him, Hyung. You’ll know. Careful though. You might forget your name after seeing him. Very handsome guy. Might be your type cause he ain’t mine.”

Namjoon just chuckles. He knows the younger is into shorter cute guys which means that the one they’re talking about is tall. “I doubt” he says.

“Oh hyung, trust me on this one. Yoongi hyung only goes for beautiful males and he’s been wanting to get on that ass for months!” The youngest claims and the oldest slaps his arm.

Jungkook hisses in pain and glares at the older. “Hey! You can’t deny the man’s beauty, Kook! Have you seen his ass?”

“Ohmygod, hyung! I’m too innocent for this!” Namjoon grunts. He’s feeling embarrased for the two. “That’s why you need to get laid hyung!” Jungkook almost screams.

Sensing that he’s not going to be able to get away from the event, he agrees. “Fine. Fine. I’ll go with Yoongi hyung to your show.”

Upon hearing that, Jungkook’s face lights up in delight. He’s sure his hyung needs to get away from whatever is bugging his mind. His hyung deserves to be happy and after everything his hyung had done for him, it was his time to repay Namjoon for his kindness.

They finish the night eating away and talking about useless stuff. Namjoon looks at his food then to his friends. He could never be thankful enough for the two people who stayed in his life. He looks at them and for the first time in the month, he smiles genuinely. Maybe his friends were right. It wasn’t the end and he once again looks at the ink on his left wrist.

“Amor fati”. Maybe things that happen are indeed bound to happen because something better is to come. He didn’t know for now why it had happen. He just knew that the only choice was to love his fate and to wait for things to unfold. He may not know what’s in the future for him but he hopes it’s a better place than where he is now.